ishqbaaz ff by shama (episode 34)

Hi shama here,back with a new episode for all the ishqbaazians… Thanks for such a beautiful supporting but its humble request to silent readers to comment n share their thoughts with me I would be glad to answer
Guys first of all sorry but it is true that I have to leave writing some day in BTW so in advance lot of sorry n thanks for giving such a beautiful welcome n support… When I will stop I also don’t know but I will inform u all about it for sure..but be4 leaving I will ensure that I have completed the milestone of 40 or 50 episodes…. I am sure that u will be still entertained by some one else

Let’s begin with the spicy precap in detail-:
As I told you all earlier, Mr Singhania plan was backfired on himself only and he is unaware of this actually he wanted to separate shivika n ishkara by fixing Rana’s there but due to circumstances shivika n ishkara came close becoz the singhania sisters were shaken n needed support n oberoi brothers became their support…

Resuming the shivika as I said anika disclosed the past flashback or incident happened earlier ….that she was ditched by shivaay with malika by mistaken not intensionally their billu & billi fight continued and that fight anika said some thing in anger which made shivaay loss his controls over him… And that sentence was shivaay like when u were drank and took malika support n k***ed her maybe I have also done the same with u with Siddhartha… She said in anger n not intensionally.. But shivaay was hurt by her words n he thrown her on the bed in anger and she shocked with shivaay reaction ….then she realized that what she had said ..she wanted to explain that but shivaay was on the bed….she was studded by this that what is he up to.. She tried hard to get up but shivaay forcefully kept her there..

And said how dare you say that ?? That u can punish me in the same manner with Siddhartha how can u haaa… He holded her tightly n she was in pain but didn’t utter a word from her mouth becoz she can see pain in shivaay eyes too that I have hurt him..shivaay continued to question..he said I thought when I saw that stupid news on TV that u both are really close to each other but u denied it n now….anika says shivaay plz leave me its hurting and tears rolled down on down …shivaay was not in mood to listen whatever she says…he was showing his physical strength to her he picked her from bed n pulled her ..she was shocked …shivaay was now volcano Singh oberoi he can’t control ….he moved closer to her n she took her steps backwards n in no time they reached the dead end and anika took support on a wall….n was terribly scared by shivaay he asked him an apology n fall in his arms becoz she was scared n weak this time she can’t defend herself becoz her energy was drained out in anger.. And she fall in shivaay’s arms unconsciously n shivaay holded her n gained his senses that he was badly behaving with her n hurt her..he picked her up n made her lie down on the bed n was feeling sorry he saw his fingerprints or impressions on her arms ,neck, back.. Etc..
He gets up from the bed n opened the wardrobe he got a first aid box there ….

Scene changed present episode -:
@ Omkara room

Ishana was hard to not express her emotions but failed omkara noticed this n asked if she wants to share something about this incident that happened …. She was shocked and shaken from inside becoz she can’t believe that the person who saved me from jail my father the person whom I treated as god….can harm me in such a way unbelievable….. She replied omkara in no I don’t want to share anything plz let me go in my room she said in a very upset tone actually she was crying …omkara came close to her kept his hands on her cheeks n lifted her face up n saw her crying… Her eyes was straightly reflecting the pain not physical but emotional.. Omkara asked her again the same question in a hope that she Will reply but she breakdown in his arms n started crying…..

Omkara sensed that she was terribly scared n disturbed so he tried his leave best to console her by failed and took her locket from his pocket which was broke now the heart which contained their names was broke in two piece one had ishana name n second omkara… Seeing that locket ishana cried more and told… U…know…this ….is ….our. … She can’t form a sentence properly becoz she was crying… Omkara gave her water to drink from his hand but she denied he holded her n made her drink..he hugged her she broke the hug n took the locket in her hands n tried hard to fix it but failed omkara stopped her that I bring another one for you dear….she says no Om its just not a locket its our relationship which broke like our relationship…….. Omkara takes ishana name n ishana takes his name both try to fix the locket together n it fixed they both looked up n smiled ….ishana said wiping her tears that every relationship can be fixed n omkara completes her sentence by saying by equal efforts…. Omkara takes the locket and made ishana wear that…. N kissed her forehead n said we are also with each other like human and soul. Eyes with vision and heart with heartbeats…

