ishqbaaz ff by shama (episode 40)

Hi I am back with a new episode hope u all will like it as always u do in all the episodes even in worst episodes……thanks for all the support u all are giving hope u will continue it … please bear my mistakes shayaris and plz let me know ur opinions and suggestions for this ff and thanks to all who have come forward and motivated me in my new fiction … super happy😀 😁 because its my great 40.. I didn’t even realized when I reached to a milestone of super 40 I hope I will get nice response like I got earlier plz feel free to comment plz silent readers comment enough of my bakbak let’s begins our 40th episode

In yesterday’s episode I didn’t give any precap sorry for that because it is a huge suspense.. Which I will finally reveal in today’s episode I was waiting for this from long time I thought I have to stop suddenly but I extended it till December… so I am gonna write till December by God’s Grace.. Today is the episode when the secret will reveal …but let me tell you one thing that one of my dear reader guessed the suspense earlier itself…so for her it was easy … let’s begin with the last ending of the episode ..

Precap in detail

@ Shimla at Singhania resort…
Tej and harsh did a handshake which was not so friendly and tej then went to the reception actually he was facing a difficulty in checking in the resort ..harsh was constantly looking at him in anger and was thinking of killing him right now then he thought that let me go close to him first like he did before ..
( 15 years ago) he goes to the reception and stand beside Tej the receptionist looked up n got up n wished harsh.. Harsh said what is going on here.. You should clear all the doubts or difficulties of our customers but here you itself looked puzzled … why so are you new here .. Receptionist replied yes sir.. A week ago I joined here..
Tej was constantly looking at him ( harsh) and then he turned towards him and said hello tej, I am the owner of the resort ..harshwardhan singhania you can call me harsh …actually my computer has some difficulty in it…I have called the company people to check my systems till that if you don’t mind you can use my presidential suite… tej thanked him and there started to move towards the lift .. Tej in no time was impressed by harsh because in the lift their both were talking about their businesses.. Suddenly the topic transferred to children’s.. Tej said I have 3 gems.. I mean children..

Elder one is Omkara Singh Oberoi who is not at all interested in my business his an artist by professional which I don’t like I wanted him to be my support and be the next heir of my business but he is an oberoi like me angry some time but calm by nature like her mother I guess sometimes that he is the replica of her mother but when he shows me an attitude I guess he is like me..
Harsh was listening silently and thinking in mind that poor omkara he has to suffer for your bad deeds tej.. Forcefully I have to break his pure heart which loves my daughter its not that I don’t realize that I am using my daughters for your destruction I am playing from their emotions which I don’t want to ..but I am handicapped by the past and the fortune the lord has finally decided to punish you through me.. I am just peppet in this game I know I am wrong but I have to other way to destruct you..

Tej waved his hand in front of his face and said what are you thinking ??? He comes out of his thoughts and replies nothing ….when he was thinking tej completed his talks … tej said now your turn…there were on the way to harsh room… harsh said.. Nothing n they reached the room he opened the door by card and they entered in… harsh welcomed him in and said I will be back in a second and goes to washroom and shuts the door … Tej scoped all the room he was feeling bore so he started to roam here and there he goes near the window and uncurtained it his eyes was pleased to see a nice landscape of mountain he was holding mobile so he thought of clicking some selfies maybe he clicked one or two but he was not satisfied by the positions in the photos so he took some steps backwards and suddenly he hitted a corner small table on which a photograph was there which fall down it tej said o shit !! He squatters down n picked up the broke photo frame and was about to turn the photo to see it but till that time harsh came out of the washroom and snatched the photo from his hand he ( tej) was hell shocked by his reaction… Harsh explained everything that this photo frame is broken so it will hurt u… Tej says how sweet of you!!! A person informed that tej room is ready..

Tej said OK thanks I should take a leave now he goes…
Harsh says tej Singh oberoi I don’t want you to get hurt physical but I want to shake you and your family roots like you did earlier with me…he sees the photo and sorry nandhini and my daughters..
Flash back of the secret which is connected to singhania ..

As you all know now that long back tej opened a factory in which he appointed a lady named manvi who was harsh wife’s friend.. She was very close to nandhini..
That time in our relationship
( Nandhini & Harsh) was not so smooth we were fighting badly suddenly our opinions did match n slowly I gave up in my relationship and that time manvi nandhini close friend gave me her support and slowly I developed feelings for her and we had a serious affair this thing came in nandhini’s knowledge and she broke down n her daughters supported her.. Anika suggested in that small age to leave my dad.. Nandhini agreed and wrote a letter in which she said that I don’t need your name fame money, surname, anything.. You are free now I am Leaving with my daughters and you are free to marry manvi …I can survive without you.. She leaves every thing behind and Starts a new life in shimla she was staying at a middle class society …
Flash back ends..
Ishkara were lot in thoughts …ishana brings tea for omkara and by mistake she thrown the tea of omkara’s shirt ..
Omkara – oh shit what the wuck
Ishana – oh no ….I am sorry I spoiled your shirt ..I will clean it..
Omkara – no cham cham no need I will clean it..
Ishana said no omi I had done it and I will only clean it OK plz take off your shirt..
Omkara said what ??😨
Ishana said don’t take it wrong way I am not in a mood to romance but I want to help u..
She some how arranged another shirt for him and she sent omkara to change his clothes he goes and take off his shirt and ishana entered the room without knocking in a hurry with other shirt… She looked at him he was shirt less and she immediately turned back and thrown the shirt on him and she was hell blushed….

