ishqbaaz ff by shama (episode 39)


Hello ishqbaazians I am back.. With a new episode in my hands hope u will love it and how could you guys appreciated my in those boring episodes …??you know when I was writing it I was feeling like not to satisfied by my work …. So as I promised that this episode will be some what OK ..
Thanks for the wishes now me and my dad feeling much better… So I will try to write a bit longer and interesting than the last one… And sorry for my dialogue and shayari torture I hope u guys will forgive me …..

Precap in detail
Shivaay was constantly thinking about the burnt board and place he tried to discuss this matter with tej but didn’t disturb his father and son bond… Apart from this singhania’s went in Siddhartha room to give him get well soon wishes …Siddhartha was happy to see them….shivaay was roaming here and there in tension he wanted to clear it as soon as possible ….he came to Siddhartha room while roaming he looked in through the window.. Anika was sitting beside him very close ….for a while shivaay forgot everything and was looking at anika because she was literally behaving like an adarsh would be better half… Siddhartha called anika close she went he whispered some thing in her ears and she started laughing loud… Actually he whispered that my mumma will call me anytime and will ask several question like are you OK? Have you ate your food?? Etc and then she will slowly change the track n tell about alliances …and kyon phase Iss problem me toh tum mumma say baat kana…she replies slowly aap kitne darpok hai..she laughs n says I will handle… Don’t ado.
Shivaay ears used to be active all the time but this time he can’t even listen a single word.. He tried he gone close to the door and tried to hear… He was sticking to door like Rudra but still failed.. What the wuck men Aaj mere kaano ko kya hogaya hai hertal pe chale gaye ek bhi baat nahi sun paa raha hu… And he disbalanced and holded the table near by him it was having a flower vase due to his jerk the flower vase was about to fall….and it but at the nick of the moment shivaay stopped it and the flowers came in his hand…

Rumya at college – somya showed him the canteen they was about to sit when Aryan went and pulled the chair for somya and said ladies first… She looked at him and smiled…. And they both were settled down Rudy was jealous by Aryan because he became the center of attraction which hurted his oberoi king size oberoi.. He looked at him from far…he glanced him from head to toe and was thinking in his mind that why you chose this college ? Poore Mumbai me yahi ek college hai kya?
He was biting his teeth in anger….
His friends told him that he is a tough competition for u he is much more good looking , bodybuilder what a body and looks.. Rudy looks at his friends?? and then again looked at Aryan… In his mind??? mere muscles shirke hone laage ??
And slowly all the girl occupied him from him…and somya thought to move away to the class all the girls occupied him in such a way that he was totally struck…. He looked here and there for someone and he saw her going towards the class…. Rudy can’t take this anymore he orders a cold drink let me mention diet otherwise Rudy will get nightmares that he is becoming mota ……sorry bad on guys…
Resuming to ff Rudy was so angry that he crushed the empty glass and went straightly towards the crowd and shouted that stop it ….. Yaaha koi sale nahi lagi toh log catfight karre ho…he cleared the crowd.. Aryan was impressed by him..

Ishkara tej was not ready to leave omkara because of the secret but some how he managed to come out he messaged ishana..
Cham cham come out he have many things to finish…. Plz come soon I am waiting in the car..
She replied omi , I am struck here with singhania and Rana….I will try..vivaan was standing beside her he saw the message and said don’t worry main hu naa…du waat che mere srk ..
Vivaan says I will take you out and says everyone that he had a plan with ishana to see shimla….ishana looks at him and he binked his eye? and ishana understood so she agreed that yes we were going but we are canceling our plan I can understand your brother is suffering so its OK some other day…
Everyone looked at each other n Siddhartha told why anika is here to take care naa? Anika looked at him and smiled Siddhartha changed his words…I mean uncle ,his staff and many more people but everyone understood that what he said….
Shivaay was burning like anything because he could hear now properly..
All of them pressurized ishvi to go…and anika went and opened the

