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Hello IB fans, I am back with a new episode sorry for the delay actually I was suffering from high fever.. Thanks for all your support and encouragement I hope your enjoying my track ..not as much as my friends gang.. But I will try my best to entertain you guys please do comments and let me know.. What improvements I have to do in my track..
Precap of the last episode in details ;
Rumya at home -:

Rumya was lost in thoughts and flashback they were enjoying it.. Rudy in his room thinks to meet her again he gets up and holds his leg and starts walking like somya taught him earlier he slowly opened his door and went to somo room to just see her reactions. He found that the door is closed from in. He walks few steps more and goes near the window.. He was standing he uncurtained the window.. He saw somya sitting on bed and blushing.. Our dumbbell oberoi was not that dumbo that he can’t understand what somya feels.. He said to himself.. Rudy what’s happening?? Why am I smiling on her reaction…
Duffer oberoi there bachelor hood pe somya naam ka board lag raha hai..?
Suddenly somya gets a call she comes out of the thoughts and lifts the call it was her maa..
Yes aai ,keshi haisa?

(Yes mom how are you).
She had a convo with her mom..she kept the cell on the bed ..she was standing looking down on the phone tears rolled down??
Rudy saw this and he was confused that what happen all of a sudden?
Oh I can’t see my somo crying …otherwise I will also become crybaby… He sees somya packing her luggage. She kept her skybag on bed and opened it.. She opened the wardrobe and started with clothes..
Rudy was shocked is she packing?? He banged her door..
Somo opened the door and was confused to see Rudy there ..Rudy came in.. Somya asked I made you sleep right so why are you here again..
He looked angrily ..towards the luggage… Somya thought that why his looking towards the bed… She looks back and finds that rudra was looking at her luggage which was not packed.. She turned her head again …..she saw Rudra’s face it was asking for an explanation… She started to explain..
Rudra vo… Vo..
Rudy asked angrily holding her what? Say it why are you going?
Somo replied Rudra jaana hoga aai ka phone aayatha
( Rudra I have to go mom called me).

She started roaming around and collecting her belonging… Rudra was just looking… ?
Somo was busy with the packing she avoided Rudy.. ( eye connection).
Rudy walked and turned somya towards him and said in anger that you are not leaving …..anywhere. He made a cute puppy face ?which was awwww. moments they shared an eye lock.
Precap of ishkara at hospital-:
Ishana was feeling better after having food and move over from omkara hands.. She was hurt that she has to hurt him again by moving on but she was loving her company and was smiling omkara didn’t pay attention on this because he was busy roaming around the room with empty plates, etc.. After a while he saw ishana smiling.. He smiled back and thought in the mind that I wish we could be together.. Ishana reacted because he was aloud… Ishana smile disappeared and she looked at omkara …with a question mark look …. Omkara realized that he was aloud and didn’t replied… Ishana in return replied his question..

Na woh aa sake na hum kabhi jaa sake,
Na dard dil ka kissi ko suna sake,
Bus baithe hain yaadon mein unki,
Na unhone yaad kiya aur,
Na hum unko bhula sakte…

She said this in her mind and was crying from her soul…. She said omi I am sorry I really love you and I will always … Before falling for you I didn’t knew that I have to hurt you several times and break your innocent pure heart like this… I am really sorry but I don’t have any other option left… I am all your thoughts, my words,my love, my heart ,my soul is only your and your I can’t erase you and our sweet memories.. It will be in my heart forever… I have to propose because if you know I love you truthfully… So thesecond Truth which I can’t ignore is
Oberois were the reason for my Mom death and that gift which was contains several love letters from riddhima apologizing and want him back in her life so omkara also wrote a letter more like love letter to riddhima saying..Riddhima I know you want me back in your life and I am also feeling betrayed by ishana.. You were right riddhima that ishana is not my soulmate you said me that she will hurt me but I didn’t pay attention on your words dear and see the results I am alone broken..
I am sorry that I broke my promise that I will marry you …but now I need you as a support …. Please forgive me and come back…Several letters were there in that gift wrote by omkara and riddhima to each other in this one year cursing ishana and they became writing friends they both you to console each other in tough times …@ flashback of the party

Ishana got a gift from a stranger named your well wisher .. Ishana first didn’t pay attention on that gift and kept it with the other gifts … When Sid and anika started dancing she was standing near the gift section…
Roop was behind the pillar hitting her head that why she kept it with other gifts its special… She has to pay attention on it… Kuch karna pade gaa..
I have to do something..

