ishqbaaz ff by shama (episode 53)


OK we have no time dears so in advance hello hi, tata bye… There is much more to disclose so I will be short …. Let’s begin…
SHIVIKA dance for ishkara…. Omkara blackmailed Ishana to come back in his life… In such a way that ishana surrendered and accepted him as life partner..Rudy proposed somya …
Everyone was enjoying … But suddenly the enjoyment became disaster.. Because someone cuts the rope of chandelier and it falls on shivaay…
Five cars of oberois were rushing towards the hospital some one was injured badly .They reached hospital and the person who was injured was immediately admitted in ICU..
Oberois ladies were praying to lord to save the person life… And cursing their fortune because day by day some one was in danger zone ….
Sometime Before –
shivika came down holding each other I mean hand in hand like soulmates.. They were complimenting each other..
Everyone looked at them and smiled..
Shivaay wanted to compliment anika for her beauty … We walked towards her she was waiting for the compliment but suddenly he diverted his direction and touched her mom feet and said keeping his hand on her..cheek that my mom looks so beautiful..
Rudy whispered to somya that kanchi aankho wale shivaay Singh oberoi dekho kisse compliment derahe hai I mean kahi pe nigahe kahi pe nishana pointed towards anika…
Rumya smiled… And did high5..

Ishana was getting ready in a dark blue saree.. Omkara entered the room and closed the door he wanted his answer that whether she will restart again or not… Ishana was facing her back to him he kept his hand on her shoulder she turned ….
Omkara what are you doing here ? If anyone from your family comes so…
Omkara took a deep breathe and saidishu I am not in a mood to answer .. I came here to confront you…

Ishana – oh please omi don’t start again and you know my answer very well ..she ignored eye contact and was correcting her saree… And she asked how I am looking? Is this saree fine…

Omkara glanced her from tip to bottom she did a side way hairstyle she enhanced her beauty by maagtika and bangles and was wearing heavy chumkas ..she was wearing a dark blue saree contrasted with cream colour .. Omkara says yes dear you look gorgeous as usual..
She was totally avoiding him she folded her clothes and kept in cupboard .. Omkara just asked the last time coming close to her … He pushed her and pinned her..
And asked cham cham this is the first and last time I am asking.. Will you give me second chance or not… They both had an eyelock and the moment breaks with somebody call …
Ishana wanted to pick but omkara picked the call it was none other than vivaan.. He was asking whether your fine where are you I wanna meet you now and tell you something about my past….
Omkara cuts the call without uttering a word and breaks the phone in anger..
And leaves Ishana from his grip..

Ishana said omkara chahe jitana bhi ghussa hona hai ho jaobut my answer will be only no… Omkara was facing her back and was terribly angry he holded the coffee table tightly in anger ,Ishana walked towards the door and omkara stopped her by calling her name he said…
“Kuch phesle mukadar leti hai agar mukadar ne Hume ek dusre se juda kiya tha toh ab wahi mukadar milaye ga Hume”…

He saw a knife in the fruit basket and holded it and reminisced that once Ishana was hurt by my rejection and she jumped off from balcony for her love seek that incident affected me and I understood that she loves me madly and now I will apply the same trick to prove that I too love her madly he keeps the sharp knife on his wrist.Meanwhile Ishana turned and saw this she was shocked… She moved ahead to stop him but omkara warned her not to move .. She said
Tum pagal ho kya omkara please leave that it will hurt you please..

Omkara said oh really I know that but now your reply hurted me and I guess it was more painful than this his wrist started dripping blood droplets..
Ishana says accha agar tum jhidi ho toh main bhi ho she turned towards the door to inform shivaay and others..

He laughed and she turned he said your really innocent cham cham you think so that my family can stop me ..
She looked at him with a puzzled look..
He continued… We are oberois and we oberois don’t loss our beloved … If I cut my wrist then my family itself will become serious for our relationship and they will do every possible effort to break your marriage and I am pretty sure that the marriage will break…
Ishana pleaded him not to hurt himself like but he was unstoppable he only wanted positive reply from Ishana …
Ishana was so panic she holded her head and was having tears in eyes and sweat on face….She was not able to answer… She said..
Omkara you think its easy for me you only say naa that jawab chota hai per sawal bada…
( the answer is short but the decision is big) ..
Omkara said in anger that what guarantee you need that I will care for you whole life?
Omkara said in anger that what guarantee you need that I will care for you whole life?
Ishana said I know omkara that you will become the ideal husband but….

Omkara said again but and in no time he cuts his wrist… He was bleeding.. And falls on floor Ishana ran towards him and holded him in her arms.. And cried and said what did you done with yourself omi… Only for me.. She holded his wrist and kissed it and promised that I will never hurt or leave you…
Omkara smiled with this reply…

She makes him lie down and runs towards the cupboard and takes out the firstaid box and started to dress his wound… It was paining badly but omkara was having a victory smile on his face..
Rumya started working together and thought how boring is this party they together go on stage and announced
Rudy -:
Hello gau walo !! Jese ke hum Sab jaante hai ki ye get together ya party shivika aur ishkara ke liye hai…
Toh itna sannata kyu hai ?? They together said … Hit the floor the music started and they said now we will play a game of truth and dare….
Shivaay and anika looked at each other and then gave a deadly glance to Rumya they straightly ignored it… And shivika said in mind oh no!!! Again this game… They both reminisced the last truth and dare in which they were drank and then they danced on gaike paan banaras wala….

