ishqbaaz ff by shama (episode 55)

Scene – 1 { poolside}

Omkara thinks that… ( POV)
U toh rose chale hai hum per Aapke saath nahi… Kash ye waqt ye lamha yaahi tham jaaye… Kash main Iss lamhe ko kedh kar pao..He was walking with his ladylove around the pool the situation was tensed but still there was some romantic element in the atmosphere which was attracting both equally… Ishana was walking senselessly omkara saw this and thought that …. Ishana Kash main tumhara humraaz ban pata… Kash main tumhare chehre per muskurahat la pata…
Ishana was in deep thoughts ( POV)
Omkara main tumhe kabhi nahi samjh sakti ki tu mere liye kya ho , tum jab hote ho tu meri rooh muskurati hai ..mujhe muskurane ki wajah tumne di hai jo tum tum meri zindagi me ho.. Kash main tumhare saath zindagi bhar u hi kadam say kadam mila sakti
(Omkara I can’t make you understand that that who are you for me when you are there my soul smiles.. You have given me the reason to smiled because u are in my life… I wish if I could live my whole life like this and walk with u.)
Omkara suddenly holds her hand while walking Ishana diverts her attention towards omkara they share and eyelock and they both started at the same time … Mujhe kuch baat karni hai.. Mujhe bhi…
OK u start they both say together …
And omkara takes go..
And says… He encircled her in his arms she rested her hands on his shoulders and was lost in his eyes she was feeling so secure and comfortable that she wished the moment to stop here itself omkara smiled and said I am wishing the same dear… They both smiled … The moment breaks because Ishana phone rings…
Ishana says I have to attend it and lifts the call…
Phone call convo…

Hello Ishana singhania , how are you I guess must be restless ,sleepless because of that chandelier accident..

Ishana expressions changed suddenly she said who is on the line and how you know this..? Omkara sensed something wrong and patted her shoulder she looked at him and kept the call on speaker…

The female unknown voice says.. I know everything dear because I have some sources OK now listen to me clearly…
I am sending you a footage on that “stranger”.. And its your duty to match that with the accident footage and you will come to know who did it dear…

Ishana said ..excuse me how you got footage and how you know that person would be the same …? Who are you and why u wanna help us..?
Scene shifts to a woman talking and walking she comes out of darkness and she was none other than nandhini oberoi her mom
The voice says.. You ask too many questions dear , and I am your well wisher and I just want the whole truth to come out that’s it dear… There are still hidden secrets which you both have to reveal omkara and Ishana..

They both were shocked to hear their names and the unknown voice disconnected the linebefore they could ask her more…. After faction of seconds Ishana phone beeps… Notification tone… Ishkara looks at each other.. And opened the message it was a footage of some unknown place… They both were staring at the phone…
The video said by the unknown person plays…It shown a room which was closed… For at least 20 mins…
They were fedup now they turned the phone to the other side and was about to walk but suddenly a voice is audible.. The door opened with a sound…. Ishana stops omkara and they both start to see the video again…
A hand holds the door , Ishana saw a diamond studded watch in the stranger hand… Her came and closed the door… And he covered his body by hood…
They pause the video omkara called out the security and ordered them to bring today’s accident footage asap..
They wait and the footage arrived… Omkara opened the iPad and click on the start button… Ishana was holding the other video … They scoped almost all the security camera footage and was about to return it back but Ishana mind strikes..

she asked omkara to rewind the last video he played now..
Omkara said why dear?? And seeing her curiosity he again play that video…

Camera 5/.. Footage of first floor passage to exit..
(Security video of oberoi mansion)

From that camera they were able to see the chandelier and all others enjoying the party… The video clearly showed that the chandelier was on only one support a rope… Suddenly some thing happens to the camera and the footage shifts to the rope … ( actually the camera falls down )..

Ishkara can see a person coming through darkness .. And he takes a knife and started cutting the rope his wrist was shown… Ishkara paused that video and… Saw the other video which was sent by unknown person… Both the videos had a same element the watch… Ishkara was shocked these video have the same person in it Ishana mind strikes..

She goes in deep thoughts she thinks that she has seen this watch somewhere..
@singhania mansion..