Omkara speedily wears the shirt and says now you can turn.. She turned and started explaining omkara came close to her and cupped her mouth with his hand and gives her order like a husband to clean the shirt soon and give it back…she nods.. He says if by mistaken also you throw some thing else on me some day u will be punished for it… Ishana gives a confused look to him .
Scene focused at shivika now
Shivika was in car shivaay called his detective friend and explained him everything that one day we went to a burnt place which had oberois board search whether that place is connected to oberois some how… Anika also called her x dcp friend and both were explaining .. They disconnected the call … Suddenly the car jumps on broken roads and they both also jump.. Anika says mujhe yeh toh maloom tha ki aapke breaks fail rehte hai per aaj aapki car ke breaks fail ho gaye phirse …aapko ek advice deti hu Iss dabe ko scrap me dedi jiye or a cycle le lijiye usse aap fit bhi rahege aur Iss car say jhutkara milega
Shut up panika….. My car is not a scrap. The road is giving problems…
Tum naa aapna dimag use mat karo kitna hai bachake rakho.. She looks at him angrily…
Rumya reached home – @ dinning table
Dadi said hello baccho aagaye tum log
Rumya said yes dadi …
Dadi saw somya was super happy and rudra was super sad… She asked the reason behind it…
Rudy said dadi vo…aaj college me ek new boy ki enter hui… With a sad face
Somya said cry baby is crying because that guy is better from him in everything..
Oh shut up somo 😡😠 I am rudra Singh oberoi..
He showed her the king size oberoi ego.. And said I am the hunk of the college….
Somya – yaa ur but for that stupid girls otherwise ur a junk in studies…
She starts Aryan Rana is this that…..
Dadi gets impressed and Rudy gets annoy from him because somo was giving more importance to him…..
Harsh was thinking about the past -:
flash back
Afterwards nandhini left him he understood that he committed a mistake it was just a passing affair he wanted his nandhini and family back so he used his power to search them and one day … He came to know that his family is in shimla.. He thinks that how can I stay there for more time so he opened a resort in shimla…. And straightly went to meet his family he found that they are staying at a small middle class society where at they are facing many problems .. He straightly went in and holded nandhini and dragged her that let’s go our home I am sorry you can do everything without me I know but I am incomplete without you all nandhini denied to go… But he started forcing her so anika came in BTW and pulled him… Both were shocked..
Anika said leave us alone.. We don’t need cheater in our life.. I am young but I understood one thing that you hurted my mum….you ditched her we don’t need you we can survive without you … Anika said that if u are the last people on the earth also I will not take your support… Because I know you hurted my mum… And when I am there for her always why she will need your support…. I will be her support and I will ditch her.. Nandhini heard the sweet innocent words and her eyes was streaming with tears… She hugged anika n thanked her….and agreed to each and every word she said….

That day I realized that I am nothing more than a failure… My family hates me…
After that he came to know about the car accident in which he lost his daughters… Ishana was adopted and anika became her mother replica she faced the world alone very bravely like nandhini did when we separated our ways….
Anita ( the owner ) of the NGO picked ishana up after the accident she thought that anika is died…. So she left her in a hospital and went with ishana she gave ishana to Mr Patel and warned him not to tell her the Truth….
Anika in one day became so mature like nandhini she managed to run from the hospital and she stayed a night on footpath…

After knowing about the factory incident and car accident I done an investigation and the conclusion came that Oberois have burnt their factory in which nandhini used to work …..and she is no more because of “Oberois” secret revealed…
Oberois were the reason behind anika n ishana’s mom death…..

Shivaay gets a call from his detective friend who informed him about the place where you are standing now is your only 15 years back your family settled their factory there will got closed because of many reasons …
He gets another call which was x dcp anika friend… Who tells him the reason behind it… He is hell shocked to hear that my bade papa and papa has killed many people in that fire because the food committee came to know that they have produce some poisoned cold drinks which was supplied and many children were dead due to that… And police team goes to check the factory n finds that the factory has burnt badly due to short circuit but it was not that so ….tej burnt it personally so that he didn’t get arrested..
Nandhini died in that … Shivaay saw anika n disconnected the call..
Now after knowing about the truth what will shivaay do??
What twists will come in shivika relationship
Will shivaay reopen the case or close it??
What will ishkara do after knowing about the truth???

Bye cu guys
Did you like the suspense plz do comment


  1. Sat

    |Registered Member

    Very very very nice shama. Please update ASAP. I really loved the secret. Please include more of shivika scenes. There is a scene but no romance

  2. Bshama1239


    Sorry guys for today’s epi there was no scenes of romance because I was focusing on the secret more but I promise in the upcoming track u will c full ishqbaazi

  3. Shaza

    |Registered Member

    Wow…really happy that u will continue till December 😄.and ya Congratz for ur 40th ep 😄…can’t wait for th nxt ep..pls post it asap …

  4. Jazz

    Now I get to know the full secret. It’s really good. Plz update the next episode asap I can’t wait for your episode it’s too good. Really happy u are writing the ff till December

  5. Goms

    |Registered Member

    Shama.. Update and precap was too good.. Suspense revealed.. Now what’s going to happen with Shivika and ishkara..

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