ishqbaaz ff by shama (episode 37)


Hello ishqbaazians ,thanks for everything taking ur precious suggestions I am changing the precap of one couple that is ishkara n the whole precap will the same…
Precap in detail of previous episode -;
As I said be4 shivika has signed an agreement in which anika has agreed to fulfill shivaay’s one desire whenever he will express.. And if I don’t so my whole empire belongs to Mr shivaay Singh oberoi.. Anika was shocked to read this..??? anika said I don’t believe in this I will not do anything… Shivaay says keep mental strength ..because you have to u have no other option..

Omkara was fuming in anger because of vivaan ishana sensed it..she left vivaan in the room n went behind omkara …omkara was walking briskly but she managed to stop him the destination was lift..ishana sensed him burning.. In anger he was making weird faces..and cursing vivaan in his mind that if I caught him some day alone I will torture him with my n rudra shayari… This would be the best punishment for him ishana hugged him tightly and said sorry …but kuch JAL raha hai kya gestures with her hand omkara makes face n slowly beats her that yaa me and jealous not possible …he took a long pause to say vivaan name..

Apart from this rudra was constantly thinking about the contest n somya crying face n his reaction this all was playing like a movie in his mind …he tried to drink protein shake but he can’t… He tried to do pushups ..but failed.. In his mind what the wack why am I tensed for somo wrestler… He takes pause n says no somya.. Where is she have she ate some thing or still weeping… He walking restlessly there to here like a pendulum….
Apart from this Tej came to know about ishkara patch up from janvi he had mixed emotions he was sad because his son was in this one year…he was happy for shivika ..but tensed for himself n his secret…
Present episode …
@ oberoi mansion rudra room

Rudra was walking like a pendulum and made various faces that how to cheerup somya then he got a fab idea he ran towards the kitchen n took his tablet n searched how to make pizza partha.. He saw a video and arranged ingredients according to it….dadi came in…
Ye kisko Marne ki tayari kar raha hai tu…aapne khane say… Rudra said kya dadi aap bhi naa ek toh shivaay bhaiyya jesa khana banta nahi or aap… He was kneading a dough I mean trying but failed..
Dadi laughed n said ye aate ki kheer bana raha hai ….she started helping him and explained everything regarding what happen in college…

Dadi I was with my friends when ….. …….. Fb plays ..dadi sensed that this is the first time when rudra has talked about a girl more than 2 hours …..ishqbaazi yaha bhi aapna rang dikha rahi hai… And the yummy pizza parathas were ready rudra took it very carefully to his room I mean presently somya room
Scene shifts to shivika in shimla ..
What is this I can’t believe u can crack such a kiddish deal with me… Unbelievable he thinks in his mind that you don’t ever understand panika that what have you done this simply sign will change whole your life because you can’t ever imagine what I gonna ask from u sweet heart..

Anika opened the door to go out but stopped because she got a call from Siddhartha she picked it n turned back to shivaay n said Good Morning …how are you..
I came to ur room but u were sleeping like kumkaran so I thought not to disturb you ..
Sid – I was searching you whole night dear where were u ? He was driving car..
Their convo continued till long and shivaay was constantly looking at her that she is my finance but she didn’t talk so much with me instead of this we used to fight like wild billa & billi…or iske saath kitna much much karrahi hai…oh wait a sec ..what happened to my language
Anika was still talking like mad when a sound came bhoooom….and the call disconnected and she got scared..
She told shivaay that I think that Siddhartha has met an accident we should rush to check out she takes vivaan also ….
Anika , shivaay, vivaan in the car anika was tensed for Siddhartha but as a true friend and nothing else….vivaan informed at his House everyone was shocked and praying for Siddhartha even shivaay also prayed .. As a human… Anika was sitting beside him and constantly scolding Siddhartha for his carelessness… That I told him many times to drive safe but…he

Shivaay sensed that anika was behaving like his wife.. He was now confused that whom do anika loved more me or him..
Anika called the x dcp who closed the ishana case earlier he was friend of anika.. Anika told him that you do anything but tell me the last location of Siddhartha… He said I will give me 10 mins..
Scene changed to ishkara

Omkara and ishana was talking in fact fighting like shivika ishana told omkara that tumna shayari chod do plz tumhare ye urad ke bomb jo tum mere sir per fodhte ho unse mujhe ek din ka chutkara do…plz
He said accha ye baat hai meri shayari bomb ban kar tumhare sir pe blast hoti hai ab jabse uski shayari suni haaaa..
Ishana was thinking uski…whom is he talking about..? Then her mind striked vivaan.. She said u r talking about vihu.. He thought in his mind that OK she has kept a pet name for him ….like she did for me..that means that guy is special for I used to be earlier he was biting his teeth in anger …
( sorry guys but this situation comes in everyone life whether he is silly or mature like omkara everyone has a problem with this doesn’t matter when he realizes it sooner or later ,this feeling bother every guy)
Ishana sensed that zulfi Singh oberoi looks so handsome when he is jealous sweet.. Ishana comes close to omkara and smells some thing ….omkara says what are you doing… She says some thing is burning n looks here and there and then says its u haaaa…. Omkara says oh plz ..

