ishqbaaz ff by shama (episode 33)


Vada kam hello to all ishqbaazians I am back with a new episode , thanks for giving ur precious time to my ff it means a lot but if u want to express ur thoughts,suggestion or any complaints plz comment below I will be glad to reply all ur thoughts…

Let’s not waste time n begin with the precap ;-
Shivaay and Omkara were shocked by the news that anika n ishana has been drugged they are weak but safe ..they have struggle a lot in that suffocated place for breathe they are unconscious now..
Omkara n shivaay was having a convo that what was the reason behind their kidnap???
Shivaay said maybe money becoz they are the daughter’s of the richest businessman ..
Omkara thinks in a different way that maybe enemies of Singhania’s like we have..
Shivaay says possible ….should we involve police in it?
Omkara says no…not now first we have to take care of them they should be OK first..
Shivaay agrees…. N goes near anika room n see her through the window…
Omkara goes in ishana room sits beside her n holds her hand n kisses it n was sitting till his ishana opened her eyes..I can’t believe myself mujhe jhot we nafrath hai per paata nahi kyun main tumse nafrath nahi kar paata pehli baar jhot nazar andaz karne ki khoshish kar raha hu..paata nahi kyu tumhe khona nahi chahta main… Tumhe mujhe un andherro ke nikala hai …tum meri zindagi me sunrise ki tarah aai ho
From ishana’s eyes tears were rolling down she can listen whatever omkara was saying she came back to consciousness n opened her eyes n saw omkara his head was on her hand n he was crying…. From the second hand ishana touched omkara’s hair n omkara looked up in happiness n saw her n he immediately hugged her n said thanks for coming back cham cham unknowingly she kept her hand on omkara’s back n smiled….. O saathiya played n the moment freezes there….
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~
Scene changed n shifted to anika room

Shivaay entered the room with a religious moli dhaga which he bought from the hospital temple …..he makes anika wear that and says this will always protect u from problems , meri panika mere hote hu a tumhe kuch nahi ho sakta you remember those days when u taught me what is faith in god n religious things I have never believed in these things be4 u came in my life …. He remembered some thing….

One day as usual shivaay was dropping anika to her home but the usual route was full of traffic jam so they took another route which anika suggested him he thought why this road is not ending he looked at anika n anika understood that what he wants to say by his expressions …she turned her face to the other side n said this route is longer than that usual route shivaay stops the car with a sudden break and says what ??? But u told me that this route …..anika says actually I wanted to spend some time with u alone where nobody can disturb us not my sautaan too….
Shivaay says who ???? Tia or malika they are not in my life anymore so in which context you are speaking..
Anika says Mr bhudhu billu …I have one more sautaan u forgot… Let me remind u I have kept ur name correct … Singh oberoi
Aapna ye mobile mere liye kisi sautaan we kam toh nahi …tufaani sautaan joh mujh she zaada aapke saath rehta hai….
Both smiled?? n continued to go on the way but suddenly anika shouted stop ….stop the car n shivaay said what happened suddenly????
Anika said go back I mean reverse the car….their car goes back n stopped in front of a old temple….. Shivaay said temple ??.
Anika holds his hand n tries to take him there but shivaay denied n she got upset..
She looked downwards ??? shivaay noticed it and agreed to go with anika they went in the temple …..there priest blessed them n told them about that temple n anika tied a moli in shivaay’s hand n prayed for his safety n life happiness ???? by folded hands n closed eyes shivaay was only looking at her n loving the moment o jaana played….generally shivaay don’t wear such things but till now he was wearing that moli which had a ganesh pendant in it which anika made him wear…
He did the same thing with anika n made her wear a moli n she opened her eyes n saw shivaay there holding her hand …..she took her hand back in anger n turned her face to the other side n said .. Shivaay ab pehale j sa kuch nahi… N got up from the bed n started walking n she was dis balancing again n again and at a stage she was about to fall but shivaay holded her tightly n she was reminiscing the words of the goons that her father has ordered to kidnap his own daughter’s …..she was shaken from inside that again Mr Singhania showed me what he can do!!! He broke my mum heart n ditched her then also I tried my level best to respect him but he don’t deserve respect ……he was rich by money but he was poor from relationships……
I just hate him ….. I just want to confront him…she came back from her thoughts n saw shivaay was supporting her she gone back n said sorry !!!! I don’t want ur support…. Shivaay
Just then omkara came with ishana , actually ishana was in his arms becoz she had no energy to walk n go to the car shivika saw them , and they were not feeling awkward he took her to the car…
Shivaay also picked anika in his arms forcefully anika tried to stop him but as we all know the great wall of SSO is unstoppable … The boys took them in the car to Singhania resort.. ….
Scene changed n shifted to Mumbai
@ oberoi Mansion

