ishqbaaz ff by shama (episode 35)

Hi ishqbaazians I am back with a new episode hopefully u will enjoy it n plz don’t forget to comment below n share ur thoughts with me…

Precap in detail -:

Both oberoi brothers managed to win their sweet hearts back n now they were happy there all decided to surprise everyone by this news that we are again together… Ishkara n shivika is back…

Oberoi brothers were losing their senses because of happiness they were flating with their sweet hearts now every thing was sorted every differences were cleared by discussion their came to both ends or reasons of break up they consoled each other n apologized …. During the discussion of their parts oberoi brothers felt like teasing their sweet hearts by some cheesy questions omkara asked with a naught smile that now every thing is fine between us so now tell when we should marry dear.. Ishana was sitting on the bed and omkara came and sat beside her really close they can feel each other breathes we again asked the same question she said our parents should decide this not us… Anika replied the same to shivaay… N they both were thinking aagyakarri betiyaan types…. They agreed to this
Present episode
Shivika was silent after this question , shivaay broke the silence n said now I am not guilty anymore n I am top at the sky happiness infinity to the earth… Anika was still uncomfortable after the k*** shivaay noticed this and pretended as if he was joking …and said vo..vo…jo kuch bhi hua ..

Anika interrupted in BTW n said vo…kya hua.. Shivaay said I am joking don’t take it seriously u think that I was dying to do so never….anika was sitting on the bed n listening silently n looked at shivaay never naa…joke hai Mr.taadibaaz started again haa. I think u were dreaming that u have ki***d me but I think its the time to wake up n she shows her loving gesture for him means purely panibaazi… She holded his shirt n said how can u say that u were kidding??? Shivaay says oh meri sweetheart calm down nahi earthquake aa jaye gaa na …. She says earthquake heeee.
Arre baba meri zindagi me tum kissi earthquake she kam ho kya…she says yaa n thinks it was a compliment n then she says what u ???? Shivaay smiles …..??
Anika was in a mood to do fight with him so she picked a pillow from the sofa …shivaay is unaware of it n hits shivaay with it shivaay runs n anika was trying to catch her shivaay took another pillow for his defense from panika n hitted her with it straight on her face…pillow banged she got terribly angry n in a hurry she picked a vase which was near her….she was about to throw when shivaay stopped her n said ur mad u will hit me with this… Anika looks up n sees a vase in her hand says no..I mean yes I wish …..he says what ???
Oberoi Mansion Mumbai

Everyone were tensed for omkara n shivaay everyone tried their level best to contact them but failed whole night they were tensed…… Somya came to rudra n said bhage Baal wala bhaiyya or bhage bhaiyya thik hoge….mujhe anika di ka call aaya tha…he says what yes….I picked it n I have come here to give a good news first that they all are safe n happy n they all have become normal…. Normal unko koi bimari thi kya?? Nahi duffer oberoi I mean ishkara n shivika is back together…. Rudra cupped his mouth in happiness ?????he holded somya in his arms n started dancing then somya broke the moment n said Mr.dumb oberoi Hume ye news janvi aunt, dadi,pinky aunt ko bhi toh deni hai….they go in every body rooms in n trys to inform everyone first they gather everyone means ladies n inform them that shivika n ishkara is back….
Dadi says oh really puttar somya n holds her cheeks in happiness rudra looks at dadi n keeps his cheek to for being pampered but in return he gets a playful slap …..kya dadi he made weird faces n somya laughed out rudra stands near her n says miss.sumo itna khush hone ki koi zarurat nahi …he pulled her cheeks n went

O my maata meri bahu is coming ab toh shaadi paki… Jethani jee bahut preparation karni pade GI…yaa mujhe bhi aaghir meri Iss ghar ki ek nahi do bahuo ka swagaat karna hai……
@ shimla resort ishkara room
Omkara was feeling like he has every thing now…. He was happy about he ki**** her n now she was only mine….silence prevails
Ishana gets up from bed she was drinking water when omkara hugged her from back he kept his chin on her shoulder n asked …ab ye toh fix hai ki shaadi karni hai ,ab we should think further that this she nods her head becoz she was drinking water …he asked shaadi hone ke baad ki baat …I mean children she spits out water n turns to him n says kya……ba…bache…kiss ke….
He looks at her n says we both ……… She breaks the hug n goes back …….and says humare…… N blushing..
Scene changed it shifted to shivika

Shivaay was trying hard to defense himself becoz his sweet heart was in a mood to kill him…he apologized several times but anika was not in a mood…. He looked here n there n he saw some thing which can stop this fight in once….he ran towards that shield anika was wondering what is he doing now to save himself from my anger but I will not spear him today ….. She ran towards him to punish him but he was having ??chandni this time…..
Anika cupped her mouth that now how can I punish him …he took chandni in his hand n signed anika that if u will not finish this fight in once so I will throw chandni?? in the swimming pool…..
Anika said no…..this is not fair billu OK I have stopped now give me back my chandni …
Shivaay said let’s crack a deal ..I will give u chandni on one condition…
She said deal?? Condition?? OK I am OK with it I will do anything for my chandni
Shivaay says be4 agreeing u should think the other person can ask anything from u
Anika gets scared …..shivaay came close to her n said that after agreeing u have to fulfill all my wishes he takes his coat off …..
Anika says ye…kya…kar rahe aap… He gets romantic again he plays with her hair….
She says I don’t believe u….I will not give anything… To u
Shivaay says really…. But u can’t escape u have too… I have to ask only one thing ki meri mum ko bahut jaldi hai…. Dadi bane ki toh batao kitne bache…
Anika pulled him n said ba…ba..bache kuch zaada jaldi nahi hai aapko

@ishkara rooms
Ishana says no…omi tum ye kese puch sakte ho…
Omkara aacha.. 2 children are u OK…
She says no….no….no
Omkara says OK three are OK… More than that u can ….
Ishana bet him playfully ….omkara said first what boy…ishana interrupted in BTW n says stop it n shut up …plz ?
Omkara says why are you blushing like this
OK…baba I will stop but I love kids..

@ shivaay room he was getting closer
Shivaay says I want u to become my wife first n then I want to become ….
Anika says OK let’s finish this now
Anika was about to finish this but she saw her father is calling her she picked it n intensionally did a drama ….becoz she understood that he didn’t want shivaay n omkara as his son in law but he will get him…
Harsh was on line …..hello beta …..hello
Voice came thanks shivaay for saving me from goons n thanks to Om to he saved choti….
You are a sweet heart shivaay… My sweet Singh oberoi my sweeto..
Both were shocked to hear this… Harsh says what happened to her ??? My sweet heart …. Shivaay was thinking the same…
Shivaay asked what cutie sweeto , sweet Singh oberoi
Anika holds him tight n says plz never ever leave me

Harsh was tensed to hear their convo…he thought my plan back fired on me…
He disconnected the call n immediately called ishana..
Ishana n omkara were Also having a sweet convo…
He thought how can my plan fail ….how my daughter’s forget every thing n forgive oberois… No ….no he breaks his phone in anger…
Rumya at college ,somya gets insulted by everyone for she is fat….everyone teases her that moti….we have a beauty contest in one month u will participate in or not becoz our romi is gonna win that contest
Rudra feels bad for somya n he decides to help somya beautiful she is a beautiful pure soul…
Ishkara n shivika together on conference video call ….Tej and shakti are still unaware of their patch up

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