ishqbaaz ff by shama (episode 51)


Thanks a lot for such a beautiful comments… I hope you all are enjoying the shivika and ishkara track and for sure Rumya track will start soon plz do cooperate … And drop ur comments, suggestions, complaints etc…
Everyone prayed for ishkara life and their prayers came true they were saved by nandhita… They spent some cozy moments with each other and apart this shivika too spent some good moments..
Present Episode -:
Oberoi Mansion ..
Scene 1
Everyone was tensed shivika reached house anika was crying and was in arms on shivaay they both walked in and everyone stood up from seats seeing there condition .
Dadi asked billu kya hua ? Omkara aur ishana ka kuch paata chala ya kahi?
Shivaay breakdown and sat on the sofa with teared eyes and said humane saare hospitals joh us site ke aasa pass the check kar liye per…
Anika with shaken voice said per… Kuch nahi paata jala.. And cries and pinky consoled her that us dono ko kuch nahi hoga…
Rumya entered the mansion and hugged anika and shivaay … Rudra and somya looks at each other and then looks at the whole family they all were upset…

Rudra calls somo by hand gesture at the corner… They had a talk
Rudy tum bhi woh Dekh rahe ho joh main …. Somya stated.

Rudy nodes his head in yes and says yaa ,main aapne parivarko upset nahi Dekh Sakta.. Aur tumhe paata hai dadi ko khana Iss time tak kha Lena jaahiye.. Nahi toh unka blood pressure..

Somya holds him and they both go in kitchen.. They both start cooking food Rudra asks her that who will eat food in this situation.. Somya says it true Rudy but we can’t neglect dadi’s health ..
They prepared palak paneer and chapattis for the family and started setting dinning table … All the family denied to eat but Rumya forced them and made SHIVIKA dadi and others eat
At last they made everyone comfortable and made them rest in their respective rooms… But Rumya knows that no one was having mental peace.. While taking them in rooms..
Police force and rescue team arrived oberoi mansion….
SHIVIKA and Rumya goes and asked them that what is the update..
Scene 2
Cliff … Ishkara
Ishana attempts gives a good result omkara comes back in his senses but wasvery weak and low he can’t even get up from his place.. Due to heavy blood loss.. Ishana was also injured badly but only for omkara she gathered all the remaining strength she had..

Omkara wanted to go home he tried to get up but failed ishana gave support and made him stand.. By great difficulty and efforts made by ishana .. They slowly walked out of the unknown place in search of help.. They looked here and there.. The place was scary and not safe ….upwards there was cliff and they were surrounded by trees which looked like mini Forest…

Ishana was confused where to take omkara his whole energy drained out and she was also feeling weak but suddenlyshe again scoped the whole area and found a light source nearby she slowly moved with omkara and promised him that nothing will happen to you he looks at her with half opened eyes and feels I was having a wrong mindset that a person who is a liar doesn’t have pure soul or heart.. Ishana was shocked to see the road which was connected to the cliff.. Omkara falls on road..
Scene 3
Return to oberoi mansion..
The force informs everyone that the car was only damaged and there where no bodies of ishkara.. We searched them all around.. But failed we brought this map with us…
They spend the map on the table it was a route map of that area.. Rumya and SHIVIKA squatters down and scoped the whole map and suddenly somya cupped her mouth and said I know this area… And points at the map a particular road…
Scene shows ishkara on the same road..
Scene 4
Rumya and shivika rushes towards that road in car..
And ishana makes him lie down some where…
Ishana tries to stop cars but no one stops to help them
Omkara was looking at her that she loved me beyond the limits and I and my family gave her pain…
A car stops … Ishana asks help.. The windscreen comes down… And omkara goes in deep sleep unconscious…Ishana didn’t know her she was nandhita the same lady who saved her life previously.. She offered helping hand ….. Ishana accepts it..
SHIVIKA asks somya that how u know this place they were driving ….

