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In yesterday episode many of my ff readers suggested me not to create a rift BTW the three bros…. Actually my yesterday’s precap was given half…. Today plz tolerate my bakbak down I have mentioned the whole precap in detail ….I hope u all r enjoying n will enjoy afterwards too…


Shivaay decides not to disclose the secret and chooses his family safety ,surname first more than anika he knows that it is wrong but was helpless because he don’t want his family name to spoil.. Anima asked him in the car..that you seems to be tensed …he denied and said it business tension nothing else… But she was not satisfied by his reply her mind accepted it but heart denied.. Her hearts was saying that some thing is michmichi

( wrong or bad) but she didn’t ask any question from him again and they was on the way to resort when all the answers came to herself in the way..vivaan tried to call anika but her phone was switched off so he tried shivaay number shivaay received the call and vivaan said anika is with you naa.. Shivaay… He looks at anika n says yes vivaan.. She said vivaan … And took the mobile from his hand..
Vivaan said some thing to anika.. Which I will disclose down …. Anika disconnected the call and booked a ticket for Mumbai ..

They reached resort… Anika was disturbed she went in her room shutout the door and opened her cupboard and packed her luggage.. And without informing shivaay omkara …she leaves for Mumbai..

Precap of ishkara -: in detail

As I told you guys earlier that omkara comes to know the truth now let me reveal some thing …if u guys remember I wrote in this track that the video plays..and he listens it I didn’t disclose what he heard … We only came to know half truth which was. the video BTW shakti & tej
Shakti – bhai sehab ab in saare attackes ko rukwana hoga.. Nahi toh humara woh secret kol jayega..

Tej- I know this shakti but roop and gayatri knows our past very well that 15 years back we opened a food factory… And it was shut because of our plan…
Shakti – the food factory was closed because the council came to know that some one was mixing poison ( here poison means drug which can be used like poison)
And if one person gets addicted to that.. Will not easily overcome of it.. But we did wrong with that lady

( here lady means nandhini) what was her name we don’t remember … We saved our sister roop from this allegation and we blamed that innocent lady for saving our family name…
Tej said it was the need of time I had to do so because that time our shares and other things were flourishing and we portrayed nice good will among other which I can’t spoil… It was roop and his husband task not ours but we had to suffer.. She {nandini} was the supervisor for packaging and production one day she came to know about the drugs mixed in the beverages and snacks by Roop & her husband.. She came to me and asked me to order a notice in which I have to stop the production and asks the market to return the entire packages of snacks & beverages because as there is a suspicion of drugs in it….I already came to know this and I was not willing to send any such thing…I offered her handsome of money but she was loyal she denied and warned me that I will complain to the food council and goes … And thought for a while and next day we issued a statement in which we blamed that lady instead of roop… But the case was filed so I had to….. Them..

Bhai saheb we did wrong and then for hidding this truth we had to burn the entire place with the staff and that poor lady
Video ends.. Here this is disclosed that many people lot their life’s because of oberios… Let me tell you that ishkara don’t know till now that nandini singhania was that lady…. Omkara thinks that ishana hidden this video so that I won’t hate my father and leave him…that’s the reason you were silent cham cham…he goes close to her and kisses her forehead and says I will never ever doubt you again I have failed to understand you…but I promise I will disclose the truth and stay with you forever.. N never ever leave you again tomorrow first I will confront you that y didn’t you show me this video and then the turn will be of dad…

Precap of rumya in detail -:
As I said that they were in the car and on the way to the college…
Somo – love angel the special show aane wala hai 1 hour special …
Rudy- ??? the love the news but pretended as if he is busy with romi.. Actually somo romi naa bahut low feel kar rahi thi ( for making her jealous) so I have a plan with her he lie ..
Somo – said it alright Rudy I will host alone from inside she was burning because several time she tried to explain Rudy that she is not a nice girl..but he made her gf.. And now he is avoiding me love angel ?? cry baby oberoi …
Rudy sensed that she was jealous so he used the same trick to make her more jealous of romi he started appreciating romi this romi that….
Somo was burning…????
And Rudy was enjoying… He thought that at last she will plead me to accompany her.. But he didn’t know that his plan ki toh oh my mata ho jayegi it will backfire of him only they reached college…
All the precap ends…

Present episode begins with ishkara..

Ishana wakes up and looks at omkara who was sleeping in her lap she thought that his asleep and kisses his cheek it was good morning ki** .she was about to take her head back when omkara grabbed her hand and pulled her back and kissed her cheek in return and said good morning cham cham..
Omi you were not sleeping… Hmm yes I know that u kissed me so in return I did the same…
Omkara and ishana gets up from there places… Ishana was adjusting his position after so long… She saw the jacket and thanked omkara….he said I wish my every morning will start with your beautiful face …she smiled and was busy to fold the jacket omkara started questions accha cham cham tell me that now in our relationship everything is fine I mean in our relationship there is no space for hidden secret or lies.. She thinks for a while and only answers hmm…right dear..
Omkara asked about the confession video.
Ishana was shocked???
And omkara asked an explanation for hiding this truth….
Vo..vo main..main