Present episode
Anika opened the door and shivaay did balanced and came in….. Everyone was shocked to see him.. Anika in shock said..
O my mata what are you doing here ?? And then she realized that she had imitated his mom …? shivaay was aback to hear this..
Ishana smiled and said su waat che di…o my mata moment haaaa…
Anika asked that why you are holding this flowers in ur hands…..shivaay looks at the flowers and said it is for Siddhartha…
Oh thanks shivaay Sid told so sweet of you..
Sweet word remained shivika that moment when anika kept new name of shivaay which was sweet Singh oberoi… Anika blushed because she holded shivaay for the first time….
Shivaay asked Sid to get well soon… Ishvi goes out where omkara was waiting …..
She said in the car they both thanked vivaan for the help…. Vivaan said Iss say pehale dono amrishpuri aaye niklo….
And I will also go some where because I told that we both are going out….
Ishkara n vivaan drives off in different cars…
Ishana told that what happened u called me.. So urgently.. Omkara says we are here for that order right
Ishana nods her head in yes
Omkara says we have the address with us already which was given by that lady and I got a call from exhibition that the diamond’s have reached and we are going to pick them…
Ishana suddenly saw the road and said ye kya kiya tumne….. Long route le liya..
Omkara looks and said sorry …..but after a second he realized why I should be sorry.. I didn’t do anything…..
Ishana said aacha toh ye car kya koi bhoot chala raha…. Omkara stopped her saying those words because the fb flashes in front of his eyes when his sister pinku became a ghost and scared him badly …..his facial expressions changed suddenly ?? which was noticed by ishana she slowly captured it in her cell and started laughing ….
Omkara comes out and asked ishana that why are you laughing….. She just kept laughing without uttering a word…. Omkara was mesmerized by her smile he says a shayari on it….
Hansi aapki koyi chura naa paaye ,
Aapko kabhi koi rulana paaye,
Khushiyo ka deep aide male aapki zindagi me,
Ki koyi tufaan bhi use bhujhana paaye!!!!

Ishkara looked at each other n shared an beautiful eyelock….
And it broke because omkara had to drive safe…
And after some kms they faced a huge problem which made them ??? actually it was the famous
” shimla trafficjam” but then for changing their mood ishana switched on the FM…
Which made ishkara uncomfortable like shivika it played
” pyaar manga hai tumhi say” ….ishana changed the song it now played
” aaj phir tum pe pyaar aaya hai” omkara switched off because ishana was very uneasy…. Or uncomfortable with it…
Offo this traffic jam is worst than Mumbai she looked here and there she only saw buses and dangerous roads….

Scene focused on rumya…..
Aryan thanked him for clearly the crowd they both gave introduction…..
Rudy : hi I am Rudy means Robin hood of the college I am very famous…. I am Rudra Singh oberoi…
Aryan – oberoi means our business rivals right … And by the way I am Aryan Rana ..he offered shake hand… Rudy thought that this is the time when I should show him that you have messed with oberoi he thinks that I will hold him so tight ki isska protein… Leak hone lagega or iske muscles p chak jaaye ge he was making weird faces???
Aryan did hand shake and him grip was much more better than Rudy….
Rudy thinks????? aata maachi phatli…. Omg I guess my muscles will shrink…… And he leaves him with a smile and says cu at class..
After he went Rudy king size oberoi ego broke into pieces… He holded his hand n started crying in mind and pretended as if nothing has happen….

