ishqbaaz ff by shama (episode 47)


Hello guys I am back with a new episode in my hands and thanks to all my dear readers and commenter please keep supporting me.. And drop ur valuable suggestion, thoughts regarding my track . if there is any grammatical error so sorry guys?

Present episode -:
Rumya at homeRudra some how managed to somya ..
He walked slowly to his room and closed the door and lie down on bed with a smiling face? tomorrow will be fun to punish somo wrestler.. Somo at her room thought that what happened to Rudy nowadays his behavior is getting strange day by day he started to come close to me..she was thinking all this on her bed when suddenly she kept her hand on the place where Rudy has kissed her both the times she started blushing and said ye dumbbell oberoi bhi naa…hope this type of punishment is not there in his list.. Thinking about the k*** …then Rudy answers her question unknowingly that I wish I could give her that type of punishment but agar Maine yesa karne ki bhi soochi toh woh somo reality me somo wrestler ban jaayegi… But main bhi college ka robinhood hu… Kal toh somo ki band bajigi.. They both sleep in their respectively room thinking about each other… Music plays in background…

Scene shifts to omkara…Omkara enters the home with a sad face as he knew the reality that ishana has proposed vivaan like I did with her with riddhima.. He walked looking down with a slow speed.. Suddenly he bumped with tej who was waiting for his arrival eagerly.. Omkara did balanced and was about to fall when tej holded him and gave himsupport ..he hugged him very gently and Omkara enters the home with a sad face as he knew the reality that ishana has proposed vivaan like I did with her with riddhima.. He walked looking down with a slow speed.. Suddenly he bumped with tej who was waiting for his arrival eagerly.. Omkara did balanced and was about to fall when tej holded him and gave him agentle stroke from his hand on his hair and says every thing will be fine omkara don’t worry.. I am sorry my baccha what ever I did with our family and your love was wrong .. He breaks the hug and rubs his tears off and goes to beer table ….tej looks on… Omkara picked a bottle of votka and was serving himself.. And drank one by one 4 packs .. Tej tried to stop him but failed.. Omkara was drank he needed emotional support he took his father as support he hugged him tightly… Tej was shocked by this action he gives his son support and takes him to his room…Omkara room..
As a father he was tensed for his son , omkara loosed his senses and started murmuring ishana name, and the things he faced because his father.. Tej sat beside him and made him sleep.. Omkara was continuously murmuring that I hate you dad today because of your bad deeds my love, my cham cham is getting married in that Rana family… ???Tej covers his body from blanket and was about to leave the room when omkara said to his father that if you want me to respect you as a father so please bring my ishu in my life.. He turned and looked at omkara he patted his forehead omkara with half opened eyes with tears in it said please papa..
Tej said I promise I will bring her in your life.. Omkara smiles and goes in deep sleep…
Tej turned to go in his room when he saw janvi standing on the entrance.. Tej in slow tone what are you doing here janvi??. He hopes her hand and takes her in room where they discussed about ishkara relationship the conclusion came that tejanvi will join hands like a couple for the reunion of ishkara…Omkara continued to murmur ishana name Omkara smiles and goes in deep sleep…
Tej turned to go in his room when he saw janvi standing on the entrance.. Tej in slow tone what are you doing here janvi??. He hopes her hand and takes her in room where they discussed about ishkara relationshipthe conclusion came that tejanvi will join hands like a couple for the reunion of ishkara… deep sleep too…
Ishana at her home sensed it that some one who is closed to my soul is missing me a lot… Then her mind strikes… Maybe… He..
She was on her bed she opened the side drawer and took other a book.. Tears were rolling down from her eyesshe touched the black book .. Tear dropped on that she opened a mid page on that book it was containing a photo of ishana studying this book together in hug position ishana was holding the book from both the hands and omkara was hugging her back he kept his chin on her shoulder…

Flashback of ishkaraOne day omkara called ishana at his art gallery ….he didn’t mentioned anything on phone .. Ishana reached art gallery and called omi where are you..
Omkara came behind her and kept his hand of her eyes like she used to do..
Omi plz take off your hand from my eyes I wanna see you…
He said ahaa…no baba today for seeing me you have to cross a rapidfire question round….What omi I didn’t understand..?
Omkara said that its simple I wanna know that how much my would be better half knows me..
Her eyes was still closed… He took off his hand from her eyes he turned her..
He generally runs his hands on her body like from face to abdomen… Ishana was blushing …. Her running breathe was makes omkara smiles.. He kept his chin on her shoulderholding her abdomen with both the hands…
She said in a breaking tone.. Plz… Plz omi leave me ..naa
He whispered in her ears question 1
Que.1 In which attire I love to see you dear??
Ishana replied omi Indian or western ..

