ishqbaaz ff by shama (episode 41)


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Precap in details
Shivika entered the oberois factory and was searching any clue.. They separated there ways apart to search ..shivaay trying his best to get a link that how me oberois are connected with this place why our board was there ….anika unknowingly moved in a room which was dark I guess like store room for old machines… She was scared by darkness because of the incident when she lost her every thing her mother and shivaay was searching so he came there while searching he was at the door.. He saw anika terribly scared and he moves in suddenly he looks up at the sealing a huge machine was about to fall on her due to rust.. He was enough quick to response he grabbed anika tightly in and pulled her towards him quickly.. She was shocked by this action she falls in his arms she rested her hands on his shoulders ….and the machine falls …anika looks back and then shivaay …shivaay asked her whether she is fine she nods her head and tries to getup but shivaay tightened his arm lock and anika was struck.. Anika and shivaay shared an eyelock anika breaks the eyelock and says in a low voice plz billu ji letme go..

Without looking at him he says why you don’t free safe in my arms.. Anika didn’t know what to say she just ignored the question and her mobile ringed it was Siddhartha because he was tensed about anika …shivaay saw that Sid is calling she unlocked the hug and got up to answer Sid first she was about to pick the call shivaay twisted her arms and rested his chin on her shoulder and anika said in anger..billu ji aap karna kya chahte hai..plz leave me…I have to answer call..shivaay didn’t utter a word and he was just feeling anika he took deep breathes which anika felt she closed her eyes to capture the moment and the phone falls from her palm and breaks… Shivaay turned anika and hugged her he said agar tumhe kuch hota jai toh mujhe farak padta hai …you’re the one who can call me billu.. If today some thing happen you they would die…as soon he says I will die anika cupped his mouth with her hand with teared eyes…
She said don’t love me beyond the limit it will hurt you some day…love is not that easy if u care for me I also feel the same for u … Today you saved my life thanks is a small word for describing it Om says naa zindagi bachane wale ki ho jaati hai woh zindagi today I give you a promise that my life is all yours now what ever you ask me for this favor I will give you anything anytime… He marked or feeds her words in his mind and says I will tell u but not now..
( he will disclose his desire in upcoming track which will change shivika’s whole life)

Siddhartha gets tensed for anika and calls his mom and informed her that I am calling her but she is not replying… Ketki sensed his concern for anika and understood the situation that we is a bit unsecured due to shivika closeness she decided in her mind that she has to do some thing about it.. She pacified Sid that maybe her cells battery must be dead…don’t worry.. And disconnects the call and says I know my son have not forgiven Malika for ditching you with that shivaay ..I was happy that Malika went from your life and afterwards anika entered your life and changed the whole atmosphere of our family and our lifestyle too.. I guess for my son Sid I have to disclose the secret that oberois have killed her mother so automatically shivika will break and now this time forever… I have to some thing she thinks….

Scene changes and shifts to oberoi mansion
Janvi called tej simply to ask whether he is fine or not??
Pinky, dadi,priku was smiling ..janvi saw them and disconnected the call and her last word’s for tej was keep care of yourself there must be cold weather so better be careful your immunity system is weak naa.
O my mata I tolds u naa jethani ji that one day you will be the same couple which u used to be earlier and nowadays you have stopped alcohol and started drinking coffee with jethji Haa.. Janvi says stop it pinky ..
Dadi interrupted in BTW and said she is not saying wrong ….
Janvi smiles and says mummy ji aap bhi …and goes from there as soon as she goes pinky said dekha naa mummy ji aapne
She says haa pinky ….and smiles and thanked to god that thanks for giving me my son and daughter in law back now I have only two more wishes first one is I want to see omkara and tej together n the second one is mere puttu ki shaadi…
O my mata both the wishes are difficult n especially the second one shivaay shayad Iss bar shaadi ke liye man jaaye..kyuki anika usski dulhan hogi….all of them smiled.. Per omkara ka kya usski shaadi ishana she karne ki taiyari main karugi

…I will handles every things..
Per agar aap aapna third putte ki baat kar rahe ho toh aapko yaad diladu ki usska dil her ladki ke liye beats karta hai toh it is impossible…. Dadi gets a huge smile on her face because rumya came together but fighting…
Sono somo tumhe kya lagta hai voh Aryan mujhe heraye ga bodybuilding me impossible..
Crybaby uska toh paata nahi per studies me jarur … Rudra wanted to kill her because from the day she met Aryan she was chanting his name..
He stretches his arms towards her to press her neck but she escapes and runs on the staircase rudra called her out and she turned her head towards him to answer but losses her balance and in no time rudra grabs her tightly in his arms and prevents her from falling down… Dadi smiled n said in mind..that rudra is affected by somya similarly shivika used to do so..their ishqbaazi has started and yet another is on the way looking at rumya…
Somya gives down with rudra she asked an excuse ( apology) for the awkward situation .. In between somya comes close to rudra and said thanks… He noded his head they both went in car..

