ishqbaaz ff by shama (episode 5)


Hi guys as always thanks for ur valuable comments ??? and I apology for being boring all time

Note:- let me first clear all ur doubts in this ff firstly u should understand what r u reading n plz inform me if I am going off track from the storyline let me tell u that this fiction is purely my imagination so it will not match with the current track in ishqbaaz..
In my ff I will firstly focus on #ishkara n
# rumya and the slowly I will open the layer’s of # anshi …I know that ishqbaaz is a story of 3 brothers who are caring n sharing for each other n their family ishqbaaz storyline is focusing more on
# rumya n # anshi n less on # ishkara I guess many readers will agree with me so I am launching ishkara first

Ishkara Relationship status
Their love story is too complicated now I guess every one wants to know the coffee cafe meeting is the first meeting of ishkara so I should clear this doubt in detail in my ff I will resume their relationship so it is not the first time when omkara met ishana actually they r not in a love relationship anymore due to both family pressurepressure status upbringing n misunderstandings they broke up force fully???? becoz in my ff ishana also belongs to a high class family ..but after the broke up
( I will open layer’s soon in the upcoming episodes where they will work as friends not ex- lovers so plz wait for it).
Apart from this-:
Shivika Relationship status-:
Goes on like this broke up guys?????sorry for this if it hurts don’t?? punch me alright I will resume their relationship too and u will come to know about the reasons why they decided to end their relationship in the upcoming episodes so plz wait I always say that no relationship has a end they are connected with their sweet n sour memories both the couples have separated due to misunderstandings n various conflicts…as example for their fight is family status and surname …

Romya Relationship status :-
They have met in the hospital and in the college like the current track but I am I am adding my twist to their relationship as we all no that somya is the grandfather of sarla aunty n sarla is the closest friend of rudra’s dadi so she asks a favor to dadi that can my granddaughter stay in oberio home with u for studies she agrees but in my ff rudra Singh oberio means dumbbell oberio is going to somya’s house to study maybe….
Becoz tej Singh oberio means amrishpuri gave a strict punishment to go out n make his own identity becoz several times failed in the exams so this time tej and the family can’t take a chance because it is for rudra’s betterment so everyone agrees with Mr.sadu amrishpuri for the first time both father and son omkara agrees on a same topic he supports him and both the brothers sweetly scolds him that Mr amrishpuri I mean omkara changes his words n says Mr oberio is doing correct for the first time I am supporting him and the last time
Rudra thinks its weird that everyone is agreeing and saying me so sweetly get out??? poor rudra and says where u will send me u don’t have any place to send n rudra ??
Tej omkara n shivaay agrees with this fact Omkara says we can’t send him abroad for studies as a punishment he will enjoy there..
Shivaay says its the matter of his career so we should keep a eye? on him so that his pass this time tej agrees… We can’t send him to the hostel becoz we 3 have to be in his touch so should be nearby us OK then I will call Svetlana and ask her to take list of hostels which are nearby our house …he call n omkara gets angry and snatches his phone and cuts the call??..
Tej says what kind of behavior is this I was talking…
Omkara says in anger that I told u many times Svetlana is outsider for me and me family so why r u involving her in our family matter he says that this is the finish warning for u don’t call her for family reasons if u personally can’t take care of it everyone is shocked to see omkara angry dadi shakti pinky janvi shivaay priyanka …..
Its my brothers career decision not a business deal Mr.oberio I can personally take care of his future becoz I am not known from ur name I have made my identity not from u Mr oberio
Shivaay tries to control omkara’s anger n after some efforts he becomes successful
Rudra is scared??? to c omkara n tej fighting like this he thinks he is the reason behind their fight so he asks an apology from everyone omkara says no need to do such things u have only one fault that u have failed in ur exams otherwise ur innocent u have to promise me that u will work hard n pass this exams for that u have to leave from here bro… Dadi suggested that u should stay at sarla aunt house where we will arrange a nice tutor for u
( somya) rudra understands the fact but he is angry????? with everyone especially shivaay n omkara he says u both r not ishqbaaz but dagabaaz bros..,he leaves n says that no one loves me ..???? omkara stops him n says ur girlfriends love u dear??everybody laughs rudra leaves n after some time he reached somya house it would be interesting to c rudra n somya bond

Apart from this omkara follows ishana’s car with her bangles…
Sometime be4 :-

Omkara is waiting for the MD of ishmo who is none other then Ishana Patel

At Patel chutti villa ishana got each n every document ready which was needed to deal with the client
( who is none other then Omkara Singh oberio) she calls her PA Mukul n says u n papa will accompany me she drives the car n they all reached to the cafe where omkara is waiting for them already ..
She says her papa n PA that take this documents and u go n meet him I will come after parking my car they agree ….
And they go inside to meet Omkara
Everyone greets each other and says that I am pleasured to meet u Mr Patel Mukul introduces ishana’s father as the AMD means vice directorof ishmo
Everyone sits and order Omkara asks PA about the director he says she is out she is parking the car
He says now I get it…
They all started their discussion Omkara will MD will not join us
PA says she told that discuss every TOC be4 I come….
They started their work

Ishana enters the cafe Omkara can sense that some one who is special or close to heart is near me
Ishana also sense the same n they starting thinking she comes to meet the client she is in front of Omkara
Omkara looks up but till that time she turned her face becoz she got an urgent call from NGO for donations today is the last date …ishana hits her head and says offo I forgot that today I have to do charity its the last date
When she hits her head a sound comes out of her bangles and Omkara reacts immediately he looks up but till that time waiter covered ishana…..
Waiter said ur order is ready sir Omkara looks here n there but ishana was far away from him he can sense that she is my ishana but he can’t see her face becoz it was covered with her hair……
Mr Patel asks what happen beta any problem he says no uncle n signed the agreement ….
Ishana calls Mukul out and taks the agreement copy from n inform that there some urgent work I have go
Mukul goes informs the same to her dad he replies OK
Omkara comes out and calks shivaay that I have signed the agreement but he stops and say shivaay I will call u later …..
He sees ishana in front of his site she was talking on phone n she sat in her car… But by mistaken her bangles fall down on the floor till Omkara came there she drive away he saw has bangles he takes it and drive faster to reach n meet her ….

Omkara n ishana both stopped their cars in front of a NGO they both came down of their n goes inside Omkara catches ishana’s hand she turns scene freezes

Guys I hope u are cleared now with my ff plz comment on it below n let me know what u feel
Till that stay happy n healthy n watch ishqbaaz daily

Lots of love?????? cu

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  1. Priya15

    Wahoo… My cutie and sweetie di.. Actually speaking mein toh ishkara ki deewani hun.. U showed those things in ur ff which I want to see in serial. Love u so much di…. Seriously speaking if u make this an ishkara ff then I l be the happiest person di.. I have asked u one qn in last part.. Ans??

  2. Which question dear I am not getting it plz post the question too

  3. Even I agree wid Priya…awesome Fannic…lovd it…

  4. I am big fan of ishkara plz write more on them plz love ur fanfiction

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