ishqbaaz ff by shama (episode 43)

Hello ishqbaazians first of all Eid Mubarak to all.. Aye khuda meri duaon mein woh asar karde maangu mein tujhse katra aur toh samandar karde…May this Eid brings lots and lots of happiness in everybody’s life…
Note – on demand I am cutting off the time span of separation.. Thanks for the motivating comments I guess you all are not happy with the separation track but this separation track will change shivika and ishkara life’s fully… This separation was just the trailer many more twist and turns to come I hope you will keep supporting me ..

If there is any error so please forgive me. Actually I am facing a problem that is whenever I am writing it in ms word and copy- paste it.. It comes half or deletes so I just write directly on the page and submit it so I Donno how long I am writing…

Precap in detail -:
Rumya scene :-
Somya invites Aryan to radio station to accompany her in the show which is not liked by Rudra at all because he thinks that somya will plead to anchor with her as RJ robinhood… But the plan backfires be4 going Aryan tells Rudy about he gonna propose love angel ( he knows that somya is love Angel) Aryan did this to check whether Rudy has some feelings for somya
Rudra gets restless after this he thinks to call the fire Bridges means his brothers by in return no solution turned … Our Rudy is a Playboy but he has a soft corner for somya he doesn’t want anyone to go close to somo… Already from the first day Aryan Rana was pricking his eyes.. N now after this Rudy don’t want somo to attend the show..
Scene 1 @ Oberoi Mansion

Rudy says what a michmichi feeling ..yaar us favibond Rana ki toh how can we think of proposing somya this should not happen. He walks restlessly… Here to there like pendulum.. And tries to think of a good plan to stop somya.. But failed suddenly his mind strikes he goes to dadi..
@ Dadi Room.. She was chanting matra.. Rudy waits till she finish dadi turns and sees rudra there… And asked what happened..
Dadi I wanna talk vo…vo somo ki bacchi
Kya kiya somya ne …?? Or tu kyu gusse me hai..
Dadi main us Aryan Rana ko chudo gaa nahi.. Jabse woh aaya hai main pressure cooker ki tarah Bajraha ho..
Dadi understands the situation and gives a brilliant idea to stop somo..
Rudy gets happy ??
And goes to somo room knocks the door..
Somya opened the door she was getting ready …she saw rudra and called him in ..
What happened Rudy..?? Your here..

Vo…somya actually vo…romi out of station jali gayi toh… I thought that..
Somya says Rudy you wanna come with me ?? But I invited Aryan instead of you because you were busy.. She was roaming around the bed actually setting the bedsheets and was about to change …she said Rudy to sit…he sits… She goes in the changing room with a beautiful dress her hands… In the changing room somya screams …. Rudra runs in .. He enters and she tightly hugged him he was pinned to the wall he tried to console somya and ask what happened ??? Somya rested her head on Rudy chest…and pointed some thing from her finger.. Without uttering a word.. Rudra turned his head to check what was it
And was shocked he said o my mata and ran out somo also ran… Some thing comes out of the room…. Rudy takes a hockey stick from his cupboard… Somo screams because that thing was coming towards her she jumped on the bed… And started ordering Rudy ….that ye hockey stick kya pics kichwane ki liye nikali hai.. Maro ..

He misunderstands the command and lifted stick to hit her…somya shouts at him that duffer oberoi usse mujhe nahi she points her finger near his leg Rudy looks down…???chu chu…chuhaa bachao…
Bhaiyya mom…some one vanar sena..means staff koi toh he jumps on bed.. On somo unknowingly shevfalls on bed … The rat also accompanied them ….
Mummy ….EU shu shu they both throw bed pillows on the rat… And the rat goes they take a sigh then Rudy thought of a idea.. He and somo was on bed he says somo don’t move chuha…. She hugged Rudy tightly …
After a while.. They came to senses and left each other… Rudy gets up for keeping the stick back in its place meanwhile a dumbbell falls on his leg… He screams.. Somya ran to give him support.. She holded Rudy and made he lie down on the bed she quickly took first aid box and started to apply medicine on the wound… Rudy was constantly looking at her with love.. He was screaming out like hell… Somya came close to him and cupped his mouth that shutup crybaby I know its paining.. But it will heal soon she hugged him and said thanks… Moment freezes music plays..
Suddenly rumya hears horn sound …they reacted at that.. Aryan called her out soumi .. Somo saw the clock and rushed to change her clothes…
Aryan entered room …Rudy thought fevibond came… Aryan asked Rudy about the wound …. Somya opened the door she came out in black pencil jeans with golden chain belt , white rounded inner and opened hair she was looking flawless… Both jaws were dropped… Rudy thought to compliment her but saw Aryan complimenting her …they were too close..
Rudy mummers kabab me paneer…came..
Somya looked at him and sent Aryan to car and wait I am coming… She quickly takes her lappy out and adjust it for Rudy so that he can enjoy my show…
Rudy mummers again…. Kya enjoy karu..