She scoped the whole party and found everyone was busy with Sid and anika dance …..she slowly walked to the table and saw from a distance that ishana has kept her phone nearby only.. She gets an idea… She slowly goes behind her and slowly takes the phone..Ishana sensed that some one is behind me she turned ….no one was there roop took the support on the gifts table and hidden herself… Ishana turns back to watch their dance..
Roop slowly peeks and takes the phone and goes and keeps it near the secret gift … the tray..After some time ishana was searching her phone ..she asked everyone of the staff told her that maybe you kept it with the gifts tray …she says yes..and asked where are the gifts tray now…
Mam it was your gifts so its in your room… She thanked and went in her room.. She entered room and found that there were several gifts here on the bed.. She hits her forehead… She scoped all the tray in hurry to search the phone..

She hits a tray unknowingly …
She turns and looks her mobile on the floor.. She squatters down and collected all the things… She looked at the special gift… She kept the tray of other gifts on bed and sat on bed with that gift in her hands…She unwrapped the gift it was a treasure box she opened it and papers in it she thought who is this idiom to send papers in gift..
She picked letter and said wait some thing is written on it… She opened letters she saw omkara writing and words… She red all the letter whichwas wrote in last one year to each other which left her in tears..??
She was shaken still the letters were in her hands…. Vivaan thought that she got her mobile or not he asked some one that where is ishana .. The reply was her room..
He enters the room opened the door and saw ishana crying badly.. He was shocked..
He goes and squatters down on his knees ishana was sitting he holds her cheek and asked what happened why are you crying ishu.. No response in return..He picked a letter from her lap and red it he was shocked that omkara wrote this type of letters to his ex that means his not single… He looked down at the name of his ex….. Vivaan was speechless ???
He consoles her and tells her to confront him that whether he loves you or that girl..
( he was not willing to take her name)
Ishana did the same… She confronted him he was speechless to see the letters… He wanted to explain her that riddhima tried to healed my pain.. Nothing Else..

Ishana proposed vivaan it was unexpected by both the sides
( vivaan, omkara) vivaan agreed to the proposal because like riddhima supported Om the same way we supported each other.. In tough times in simple words vivaan aur ishana ek hi kashti me saawar the …and same omkara and riddhima.. Sab ek dusare ke toothe dil ko sambhal rahe the..

Flashback ends..

Scene shifts to an { unknown place}

The person who instructed roop to parcel to gift went in the house ..
And informed the lady about the parcel.She smiled and he switched on the TV the news was playing that singhania sisters gonna marry Rana brothers.

The lady was sitting on rocking chair and smiled that humara teer nishane per laga I am so happy.. She gets up from her chair and opens a drawer near her bed ..
It was an envelop… She holded the envelope in her hand… The person asked what is this envelope..??
The lady said your next task•••••••••••••••••••••••••••
The scene shifts to SHIVIKA.. In different places…

Shivaay reached oberoi mansion.. And was straightly going towards his room when janvi and pinky called him out..
He turned … Janvi and pinky came down from stairs… And janvi asked him whether he is OK..Shivaay yes badi maa… I am alright actually I am tired.. I need rest… He said this for avoiding his mom questions..
Oh my mata !! Mera Hera beta is avoids me… Dekha na aapne jethani ji..

Janvi says pinky its avoiding… And shivaay is tired… So let him go..
Shivaay thanked janvi and went in his room…@ His Room…
He closed the door with a bang sound in anger… That how dare Siddhartha danced with my anika and how dare he picked her up in his arms… If he thinks that again he can snatch my love from me so he is wrong he can’t snatch my panika from me I will never let him marry anika…
?meri cute panika tum meri weakness ho… Tum bhale hi naraaz ho abhi per kab tak rahogi… Aur tumhe kya lagta hai sweetheart ki tum mujhe aapne aap we door kar paogi… Shayad per main nahi …..
Tum mujhe gitna door jaogi main usse aur karibh aaoga…..

