ishqbaaz ff by shama (episode 48 & 49)


Hello guys sorry for delay.. This is a special dhamaka combo of two episodes 48 and 49 with two major twists which will give u heart attacks again…. For some more time bear the Rana track because they are the keys of SHIVIKA and ISHKARA future… In this chappy … Some new characters which are familiar will be introduced..
Character sketch..

Riddhima – Omkara ex gf
{ sister of aarav in my ff}

Aarav – Brother of riddhima and love interest of Priyanka tej oberoi..

That lady who is willing to destroy oberois – Nandhita .. Mother of Aarav and Riddhima..

Malika kabir – Siddhartha an shivaay ex.
track changing character..
Precap in short of the last chappy..

Rudy was irked by Aryan presence in his house moreover because of somo he felt like killing him punching his like a punching bag.. Due to jealous he mixes some thing in his cold drink which he consumed.. By somo..
—– Tejanvi planned some thing to reunite ishkara forever and stop this marriage.. Tej uses his contacts and take out the kundali of vivaan Vikram Rana .. His past present every thing… And was shocked…. Shivaay was thinking that horrible dream and thinks that it should not come true otherwise I am dead omkara gets up from hangover and reminisces the last flashback his father pampered him in his arms and some promise… He don’t get clear fb but for sure he knows that yesterday I took support of him….Episode 48 and 49 begins…

Tejanvi comes to know about vivaan life in detail that he had a girlfriend who ditched him it was Riddhima… Tejanvi was shocked that riddhima was the past of vivaan do ishana knows this fact… Janvi said ..
Tej mind strikes with an idea he stops janvi to call and he calls riddhima because he was in touch with her he thought that she can become future oberoi that’s the reason behind he is still in touch..He informs riddhima to reach a place he sends address of that place…
They sit in the car and janvi asks tej about what is going in your mind …
Tej explains janvi some thing they both smile..

Scene changed it shifts to oberoi kitchen…
Where our Rudy showed his skills and mixed some thing in the cold drink and said ab aayega maza Rana ke bacche..
Somo entered the kitchen with anangry look and hits Rudy from back that tumne mujhe jhot bola …kisi ka call nahi that now answer me dumbbell oberoi yeh sa kyu kiya…?
Rudy was about to answer vo…vo main
But their convo was interrupted because Aryan called her out for cold drink.. She leaves the place with the tray of cold drink…Rudy was so genius that he only forgot in which glass we mixed that powder he runs like pt usha and sees somo was serving Aryan…. The all family members kept their glasses on table Rudra was scratching his head like a monkey that which was that glass.. Somo asked Rudy to drink ….
His eyes pops out looking at the glass.. He thinks for and while somya makes him hold the glass …..his hands was shivering…
Dadi asked tu thik hai naa puttar … Tere haath …..aase shiver kar rahe hai jese tune electric pole pakda liya ho…
Somo gets up holds him and makes him sit… He was relaxed now because his somya was with him holding hand in hand in front Rana …Oh wow somo wrestler ke saath kitna accha lagraha hai

Rudra was smiling somya takes her hand back and again offered him cold drink… He corrects his sentence that I was wrong ye saath bada mehga pade ga… He tries to avoid by saying ki aaj mera santhoshi maa ka varth ( fast) hai..Everyone was hell shocked by this and said and laughed…

Scene shifts to singhania mansion..
@ anika bedroom..

Shivaay enters singhania mansion by car he gets off and stands there like a statue for sometimes he was full of thoughts and fears that the horrible dream he saw shouldn’t come true.. He walks in a straightly goes in anika room..
He entered the room silently and saw that his anika was in bathroom .. Shower voice was knocking his ears he took a sigh first he kept the papers on the coffee table and first he shuts the window and curtained it.. Because he saw in his dream that …. He was standing in front of the window and anika came out from bathroom with dripping wet hair… Shivaay sensed her presence and auto locked the door by remote.. Anika saw shivaay and was shocked to see him she straightly goes near him to ask him that what he is doing here now.. And shivaay grabs her in his arms tightly and then he shows the legal papers he claimed her whole business empire etc.. She was shocked he goes to Mr singhania and shows the papers .. And goes from there…
Scene shifts to tejanvi…
They called vivaan as strangers that here some accident has took place of your mom…. Vivaan gets tensed because his mom of out.. And the phone was not reachable… He asked who is this ….but till that tejanvi cuts the call…Vivaan rushes… Tejanvi was waiting..
Riddhima came at the place and saw no one… Vivaan reached and saw no one there …. Tejanvi does high5 that plan succeeded…
A drama takes place tej gestured a man… He was an actor he gathered the crowd bleeding heavily… Vivaan and riddhima rushes to him for helping..Vivaan helps that man to getup riddhima enters the crowd and their face off.. Riddhima helped him in first aid …. They both took the man to hospital… They were in hospital now..
Vivaan asked her what the hell you are doing here didn’t you omkara last year.
She was shocked and speechless that how he knows…She asks how u come to know about it..
Because I know u very well u were my past my x gf…..