Omkara said if u answer is wrong then you have to face the punishment
Ishana said shockingly what punishment?
Omkara turned her towards him and said that your answer is wrong and kissed her forehead and said I only wish to see you in bridal attire for only me… She was hell bl
ushing as a Tomato…OK now second one..
Que.2 Is my shayari difficult to understand thats why you call it bomb

Ishana laughs and says omi you know whenever u say a shayari I think that some one has opened a tap which was full of urdu shayaris …. Omkara looks her angrily and then she says I can understand your feelings for soul so no need of words which can describe your thoughts… Amid us I wish I could be words in your thinking… Omkara smiled and said holding her cheeks that you can’t be my words…

She gets sad… Makes a puppy face and say why?? Do I don’t deserve this..
Omkara says its not that dear you can’t be my words because your only my thinking… Que3. Will you allow a stranger to come close to you like me in my absence
Ishana smiles and determines to test omkara…

Ishana says u know omi I met an interesting guy ?Omkara was ?????ok really interesting means what dear?
You know he holded me as now you are holding me…
What ???? and you allowed a stranger to come this much close to close to you…. ( in an angry tone)

He encircled her more tightly….Ishana got shocked it was unexpected she felt omkara was about to do some thing..
She keeps her hand of his chest and opened her eyes and said plz calm down omi I was joking.. Omkara said don’t ever try to hurt me in such a way if I am there with you…you can’t take any other support…
I promise omi ….if anything happens in my life you will be in me… My thoughts my feelings and my soul…
Flashback ends

Flashback of last night -;
Anika was tensed she called Monabecause she was a lawyer but I have to search any other route to face shivaay.
She walking like a pendulum here to there in tension… She suddenly reminisced Malika words that problem shivaay say door bhagti hai per ek problem hai jo shivaay ke saamne khadi rahi hai… Siddhartha Vikram Rana….
Meanwhile Siddhartha called her..
She made a face then lifted the call and explained him what happened in shimla… How she signed an agreement …..etc..
Siddhartha said r you a fool to sign an agreement with shivaay Singh oberoi.. He can use it against you anytime
—–Anika said I know this but I am sorry to share this with you I thought you will give me a remedy but you are scolding me go to hell I don’t want to talk with you..
OK fine don’t cut the line and listen to me carefully I have an idea … We should get “married” as soon as possible dear…———–
Anika said in shocking voice that have you gone mad Sid marriage without letting anyone know no I can’t do marriage like this I mean without letting my family..
Siddhartha ran towards the car and drive off to anika home to pick her up they were still talking…
Siddhartha was on her gate… He said anika come down I am here let’s go to temple ..She opened the balcony door and saw Siddhartha resting his back on car door he gestured from hand to come down…

She had no other option left behind so she slowly get down and sat in the car…
Siddhartha was on the driver seat and she was on the front seat.. She asked that this is only the last option…Can’t we wait…?
He said your shivaay will let us marry so easily I know him very well by hook or by crook he will try to win you… And defeat me…
He called arvi ( Aryan and vivaan) that is every thing ready at the temple…
Anika gave a shocking look???
They reached the temple where the priest arvi a photographer was waiting
Arvi gave them their wedding attire and they changed… Rituals started and soon the marriage was done…
Anika Harshwardhan Singhania was now Mrs Anika Siddhartha Vikram Rana….Soon they reached singhania mansion in anika room…

Anika entered the room and was not happy from the marriage during every ritual she was badly missing shivaay..
She was standing near bed when Siddhartha saw her upset he closed the door… And encircled anika in his arms and started to play with her hair his fingers were generally runs on her hair..I know dear that you are upset but look at me please he holds her chin she sits of the bed and says I am not feeling well.. Siddhartha sits beside her and gets closer in such a way she can’t avoid.. He keeps his hand on anika bear back..
She understands that what is he up to she becomes more uneasy and tries to avoid by getting up but failed because Siddhartha tightened his grip on her..
She falls on Siddhartha … Siddhartha lies down on bed and she was in his arms… She some how managed to get up and she runs to the balcony …
Siddhartha understands the situation and goes out leaving anika behind ..
He goes in the kitchen opened the refrigerator got the cold drinks for them and while taking the cold drink for anika he mixed some thing in it.. He takesthe cold drink to the room to the balcony… He patted her shoulder .. And consoled her they had a sweet convo anika drank the cold drink.. And was going to sleep on sofa but while going she started losing her control on her body she was about to fall when Siddhartha gave her support and made her lie down on bed …. He was about to go but anika holded his hand and said don’t leave me… Please I need you .. Siddhartha came close to her .. He switched off the lights…
Next morning …
Shivaay gets up from bed finishes his daily routine and takes the papers and straightly goes to anika..

He reached Singhania mansion with a victory smile and entered anika room.Anika was standing facing her back to shivaay she was wearing a beautiful violet saree with black boat necked net blouse.. Shivaay was mesmerized to see her in a Saree..
She sensed shivaay and turned shivaay losses control over him and pinned her to the wall and showed her the papers …she was hell shocked the window opened breeze knocks her face and spoiled her hairstyle totally..