Anika in her room
Ye shivaay bhi naa ab inka dimag kya plan kar raha hai… She reminisced that words wait and watch.. Why did he say that and smiled that means he has some thing in his mind which could be dangerous for me she walks restlessly.. Iss shivaay ka kya karu main..

Shivaay in his room answered her question unknowingly panika pyaar karna pade gaa aur kuch nahi ….he gets a call from the lawyer… Saying that your papers are ready… You can take it tomorrow…. Shivaay had a victory smile??? on his face he said meri panika tumhe kya lagta hai chalaki sirf tumhe aati hai…. He was standing in front of the mirror..

Tumhare chantoe mind tumse kal mile ga.. Sweet heart…Anika reminisced the incident of signing some papers she holds her head ….and cups her mouth..
O Teri raita phel totally slipped out of my mind…. What I should do now she becomes more restless…
She calls Mona because she was a lawyer from profession… Call him at home and try to talk and convince him…I don’t think he is such a person to use this tricks but he made sign so be careful other than that I will come and handle every thing don’t worry just sleep… Anika disconnects the call and lies on her bed…. With a crying confused face…
Chi anika ghanta tum shivaay Singh oberoi ko jaanti hai… Kya karne wala hai woh mere saath…Shivaay also lies down on his bed with a victory smile on his face..
That meri panika ki shaadi ke plan per toh main pani pheru gaa…. Poor Siddhartha…. Arrey ye subha kab hogi ..

Scene shifts to Rumya
They broke the eyelock and Rudy made all his efforts to stop somo but she didn’t so… He used his two bharma astra….( 2 weapons)..
He cried like a crybaby and called dadi from phone….
Somo was distracted she can’t see Rudy crying she sat near him and Started consoling him ……she was consoling him when dadi came and ordered somya not to go…..
Somya agreed because dadi said I have talked to your mom don’t worry…Rudy was also very happy…. Dadi went and Rudy stood up…. And said ab tumne mujhe rulaya hai… Toh tak tumhe punishment bhi mile GI….

Somya said why you informed dadi that I am willing to go…. I hate you dumbbell….
This hate you pricked his “ego” he made a weird face he was standing near her he didn’t said anything but he did some thing which made somya blush like tomato…
He was going to his room but before that he pulled somo and kissed her on her cheek again… And whispered that get ready for punishment tomorrow..
And went from there….••••••••••••••••••••••••••
Omkara leaves ishana at her home but he saw that she is still weak so he gave his support to ishana… He kept his hand of her back and she kept her hand on his shoulder…. They enter singhania mansion…..

Where vivaan was waiting and was about to call police that ishana is not at home… He called and she entered…
Vivaan saw her, her forehead was injured and there was a bandage on it …
He saw omkara and asked him that what happened to her..
Kuch nahi baba ek chota sa accident hua tha bus…
Accident bus he looked angrily at ishana ….He gives her support , omkara felt bad that I was a stupid to write letters to riddhima regarding cham cham and my relationship… He are just nice friends nice friends nothing else…

Precap mixed
Rudy makes somo do pushups, somo is frustrated by this punishment so she calls Aryan at oberoi mansion for picking her up for lunch. Aryan arrived family stopped them and asked Aryan to have lunch with us…..Rudy is irked by his presence…
An unknown person reached the oberoi mansion and called out priyanka… Priyanka hugs him… Everyone is shocked..
Shivaay reached anika bedroom andpinned her to the wall showing the papers she is shocked to see the papers…. Window opened and wind blows …
Her hair spoiled shivaay sets her hair back and sees sindoor in her maag…
Shocked.. Shivaay asked about it he saw Siddhartha on her bed..

I hope you like the suspense, and please do comments and tell me how was it… Love you all my dear readers waiting for comments eagerly….

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