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Hi ishqbaazians I am back with a new episode this will be thriller types hopefully u all will love it like 30 comment a lot guys I need it n if I get a nice response on all my episodes then I will continue to write more otherwise I have to stop sorry… N I will focus on my studies n my career
As I shown in the previous episode that the media people asked omkara, ishana, vivaan about love n they made a shayaris on it n the function was finished with music ,media and dance..

Scene 1 @ Mumbai Singhania mansion

Harshwardhan Singhania and madhuri sengupta were sitting together n discussing about how to disclose the secret that 15 years back in shimla Tej and shakti committed a sin and they used their power to close the case by blackmailing me becoz I was handling that case as a honest police office I was loyal with my duty but due to their pressure I had to leave the police duty n I was suspended… And that case got closed…

Harsh says it closed in law but not for us now its the time for the second step already oberois are in shimla now they have to reach the crime scene where ages ago oberois committed that sin… As we all know in the real ishqbaaz track I guess shakti says to the pandit that plz bless me n my family becoz we have committed a sin which has became a huge danger for our life’s now tej comes n says forget it shakti it is a “closed chapter ” now . coming back to my ff I have connected their convo with my secret..
Let’s begin with our plan madhuri harsh says..
@ Singhania resort Shimla

The party was finished n the Singhania sisters got an urgent call together n there was no network so they went outside n talk
Omkara n shivaay was walking outside n they saw their sweet hearts talking over phone n suddenly a van arrived n took them n they were disappeared actually kidnapped omkara n shivaay was shocked they saw a van but can’t trace it…..
Ishana screamed out Om……plz save n left her bangle on the road n omkara saw the van….
They rushed towards the van …..anika n ishana were struggling with the goons n they were irritated so they injected them drugs n they were faint but they can listen whatever was happening around them the goons were talking about their father how can he can treat them like this one goon asked whom are talking about???

The other goon took Mr Singhania’s name n anika n ishana heard it n were in a shock that our father kidnapped us but why??….they thought in mind..
Omkara n shivaay was following them without their knowledge…. Omkara was holding ishana’s bangle both were angry that if anything happens to our sweet hearts we will not spare their life’s…

Scene shifted to Central Mumbai Jail.
A lady was talking to her husband who was in the jail actually it was Roop Singh oberoi she told her husband that I am fedup my each and every plan is a failure n that gayatri is waste she just claims that she can destroy oberois per usse toh ek patta bhi nahi hi lega …I have to search some one who can help me in this becoz alone I can’t destroy them….. She thinks that both my helpers Svetlana n gayatri is behind the bars becoz of oberois I am helpless….
Then her mind strikes she gets Mr Singhania’s name n she goes to meet him…
~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~
Scene changed
@ Shimla an unknown place
Omkara n shivaay reached an unknown place n were searching for there sweet hearts omkara saw a place where their sweet hearts can be ….omkara n shivaay convo…..
Omkara says shivaay that this place is isolated n very dangerous its safe for the goons they can keep our sweet hearts here….
Shivaay n omkara hides behind the bushes becoz they saw the goons going in the van n the van was empty ……

Shivaay n omkara looked at each other n said where are ishana n anika…….
They runs towards the direction from where the van came they crossed more than 3 km..
Shivaay said see there omkara n shivaay was shocked to see a huge building n a godown……
Omkara said a buried godown n factory is the best place to hide our sweet hearts they opened the huge gate n gone inside …..
And when they were walking n searching for anika n ishana the gate closed by air the gate was having a burned board on it which showed oberoi symbol but burnt n shivaay n omkara were unaware that they are in the oberoi factory which was shut years ago becoz there the father’s means Tej n shakti committed a sin ….
Omkara n shivaay separated their ways One gone in the factory it was shivaay n Om gone in the godown

Shivaay was scolding the god that nothing should happen to them
Omkara gone in the godown n saw very thing burnt very badly its seems like huge machines… He says …
Ishana n anika was behind that machines their hands , mouth, n legs where tied by ropes n napkin….
Ishana came back to her senses when she heard omkara sound …..he was calling ishana……
Ishana some how managed to take her locket from her neck n some how thrown it..
Omkara heard some sound so he turned n saw the locket
Ishana ur here naa dear…he screamed out shivaay come here….

Shivaay heard the scream n ran towards the godown n they both saw their sweet heart they rushed to save them…they hugged their sweet hearts n released them from the ropes both cried out n hugged shivaay n omkara …..n they tried to make them walk but they can’t becoz of the heavy dose of drugs they were very serious so omkara n shivaay picked them in their arms n rushed towards the hospital….. In car..

Scene changed to oberoi mansion
Shakti screamed out Tej name bhai saheb..jaldi aaiye
Tej runs towards his room n he says this news channel is playing a news… Truck the accident…
What rubbish shakti here the situation is much more tensed then this
Shakti says bhai saheb now the situation is worst …… He pause he news n they see madhuri walking going some where they are shocked to see her alive …..
Shakti gets tensed n says bhai saheb ye toh wali police inspector hai jise humne suspend kar wa yaa tha us factory ko close kar wane me……

Mr.Singhania wanted to separate shivika n ishkara but it back fired becoz they all came close to each other due to circumstances….. N he didn’t know that now he has separated himself by his own daughter’s by this plan…
Omkara n shivaay reached the hospital …..

Where the doctor informed them that anika n ishana were drugged….
They were shocked………….

Episode ends

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  1. nice epi.i think this is some short.try to make more long.pls make anika and ishana realizied their sweetheart love for them and make them against harswardar singh.

  2. wow just awesome .you won’t believe I was desperately waiting for your ff whole day and finally.thanks dear

  3. Sat

    Shama, your ff is always awesome. Can’t express in words. Please don’t stop at any cost. Be positive. There are many silent readers also. So don’t stop. Ur ff is really interesting. And the most important thing which I forgot to mention is that please update ASAP

  4. Very nice episode….pls upload next episode soon…..waiting impatiently…..?????loved todays episode

  5. Nice episode akka
    I loved ur ISHKARA track especially tat BANGLE and LOCKET??
    Please stop pannadheenga
    Unga ff romba nalla iruku so continue pannunga

  6. nice but pls try to make long update..pls don’t stop ur ff. I loved it keep continue…u r a amazing writer

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    And dont stop this ff its amazing and very interesting

  8. I have submitted the next part now let’s see when it will post thanks for all the fab comments

  9. Priya15

    Super di… Now I wish to see angry young man Omkara again.. Haha

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  11. sarita chauhan

    go on shama❤❤i m jst loving ur ff??
    hope nxt epi wil be more intrsting??
    keep going❤❤

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