ishqbaaz ff by shama (episode 36)

Hello, ishqbaazians I am back with my 36th episode glad that I will soon finish the milestone of 40.. Thanks for all your support a humble request to the the readers to comment a lot becoz it encourages me..? plz bear my grammatical errors …… And I am thinking to write a script for daily soaps I need ideas regarding that if u all could help me in this I will be glad…..I need fresh ideas not saas bahu types same what like ishqbaaz…
Precap in detail of previous episode :-

Now the romance was finished ishkara and shivika were happy.. Now both the couples came out of their rooms to give this good to other ….omkara n shivaay…. Shivaay started the convo..vo mujhe kuch batana hai…omkara…
Omkara says mujhe bhi..they together say voh..humara ..they both tried ..girls were waiting>> 5 mins,10, 15 over now the girls were fedup the girls thought ki** karne me itna time toh nahi liya per maanane me ek saal,toh batane me kitne..or shaadi me kitni..uff abhi 2 minute pehale instant baat ho rahi thi….in dono ne bhache tak ka safar kar liya tha or ab dekho …..billu Om ke samne bana bhigi billi?… Ishana POV aaj Mr shayaribaaz oberoi ki zoobaan me say alfaz nahi nikal rahe..vesay toh shayari ka khazana hai ….per jeth ji ke samne alfaz bhi nikal nahi paate hai …. Uff? they both say together ab bol bhi dona… And then sis looks at each other and blush ..? n they both hug each other n say humara patchup ho gaya..>>shivaay gives a shocked look to omkara and omkara gives a shocked look to shivaay..,<< the oberois say kya??? And they hug each other… Ishana behaves ????dramatically like di aap bhi naa..meri badi sis ho…per.. Anika says kya hua baba ab Maine kya kiya?? Confused look ..
Ishana says pehale ani di bolti the or ab relationship status badal jaaye ga jethani jee…anika n shivaay looks at each other…
Omkara looks at ishana n smile slightly…
Anika also teases ishana by says has Dewarani jee..ab toh aap ishana singhania nahi per Mrs Omkara Singh Oberoi ban jaayegi..ishana says aap bhi toh Mrs Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi ho jaaye GI.. All laughed n decided to share this news with everyone especially dadi….
Apart from this Mr. Singhania was was terribly angry that my daughters … can they forget every thing so easily I guess oberois have surely convinced them… But how where did the Rana's went I told Vikram earlier itself that I don't want this to happen so how it happen in just 2 or 3 days???? he was searching his cell for calling rana brothers but then he remembered that he has broke his mobile he took the landline n called them ….
Rana Brother were nicely sleeping then thought that singhania sisters must be tired so they slept after party… Siddhartha mobile rings????….. Vivaan was sleeping so he kicked his brother that stop this ……Siddhartha stretched his hand ….n attended the call ….the both were in sleepy mode.. Um…who is this…. Aaaa yawned..
Harsh thought in mind that ye gadhe waha so rahe hai aur woh oberois paata nahi meri saath kya kya kar chuke hoge…he says did n vivaan in a very polite voice…
Fb ends….
Present episode
Convo BTW Rana brothers n harsh..
Harsh was feeling like beating Dana's but controlled himself n asked so rahe the beta… .
Siddhartha n vivaan ?? yawned and replied yes…uncle ab raat me party ke baad yaahi hoge naa..
Harsh hitted his forehead n said get up and see what's happening BTW ishkara n shivika…they are again together like couples…. By this shocking news rana brothers got up from their bed and said what….uncle…??? How…
Harsh said yeh toh tum dono ko paata hona chahiye …. They hit their heads that how can a fight sort in just 2 or 3 days ….
Uncle not to worry….him kuch karte hai…
First go and search my daughter's…
Apart from this ishkara n shivika gets off from their rooms to do a conference video call to home they tried it with tablet but failed so they thought to use singhania cybercafe…which was at ground floor… They all got into lift…n rana brother came to search anika n ishana…. They were standing in front of the lift but failed to see them becoz till they reached the room the lift door closed…
Rana brothers were confused where are they… All they went in everyones room to check…
Lift door opened at the ground floor they all while walking hand in hand…
Vivaan was on the first floor balcony if he looked down he can easily see ishkara… But he didn't he was searching here and there…shivika went in the cybercafe n omkara too but ishana was not…she was still out then ….vivaan thought to check downwards he looked down but till that ishana was in cybercafe he looked down n she closed the door…… Coincidence
Rana brothers were still puzzled they called anika and ishana but their Mobile were left in their rooms…. They felt like throwing oberois some where… N harsh was again and again calling Siddhartha that did u find them…. Siddhartha was so frustrated that he thought to kill Mr.singhania because he was troubling a lot….
@ CyberCafe
Ishkara n shivika were adjusting themselves so that everyone is visible on video call… Anika was sitting beside shivaay but uncomfortably she was shaking again and again shivaay was starring her in anger that what are u up to dear..where do u want to go…out of the frame….no baba I am adjusting myself …but how shivaay asked..she said in anger toh kya karu?? Aapki lap me betho..main..
Shivaay said with a naught smile I have no problem u can….anika said now I am adjusted ur wish will never come true my sweet Singh oberoi sorry she whispered in his ear.. He thought that sooner or later u will fulfill all my wishes with out nakhar.. Just wait n watch my panika shaadi ho..jaane do..fir dekho..kya..kya Karna padega… And the video call connected to rudras tablet..
@ oberoi mansion rumya was dancing like mad when his tablet notified him that shivaay is calling he told somya to gather everyone here she leaves…n calls everyone that bhade bhaiyya video call pe hai….till that Rudy started chatting all the ladies entered the room
( priyanka,somya, dadi,o my maata I mean pinky, janvi)
One by one they started snatching the tablet dadi….. Puttar I am so happy.. Kitna accha lag raga hai tum sab ko ek saath dekh ke..
Hi dadi….kya ho raha hai…waha..
Pinky oh …..oh my maata ….anika or ishana toh or bhi beauty's ho gayi…
Anika n ishana gives a confused look
When janvi..corrects her pinky woh beautiful hota hai….thanks jeethani ji Maine aap ko kaha thana ki aap meri English sudharne hi aai ho…
Rumya compliments ishkara n shivika
Then Rudy says somo I want to compliment u too….
OK say duffer oberoi …
He says a shayari for her which goes like this
Aahat say koi aaye toh lagta hai tum ho,
Saaya koi lehraaye toh lagta hai tum ho,