Shivaay thought that now I have right of panika so he sets her hair back and sees sindoor in her maag….
Shivaay gave a question mark look at her.. His eyes was asking an explanation..She was not having courage to face him she looked down with tear eyes..?
Shivaay scoped whole room every thing was messed he saw wine glasses in which they had the cold drink he thought that what the wack?? Why every thing is messed here he turns and was shocked to see Siddhartha on bed and the bed was totally messed..He understood what happened in my absence .. He looked back at anika..????
In a very harsh manner he cupped anika mouth and asked… Did u marry this jerk… How can u even think of it ..

He throws her on the floor with a bang.. Siddhartha wakes up and sees anika faint on the floor. Her head was bleeding heavily Siddhartha tried his level best to make anika conscious but fails he goes and asked Siddhartha he holded his collar and shakes his body shivaay holds his neck… He shakes him….

Shivaay comes back to his senses and saw pinky there hitting his body…He gets up pinky says kabse tujhe mar rahi hu ki wake up shivaay…..
He realizes that this was a BL**DY dream this dream should not come true
Rudy got up early and cleaned his mini gym.. Somo entered the room and was shocked to see the gym..
Rudy what is this???Your punishment somo wrestler dekhti ho somo wrestler ban bhi jaao naa
???? no Rudy..

He makes her do pushup she failed each time so Rudy holds her back and helps her to do push ups..
She does 4 by great difficulty….
Rudy saidBus itne me thak gayi somo wrestler.
She says I know how u do
U do 1 to 7 pushups and the suddenly it becomes 75
??? he gets angry on her he gives her a dumbbell to hold…she holds it but losses her own balance and falls on Rudra..
They shared a bedfall and a beautiful eyelock… Music plays
———————Scene shifts to {unknown place}

A guys who was in twenty one +
Was getting ready he took bath he opened his wardrobe and took an attire..
Chocolate brown upper… With buttons not an official look he teamed it with white jeans a funky hair style…
A voice asked him whether your ready Aarav …Yes his name was Aarav
{assumed actor Ashish Kapoor}

The same lady who helped ishkara at hospital entered the room… A photo on the wall shows Aarav ,that lady and riddhima together as a family..He bends down touches her feet take her blessings he holded the envelope which she gave him last night he drives off to oberoi mansion… And while driving he opened the envelope and said Priyanka Tej Oberoi photo in it and smiled and said
Now your finished oberois..

At oberoi mansion somya calls Aryan that please save me from exercise..
Aryan reaches home and tries to take somya but Rudra stopped him by pressurize… He stops and starts his health chalisa.. In just 15 mins everyone was impressed by him…
Aryan asked somo to bring cold drink for him…Rudy was irked by him he stopped somo in midway saying ur phone was ringing that time she was pouring cold drink for everyone she goes and he mixes some powder in it and smiled that chupko Rana ab tujhe paata chalega ki ek oberoi say paga lene ka
No precap guys..
Hope you like it
Plz drop ur comments plz let me know u loved the suspense or not

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  1. Jara

    Ufffff!!! It was a dream thank God..!!!guess what my cutie pie I really got a mini heart attack when I read those moments of anika with that idiot Rana..vaack…anyways…as usual Dr..superb one

  2. Thank godd it was a dream of shivaay. Ishkara flashback was good and rumya haha?? waiting for the next one

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  4. sarita chauhan

    Seriously thnk his it was dream??
    Epi was awesome??
    Keep it up dear❤❤

  5. sarita chauhan

    *thnk god it was his dream

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    My godness shivaays dream was so scary .. ??

    Shama could you please write a bit longer for shivika next time.. m sorry m a die hard shivika shipper ??

    N i love your ff so much I would love to read more about shivika please.

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    Omg.. ishkara scenes was amazing.. Om’s monologue is emotional di..

  8. Thanks for such a beautiful comments
    Sunita,jazz,blockbuster jaza,swara
    @ pritha
    Thanks dear I will try but can’t say

    Hope you all are happy with the dream sequence when I wrote the last epi and red the comments I was all time laughing like a hell???

  9. Dear my blockbuster jara always u give me heart attack by your writing today I gave u hope you loved it many more to come for sure because till now SHIVIKA and ishkara is not married

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      Haha heart attack to you…omg!!!and yes dear waiting for more such cute heart attacks from you love you loadzzzz… Cutie pie…muuaaahhh

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    Shama thank God you saved me heart attack. Sidika hu.. michmichi. Awesome episode

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    Thanks a lot a ton jara and akshara for such a beautiful comments
    Love to all my readers…..??????????
    I am gonna be a professional writer now willing to do post graduation in it wish me luck my dears ????? plz plz in need of it

    1. Nithu

      All the very best ..I no dat Ull become one of the best writers ever..dear please be posting u a ff …dear

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