Ishana entered her dad room with a cup of coffee she was on the entrance when she saw her dad holding a treasure box actually it was memories of nandhini like her old snaps their kids her Jews and that letter which she wrote for him while leaving the home with Ishana and anika and there were some very precious gifts which nandhini gave to harsh… Ishana entered and harsh sensed her presence and closed the treasure box..
Ishana gave him coffee and he thanked her… She was willing to ask about the treasure box but dropped the idea…
Harsh finished the coffee and gave it back to Ishana… And went to washroom.. She turned to go but some thing was troubling her sight.. She turned and looked the treasure box was half closed and something was peeping out of it.. Sunlight was showering its rays on it and the thing started brightening more And she slowly opened the box to keep the thing in ..
She saw the same diamond studded watch… It was the only special addition watch and there was a small note with it..

Note…. ( nandhini to harsh)..

Dear harsh,
You entered in my life and and time changed I got you as a life partner how lucky I am… You gifted me the most precious gift my dear daughters my angels… I know that time changes and now your facing tough time some crisis.. And I am not beside you to support you I am out of station..But I am sending you this note and gift it contains a diamond studded watch which is special addition watch for you… I wish this watch only shows you good time… I will come soon dear..
From love your nandhini..

Ishana keeps the note and the watch as it is and smiled and went…
Flashback ends….
Ishana come out from thoughts and was aback .. She patted omkara shoulder and said.. It is a special addition watch which is rearly available in India it comes on special request..
Omkara was shocked that how she came to know…??
She holded and dragged him towards the car… Omkara was asking that what happened Ishana ….? Where we are going he had to find that person ?
Ishana said only one thing…
We are going to him only… With teared eyes she stated.. For awhile omkara stood still like doll but he followed Ishana and they were in car..
Many thoughts where coming in his \ her mind..
Omkara POV..
How Ishana knows that stranger ? How she knows where he reside.. He was constantly looking at her for with a question mark look..?
Ishana was driving in a serious manner… Both of them wanted to talk but there was an unknown weird silence amid them..
Where we are going??
Ishana POV
Oh god please don’t let my fear come true.. Please do something and change everything ..
Please I again don’t want to lose omi… I know that many thoughts are striking your mind and the same is happening with me..
He are heading towards my house… And I don’t know that I am thinking of the right track or not…
And the car stopped with a sudden jerk omkara was shocked to see singhania mansion infront of him…
He saw Ishana with a shocked surprised aback look..? Now he was hell confused… And wanted the answers asap… Ishkara goes in holded each other hands not actually because Ishana holded his hand and dragged him in…
Scene -2
@ SHIVIKA room..
Shivaay was arguing with anika that why the hell she stood up from bed in this condition…?

Anika replied mujhe koi shock nahi tha actually this stupid saree was irrigating me… And why the hell I am explaining you ? She pointed her finger towards and said you’re the one who can be awarded for breaking the phone to infinity….
He looked here and there and said yaa OK fine I am sorry for hurting you… But tum mujhe kachi aankho wala kahati ho aur khud niche Dekh nahi sakti…
Now look at you your in pain… By the way.. Kya main…he takes a long pause and thinks…

Shivaay POV
Shivaay are you a fool to ask her that can I help you… Like in what she will feel awkward to take my help in changing clothes I mean how will she react…? Phirse dategi… No I would ask but I can’t see her in pain… He looks at her…

Anika POV..
Lo… Phirse say aapni kanchi aankho say jadoo… Chala rahe hai patidev shri shri shri billuji… Help bhi nahi maag sakti paata nahi kya sooche ge ?? Per ye dard … Uff yeh kaach ke pieces toh meri jaan lekar hi maanege…

Silence breaks … Anika asked shivaay with pain that main kya ? Kya kah rahe the aap … Billuji..