Somya looked to the other side and replied with teared eyes that nearby there is a forest Ranger headquarters where my Bhai used to work this was the same route and in the same I lost my brother in a terror attack… Rudra also feels her pain and holds her hand and consoles her…

Nandhita and ishana makes omkara sit in the car and ishana runs towards her seat & falls in a pond which was in the way she opened the door of the carand her leg slipped in pond but she managed to come out and SHIVIKA car crosses them and stops everyone gets an intuition of ishkara is here…

They drives in reverse… But till that ishana sits in and closed the door and they reached and ishkara went…
Its 10:00 PM now…
After several attempts for searching them they failed… Everyone was exhausted.. And they reached oberoi mansion….

SHIVIKA bedroom..
Shivaay looks at anika and finds that she is tired.. He asked her to stay at oberoi mansion only because its your house only…
She was not in a mood to argue she closed the door and sat on bed and cried that I can’t leave without my choti I wanna see her now safe with me but… Shivaay offers her water and makes her drink by his hands…
She was crying so badly that she started coughing….

Shivaay patted her back and hugged her and said I know my panika she is very strong and can stand in front of bhagad billa too… In her dictionary he corrects his words and translates it in Hindi… Shabt kosh

Anika looks at him and smiles…
Shivaay continues… That it doesn’t contains words like fear… Sadness…
Anika that’s because you are in my life.While talking regarding their and ishkara twist and turns which all of us faced.. They slept in each other arms..
Like babies shivaay protected and pacified her in his arms…
Scene 5..

Nandhita called doctors panel at her home because there were no hospitals which could treat omkara in this condition…
She saw ishana was drenched with water and was shivering… But ishana said I am OK I need him to be alright first…
Omkara was uncomfortable so ishana gently picked him upand made him sleep in her lap…
They reached nandhita called out servants which took omkara to a room..
Nandhita gently kissed ishana forehead and said nothing will happen to your love not to worry..

Omkara was examined by the doctors and was not out of danger… Ishana was happy..
Nandhita came in room and said you both must be hungry… Naa and there is no food here because its guest house and not my house…

Ishana says no need mam …
Why no need omkara and you are on medication so you must have some thing… Ishana agrees and nandhita goes to purchase because she can’t order food online on this time its difficult to deliver..
So she goes but before this she takes out her saree which was in the cupboard and said her to change….
She finally goes…. And ishana goes in other room to change …. In between omkara gained consciousness due to medicines… He found a bandage on his head and saw himself at an unknown place and reminiscedthat a car stopped and helped them but he suddenly thinks of ishana … That where is she?? He gets up from the bed and scoped the rooms… A voice of bangle came… He goes towards the voice…
Ishana thinks that she had locked the door but didn’t…
The door was open and she was trying to zip the blouse but failed because her back was wounded badly due to hitting the cliff..
She screamed out and omkara entered he saw the back and was shocked because she was forcefully trying to close it which increased her pain and now the wound was bleeding …..
Omkara first hesitates then closes the door… He was constantly looking at her back and was angry that she had time for healing my wounds but not hers… OK I will heal….
She was unaware of his presence in room….
The cool breeze knocks the room omkara was behind her now and holded her hand which was closing the blouse….
Ishana didn’t turn and felt omkara touch tears streamed out her eyes….
Omkara opened the zip and she was shocked….. O saathiya plays…
She started breathing heavily ….

Omkara started to dress her wound without any second thought.. She screamed out of pain and hugged omkara and asked him not to dress the wound please…
Om forcefully makes her sit on bed and dresses the wound … And after dressing the losses his control on himself and runs his hand on her back which made ishana uneasy… Ishana gets up and zipped the blouse … And steps backwards…
Omkara forgot every thing just forgot every thing except that k***…
Ishana asked him in a scared voice that omi this is wrong….

Omkara replied oh really and what you did for keeping me alive was right naa..

They both reminisced that k***..
Ishana said that its was situation demand omkara moves close… She tries to escape from the room and the situation… She runs but…


This was the mixed half precap…
Sorry for the delay….
Love you all my dear readers…
Teddy bear hugs to my close buddies..??

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  7. nice episode shama but increase shivika scenes please becoz they are first lead of the show ok but nice episode once again u nailed it

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