Shivika room
Shivaay applied ointment of her hands n she gained consciousness n said I am sorry actually I was shivaay kept his finger on her mouth and said take rest now we will talk later n he gets up to go in anika room but anika holded his hand he looked back.. Anika said plz…don’t leave me along I need you now .. Shivaay sits beside her n she gets up n hugged him tightly n said kyu Hume aapne rishte ko baar baar bichme Lana padta hai kya maine humare rishte ko 100% nahi diya n looks at shivaay why we have to give explanations to each other all the time y can’t we just let it go….
Shivaay said I am sorry …I didn’t want to hurt you physical or emotionally that time also I did mistake can’t we patch up can’t we let it go… We both have suffered in this one year…but now I don’t want you to suffer more.. She shared her emotions with shivaay that many years ago , my father ditched my mother similarly my Mom broke down she lost every thing her dignity name her husband ,but she can’t die because we both daughter’s were there with her , when she asked the reason to cheat her n father thrown her out he said many things to my mum.. I was there that time ..I thought that relationship is a deal like my patents done..

I hated him ..from the core becoz after that my mum died…shivaay was shocked ..but uncle loves her….anika screamed no..he don’t.. I left him n his family surname because that family has ditched my mum in a very bad manner …I lost my mum n choti in an accident several years ago.. I left him ..and came to Mumbai n I started my life again than …..she looked up at shivaay n said u came in my life first I used to hate you but than I fall in love with you …shivaay was silently listening ….when you were engaged with me …I thought I got every thing in my life I loved you more than my life billu & u….did ….the same…. With me she cries???? after slapping you I felt like I should give you another chance ….

Shivaay was shocked he looked at her…
I came there to talk ….but that day was the worst day of my life because u hurted my sister too ….I know she did wrong with a good soul Om…but she was forced by the circumstances… You know she is unlucky becoz she didn’t got good upbringing or values….she didn’t know what are relationships still omkara entered in her life..we both sisters have faced many problems….. Becoz of our father shri harshwardhan Singhania when I came to know that ishana is my little one I was at the top… But when I saw her in pain ….I thought of my dad n I called him n said I need money …..for choti

He was shocked by this but happy that his daughter’s still remember him n for the first time I used my family name to take her out of this mess we both were broken badly so we went home ……where he was eagerly waiting for us…slowly we sensed after staying there that my father missed my mum a lot…I was happy with this change I thoughts now he will never ever break our trust again but he did……again..
Shivaay can’t see anika in this condition ..he apologized and said now I will not let u down …
Same story is repeated by ishana to omkara…
Both oberois can’t see their sweet hearts in pain they thought that we have also given them pain instead of life in this one year..

They both tried hard to do patch up with their loved ones….
And they were successful ….
Shivaay stopped her…and made her lie down on the bed n k***ed her firstly she was shocked and uncomfortable but didn’t stop shivaay…
Omkara said I am sorry ishana I hurt u earlier but I really don’t know now how to fix it n be your support ishana smiles n says we will start again …n gives intro n stretches her hand for a friendly hand shake but screamed out of pain but didn’t showed it to omkara…
Omkara told plz let me help u …u are in pain cham cham he turns her n sees her back that wound was bleeding he took ointment

And was about to apply it… When ishana took her steps back n said how….can …u apply ….it my…..
They both hesitate but omkara broke the ice n touched her back n she closed her eyes omkara was noticing her expressions n felt happy that she still remember my touch n the first was done but he didn’t want her ishana to go…he touched her neck n her breathe were almost stopped becoz after so much time omkara was so close to her she was willing to stop the time or moment itself …and suddenly for a shock omkara ki**ed her neck n back ….she got up n was about to go somewhere when omkara twisted her hand pulled her towards him n said what price I have to give for patch up how can I fix me mistakes
Ishana said omi….vo..vo not like this with a running breathe she told…
Oh so you are not loving this…. Haaaa ..
She was hell blushing …omkara said tumhare expressions mujhe mera jawab de chuke….hai
Omkara said marriage will be correct option it is the correct price n punishment for both of us…that we have to be together always
He pulled her towards him n ki**ed her…
The both sisters were shocked by this ..action

Omkara n shivaay was ready to fix their mistakes at any cost they were ready for anything or every thing.. Both Singhania sisters were bit uncomfortable with their loving gesture n suddenly oberoi brothers started asking that if we are together now so tell me when can we marry…both were studded but happy then they both asked what about family plan**ng they both pulled oberoi brothers n said shut up….
The brothers were shocked they asked arrey kya galat pucha ??? We have to naa so why not discuss about it now
They asked several questions which left Singhania sisters blushing… And then their father Mr Singhania called them n their mood changed

Bye guys cu with the next epi
Happy ganesh chaturthi
Stay blessed guys

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