Ishana was present there actually tejanvi called her ..she was shocked that this sautaan will never leave me and my life first my omi and then vihu.She runs from there she was broken and needed support so only one name came in her mind… Omi
She called him ….
Omi I need you…now can we meet at cafe coffee day….Omkara was aback to hear that she need me he sensed that she was crying are you crying what happen?..
Ishana cuts the call….
He rushes to ishana…

Tejanvi was happy… Tej said now omkara is coming we should call riddhima and vivaan together here… Janvi asks how??..Come first we will eat some thing.. Tej looks at ishkara..
Ishkara was shocked to see tejanvi spending time with each other..
Riddhima and vivaan was searching that man … That man brings them to the cafe…. And gestures thumbs up to tejanvi and goes…Scene shifts to oberoi mansion..

Rudy was feeling dowry after having the drink he goes to his room … Everyone was shocked with the sudden change in behavior… Somo follows him to the room..
She entered and saw it Rudra was about to fall she ran towards him and gave him Aryan ke bacche main tujhe woh cold drink pilana chahata tha or meri somo ne mujhe hi piladi….
Somo makes him comfortable on bed and asked him about the drink….
He says that drink was containing a powder…
Somo was puzzled power??
Which powder Rudy…Rudy says that powder joh hosh thikane lagata usko khane ke baad insan ke dil me joh bhi ho … Woh aata hai…
Jese I will say… U are beautiful from heart… She smiles …
Your eyes captured me ….??
OK that’s enough Rudy but y u gave it to Aryan…Actually na I wanna know what he feels for u…
Somo asked curiously why so?
He said keeping his hand on her cheek that’s because I love you duffer..
She was hell blushing… She said I love you too dumbbell oberoi..

Shivaay ordered anika that the marriage is gonna cancel because this is second shock for u and shows some more legal papers which she signed all to together it was a marriage certificate…
Harsh was hell shocked and anika was speechless…. Anika looks at the papers and then shivaay… Shivaay was having a victory smile on his face..
So Mrs. Anika Shivaay Singh oberoi.. Did u like the shock… She gets up from bed and holds shivaay from collar and says I don’t believe this papers SSO..
Shivaay says OK then but the court believe…. They have an argument …
Harsh thinks and plan flop….
Shivaay grabs her she was still holding the collar… And pulled her on bed SHIVIKA shared an eyelock and shivaay says now due to this papers u can’t marry that jerk.. And yaa one thing shivaay Singh oberoi doesn’t like to share … His property pointing his finger towards anika…

Anika gets angry and tries to get up but shivaay brought her back on the bed..anika was hell shocked…
Anika asked billu ji aapko chahiye kya..?

Shivaay answered tum… Sweet heart..
For closing the topic and avoiding further argument he sealed his lips on anika’s..
Moment breaks shivaay gets up to go and says… Love you dear and goes..
Anika got up from bed and thought that what and why I accepted that loving gesture… Of shivaay.. She reminisced the moment and touched her lips and smiles…

Shivaay comes back to inform her that soon you will also come with me to oberoi mansion…——-
Ishkara was shocked to hear that vivaan and riddhima was in a serious relationship and riddhima dumped him for omkara.. Because he was not having much time to spend with her and he used to doubt on her…
These problems were not there with omkara ,she met Om and liked his nature…
Ishkara were at the corner table ishana was hurt that vivaan never said that ki yeh sautaan bhi uski zingadi me thi.. She was broken that again this lady snatched my happiness…??Omkara came and sat beside her grabbed her in his arms and hugged her tightly and said I am also with you don’t cry like Rudy….
Ishana playfully hits him.. And they go from there ….
Ishkara in car..Sautaan ki ? not again I will …
She stopped.. Got down from the car omkara was looking… Omkara was shocked to see that she was trying to stand of bridge and commit suicide..

Omkara got down and ran towards her and grabbed her in arms… Before she could jump.. Breaking the hug omkara tightly slaps ishana for this stupid attempt….
Are you a fool ?? You wanna why for vivaan ??What is the need to die I am there na… He hugs her she cries ….and says omi again rejection… Why am I so bad that no one can love me..
No dear look at me he lifts her chin rubs off her tears and said I still love you… OK she smiles with teared eyeswhile driving they come close to each other… They promise each other that they will be together always in every situation…
They were looking at each other when they met an accident and the car falls down from cliff… They try to save each other omkara falls and ishana holds his hand …. Ishana tries to pull him up but…

Suddenly omkara screams ishana… And too falls down because she was pulled by some one….
Episode ends ….

Oberois and singhania were tensed they searched ishkara but failed to do so… Nandhita again saves ishkara and takes them home… Priyanka called Aarav… And shared Aarav consoled her.. Shivaay and anika supported each other…
Rudra and somya goes to siddhi vinayak temple to pray for ishkara..


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