Rumya looked at each other and played the same song and started dancing… Shivika was drinking some thing listening the same song they spits out cold drink they were drinking.
Rumya collided each other many times but continued to dance during the dancing… Rudra complimented somya that you look cute in saree… And slowly whispered those three magical words in her ears I love you somya… Which left her blushing..

Scene shifts to ISHKARA..
Ishana him a deadly glance and then she started hitting omkara with her hands on his chest and said how can you ?? If something would happen to you so?? And your smiling.. I hate you for this …. Hate you hate you she hits repeated with tears in eyes…
Omkara holded her and lifted her chin ..
She looked into his eyes and he wiped her tears and gently kissed her on cheek..Saying sorry for this but I didn’t have any other option to win your trust again…
Omkara holded her and dragged her to the function.. While going Ishana gave return gift to him I mean a kiss … He looked at her and said yeh kya that ?
She replied kiss… He said ishu main tumhare 3 saal ka baccha nahi hu joh tum mujhe cheek per k*** derahi ho ab mujhe ye bhi batana padega … She smiled and said shaadi say pehale khayali pulao mat pakao.. They reach there and see Rumya dancing… Omkara holded her hand tightly and then walked in….
They motivated Rumya and clapped for them….

The game starts… Dadi rotates the bottle …. And first turn was tejanvi….
Truth or dare….
Omkara said Rumya always dare becoz my dad is daring.Everyone was shocked that omkara for the first time praised his father…
They select dare…. Dadi asked ishkara to give task …. They looked each other and said… We how??
Dadi said its your day so…

Ishana whispered some thing in Om ears he denied they can’t do so..
Tejanvi asked what we can’t do??
Omkara says you have to dance but on shayari song especially for maa..
Shayari song…. Ishana goes and plays
sajde from kill dil …. They danced…
Shakti and pinky selected truth and shakti said pinky that he fall for her on the first sight… Jabse tumko dekha plays…
Scene shifts to entrance suddenly a person in hood tries to enter oberoi mansion and escaped from security and went in he saw ISHKARA and SHIVIKA together and said you are finished oberois…
And slowly goes to first floor.. And looked straight towards the chandelier and slowly takes a knife out and starts cutting the rope slowly..
Now the turn was SHIVIKA…
They selected dare instead of truth…
They danced and Rumya played dekha hazaro dafaa … They reminisced themselves in old times… They were lost in each other
Apart from this Rudra dragged somya at a corner and proposed her… He came down on his knees bow down his head…

Somya asked him that what is he up to…
He said somo I mean somya.. My killing looks doesn’t kill you at all … She smiled and he said the way I used to propose other girls will not work on you … I am not getting words for the first time seriously because this time I am serious… Rudy its OK Dr …
SHIVIKA dance was finished and anika sensed some some thing weird actually she got an intuition of something will happen she went to dadi and suddenly while talking she saw the chandelier was slowly falling down she saw shivaay standing below the chandelier she screamed out shivaay and ran towards him and pushed him….
Chandelier falls on anika….
Ishkara Rumya shivaay and all others were shocked and alerted the security while Rumya was trying out to take anika out suddenly Rumya saw a person running from the place…
Security rushed to catch him… And all others rushed towards hospital where she was admitted and was in critical condition she was suffering a lot… Blood was streaming from her body… Doctor performed a surgery in which they took shivaay blood.. And they healed other wounds…
Shivaay for the very first time was scared to loss his love… Ishkara and Rumya gave him support…
The security fails to catch that person … And he escapes…


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  1. RANdomfANCreationz

    Hey shama i must say u r too good amazing
    Sorry for not commenting in the initial episodes as there was no wifi in the place i used to stay and also i had limited internet data
    Now there is wifi in the place i m staying currently so i can comment now 🙂

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Loved Shivika, ishkara and rumya scenes keep it up ???

  2. Its awesome…..all the couples’ scenes were just superb….update asap

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    Nice epi??keep going
    Nxt episode asap❤❤

  4. Shaza

    Awesome ep as usual [email protected] di ur guess was correct. ??…..eagerly waiting for the nxt ep….

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    Keep rocking?????
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    Ur ISHKARA track as usual rocking

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    Amazing episode

  13. it was truly a nice episode! 🙂

  14. @ fatarajo
    Long time jo missed you’re comments and I understand you’re situation I loved you’re ishkara OS ….

    @ priya.. And shaza..
    You’re both are intelligent and you can guess anything anytime..
    @ nithu thanks Dr

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    @ abhiha nivideta and others….
    A big thanks my dears

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  16. Akshaya

    Aww ishkara cute and even shivika too. Rumya rocked the episode. Loved Rudy’s way of proposal. Losing weight , oh my mata I will kick the person if anyone say this to me.

    1. Thanks Dr and guess what if somya reduced weight I will give surprise to Rumya fans

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