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Hi, ishqbaazians I hope your enjoying my ff I will try my best to entertain you I will try to cut off Rana brothers scenes as much as I can …..if any other suggestion from ur side plz let me know about it plz do comment. Plz bear my grammatical errors because of auto connection..
Precap of the previous episode in details:-

Ishkara – doctor examined her and told omkara that due to suffocation she is faint. Other than that she will be fine soon if she takes proper rest .. Omkara takes her to room.
Rumya – Somya’s mood was better now because of rudra..rudra gave her a diet plan which she had to follow to win the beauty contest n she denies to do so they have an argument.. Rudra goes next morning in the college a new guy was talking to somya he was none other than Aryan Rana..
Shivika – shivaay was shocked to see the burnt board and was thinking their car was with vivaan so shivika walked with each other hand in hand the road was broken so sometimes shivaay would give support to anika n sometimes anika does… They were disturbed so they didn’t argue for anything.
Tej and harsh reached shimla by air.. Harsh gonna stay at his resort and Tej was puzzled that where I should go and search my sons
Harsh and tej thought at the same time to visit that place from where the revenge story has begin ….tej takes a cab and goes harsh resort cab reaches he also goes..
Precap End’s

Present episode –
Ishkara at ishana room
Ishana is still unconscious omkara makes her lie down on the bed and glance her with love he sits beside her holds her hand he goes close to ishana and touch her cheeks very gently.. And kisses her forehead n said that don’t ever scare me like this… I can’t imagine my life with out u cham cham …when came in my life I hated u because you were a heart core liar but when I started spending time with you..I came at a conclusion that your good from heart I started falling for you instantly ….I was now OK with your lies. We both were attracted to each other n a phase came in my life when you left me all alone I was feeling like betrayed.. And today when I saw in my arms I was so much scared I prayed to god that never ever snatch my love from me again.. Ishana was listening silently … He became so emotional that he started his shayari again…

” offo phirse shayari.. Kisne ye shayari ki file download ki jo mujhe hang karne wali hai… Omkara was in his thoughts when ishana got up slowly and went behind him ”
Omkara turned his head n saw that no one was there on the bed..ishana scared him n he became angry he asked ishana to pay for it.. I am here tensed for you and you are scaring me wait I will show u they run they played…and ishana ran towards restroom so omkara also went and omkara managed to catch her and ishana was trying to free herself by his arms but during that omkara hitted the?? shower button and by mistaken got drenched …
Apart from this in Mumbai – Rumya at college..
Rudra came to the college and without talking to his friends and other guys he straightly went in to search somya… When he went in on the college gate an awsum car arrived everyone looked there the car door opened to the upwards… That car was a delight to eyes….everyone was astonished
A guy came out of it….in the first instance each and every girl in the college fall in love with him even romi was attracted… Most wanted munda played in the bgm.
Every boy was jealous by his looks ..?
He took of his goggles… And on his wrist Rana tattoo was there…everyone came to know that he is a Rana.. Rudra friends ran to inform him …

Rudy we wanna talk with u
R- but I don’t
Rudy its urgent
Rudy …bhai ab tu is college ka hunk nahi raha…
Rudy turned and said what ????
A guy came in college he is a Rana..
Rana come on show me… Where is he…
Scene focused at somya she was sitting out in the lawn taking sunlight and was busy with her notes….
Aryan was new so he was searching some one who can help him out .many girls offered help but he wanted a girl who is purely not interested in my surname he looked here and there and saw somya .. Sitting alone with her books …..he smiles and thinks that I don’t like showbaazi I want a friend not slave of money surname like other are behaving…
He went straight towards somya ….somya looked up ? Aryan asked that can I sit beside you…she nods her head in yes he sits… He noticed that somya was struggling with mathematics …so he thought to help her because he was good at math…he took the books from somya hand n solved the problems in fraction of seconds…. Somya was stunned..
They both gave their intro…n in no time they became good friends …Aryan asked somya can you show me your campus she agreed they were roaming…
When Rudy saw them from far away he was burning ….he was biting his teeth…
Somya gave him full attention and didn’t even look at Rudy this made Rudy more angry….

Scene focused at Tej and Harsh they both reached the place let me name the place as chilling oberois
Both were looking at the burnt building. Harsh came out of his car with a video recorded n was making video of tej.
Tej opened the huge gate…

The huge gate opened and there was a beautiful oberoi factory with a huge board of oberois …the building was divided in two parts on the factory and the other machinery parts all the huge machines were kept in the second division which was actually godown..
( tej walked in and still remembered )
It was the inauguration of the first branch of oberois food and factory in shimla..
Tej was the MD and shakti was AMD. Roop and her husband used to help tej and shakti
Gayatri and ashok were the in charge of food supplies packaging, and importing etc
They all were helping as a team in this project… The oberoi ladies were unaware of it..
Tej remembered the place was decorated by roses it was not that much grand inauguration but still important for everyone..
Everything was going well they were all set the staff and other machinery they started production and that business was flourishing.. They earned pretty profit from that business.. Tej came out of his past and went in the godown he looked here and there …it was all burnt.. He thought that this place has started every thing this place is unlucky for oberois.