Stop buffing and say it clearly… Omkara says …
Ishana said you remember first fight when I used the names of your loved oned and you told me not to do so in future again..
But that day one year back I came to you for that reason and my truth…. But be4 I could show you the video…. Riddhima, tej uncle ,shakti uncle brain washed you….and you didn’t even allow me to give my explanation and your family sent me jail…where I was beaten hard for just that video information but I was enough stubborn I didn’t utter a word regarding that.. And finally your dad came to meet me and I denied to do so…. And the rest of the story you know..
Scene changed anika reached Mumbai
@ Rana house
In that phone convo vivaan informed anika that my mother ketati Rana called you home to tell you a truth about ur dad..
She came inside… And looks here and there in search of ketki …. Suddenly she sees an arrow board in which it was wrote that come upstairs in my room…. She goes in her room… And the door automatically locked after she entered the room…she was calling out ketki name .. When ketki switched on the TV it was playing the confession video which was in ishana mobile… Anki asked from where did u get this video…. From your father’s
She was shocked… Slowly ketki revealed all the layers… She was hell shocked ????? that everyone cheated me and my emotions…. And sisters too…
I will not forgive everyone …of u guys..and especially shivaay…
I need a explanation from all… She cried loud …??????
Scene shifted to omkara he was driving to resort with ishana …..shivaay calls him…and says we have to meet bade papa …omkara agrees n says I too have work..from him I am coming ….
Apart from this omkara lives his cell in car which ishana thinks to return him so she goes behind omkara… Anika calls shivaay from Mumbai to confront him… The both oberois bro were in tej room with tej…shivaay by mistaken picked the call anika was on the line……
And ishana was on the entrance door of tej room ….
Both comes to know about the truth that oberois r the one who killed our mom….
They were super shocked…

Anika was shocked to hear the opinion of shivaay that he is supporting his family…
Tej and shivaay blackmailed omkara emotionally that if u don’t support us we will disclose that what happened when ishana was in jail…..she knows only a thing that you searched the hidden truth but she don’t know about that night…. U spread with riddhima…
Ishana was silently listening everything..?????
what the wack nothing happened BTW me and riddhima that night…
But she went from there till he said this..

Both the sisters were feeling betrayed by oberois….
Their mental stage was shaken from in… That time Rana bros gave their support to cry…
Secret out in full oberio family everyone was shocked
Rana bros & singhania sisters cracked a deal in which they join hands to destroy oberois….
Ishana is unaware from some thing omkara hidden truth from her not this family secret but some thing else regarding riddhima and his relationship …..which hurted ishana the most…
Rumya Scene

Somya was burning??like hell that how can Rudy front of me chants romi name she was so angry on Rudy that she ate 6 gobhi parathas…
Aryan came and started counting how many she ate???.
He said wow soumi… You ate 6 parathas Rudy was crossing that area when he became billu I mean from ears….
He saw somya and laughed that ab paata madam somo wrestler ko ki jealous hona kya hota hai….waah detective rudra bond 007…
He peeks through the other side… He thinks he will enjoy…
Aryan said u now soumi according to experts research it is found that when girl have mood swings like anger,jealousy etc 30 percent of women consume more food..
Rudy scratches his head like monkey and says yaha ek somo wrestler kam thi kya job research center khol ke rakhti thi lo dusri somo means Aryan aagai…
Somya’s reaction was OK didn’t know this thanks plz tell me more….
They started intellectual talks n Rudy was angry he said that agar main detective rudra bond 007 hu toh yeh Aryan chipku fevibond hai
Somo ke phise pada rehta hai…or kya bolts hai haaa… Soumi… E u soumi usse better toh somo wrestler hai…
In BTW somya reveals Aryan some thing in his ears….
Rudy burns ???seeing somo so close to Aryan…
Actually somo means somya told Aryan that she is love angel…. He is hell shocked and she invited him some where….
Aryan was with Rudy in gym he said Rudy …I want to talk something…
He was drinking protein shake….
Aryan said love angel has invited me for accompanying her in show…
He spits out the protein shake and coughs
Aryan gives him towel and water…
Isn’t it cool Rudy… Rudra Singh oberoi was terribly angry on somya he said in his mind
Somo wrestler ab tumhare kher nahi…??
He was drinking water in anger …
Aryan I just love the love angel…from beginning I just love her ….I wish I get a chance on the show to propose her…..
Rudy again spits out…. What u r mad u want to propose her… Do u know her… If she is bad looking moti types so…what…
Aryan says doesn’t matter nor I am bothered… She is a good hearted person that is the biggest quality I want in my better half…. That’s it Rudy …

Y are you getting so hyper like I asked you your gf…
He smiles and goes
Rudy thinks of his words only two words settled in his mind propose love angel means somo …
No not possible he does a workout in anger
He was so restless that he called his brothers..
(Rudy – RU , omkara – o, shivaay- shiv)
Shiv – kya hua mere sunshine ko..
O – oh dimple kapadia bol bhi de..
Ru- bro shut up don’t call me by that name

Ru – ???
Bhai u know a new guy joined our college and his attractive than me…
In two or three days he done magic on every girl even that somo ? she is also chanting his name…
O & shiv – together so what…?
Rudy- I will kill him from my dumbbell uska papad na banya toh main rudra nahi..
Oh dumbbell oberoi is terribly angry on him but y so…
Rudy said his gonna propose somo in 2 or 3 days how can he decide it…
Tujhe toh 2or3 hours hi lagte hai….
Plz o that’s gf not life partner…
Kabhi kabhi Rudy ek pal hi kaphi hota hai decide karne ke liye….
Shivaay said agreed with o

Rudy disconnected the call and broke the mobile….
No somo ….this will not happen..
Somo is literally proposed by Aryan ….Rudy heard this on lappy and broke it..
Anika proposes Siddhartha to punish shivaay for his deeds …..shivaay was present at that moment he drinks… In anger and breaks the glass…
Ishana confront omkara about that night omkar
pa is speech less she proposes vivaan..

Bye cu guys will the next epi.
Comment below? and let me know
That I have created suspense or not .. IB rocks..

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