Scene shifts to ishkara..
Omkara had finished the idol but there where some finishing left but he was feeling sleepy because he didn’t sleep not even for a second… Ishana was silent she saw omkara tired so she went and sat near him and started to chat omkara yawned … And took ishana support to sleep he rested his head on her shoulder she made him more comfortable now he was sleeping in ishana lap.. She loved it she captured the moment in her eyes she was constantly looking at Om she didn’t move for a second because Om’s sleep will disturb and in no time her eyes became heavier because she didn’t slept last night because they were working… She also sleeps on omkara back.. O saathiya played

Scene focused on shivika..
Shivaay got a call of his detective friend he goes out…. Anika squats down and picked up the small particles of her broken mobile phone..
Shivaay friend says that where your standing now is your place… Shivaay asked what do you mean by this with a confused look…
Detective tells that you sent me some pictures of that place I tallied it with internet and my records and the conclusion came that if was a food factory opened by oberois 15 years back and it was shut down in the same year due to fire…my records are telling me this…. Shivaay thanked him and disconnected the call and was hell confused that we oberois had opened a factory so why I am unaware of it.. Y didn’t bade papa or papa mentioned this factory in there business talks.. He was hell confused and he got another call from x dcp anika friend… He told him..that I am in the record room where we used to keep our records.. I got a file on which oberois case closed is written…
Case!?!?! Which case…
He opened the file and saw a newspaper article on which the title was many people dead drinking prosioness cold drink and snack produced by oberois
What ????!!!?
Yes sir many people dead due to this so we had to file a case on your family we came to the factory to shut down it but till that time the factory caught fire and the workers also died… In this article oberois are blaming a lady that she had mixed poison in all the items…
She is dead due to that incident…
What was name of that lady??!!
Nandini …. Wait a second he scanned the photo and was hell confused and shocked
He told shivaay that her full name was
Nandhini Harshwardhan Singhania
What ???? Singhania
He looks back to his sweet heart who was busy in collecting the parts..
What the wack check again….
He said I checked several times its showing the same…. It means we are the reason behind anika and ishana mom death..

What should I do sir should I reopen the case or close it…as it is
Shivaay thinking about anika and his family
Tough selection.. He selected his family safety and he said to close it…
Anika comes there and he disconnects the call …. He was guilty for her because he knew his doing wrong but it was the matter of his family so he kept quite….
They went in car back to resort…

Harsh was making copies of the confession video of tej and shakti….and sends it to ishana mobile for safety reasons…
Her mobile notified that a video is added..
Due to notification tone omkara get up and looks at cham cham and wounded that I slept in her arms.. And smiled …he saw ishana shivering he took off his jacket and covered ishana with it .. The jacket was warm ishana slept comfortably…
Omkara takes her mobile in his hands and cracks the password… Which was love your family… He opened the gallery and opened the file which was containing the video the it slowly started with inaudible voice ….
So he thought that maybe waste n was about to kept the phone back and suddenly he heard the voice which was familiar to him… He turned the phone and he was hell shocked because it was Tej and shakti…he listened the video of confession….
He looked at ishana innocent face and thought that this was the reason behind your silence one year back …. Why for my family prestige repo..

You broke up with with so that I stay with my family… His eyes streamed out in tears… He was crying that due to that stupid broke up you suffered so much only for me….
Omkara finalizes his mind to punish his family for their bad deeds…
And shivaay decided in his mind that anyhow I have to close this matter…I will not let anyone punish my family..
Omkara goes close to ishana and kissed her forehead and said I am also with you cham cham and liad down in her lap again..
Ishana keep her hand unknowingly on omkara chest and omkara holded it and said never ever leave me and I will not too dear….
Somya and Aryan shared a very nice bond in just two days if every one would see them they will say are u friends from child hood…
Aryan got hit so somya feeds him rudra remembered that she did the same why she is giving so much importance to Aryan…
He feels bad and says…somo you can only care for me no one else and especially Aryan
.. Isko toh main protein shake banake p jaaoga
Anika comes back from shimla she comes to know about the truth …and came to know that shivaay knows it already.. Ishana is also shocked and shaken by this omkara offers a helping hand but she denied ……
Ishana proposed vivaan to punish omkara because she thinks that omkara was a part of this…
Omkara is broken…. For punishing shivaay anika does the same with Sid….

What turn will take shivika and ishkara
Will brothers go against each other…
Will Rana brothers accept their proposal…
Bye guys cu ….
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