He went near the machines there was a electrical box in which all circuits etc was there fully burnt.. He touched the box and in fraction of seconds he went in his past again
He saw that the electrical box burnt and caught fire all it was spending all over the factory slowly… He was watching the destruction from his eyes with his team I mean Shakti , Roop and her husband, Gayatri and Ashok …shakti tried to stop this all what happening but till the time he could do some thing the factory blasted…
Shakti was shocked ….he said ye aap Sab ne kya kiya ?? Do you know iska anjaam kya hoga…..
All the had wear a blanket of fire…
Tej comes out of his past and rapidly leaves the circuit box and goes back …he was sweating he started breathing heavily this all was recording in harsh camera..
Tej sensed some one over there and turned harsh hidded himself behind the huge machine. Tej thought that I am such thinking I should go from here ASAP otherwise I am died…. He calls shivaay

Shivika reached resort with a lot of efforts they were exhausted ….anika asked shivaay to take rest and shivaay goes and in the midway…. He gets a tej call .
Tej ask where are you he said …………
To anika that bade papa yaha aachuke hai I am gonna pick him with the resort cab she nods n he goes….in cab
Scene focused on ishkara again…
Ishana n omkara was trying to switch the shower off but due to the shower the floor became wet n they both slipped together on the floor… They were struggling to getup because in no time the bathroom became swimming pool ….ishana some how got up but omkara was struggling his leg hitted ishana leg n she loosed her balance and straightly goes in omkara arms again in such a way that she can’t get up again ishana says jab pass aana hota hai jab Mr.zulfi Singh oberoi door bhate hai or nakhre dikhate hai per jab mujhe tumse door jaana hota hai toh pass bulate ho …not fair…tell me straightly what you want me to do should I go or should I stay in this shower with u..
Omkara holded her tightly in his arms n said never ever talk to me like this again otherwise …..u have to pay for it.. They were too close that their noses where touching each other… Ishana felt uncomfortable she started breathing heavily omkara can count her breathe and said….J say main tum per shayari bomb phekta hu… Vesehi tum pani saanso say mujhe bechain banati ho…jab bhi main thodi ishqbaazi ke mood me hota hu he said this and got up…ishana looked up and said arrey mujhe toh uthao naa…he turned and said kyu….u can’t get up ….she gets angry and gets up n holded omkara hand n said that omi haath aase pakda jata hai…n pulled him in to the bathtub she was still holding his hand so omkara tightly pulled her to and they both were in bathtub …?? today they were doing panibaazi
Ishana said omi …haaaaaa…..chu..
Omkara also sneezes haaaa. Chu they laughed n helped each other to get off..

Tej reached singhania resort with shivaay and straightly went to omkara room to check whether ishana has revealed some thing regarding video…. Shivaay wanted to talk to bade papa so he also went with him..
Omkara room
He remembered the moment and smiles ..
His door is knocked he opened the door thinking shivaay has came… He is shocked to see Tej and shivaay… He was about to say some thing but he sneezed aaaaajhu..
Tufan came by his aaaaaaajhu…he said him oberois ki Sab cheeseye tufaani hoti hai
Tej and shivaay asked omkara about how he got cold omkara didn’t replied but thought in his mind ki aapki tufani would be bahu ne mujhe gift ki..
Bol cold kese hua…. Omkara says main tujhe Milne tere room me gaya or swimming pool me gir gaya..
Omkara tum bhi naa beta tej smiled and took a towel from the wardrobe n helped omkara with hair….father son moment shivaay was shooting this moment by his mobile and sent the video online on Rudy page this was a blockbuster video because tej and omkara were seen together like best father n son..
Everyone at oberoi house was happy to see their Bond…
Apart from this in ishana room the same thing happened but with a twist… Harsh and anika… Anika helped her with her hair.

Rudya goes to somya and Aryan angrily..
He dragged somya with him and pulled her on the wall and asked why are u avoiding me ? For that new guy
Somya is shocked by his behavior…
He warns her not to avoid him otherwise…. And goes from there..
Singhania family goes to meet Siddhartha in his room where anika took nice care of him….she made him eat the food, medicine etc…. Siddhartha loved the way she took care of him….
Shivaay was walking through the passage and saw anika taking care of Siddhartha n filled with anger….
Episode end
“”””””””””””””””””””””””””” ””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””

Shivaay called anika in his room at night time to discuss about the board incident they share a good time…
Rudra gets annoyed by Aryan in college and at home too by somya because she used to praise him a lot which made Rudy angry he was flames in anger…
Ishkara spent time with each other due to their work they both were making statue of maa durga from diamonds….
Tej and harsh face off at resort ……..

Bye guys cu
I am sorry if its short or boring
Actually I am writing this in a hurry
Because my father is sick
So plz bear it the next one will be block buster

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