ishqbaaz ff by shama (episode 45)


Hello ishqbaazians first of all thanks for the support and comments it really motivated me a lot ..?? actually yesterday’s epi was having lots of script setting mistakes sorry for that I was not satisfied by my last episode but now I will try to satisfy myself and you guys too.. Yesterday’s epi was having no precap.. Sorry so let’s began with the scenes ..

Present Episode –
Scene 1 = Rumya @ house

As I said that somya was trying to snatch the mobile by Rudra hand, during that somya disbalanced and fall into Rudra arms.. The mobile which was the reason for this fight falls in pool because somya unknowingly holds his hand and the slips from his hand.. They share a beautiful eye lock.. Rudra is concerned about weight management but in Somya’s case he forgets it .. Somya was adjusting her in Rudra arms her hair falls on Rudra face he takes of his one hand constantly looking at her.. He slowly moves her hair from his fingers.. Somya closed her eyes and felt his warm touch .. Rudra moves his fingers on her cheek.. And unknowingly said … You are “cute” somya..

She opened her eyes and said Rudy your mad tum pagal ho..
Rudy says if you say this agree.
( agar tum kaheti ho toh maanleta hu). Rudra was rotating his fingers into her curls was looking at her ?? and said your my angel.. I
He was about to confess his love for somya.. Somya got excited and looked at him for reply she was eagerly waiting for the ” Three magical words”
From his mouth… She was thinking and feeling the same for him..she thought ab bol bhi dona jaan loge kya..mere romantic Singh oberoi…??? somya kept his pet name.. Rudy mere dumbbell oberoi ..I too..
Scene 2
@ Hospital – Ishkara..

I will again rewrite this part which goes like this..
Omkara gets up from his place and takes the tray in his hand.. Ishana thinks in her mind ki ab mere zulfi Singh oberoi ke liye mujhe ye bhi karna pade gaa… ??
Omkara looks at her while adjusting the tray and says asaa chehra mat banao he copies ishana face..
Ishana gives him a deadly glance??

He laughs and says oh god your face was looking like you saw a ghost??
Ishana reminisced the moment they were in the car and she clicked some photos of omkara when he was thinking about the ghost prank which anika, somya,Malika, priyanka played.. Omkara was still laughing..

Ishana ? yaa omkara I was too funny ha.. She stretched her hand to picked up her mobile from the side table.. And opened that photo and started laughing.. ?? omkara gave a puzzled reaction… He asked what happened cham cham …what is so funny in your mobile.. She was still laughing she didn’t utter a word and turned her mobile to omkara side..
And his reaction was?? oh my mata.. When you took this pictures of mine.. I am looking so scared in this..
Give me your phone … He comes close to her and was sitting on the bed he was resting his arms on her shoulders unknowingly while trying.. They was about to share an eyelock but at the present situation they knew what was their relationship …he goes back to his seat and makes her feed the food..

She tries to avoid but omkara knew how to handle her… He said ishana its better that you eat otherwise you have to bear what you say??
Ha. Uradu shayari bombs which I will burst on your head all the day..
She was like what ?? ??? no not again.. Omkara took the soup first.. He was holding a spoon full of spinach soup …. Ishana moved her head forward and started eating… In no time the soup was finished… Now it was the turn of porridge.. Omkara was uncomfortable on his seat.. Ishana told him to sit beside her on the bed..
He said are you comfortable with it
Ishana nodes her head in yes.. He sits beside her in one hand distance gap.. He starts to feed porridge.. In the first bite she made a face and says coughing.. Uhu…uhu..
Omkara was quick to react..he kept the bowl at aside and fills a glass of water.. He patted her back gently and made her drink the water.. Ishana drank water and looked at her hand.. They both were holding the glass they looked at each other and shared an eye lock..

Scene 3 the scene shifts to shivaay..
Shivaay was reminiscing he moment when he was close to anika and felt her breathe.. Suddenly from some where an unknown smile comes on his face?.. Then his mood changes suddenly because of Sid …how anika saved him they both had an argument on Sid…
He says …tum sirf meri thi ho…aur rahogi panika..? main bhi dekha hu ki tum kese Sid ki hoti ho.. Kyuki ab tumhe hone ya na hone she mujhe farak padta hai… Tumhari nazro me main gir Sakta…
His mobile rings…?? a ringtone plays.. Dekha hazaro dafaa apko..
He looks at his mobile which was kept on front seat.. And goes in Flashback..
@ FLASHBACK OF SHIVIKA.. One year three months ago..
@ shivaay room..

