ishqbaaz ff by shama (episode 6)


Hello my dear readers ???i guess that I have confused my readers by saying rudra reached and somya welcomed him with water and some time I say Omkara has left for meeting n the other side he argued with his papa regarding rudra’s betterment so let me clear ur doubts again
NOTE = one of the reader said me earlier that make ur ff lengthy n clear so for clearly all sort of doubts that y rudra was out???
I wrote that part again in a broader sense so that from the next episode they will not b confused anymore anyways I apology for the confusion ??? really sorry.

So I ended my previous episode with a precap will goes like this

Omkara holds ishana’s hand from back and she turns scene freezes with the bgm o saathiya plays &both share an eyelock they both didn’t utter a word from their mouth becoz their eyes was speaking …..
They both remembered their sweet moments with each other like talking for long time sitting at the mela n have tea with each other this all scenes were played in their memory …. And then suddenly ishana remembered the last fight between n she regained her senses she took her hand back ….and then she starts leave

Omkara stops her by saying that do u remember one day u lost ur bangles in dance academy same like today u have done u r still lot ur things isha ….
She turns back and takes her bangles back from Omkara n says thanks for this bangles
N yaa by the way I am always careful for my things but in ur case I have lost many things becoz it was not in my destiny ….
?she was about to cry but she controlled her emotions…
And said Mr.Omkara Singh oberio why u took so much problem to return my bangles u can even send them by ur servants …..
Omkara expression changes he get angry he says what rubbish r u talking about? ???

Scene 2
Somya’s house

Let’s resume that rudra has drenched by water and this was somya’s
( unknowingly). mistake
Rudra scolds somya that what is ur problem sumo main jab bhi tumse milta hu tumhe anika do ki tarah paanibaaze su jha to hai mujhe lagta hai ki shivaay bhaiyya or mujhe aapne saath 24\7 ek umbrella rakhana chahiye ☔? becoz there is only one thing in the world which we can’t predict that when u girls will give as this shocking shower
(Sorry if I hurt someone with this dialogue)
Somya says dumbbell oberio what r u doing here in my house n yaa I had no intension to do this its just a coincidence just u reached here at the the time I was watering my plants but anyways I am sorry
Somya dadi come there and scolds somya for this
Then she asked rudra is he all right??
?? no sarla dadi I am feeling ill .
She says somya to show him his room they both say together dadi any other options…
She says no ????and they go inside scolding each other

Scene 3
Back to # ishkara
Omkara understands that she is scolding me indirectly for our last broke up fight he does in flashback

which ended with a conclusion that ishana tried to separate riddhima n Omkara and ishana was ditching him being a friend he clearly said ishana that
U don’t exist for me anymore he tried to create misunderstanding between riddhima me bela Om sorry ishana I have understood that riddhima can’t hurt me more then u
Ur not my friend with whom I used to share my thoughts or problems you r the person who created this problems in my life…
Ishana calls him back to the reality…

She says no need to take so much strain its OK if u have erased ur past with me in ur mind ….

He says let me explain I will make every thing back to normal dear …..
She says Om I mean omkara no need of it why are u wasting ur time with a con…. Omkara that chapter was closed a year ago itself….
Flash back guys a small hint for u about how their relationship came to end….

( Note = ishana was a con earlier who trys to make Omkara fall for her n it happens Omkara starts feeling for her n after knowing that bela is not bela but ishana Patel and she lied me from day 1 he is heart broken????? n in anger he says to get lost from his life n he announced his marriage with riddhima n this thing hurts ishana too because doing acting she actually fall for Omkara n she wants to explain but Omkara didn’t allow her to explain anything he just make riddhima wear a? ? diamond ring which ishana heart broken too????? n shivaay puts ishana n her family behind the bars becoz they hurt his brother..) This incident took place 1 year back

Present day =
She gets a call by her sister Mona

She picks up the call
Mona says di I am in the HC ( high court) can u pick me up actually my car got punched. … And I am stuck here
Ishana replies OK Mona I am coming there wait for me I am done here she goes….

Omkara is shocked by ishana’s behavior towards him he is sad n he sits nearby on a bench someone keeps hand on his shoulder to console him he looks back and another shock Omkara…..

I hope ur the enjoying the suspence behind this plz comments below
That why Omkara got shocked and who kept hand on his shoulder to console him any guesses

I will come back soon with new chappy ?????
Till that stay happy n healthy

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  1. Jara

    Nice yaar…

  2. Ayath

    Wow….nice ending plz update nxt ff asap

  3. Priya15

    Wahoo.. Ishkara scenes r just making me fall in love with this ff di… Loved it.. My ishkara hope they take their love story like this in serial too… Wahoo.. That hand hold everything. . I got goosebumps while reading it… Tq for providing their love story in this way. Love u di… Just rock like this always with my ishkara scenes.. True love never fails.. My ishkara proves it..

    1. Aisa agaar serial main hua – i say hit hit serial hit.. Thanks 2 – beautiful & heart touching story. Keep it up dear. ??

  4. Thanks u for such a beautiful comment but u have to bear my Hindi mistakes

  5. Jara

    Superb one…

  6. I gave replied in that episode itself priya15
    Voting poll guys who ever reads this plz guess who was the person who kept hand on Omkara’s shoulder
    Plz guess guys

    1. Priya15

      I saw it di.. Okay.. I can bear anything for my ishkara di.. And ur hindi is not bad at all..

  7. HarSHaN

    Nycc epi..A memory of Bangle..!!fails to unite Om n Ishaana..makes to eagerly wait the nxt..Share the nxt soon..Hands!!I think Maybe he is Shivaay?! Bt he will not.. Bcoz Om is not shocked if he see Shivaay

  8. Wow what a story.. Plz 2um jaldi sai director or writer hoo jao. Ur serial /movie – blockbuster hit hogaa.. I really love ur story line.. Plzzz continue.. Then kya huaa

  9. I think the person may be anika..
    I don’t know just a guess

  10. Thanks for all ur beautiful comments guys but I have now wrote the next episode now n its a bit bore but with full of suspens wait for it n the 8 episode will be nice not boring

  11. OmG!!! It’s just amazing … Frankly speaking…when u started reading ur ff.. I didn’t have any idea that uLl write so well!!! Awestruck!! Marvellous!!! Just loved it to the core

  12. Hi shama can you just say …how much time it takes a fan fiction to get moderated and published?

  13. Dear I don’t know I am also confused

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