Shivaay says nothing.. Much anika…
He gathered all his strength and said closing his eyes tightly.. Can I help you?
Anika just nodes her head in yes..
Shivaay changed his position and sat on the bed .. He was about to…
Anika said billu ji yeh kya kar rahe hai aap?? You can’t touch my feet…

He gently lifted her leg a bit kept a cushion on his lap and gently keeps her leg on his lap… Anika looks on he gave reply.. Kyu tumhe boora lag raha hai mera touch karna …
He saw many small pieces struck in her feet which was really painful… He slowly started taking the pieces out and tried his best not to give her much pain but she screamed out many times In pain.. And the at last all the pieces of glass were out.. From only feet’s..
He did a quick first aid and she was feeling much more comfortable.. But still the pain was there … Shivaay looked at her and she blinks her eyes ..
Actually shivaay soul asked anika that whether she is feeling better or not?
Anika soul replied yes much better …
Anika looks at her whole body I mean arms ,chest,abdomen … There was pieces of glass…
Shivaay got up from bed and sat beside her and he forgot his attitude ego for awhile and he gently started stroking her head… Anika gave a weak smile..
Shivaay soul
Anika I can’t see you in pain dear why u saved me from that accident I wish I would be there in your place … I can see myself in this condition but not you sweetheart.. You know seeing in you in this condition is killing me .. I mean something is pricking me for the first time I have failed to fulfill my duty..
As your my wife I am responsible for this..
Sorry dear… Please forgive me..
Anika soul
Oh shivaay your eyes are mirror I can sensed that you are guilty and cursing yourself for my condition but it is not your fault my dear in fact its not anybody’s fault its just fortune dear and you know shivaay if you would be in my place so I had to feel guilty dear .. Because being your wife its my duty to prevent you from danger… And same condition applied on you.
Silence breaks and anika asked can you help me out holding his hand shivaay smiled and got up from bed opened the cupboard took out suit… And the blindfold to cover his eyes..
He keeps it on bed and again sits and takes the blindfold in his hand and was about to cover his eyes with it but anika holded his hand took that blindfold and kept it onthe bed side table… They both looked each other no one spoke…
Rumya in room..
They both sat on bed and cracked a deal … Terms and condition of relationship .. They both had a notepad in their hands to write it down…

Somya took a go she kept the first condition..
Rudy condition no.1
Whenever your low , sad ,upset you will not cry.. Like crybaby OK you will always share all the problems with me.
Rudra accepted… But asked
That if I didn’t feel better after talking with you also so can I keep my head on your shoulder and cry ..
Somya said yes ….
Rudra said OK condition 1 applied on you too… But if you feel low after talking also so just give me a tight hug
She agreed… They both smiled

OK condition no.2
Somya says after I enter in your life your bachelor hood will be finished
I mean you are not allowed to chase any other girl…
Rudra scratches his head like monkey and says its difficult.. Somya looks and then hits him with pillow which he stopped by holding her hand and gives her a jerk but pulling her close..
They fall on bed… Somya was on top and Rudra tightened his grip so that she can’t escape..
My condition no 2 somo…

He pulled her more close and said in a low voice that you are only mine and you know naa.. That I don’t like sharing so in future you’re also not allowed to keep boyfriends.. Somya smiled and said oh no… So what I will do now…
Rudra gave a confused look..
She continues , I mean what I will say to prashant now…

( she smiled and said in mind mujhe Dekhna hai Rudra ko jealous)…
Rudra asked who the hell is prashant..
Somya says his my bf .. And his of my caste my mom selected him…
Rudra makes an angry wala face ki Aryan nahi sambhala jaa raha tha ab yeh prashant … Isko ko main shant hi kar doga ….

He asked somya making a puppy face no …. Your mom can’t select anyone.. Please call her and say that you love me … Somya said I love you… ( she was laughing in mind…)
Rudra changed their positions now Rudra was on top and he gave a serious look.. He said you’re kidding naa please say you’re… He was about to cry…
Somya can’t control anymore she blasted out from laughter… Rudra understood that she was kidding he said now you gonna get punishment he wiped his tears and started tickling her stomach…
She was laughing like hell she pleaded to leave her ..
Scene – 3..
Ishkara at singhania mansion…

Ishana pushed omkara and with a sudden jerk he stops in front of her dad..
Mr. Singhania turned and said..
Ishana omkara was a pleasant
surprise you know I was coming to you itself I mean oberoi mansion to check on anika that whether she is fine or not..

Omkara was still shocked and was quite…
Ishana started… Dad di is fine from gods grace and because of oberois she is safe.. Another wise that person who was behind the chandelier fall was not in a mood to spear oberoi family..