Somya was too close to him she turns her head and whispered that dumbbell oberoi first of all kabab me haddi hota hai.. Rudy gives a deadly glance.. Second main hoon na mujhe enjoy karna …. They both smiled she hugged him enters and went with Aryan to the radio station… Rudra smiles and says meri somo…
@ Rana house
Anika calls ishana to inform her about the whole matter….ishana was walking out of singhania resort.. Senselessly?? she picked the call cried …. Anika understood that she knows every thing.. She calls her back to Mumbai and tells her to inform every one over there… Ishana controls her emotions and went in the room and picked her luggage and called the staff to her room they convey her message to every one… And informed everyone that singhania sisters went back…
She reached the shimla airport to board the flight… She messaged anika that I am on the way… Anika saw it she was sitting in ketis bedroom she ordered the staff to organize a dinchak party.. This party will be the most horrible party for everyone who cheated me… Shivaay Singh oberoi you can’t stop your destruction… Because now its high time to show you my power….
Everyone reached Mumbai….
Anika gets a news that everyone has reached.. She calls a reporter and says I am sending you a chart breaker news…she click a photo of the newspaper article where oberois where blaming her mom…
The reporter started his work…
Anika sends everyone an invitation …
In oberoi Mansion this invite reached with gifts … All are shocked.. To see the venue of party was Rana house and the host were Rana & Singhania.. They all were puzzled..
Janvi on the TV the news was playing the same article.. Tej, shakti, omkara, shivaay were shocked… Oberoi brothers thought of singhania sisters and decided to attend the party…
@ Rudy room the show started..
Somo….. Hello guys your love Angel is back!!
Rudy smiles and dance on bed my personal love Angel… Came..
Today I am not alone a close friend of mine is with me
Rudy make a face ?? close… Hmm .

Today he will accompany me actually ur RJ robinhood got hurt… So lots of love from him….
Rudy kisses the lappy… She miss me..
Aryan understand that somo is talking about Rudy he smiles and says yaa lots of love to him.. He hits the screen ….listening his voice… Pravachan baba started…
Love Angel I have a topic to talk on.. Which surely connect to every guy over there…
First sight love actually I saw a girl…
Aaaaa…. Chup don’t start …????
Girl… Or girlfriend…
Somo shutup …
Actually she is good from heart but everyone thinks that she is moti..
She looks at him …
I fall for her… At first sight love..

Somo asked who is the lucky girl..?
You…. Love Angel…
Rudy jaw dropped and he felt sad..
Aryan sang o haseena zulfo wali Jane for somo. …
Rudy throws the lappy in anger… and cries
@ Rana house
The whole house was decorated with white and violet flowers with crystal lights the hall was floored by blue carpet…
Media came to cover the event…
All business rivals reached the party… Oberois reached the party this was a dhamaka…. Oberois in Rana house…
Media clicked snaps …
Suddenly the limelight turned to the leads..

Rana Family came down …
Anika and ishana were complimenting each other one was looking like star top on the sky… Ishana was looking flawless…
In open styled hair with a maag tika which was on her mom’s, snow white ball gown which was studded with mirrors… The off shoulder gown…was suiting her…
Anika was looking like moon she wore a gown in black glittery… French braided hair style they entered the party …… Music plays..
Rana brothers Ascot them down…
Shivaay and omkara were mesmerized by their beauty….
Toota joh Tara played…
Anika didn’t waste time and took Sid on dance floor…
Shivaay was shocked what the wack..
Their she came on her knees and proposed Siddhartha..
Media got masala to play…

Shivaay looked at anika deadly.. Shivaay consumed alcohol and went to the dance floor and pulled anika in her arms.. O Jana played…. They danced on ek din Teri rahoon me…..
Ishana and omkara were looking at each other indirectly…. O saathiya played..
Ishana got a gift from a stranger…. She opened it and was shocked… She cries..??
And goes to omkara straightly with that gift..
She dragged omkara in a corner and omkara thought that I should tell her that..
He started to speak…..
Cham cham actually…. I wanna tell some thing..
I know it already… What you want to say…
Omkara ???
She confronted him and asked about that night with riddhima..

U r doubting me… Cham cham how can u..
No omkara how can u???
Do this she shows the gift… Given from the strange…
Omkara looked at the gift and was shocked..
He had an explanation but ishana was not in a mood….
She didn’t allow him to speak a word and said I know that you wanna explain but this time I will not allow you.. Just tell me one thing…. Did you or not
He kept silent …..and looked downwards..
The silence was killing..
Ishana took her steps back from her hand gift falls… She cupped her mouth and tears were streaming out…
She ran from there and came back to the party where she had to control her emotions…
She decided to punish oberois..
Ishana said a shayari ( looking at Om).

Manake mujhse woh khafa rage honge,
Ho sakta hai woh mujhe aazma raha honge,
Hum utni hi shiddat she yaad karenge unhein,
Jitni shiddat we woh humein bhula rahe hinge….
Omkara was guilty he didn’t have the courage to face her…

He just looked at the gift in his hand and kept quite…
Media asked her relationship with omkara..
Everyone was shocked… Vivaan came and holded ishana hand tightly….
In front of media ishana cried in his arms..
They hugged each other…. Ishana asked him that are you always with me
He keeps his hand on cheek and says yes..
She proposed him…
Omkara understood that ishana is going the same what I did earlier…. He breaks down….
Shivika dance was over everyone clapped Sid was giving a deadly glance to shivaay
He picks up anika in his arms and announced the engagement date…
Shivaay was shaken and shocked…
Media clicks their pics…
Omkara walks restlessly on road a truck comes in speed …. Shivaay asked anika an explanation she scolded him that first give me explanation…. He tries to kiss anika Sid warns him… Not not to touch her she is mine… Shivaay holded his collar…
Rudy cries….somo comes and hug him and they spend nice moment…
This is half precap….

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    Shama, it is really awesome. And please update ASAP. I can’t wait. Where is the next epi???

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