ishqbaaz ff by shama (episode 44)


Hello Ishqbaazians, I am back with a new episode in my hands…for you all hope you all will love it.. Thanks for all the support, comments suggestion keep supporting me… Please silent readers do comments and let me know that I am on track or off track…. Thanks for listening me bakbak…? love you all for your patience…
As I told in the previous episode precap that I am giving half and mixed precap….so here comes the whole precap in details

@ the party..
Singhania sisters proposed Rana Brothers this action left oberoi brother shocked… Anika hurted shivaay self esteem or family sized ego by rejected shivaay like Malika.. Shivaay have no issue with Malika that she dumbed me but this time shivaay can’t tolerate this with anika… Anika came on knees and proposed then Sid and anika danced together… Shivaay was irked to see their sizzling chemistry.. Media comments made him more angry.. He was just swallowing his anger because it was a high class party… He picked his favorite Red Wine and started drinking …
That time Sid and anika were dancing on rabta hai.. Anika was in his arms but her soul was with shivaay she was looking at him and he was going the same… He drank and broke the glass in anger..

Everyone looked at him he came to the dance floor.. Anika Sid stopped dancing anika was facing her back to shivaay he grabbed her in his arms everyone was shocked… Siddhartha was just standing like a monkey..
Shivaay tightened his armlock anika suddenly goes really close to him she rested her hands on his shoulders … She looked at him in anger song changed.. Shivika danced like a couple but due to shivaay she was uncomfortable with him he was showing his physical strength on her during dance… But anika was silent .. because there were many peoples.. Dance finished and there was around of applause …which made shivaay and anika came back to their senses actually they were day dreaming.. That they are dancing… But the reality was Sid and anika dance.. Shivaay was terribly angry he went from the party without uttering a word.. Anika somehow manages to leave the party.. Too.. She followed shivaay..
Precap of ishkara in the party-:

Ishana was looking flawless everyone in the party complimented singhania sisters omkara was standing aside with dropped jaw … Ishana saw that.. But can’t react because she was surrounded by the media..
Ketki Rana came …media asked her that now anika singhania and ishana singhania will become your daughter in laws right..??
Omkara gave a deadly glance..
Ketki was in the middle anika on RHS and ishana on LHS.. Media clicked pics of would be daughter in laws of Rana..

Omkara shattered ….he looked at the gift given by ishana from some stranger and tears rolled down on his cheek.. He left the party ishana follows him.. We was walking on the road.. And was remembering that how ishana confronted him… Ask him about this ?gift how she proposed vivaan..
He cries ishana saw him crying… Then ishana sees a truck coming towards omkara in speed..

Rudy @ home..
Rudra had leg pain but more than that he was hurt.. He wanted his somo in front of his sight.. He cries and calls somya to congratulate her…
Somya picked the call.. Somo sensed that Rudy is disturbed.. She asks kya hua Rudy Sab thik hai naa?? He switch off the phone.. Somo get tensed she rushes home to meet him…
Precap ends..

Present episode:-
@ Road ishkara..

Ishana runs to save omkara from the truck.. She pulled omkara and got hit by the truck…
Omkara is shocked… He looked back he saw ishana bleeding heavily.. He rested her head in his lap.. Ishana said by holding his hand omkara this is my punishment to hurt a good soul.. I know that due…. She finds difficulty in breathing…
Omkara says I know that you didn’t hurt me intensionally dear .. I am sorry the mistake was mine and my family.. You the right to remain angry or hate me but please don”t hurt me intensionally dear .. I am sorry the mistake was mine and my family.. You the right to remain angry or hate me but please don’t leave me alone you can’t go ….like this.. He slowly hits her cheek she is unconscious… He picked her in his arms and walked in search of hospital.. But it was isolated place and he can’t call anyone because he left his mobile in oberoi mansion… Itself..
He looks at ishana and here and there in search of a vehicle to take her hospital and by gods grace…
A vehicle was coming omkara stopped the vehicle… The front seat window opened… Omkara asked help.. The person in it saw bleeding injured ishana and took them to the hospital…
Omkara thanked that lady for dropping him …
Lady said that don’t thank me but take care.. Of her