Mr singhania – sensed that her way of talking was different today as if she got any proofagainst that person he asked..
Omkara said yes we got some proof…
Harsh asked what ? Who is that
BL**DLY person who hurted my daughter..

Ishana laughs and clapped that wow dad ab paata jala.. Ki mujhe ye dramebaazi ka gunn… Aapse mila..
Wow dad you know very well that who did it …. You are the person behind this right…
Scene freeze on the trio… When Ishana holds her wrist and the same watch was there…
Back to SHIVIKA..
Anika stopped shivaay by covering his eyes.. He comes close to her and gently stroked her cheek she closed her eyes and felt the warmth on his touch..
Anika POV
Wese toh billu ji itne akdu sadu dikhte hai per bahut cute hai I wish this moment freezes here and I can hug him tightly but I know that this is not possible..

Shivaay says leaning close to her ear that who is stopping you to do so yes baba I am sorry but I can read you easily..
She makes faces????? accha hua kuch naughty nahi soocha.

He slowly moved his hand to her neck her breathing speed increased.. She just surrendered totally and closed her eyes tightly shivaay looks at her and smiled he took glass pieces slowly was hurting her she just hugged him tightly and shivaay allowed her to do so as he wanted the same… He reciprocal hug..

They both tried their best to control their emotions but failed… They both were lost in each other badly..
Shivaay loses his control and their hearts started beating in one tone like the heart was shivaay and its heartbeats was anika…
He rested his head on her shoulder and her perfume was driving him crazy he didn’t think and just kissed her on the neck… Anika was just feeling all this and felt that its right.. Now forgot every thing what all happened and just wanted to capture the moment for ever
He moved his hand and just made her lie down on the bed and came on topand showered all his love on her.. He slowly leaned too close that they could feel their breathes and their lips was about to touch each other when anika just shifted her head and looked to the other direction shivaay wanted to capture her emotions forever.
scene shifts back to ishkara..

Ishana straightly said in a polished manner that from the initial stage he hated oberois because of our mom death and we sisters loved u oberois from the soul which was not liked by him at all am I right Mr singhania??

Omkara asked Ishana that on what bases she is blaming her dad for this .. She says I am not a fool to doubt on my father like this without any proof against him…
Mr.singhania says have you done mad you think that I can harm my daughter like this have you forgotten that you’re talking to your father..

She straightly ignored him and diverted to omkara with tears and said its not easy for me as I know that his my father but trust me omi I didn’t know anything about it earlier I didn’t hurt you or your family.. I don’t wanna loss you she breakdown and sits on ground she was terribly scared because her fear came true.. Omkara pacify her he squatters down and holded her wiped her tears and started stroking her head gently…
Harsh was fumingbecause in front of his sight her daughter wanted omkara..

He harshly picked her up and shakes her badly and said you’re defending oberois after knowing every thing are you mad to love him so badly.. He slapped Ishana…

Ishana falls on the ground and omkara rushing to pick her up but he was stopped by Mr singhania …
He said don’t you dare to touch my daughter and forget about her..
Omkara gives him an angry wala look?and then he gives a lovable look to Ishana..
Ishana was aback by her dad behavior
He confessed that I am the one who did that accident..
I wanted to kill your brother shivaay…

Omkara raised his voice and screamed in anger Mr singhania better be in your limits..
Mr.singhania said oh really I tried to him and my plan was superb actually in front of my sight he won my elder daughter anika.. And now she is legally oberoi..
And I don’t like it at all so I did it but all of a sudden my own daughter came in between and saved his life by taking risk of her life…
Omkara said… You will never understand that why she did so it pure love.. He pushed him ..
And picked Ishana from the floor and made her sit … She was crying in fear that she will again lose omkara..
She was so sad that she started murmuring every thing finished.. Omkara hugs her and continued to stroke her hair.. and said nothing happened cham cham I am always with you .. She reciprocal hug and said pinky promise … Omkara says pinky promise.. Dear..

Back to SHIVIKA..
Shivaay slowly moved his hand downwards on abdomen he takes out the pieces.. She was struggling with pain .. Shivaay was now in a naughtier mood he kisses her abdomen and slowly whole body…


Sorry for less Rumya scenes…

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