Omish and anshi waaa waa.. What a change
Ab tum hi batao ,kya tum kisi bhoot say kam ho
Somya gives him an angry wala look..
Omish and anshi hit their heads
And all together says shut up rudra….
Rana brothers searched every where but cyber cafe was left ….they went down to check… They were walking towards the door and opened it…….but no one was there..
Be4 they opened the door anshi, ishkara finished talking n went out from back door they went out n rana brothers came in
This hide and seek game continued till they went to their rooms and slept…
Rana brothers were exhausted now they went in their rooms and slept like kumkaran
@ Mumbai next morning
Oberoi Mansion
Rumya took their bags n went to college after having their breakfast rudra said somya that we are getting late come I will drop u….she sat in and they went…
Dadi ,janvi,pinky were extremely happy
Shakti came to the dinner table pinky gave him the news of patch of anshi but when she was about to tell ishkara patch up he got an urgent call n went from there without listening whole news…
Rumya reached college …rudra was chatting to his friends when romi and all the other guys started insulting somya by calling her moti….moti..moti
Rudra reached the scene and saw somya crying …n felt bad… The chaps asked somya that there is a beauty contest here in one month n u want to participate in it u think u can win it moti…
Rudra was feeling bad for her he was feeling like kicking all guys…..he was thinking only I have the right to tease her n call her moti no one else can do that….
When the limit crossed n boys started to pushing her out ….she was helpless…she was crying everyone was insulting her in everyone romi also comes…
When they started pushing her rudra can't control his anger… Somya got hurt on her elbow
Rudra punched ??? the guy who hurted somya ….
Somya was shocked to see rudra this side she loved it..
Rudra said don't ever touch her or tease her only I have the right because we are friends..
And not you all now get lost from here otherwise sabke chehru ka naksha bigad duga…phir participate Karna aapna tothe fothe chehre ke saath….
Everyone gets shocked to see Rudy so angry ….romi tells Rudy to calm down …
Rudra says I don't want to insult you in front of whole college like u did with somya …so get lost now …..
He turned to somya but somya ran home rudra followed her….
@oberoi mansion
Rumya Room
Somya reminiscences the insult.. Rudra comes there with partha juice n many more he tries to console her but failed.. Somya was still crying badly…
And rudra went out he was constantly thinking about somya he felt bad for her
He thought this is happening with me for the first time ….strange
Singhania resort shimla
Ishana got up from bed n finished her daily routine n was combing her hair in front of the mirror.. She was only thinking about last night n smiling n blushing in thoughts too…
She felt her breathe was getting heavier because she was thinking about that ki**
She closed her eyes….n omkara slowly came in and saw ishana reminiscencing the moments he came behind her n slowly ki*"ed her again….
Aaaaa. She opened her eyes with running breathe she saw omkara there n was shocked becoz she was not fully ready I mean she had to cover herself by jacket because her top was off shoulder n back so it was easy for omkara to…… Her
She stopped omkara n took her jacket out of wardrobe n omkara holded her hand took that jacket from her n made her wear…
He said aadat dalo …meri ab toh roz aasa hoga sweet heart … Per I have a complaint from u…. She said what..
U didn't even once ki**ed my from the beginning always .. Now ur punishment is u have to do it now…. She said no…omi I am getting late plz…
Apart from this shivaay entered anika room
He made her sign some papers he told its official n ur my partner so…..
She signed the papers shivaay smiled
Anika asked him why are u smiling
He said you know you have signed an agreement with me…. She turned towards him n said what agreement…
Shivaay said that this agreement says that if I ask u anything once you have to do that
According to this u have to fulfill my one wish when I ask…
Kya…she takes the papers in her hands..
Ishana was about to kiss but kabab me haddi came I mean vivaan rana he straightly went in ishana arms n hugged her tight…
Omkara was starring this he thought laga le gale or ishana tujhe itni joor she hug kare ki toh mar jaaye…for the first time omkara was feeling like hitting him ….
Rudra manages to convince somya to take part in contest n he will help her to win it..
Omkara goes out in anger ishana runs behind him … Omkara gets into lift n the lift door closed
So ishana also goes in other lift vivaan enters the lift n asked her about yesterday.. Electricity goes ….and…. She faints
Tej comes to know from his sources that omkara n shivaay are in shimla.. Tej rushes towards shimla in flight ..
Siddhartha meets an accident n anika takes care of him whole day and night…

Sorry if its short
Bye ishqbaazians
Plz bear my mistakes n bakwaas shayari torture…

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  5. Really loved it. Especially the hide and seek. It’s good but plz don’t separate shivika and ishkara because of that vivan and siddarth.

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  11. Hey shama,really loved your episode.i must say the hide and seek section was fabulous!!! I like Rana brother’s character,so please don’t make them negative.waiting for secret of oberois…..please continue your writing…

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  13. Sorry guys next one will release in early morning I guess between 4 to 6 am n sorry for the delay actually I am sick since 2 days so I wrote late

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