Scene changed to oberoi mansion
Tej came and he was talking to some one that person informed him that oberoi brothers are at shimla now …….tej was shocked and said what..?? Shimla but how??
He was talking when the scene focused on a servant who was actually singhania detective who used to inform him every thing secretly…. He heard the convo and immediately called Mr singhania and he was like what?? OK listen u carry on I will take care of this mess!!
Tej and Mr singhania at different places I mean the scene focused on both houses both rushed towards their rooms took their bags packed their luggage, booked tickets informed no one and went to check in the flight both were highly tensed…
Mr singhania POV now the time has come for the face off with oberois face to face now the secret which is underneath the lights will come out soon I have all the proofs with me …which will destroy oberois life…
Tej POV now the time has come to finish this in once that secret which is in my heart from years it should not open in front of everyone otherwise we oberois will loss everything.. I will do everything to hide….harsh was thinking I will do everything to reveal it….

Scene changed to rumya
Somya was highly depressed she was only crying and remembering all that ….rudra entered the room n sat beside her he offered her paratha.but she denied by hand
Rudra tried his level best to console her by his shayari jokes etc…but failed..
Somya shouted at him and said you will never understand my position I know what I am? And I know what is my capacity ??
Rudra didn’t feel bad at all instead of that he hugged somya n said sorry for misbehaving with you always ……somya unknowingly reciprocal the hug n felt better in rudra arms …she broke the hug n was holding rudra hands when she look that his hands are swelled ….maybe because he bet those guys…

She goes and open the wardrobe n took first aid box made rudra sit on bed n tried to apply ointment but this time rudra offered her food n she denied by hand n said let me first focus… She took dettol and cotton and rudra cupped his mouth rudra behaved like kid nahi….nahi mujhe nahi chaheye… And runs because he thinks it will pain..somya also runs and says arrey cry baby it will not pain..come she makes him sit again he closes his eyes tightly.. And says aaaaaaa…somya looks at him and says the cotton is still in my hand I have not applied it yet ..rudra opened his eyes n somya applied medicine on his hand and rudra was feeling some thing strange he was loving somya loving gesture towards him and in his stomach butterflies were flying I mean he was in love but didn’t know it…dadi saw somya concern for rudra and smiled and said chalo isse bhi pyaar karne wali mil gayi…rudra made somya eat the food n somya feed him because his hand was paining…rudra said sirf aaj hi tumhe ye khana milega kalse diet..somya was drinking some thing and spits it out..
What ??
Scene focused on ishkara
They stopped fighting and where thinking that from when we became Shivika they both say maybe it came in blood..
Ishana comes close to omkara and said in his ear that this lift has no camera so u can…punish me ….if u want…and smiles naughtily omkara understand but pretend to be unaware …this made ishana angry that he is avoiding my hints very bad omi I want to come close but….u
Lift got suddenly stuck with a huge sound..
And due to that ishana straightly went in omkara arms both were shocked omkara hugged her …and the electricity went..
People were working on that floor they heard ishkara screaming for help… The people informed the mechanical department and they started their work..

The lift was stuck in between 5& 6 floor where there was almost no ventilation..
Slowly ishana started to breathe heavily she was trying hard to breathe… N fall on the floor omkara was still holding her..n she faints..n says I am sorry but I guess ..and unconscious..
Omkara screams out ….ishana no wake up..
And the department comes with a secret lock which can open lift they opened the door it was in between so omkara safely send ishana first and jumped out of it the department gave water he drank it..and picked ishana in his arms n said call the doctor immediately…
He makes her lie down on a soft and kisses her forehead n said that mere vote huge tumhe kuch nahi ho sakta…
Doctor comes and examines her..
Scene focused on shivika
Anika got the last location of Siddhartha.
Shivika and vivaan reached the location and saw Siddhartha unconscious.. There bleeding..
They are shocked to see the location because it was the same place means old oberoi factory which was now burnt and shut now ….they said vivaan to take Siddhartha hospital ASAP… Vivaan takes him to the hospital in shivaay car….
Shivika feels a strange connection with that place they both look each other n said this place….
They slowly walked in opened the huge gate..anika was walking continuously n was remembering some not clear flash back this place she tried to recognized if she knows this place ….that place was horror ably Scarry… She holded her head because she was trying hard to remember but failed only one thing was flashing in front of her eyes that was darkness means night time and fire all around …shivaay saw her stressed he made her sit some where he was consoling her that don’t scare …

Cold breeze starts blowing the board which was on the gate fall down n slowly slowly by the wind reaches near shivika
Anika walking in …… Shivaay was looking here and there when he sees the burnt board but ignored like some scrap…but he again came and took the board in his hand and saw the half burnt oberoi symbol.. And was shocked… To see that… Shivika goes from there.. But shivaay was constantly thinking about the burnt oberoi board..
Rudra makes a diet plan for somya …and somya gets shocked to see that for the contest rudra has made so strict diet plan she denied to follow it…
Tej and harsh reached shimla ..

Omkara and ishana was all alone they both spend some quality time with each other and apart from this shivaay was disturbed from that incident… Tej and harsh reached the place where the sin was committed.
But in 10 mins difference.
apart from this rudra wanted to train somya as a fitness trainer he went to her but he saw an new guy talking to somya it was none other than Aryan Rana on the first day first meet somya was pretty impressed by him and rudra was burning in anger because somya avoided him totally..
( this feeling was important because for the first time a Playboy was developing feeling for a girl who is completely different from him)
Anika tried to figure out what’s the matter with shivaay but shivaay ignored her and she felt bad so she took care of Siddhartha whole night and day which developed a desire in Siddhartha to express his feelings shivaay was busy in searching clue..he didn’t focus on anika n that time Siddhartha spent time with anika then he realized that I am a stupid to leave anika alone with Siddhartha. ..

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