@ hospital
The lady comes and pays bills , and sees ishkara through the window she touches the window.. And waits there till she gains consciousness.. Omkara goes out to pay the bills… Ishana was unconscious but she was in terrible pain.. The lady enters the room goes near ishana… She feels some connection with her.. She gently touched her forehead … And she felt better.. She leaves the place and mistaken her bangle fall… She went and omkara came.. Ishana gained consciousness and asked omkara that I felt someone presence.. Omkara was puzzled that who paid the bills??
Who gave ishana gave that gift??
Shivika Scene -:

Shivaay was very angry on anika ..anika enters the room shivaay sensed her presence he turns and does his signature step.. And asks anika that what the hell you are doing here??
( he asked angrily) .. You should go and dance with that jerk.. He was about to fall..
Anika holds him …aap kabhi nahi sudhrege.. Come sit she holded shivaay and gave her support.. Shivaay pushed her and said why are you here panika?? Do support him..
She gets angry… She says humesha aapki marzi nahi chaligi … Come sit she makes shivaay sit..

And scolded him that why are you behaving like devdas.. Billu ji.. She searches the medicine which will finish his hangover she was facing her back towards shivaay..

Shivaay holds him from back..he pinned her to the wardrobe..
Anika gets shocked shivaay turns her and asks an explanation … he goes really close to her… That their forehead touches…
Their heartbeats started beating fast..

They both felt each other… Anika wanted to avoid the eye connection but can’t help it…
Siddhartha was searching anika… He crosses that room and hears anika voice please leave me.. He enters the room and was shocked to see shivika so close he saw anika trying to free herself so was in pain because she hurted shivaay… Siddhartha pushed shivaay.. And anika was freed by his lock..
Siddhartha asked anika whether she is fine.. She nodes her head..and keeps his hand of her cheek..
Shivaay got angry he holded Siddhartha from his collar … Both were shocked..
Shivaay said how dare you touch my property??
Siddhartha says property… Anika is not a property and by the way she is mine..
Shivaay gets he pushed him and said no.. She is only mine… Siddhartha you snatched Malika from me.. That time it was my fault.. But this time it can’t happen again and especially not anika..
He looks at anika ..

Anika sees Siddhartha in pain she comes in between and pushed shivaay and said Mr shivaay Singh oberoi..
You were asking me to give an explanation first you tell me … Who am I for you??
A fool haa.. That I will love that person who knows every thing but hides it for his family seek…
Yes its true that I am concerned for you because of humanity.. Otherwise your mummy ji will blame me again..

I can’t forget those values which my mum gave me… She holds Siddhartha hand tightly.. Shivaay looked at this ..
And said miss anika I guess you messed with a wrong person.. You will be punished for hurting me..
Siddhartha warns shivaay to stay away from anika..
Shivaay says oh really I am scared .. He laughs and says..
Better you sstay away from her otherwise I will show you what can an oberoi do..??.
Just wait and watch Sid he leaves the place with a smile on his face..
And looks at anika ..
Anika is puzzled that what is he up to now…
Rudra was crying near poolside…. He looked at his and somo picture together working on radio as RJ..
Somya sees crybaby upset…
She goes and sits beside him..
He hides his tears..
Arrey somya aagayi tum how was the show..
Somo gives him black coffee to drink..
And says sorry Rudy I think that I have hurt you some how unknowingly..
She holds her ears ..
Rudy keeps the coffee at aside a clicks a picture of her holding ears…
She gets angry she tries to snatch the mobile from his hand ….
Rudra holds her hands and continuously shifts the place of mobile he was juggling..
From one hand to the other..
Somo falls in his arms they share an eyelock …
Scene changes..

@ hospital..
Nurse comes in with food tray.. It had a porridge , soup ,milk etc all in all healthy menu..
She keeps it on the side …ishana looked the food and made a weird face.. Jhi I am not gonna have it .. EU
Omkara looks at her and says cham cham..
He gets up makes ishana sit she holds her head tightly in pain … Omkara adjusted pillows to make her comfort..
They shared an eyelock..
Omkara made her finish the food from his hands..
Note – Sorry IB fans for not adding more scenes today… If it contains mistakes so I am sorry ..

What was in that gift ??
Who was that lady who helped ishkara??
What will shivaay do now?? How will he get anika back…?
Who sent that gift??
Sorry if it bore..but I promise next one will be awesome…

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