Anika came with a letter of resignation from the job of wedding planner.. Because as always.. They fought with each other on the same surname family topic.. Anika was about to knock the door..but as we all know our billu.. He sensed anika’s presence and said you can come in anika..
Anika was thoughts she thought that how come he knew that I am on the entrance.. He is busy with his work and he is facing back towards me…( actually standing position)..
Mujhe ye toh paata that ke billu ji… She corrects her sentence because shivaay told her on the party night to call him by his name.. I mean shivaay ke?aur khanchi ? bahut tezz…hai per aaj mujhe paata chala ki inki eyes piche bhi hai..
Shivaay sensed that she is still at the entrance.. He called her name.. Anika come in I said… She comes.. In
Shivaay turns towards her…they were facing each other.. Anika came close to him ..
And said jalim Singh oberoi.. Shivaay makes a angry face and his eyebrows raised to the top..Anika holded her collar..and said.. Wow I thought you have a heart that trusted me at any situation or condition I thought that we were friends now but you proved me wrong… I thought that a rich person and a middle class girl can be friends… But.. She leaves his collar goes few steps back… And said you will believe everyone in your house especially that Malika… And not me..
Last night Malika said in front of everyone that I am a cheater..this that and many more things because she was jealous by our bond..Shivaay was looking at her and continuously listening silently…

Anika said that its true that I belong to a middle class family and I am a “bl**dy” outsider for you and your family.. Her words was hitting shivaay like a Hummer..
She continues…. But it doesn’t mean that I have no self respect she throws the letter on the table… And turned to leave the place… Shivaay ? looked at the letter and ran towards her and pulled her towards himself in his arms ( hug position) anika rested her hands on shivaay shoulders.. Shivaay said I will not accept your resignation letter..
She replied I am not taking your permission I am leaving…. She unlocked the hug and went from shivaay room…he became restless that from today onwards I will not see her face or that awkward words.. He thinks… He comes in balcony
and looks at the sky.. He thought what the wack?? I am not affected by her presence or absence.. What a michmichi feeling.. In just 30 mins..he called anika 38 times to just hear her voice scolding… Nowadays billu was taking a new medicine…

Anika ki phatkar ( scolding)Shivaay himself prescribed that medicine 3 times a day if he didn’t take it he will not able to do anyone.. Yes anika absence bothered him…he used his mind and said panika you have to come back… He called his secretary and said to call anika and offer her a catering order… And I will send you the address.. Where to come her for meeting.. He sends the message and his secretary does the same…Anika was excited about the huge catering order… She got dressed in White salwar kamiz.. With heavy chumkas.. In oh my mata means pinky language… 10 kilo ke chumke..

Opened free hair.. With front curls.. And a crystal bindhi with mascara dark black eyeliner… With a neutral lip gloss( if our shivaay had cats eyes so anika had tigress eyes with that makeup.)
She reached the unknown place.. The car stopped in front of the place she looked here and there she got down it was a isolated place…
Tress where decorated with yellow and pink lights.. For her welcome red carpet of roses was there on the path the sky was showering stars which was looking beautiful… She walked in..It was an empty resort or restaurant ..
Anika was amazed to see no one in the restaurant …curfew lag gaya … A person came from in and welcomed anika she asked is this place closed..

Person said no mam…its not actually for this meeting our whole restaurant is booked by a person …to whom you came to meet.. The person makes her sit and provides refreshments.. She was like very excited to meet the person …She takes a sip of cold drink..And shivaay enters… She looked at him and spits the drink on floor..
And cleans her mouth by tissue.. Aap ? Shocked reaction yaha ….? He smiled and thought that panika is looking stunning…? mesmerizing..
In kanchi aakho say mujhe gurana band ki jiye … He says your looking mesmerizing…Kya kaha aapne ??? Confused look
Shivaay nodes his head in left right and says your looking beautiful..
She gives a deadly angry glance to shivaay and gets up to go she turned and walked few steps to the door..
Shivaay holds her hand pulls her in his arms and whispered some thing.. In her ears ..she gets shocked.. Looks at him and an unknown smile comes on her face…( actually it was the first time when our shri shri billu ji said sorry to anika and said those three magical words I love you panika)

It was an unofficial proposal.. If you guys remember my previous episodes where family said that for proposing anika he practised whole night with omru…actually it was the second time but tough because he had to proposeher in front of all the family…
Coming back to the flashback…
Anika made a weird face and said no not possible I must be dreaming.. That Shivaay Singh oberoi is proposing me..
Shivaay looked at her.. That what should I do now to make her believe that I really mean what I said.. He asked anika that we will crack a deal..
Anika said not again… True or dare..He chose dare… And asked anika what should I do ?? Should I sing for you..
Both reminisced the raksha bandhan even when shivaay was in omkara getup and was trying to sing phoolo ka tarao ka sabka kehana hai…
Anika said no… Aap asur hai…shivaay made a face?

Anika said if you want me to believe your words so OK dance for me.. But not at kaike paan banaras wala OK.. They both laughed.. Shivaay again pulled her and said OK but couple dance.. Anika said I don’t know romantic couple dance billu ji I mean shivaay..
His ears was pleased to hear his name shivaay from anika’s mouth he kept his hand of her cheek and said how cute..
I will teach you romantic couple dance..
Music plays… Dekha hazaro dafaa aapko they are lost in their world initially anika was facing difficulty in dance but slowly she was comfortable with shivaay.. Dance was about to finish… Shivaay pulled her in arms so close that air can’t even pass .. And kissed her ..
Flashback ends… And leaves a smile on sweet Singh oberoi face.. Shivaay calls someone and says why you can’t do so ….I said do it asap.. However??
Scene 4 – Shifts to Rumya..

