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Precap -:
Ishkara came to know about riddhima and vivaan relationship ishana was hurt by this omkara gives her support but due to second rejection she was broken from in.. So she decided to commit suicide again but not for vivaan because he was the reason for which omkara was hurt.. She had decided earlier itself that I can’t forget or forgive oberois for my mom death but somewhere inside her this decision was pricking her she still had a soft corner for omkara.. But for omkara’s betterment she decided to move on .. But the same girl snatched her happiness again first omkara and then vivaan.. She can’t stand it anymore she tried to jump from the bridge but failed due to omkara presence.. Omkara grabbed her in his arms and slapped her for this stupidity.. Ishana breaksdown in his arms he pacified her like a child she was calm now theywere driving when omkara saw her lost in thoughts and tears were rolling down from her eyes.. He kept his hand on her and gently touched it and said “YOU CAN’T FORGET ME BECAUSE I AM IMPORTANT IN YOUR LIFE FROM THE BEGINNING DEAR” .

“Hum hawa nahi Jo fizao me kho jaye,
Waqt nahi Jo kuch pal me guzar jaye,
Hum Mausam bhi nahi Jo badal jaye,
Hum us aansu ki tarah hai,
Joh khushiyon me Milne aaye aur gham me bhi saath nibhaye..”
Ishana looked into his eyes and felt the love & the depth of his words with teared eyes she gave a weak smile.. And apologized omkara for hurting him … She replied in sweet shayari for him..

Bahut Chahenge tumhe Magar bhula na sakenge,
Kayaalon me kissi aur ko laa na sakenge,
Kisiko Dekh kar aansoo toh pochh lenge Magar kabhi Aapke bina Muskura sakenge…
Omkara was totally distracted by those beautiful words he gently took her hand in his and kissed it.. Ishana smiled on his loving gesture.. They both promised each other that our relationship doesn’t need a label we will be there for each other when needed..
We will also try to protect ourselves and our families from danger. Together… They both nodded their heads in agreement.. Omkara forgot that he was driving he was just lost in ishana.. He adjusted his position and pulled ishana towards him with an intension of a K***.. Ishana accepted this gestured a rested her hand on his chest… But suddenly their car suffered a jerk and straightly falls in the cliff .. They were shocked… But managed to come out before the car falls.. Ishana holded omkara’s hand and was trying to pull him up but… A lady saw her doing this she pushed her from the cliff..

Omkara screams …. Ishana … And they both fell .. While going in deep sleep they saw Roop smiling and waving her hand … They were still holding each other hands tightly as promised..
SHIVIKA part..
After Mr singhania went from her room they had an argument.. Anika said that I don’t believe in this papers I can’t consider You as my husband…

Shivaay looks on… And says holding her in arms tightly that you can’t deny too.. As I said before your an oberoi now … So keep aside your ego…

Anika says I am not having ego my surname my family name blood line etc.. Like you Mr. Shivaay Singh oberoi.. Why don’t you leave me alone with my life…?

Shivaay says yes I was bothered for bloodline ,family name , status and reputation and due to this earlier also you had an issue with me but when you left me I found that your my life and without you I am incomplete panika he stated he tightly his grip on her and she was pulled towards him so close that even air can’t pass.. Shivaay whispered in her ears that I will never ever allow you to marry someone else…

Anika looked at him and said who are u to allow me and by the way Siddhartha is must more intelligent , mature, good looking loving and sharing , who doesn’t burst like a volcano all the time his so calm in nature that any girl would like or love his company.. And I can tolerate him and his cute demands whole life without any complaint..
. He remembered his worst dream?

Shivaay ?? was so angry on her that he pulled her on bed and closed all the ways by his hands to avoid him.. Anika was struck …. Shivaay went close to her and said No you have to tolerate me and my demands whole life as a wife …
And before anika could argue he sealed his lips on anika’s .. Anika tried to stop him and control her emotions but due to the moment she melted in his arms after a while… Because shivaay didn’t allow her to move… She said with almost breathless voice that we should stop ..
But shivaay was shivaay what he wanted he gets it by hook or by crook.
Rumya Part..
Rudy consumed some thing in which he confessed his feelings for somya..
Somya was holding him and supporting him she made him sit and patted her face to check whether he is alright.. Rudy confessed every thing which made somo a bit angry because he again called her moti … But atlast she was blushing … He said I know I am a duffer crybaby not so intellectual and partyholic… Not like Aryan.. But I really love you because you’re my sweet love angel.. You’re cute sentimental,sensible, sensitive by nature I love you’re fights you’re cute petname you keep…. In short I want you in my life forever and I love you …
She replied nothing but her innocent eyes said every thing.. She hugged him tightly..

Precap Ends …

SHIVIKA was arguing again that who gave to right to k*** me and call me wife.. Anika stated..