Tej n shakti gathered everyone in hall n asked where is shivaay n Omkara why they are not here janvi n pinky says that they are out of station for some conference n exhibition
???? Tej and shakti reaction on this what where they have gone I mean which place…. Tell me I call them back
We don’t know that exactly where are they now???
Tej scolds everyone that how can u all be so irresponsible there life’s are in danger
??? O my Mata ……. Dangers…
Scene changed again shimla

@Singhania Resort
From the back entrance shivika n ishkara entered n they took their sweet hearts in their rooms becoz ishana n anika rooms were far n they needed rest ASAP
Shivaay opened the door n entered his room….. And omkara opened his door n took ishana in his room….

@shivaay’s room
He made her lie down on her bed n she was continuously in fighting mode that why you bought me here move over in your room who gave u the right to pick me in your arms…. N when anika said this shivaay cupped her mouth by his hand n said will you shutup if anyone sees u in fighting mode no one will say ur ill
N yaa I still have the right to to**h u….becoz still ur wearing the engagement ring she looked at the ring….n then again at shivaay….. Shivaay was sitting really close to her n was angry becoz she said that u have no right on me anymore…..
He said if u have moved on in your life why you are carrying this engagement ring with u….. Her mouth was cupped so she didn’t utter a word n tears were rolling down on her cheeks shivaay released her ………
She said that u have no right to ask me this I didn’t break our relationship it was you who ditched me…. For your kind information

One day shivika was angry with each other becoz they can’t spend time with each other due to tight schedule after engagement and that time malika was in shivaay’s life becoz his boyfriend Siddhartha rana betrayed her so she thought of taking shivaay support they started spending time with each other on business meetings malika tried to make a reentry in shivaay life she wanted him back and anika had an intuition that she will create rift amid so its better to say sorry to shivaay becoz I didn’t allow him to k*ss or to**h me after engagement also and we started fighting like billu and billi style he must be angry I should apology n allow him every thing becoz I know that he will never break my trust…… And shivaay did…..
Shivaay and malika were attending some meeting in the same place but were unaware of their presence…..
Shivaay was terribly angry on anika n he collided malika n malika fall in his arms she said shivaay come with me I guess you need rest…… She takes shivaay to a room in the same hotel they were chatting when shivaay consumed wine… Malika also accompanied him……. They were drank anika tried to call him many times but no response or switch off then anika called shivaay secretary n asked with is he she told every thing that he is with malika mam…
Anika was aback….
Shivaay was drank so he was scolding anika n comprising her with malika
Ur so classy n she doesn’t have the sense to wear proper attire
U talk so politely n she always scolds me.
Ur from a high class family n I don’t know from where she belongs….
Malika I wish I could get rid of her ….she didn’t allow me to do anything…..
Malika n shivaay were drank so they took a wrong step they K***ed each other
N anika saw this becoz she was on the entrance of their room n was badly broken….
She was crying and came in and took a glassof water n thown it on shivaay n shivaay n malika were shocked to see anika …. Shivaay came back to his senses and remembered usne kya raita phela diya he tried to explain but anika slapped him tightly ???n went from there in shock .she remembered whatever shivaay said and was feeling to kill herself but can’t becoz she had many responsibilities on her shoulders ….
And after that broke up fight happened n they were separated …….
Shivika comes out of flash back shivaay again tried to explain that I was angry with u n I was drank so….. That happened…
Anika says oh really Mr shivaay Singh oberoi she gets up n offers him another glass of red wine…….he looks on …
She says have it u need it…..
Shivaay says plz forgive me….. For that blunder mistake
She says not possible till the infinity to the earth
She says if I did the same mistake with Siddhartha so will u forgive me…. N who knows maybe I….
Shivaay blast her like a valcano he throws her on bed in anger n holds her tightly n says don’t think that even in ur dreams dear..n if u so I will kill u now…..
@ omkara room

Ishkara were in room now n omkara made ishana lie down on bed ishana was weak n scared from what she heard n what happened omkara noticed this n try to console her but failed

Shivaay k***ed anika n said only I have a right on u n she was shocked by this

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