They unlocked the hug and stood up.. Rudy was finding difficulty due to wound.. Somya holded him she kept her one hand on Rudy’s back and the other was on her shoulder holding rudra hand… She said now I am there with you ,you can walk …he tried but after several attempts he failed…
Somya told duffer oberoi bachpan me laggadi nahi keli…
Somo now don’t use words like anika which I and bhaiyya can’t understand in once..She says buddhu oberoi.. I am talking about a game which is played by one leg..
Rudy thinks so..dusara leg kaha jata hai somo..??
Somya hits her forehead and says tumhare sir pay…. ( in a irritated tone).
Rudy again thinks for a while and says somo I think I need to remind that I am not ishana who can take any positionof dance… Are u telling me to dance ??
Somo said ??? no at last she had to teach him how to walk..
Initially he was facing difficulty in walk and he was about to fall many times but somya became her support and prevented him each and every time.. By falling down they reached some how to the hall…
@ dadi room..Dadi was tensed for somya because it was late ..she went near jug to drink some water because she was tensed..but found that the jug was empty..I should refill it and check whether somya has reached home or not… She comes out of her room.
( her room was on the first floor she saw rumya together from the grill.. And smiled??)..Looked at her husband photo and said dekha aapne!! Aapke tino putto ko Ishqbaazi aati hai…
She was happy to see somya supporting him…chalo Iss bar Rudra say sahi ladki takrai… Yeh isse hamesha sambale GI.. Till that Rumya reached the room and closed the door..Dadi thought ki I should plan something for rumya.. She takes an awesome plan.. Which will reunite all the three together ( somewhat).

Rudra was not willing to leave Somya’s arms … He started his drama that I wanna walk more with you… She looks at him ..he changes his words he says this game was cool what was it lakdiha.. Somya laughs ? and said .. Pagal oberoi and hits his forehead playfully.. And says its not lakdi (wood) its lagadi..

Rudy does a drama that he is not comfortable on bed he shakes his body left right..
Somya looks at him and says protein shake oberoi kyu hill rahe ho..juicer ki tarah …aapna protein shake nikal rahe ho…??He says shut up somo
Somya says oh toh koi or baat hai oh kahi ??.
Kahi kya somo…?
Chuha toh nahi… Tumhare kapdo me..

Rudy makes a face ? EU.. Somo ki bacchi agar chuha mujhe mila toh main tumhari dress me daloga..?
Somo says what ?? (Shocked reaction)?She takes a pillow from bed and hits him ..he screamed out in pain.. Because but mistaken while beating somya keeps her leg on ..
( I mean it touches the wound) actually was too close to Rudy about to lie on the bed… She sensed that Rudy is in pain she says sorry.. And she adjust the pillow behind him..
Rudy was counting her breathe … He can’t help it anymore she was too close and in front of him he drives his head forward and ? kissed her cheek.
She looked at him ( shockingly).
And went from his room to her room without uttering a word.. Rudy hits his forehead and says himself pyaar me pagal oberoi kya kiya..

••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••Scene shifts to an {Unknown Place}.
A car was waiting for someone.. A person came in hood.. The person in the car opened the window.. And said is the gift delivered.. To ishkara or not
The person in the hood shows face it was none other then Roop Singh oberoi..
Roop said yes its delivered to the right place and person on time..And blasted as bomb on ishkara. Surely their relationship will break now.. Talk me one thing?
Person said what?? Ask??
Roop said that what was in that gift I delivered…

Person says its none of your business stay away from it..otherwise you willbe the next one to go behind the bars..
Roop is shocked by the reply..???

The window closes and the car goes away…
Roop says what ?? Jail!! That person who is playing this game means the mastermind behind the curtain is more dangerous than me…
Precap mixed -:Ishana is discharged by the hospital she gets a bangle on the floor she shows it to omkara ,omkara reminisced that this bangle is of that lady who dropped us here..she looks at the bangle and for a sudden a smile appears on her face..

The lady searches her bangle in homebut then remembers the hospital incident..
Rudy becomes fitness coach for somya.. For beauty contest and they share some cute moments during the training.. Aryan comes on lunch at oberoi house.. Rudy gets ?
Lawyer comes to shivaay and gives him ( the weapon- the papers) he looked at it and smiled ☺ ab sid ke armaano per pani pherege panibaaz shivika.. Ki jodi..The person who was instructing roop came to that lady..and informed that your gift has reached ishkara.. With a blush…the person on the TV the news was playing that singhania sisters gonna marry Rana brothers..

That’s it guys thanks for reading

Stay turned..
Please do comments and tell me did u like this epi and suspense..

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