Shivaay stated that agar tum sach ko jooth kahana chahti ho toh please go ahead but I like to live in the reality.. And the reality for now is you’re wosso
Anika was confused.. Wosso means?
Uff meri panika.. Wife of shivaay Singh oberoi..
Their argument continued.. Due to their push and pull fight the photo was ishkara and shivika on the wall falls down…

Meanwhile the scene shows ishkara falling from the cliff and doing in deep sleep..

Anika stopped and looked at the photo frame she squatters down and sees that the photo has a crack in middle SHIVIKA was safe their was no crack on their photobut ishkara part was fully damaged … She slowly picks the small particles of mirror or glass..
Ishana hits on a stone and losses blood.. Anika there got hurt by the glass she losses blood.. Shivaay holds her hand and the photo …
They both give each other a scared look they both felt that some where some thing is wrong…
Ishkara is in danger…

And In oberoi mansion dadi janvi pinky was doing pooja and they lighted up Rumya came to the temple and saw that the deepak will stop anything … It was an apshagun Rumya ran and saved the deepak.. They both kept their hands around the deepak.. To protect it..
Dadi says thank god you came on time it deepak is for oberoi brothers life and safety… And suddenly the wind blows and the deepak goes…

O my mata Apshagun kisiki life dangers me hai..?? shut up pinky janvi goes and lights the deepak again.. And in Singhania mansion SHIVIKA took the photograph from the broken frame and fixed it in other one..
Roop on the other hand laughs like a devil..
That oberois have their son let’s now give this sad news to all.. She calls a reporter and informs him… This news spreads like fire…

After about an hour pinku ( priyanka) switched on the TV …. And called out everyone in the home…
??? everyone was terribly shocked..
Priyanka informs the same to shivika.
They forget their argument and ran towards the accident site…

Everyone was shaken everyone supported each other in this tough time … Aarav was willing to hurt oberois first but after all he understands the situation and goes to prinku and pacified her.. She cried in his arms … Somya pacified Rudy and took him to siddhi vinayak temple …

SHIVIKA was in the car … Shivaay said to himself that till I am alive nothing can harm my brothers anika also saidthat zindagi me itna Sab kho chuki hu ki ab choti ( ishana) ko nahi kho sakti..
Till I am with you nothing will happen..

Anika called the rescue team and the police force…
Shivaay and anika both were very serious but they supported each other
The Rescue Team and SHIVIKA reached the accident site… There was no clue they searched for 2 and half hour’s suddenly Anika saw some footprints she looked at shivaay who was busy with searching so she slowly started following those footprints
and the last stop was cliff….?? she popes down her head slowly carefully and far away below she sees a duppata on the stone..
When ishana got hit her duppata got struck there…

??? Anika screamed out Shivaay..
They all ran towards her…
Shivaay saw her terribly shocked and scared he saw the Same but with a damaged car…. The symbol on that was oberoi….
Shivika was aback with this …. Anika tried to jump from there …..Shivaay grabbed her and hugged her and promised her that nothing will happen to our loved ones…. Rescue team suggested them to check all the hospitals nearby….
Shivika rushed towards the car ….and went….

———-In the siddhi vinayak temple Rumya ties a religious dhaga and prayed for ishkara… Rudra was crying while praying somya patted his shoulder gently and consoled him…
The priest says agar sache dil se kuch maaga jaye toh milta hai agar tumhari koi ijha hai toh …

Joh garib bacche waha Bethe hai unhe khana khilao …

They served the prasad to the beggars and poor children in return they collected my good wishes for ishkara..
Unknown place ( cliff)

Its night now
Ishkara was alive but needed help they were still breathing at least ishana…
Ishana gained consciousness and found that they were safe on grass she saw omkara unconscious.. She turned him towards her side took his head in her lap which was bleeding heavily.. She said… Holding omkara that you can’t break your promise you can’t live me alone … I can’t live without you … Your my life your my guide my supporter my everything I am really sorry for hurting you omi but I promise in future I will never…

She leans on him she keeps her head on his chest to check the heartbeats and they were low..She cupped her mouth… And they gathered all the remaining strength and checked his breathe by keeping finger below his nose….

She was terribly scared she can do anything to save omkara… She pressed his crest… She shakes him but no response… In the last she reminisced that a doctor advice ….
Flashback at hospital during gas attack on ishkara…
She gained consciousness and was in ICU…the doctor was giving some one an advice that if anyone looses his breathe rate we have to help him with artificial breathe means mouth to mouth…
Flashback ends…

Ishana first hesitates to do so but seeing his condition she leans on his body holds him tightly and promises him that nothing will happen to you till I am there as your shield…
She k***** him but no response… She did the same again…
And omkara came in senses and reciprocal the hug and replied …. Their kiss grown deeper and intense…
Ishkara was lost in each other ….


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