Scene focused at shivika..
In front of shivaay …Siddhartha tried to get up but failed a screamed out of pain anika gone close to him and made him lie down and adjusted the cushions… As we all know that shivaay is poor in expressing his feelings.. He was pretty much jealous and was constantly looking at Siddhartha n anika when anika was adjusting the cushion by mistaken she fall in Sid arms…they was about to share an eyelock but stopped because of the great wall of shivaay…. Shivaay can’t take it anymore he goes and pulls anika back tightly…
She saw shivaay n changed her expressions shivika shared an eyelock but shivaay showed her again his physical power unintentionally he griped anika hands so tightly that the impression was left on her hand… Anika controlled herself because she was in pain…
Shivaay said I should take a leave and give you guys some privacy….
Anika looked at him with raised eyebrows she was hurt by his words…he leaves and after few mins he messaged anika
Panika I want to meet u alone come in my room at night..
Anika replied OK billu ji ….I have to talk with you …regarding your words
Due to medicine Siddhartha slept… Anika slowly leaves the room….and goes to shivaay to scold him..
She entered his room ….and was about to scold him but stopped because she sensed that shivaay is tensed she sat beside him and he said I am sorry for holding u so tight.. I can’t stand ….ur closeness with some one else then me…
She kept her hand on shivaay hand and holded his hand tight she started playing with his fingers… He smiled…
She says -: The one thing we can never get enough of is “love” , And the one thing we never give enough is “love”..
So sorry ….and she holds her ears???
If I hurted you in any manner… He smiled and kept his hand on her cheek and said no problem my panika… Actually I am disturbed by an incident he describes
Fb plays….anika says actually I also want to share some thing its strange u will not believe me….and takes a pause n gets up.. Shivaay also does the same…. Shivaay asked like I can share anything with u …u can also… She says as you described that you saw a burnt board on which oberois symbol was there….I also sensed some thing strange when I walked in some flashbacks played in my mind but not clear… Shivaay was shocked…. Anika continued I guess its connected to that horrible accident….
Shivaay said accident which accident plz tell me clearly

Anika says its not clear in my mind there are some flashbacks…. Actually when I was eight ishana n me met an car accident which separated us.. I don’t know but I guess I have went there in my past …. The place was wearing a blanket was fire…
Shivaay raised eyebrows and was listening silently
Some one saved us from that fire and started driving car ……very fast…. She holded her forehead because of stress.. Shivaay made her sit. …… And the last sentence she told was we met accident….. They finally decided to search the hidden truth behind my past and oberois …

Scene shifted to NGO….
Where Anita the owner of the NGO was looking at the newspaper seriously…. The newspaper had a photo which was clicked I guess one year back in which shivika n ishkara and tej and shakti was there….
She remembered some thing and said anika and ishana are the same girls whom I saved 15 years back in shimla…. They are Singhania Sisters…. And oberois were the reason behind their destruction…. Poor girls …it purely fortune game …..the same girls fall in love with oberoi brothers …..when they will come to know the truth then they will became destruction for oberois the same way in which earlier oberois destroyed everything….
Scene focused at ishkara ….

Ishana was shifting her position and due to that the car jerks and she straightly falls on omkara arms….moment freezes… But afterwards the shimla traffic showed their power they damaged ishkara ears by loud horns to move….and the moment breaks..
They finally reached exhibition and were …in
They collected all the small sized diamond’s and started their work….actually omkara was only working and ishana was walking like here and there like a pendulum.. Omi I wanna help u..plz letme..
Omkara says no cham cham ur an attention seeker if u are here than can’t concentrate on the statue dear….. Ishana sits and asks why so if I am there u get distracted..
He was focusing on the statue and said unknowingly the reason is clear cham cham because you are very gorgeous… And your beauty attracts me simple…
She blushed heavily?????
And then he realized after a while that what he said…. Ishana goes with blushing face to bring snacks for him…
What the wack?? Shit y I can’t control my emotions in front of her…but some where in his heart he smiled that still my words affect cham cham….

Scene focused at Rumya
Rudy entered the class I guess for the first time and sat beside romi for showing Aryan that she is my girlfriend…
Aryan was searching a place to sit….somya offered him a seat.. Rudra was constantly looking at somo wrestler that today what is happening… Y she is giving so much importance to Aryan…
The lectures started and Rudy was about to sleep because of boring questions…
But didn’t sleep because of Aryan…. He asked each and every question approximately…. Which impressed everyone… Even somya.. Then somya and Aryan started completing each other that who is more intellectual…. They both complimented each other in answers too..
Some questions somya would attempt and some Aryan…. They both together became the center of attraction which was not liked by rudra at all …rudra asked somo let’s go home… He holds her wrist..
Aryan says…..bye shumi….take care…
Rudra gave him angry wala look because he called somya by a sweet pet name…

Scene focused at tej and harsh…
Tej was busy with his phone actually he was trying to call omkara but failed…
Harsh was trying to anika because he checked her room Siddhartha room but she was not there…..they both were looking down and walking they collided with each other… Harsh looked up n saw tej there…he was controlling his anger ….
Tej said sorry ….and introduced himself he also introduced himself they both did a hand shake which was not so friendly…

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