ishqbaaz ff by shama (episode 30)

Hello guys I hope you all are enjoying my ff this episode is gonna be full thriller types hopefully u will love it n plz do comment n send your valuable suggestions I need it
Let us resume with the suspenseful precap which goes like this in detail

Scene -1
@singhania mansion
Harsh was tensed so he called his best friend Vikram Rana and he suggested him that don’t worry of your dear daughter’s ishana n anika my sons will take good care of them n now its the time to focus on oberois destruction plan…n nothing else more than that because when the secret will reveal your dear daughter’s will surely leave oberoi brothers so tell me …have you planned anything …
Harsh says I know what to do and how to do, yes I have a plan in my mind that I will execuse today itself n I am sure that there will be nice impact on oberois n singhania ..
But I want my daughter’s safety first because when oberoi will come to know about me …I mean who am I and what is the connection between me and Tej Singh oberoi then will definely try to convince my daughter’s to be on their side n help them but I know my daughter’s very well …so I am only tensed for them and not for me I don’t care how Tej n shakti will react when their secret will be disclosed I know them very well then will try their best to make pressure on me so that I don’t dare to harm their goodwill… Maybe when they will lose to do so he will try to spoil my image in public n when it will fail then they will only have last option to k*** …..

Vikram Rana
Why are u thinking like that we all are their to support you when oberoi family will try to spoil ur life so we will handle them in our own style don’t worry for anything …we are friends in my bad time u gave me ur support and now it’s my turn to help u in your revenge…. Actually I thinking sometime he can harm oberois in one more way…
Harsh asks what way tell me ???
As we know that your daughter’s have a bitter past with them so why don’t we use my sons vivaan and Siddhartha to console them …I mean if oberois were past so we Rana can become your future….
Harsh smiled n said I got it …..what are you trying to say….. You are right ..but I am a bit confused how to send shivika n ishkara to shimla because they will get to know many things n secrets over there but how to do so… Vikram gets a brilliant idea to send them shimla he told that there is some exhibition of imported diamonds ,paintings, statues n many more my vivaan is going there n Siddhartha is gonna attend some conference there so you can send shivika over there for conference it is like a mini seminar in which all the businessmen n women will attend it for sure n they have to stay there for at least two weeks…..
Harsh gets happy to know this that they have to stay there for two weeks awesome πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜„ two weeks are enough to shake oberois from the core but there is a problem in this too. Because if Tej or shakti comes to know that their sons are in shimla so they will try their best to bring them back home so that their secret will be safe what to do for that .???? Vikram says let me think over this n we will discuss this later OK …
Good Night.. Harsh also reply the same and goes to his bed n lie down he thinks that arso me baad mujhe chain ki Ned aaye GI πŸ˜ŠπŸ—»πŸ—»πŸ—»shilma here we come to disclose all the hidden secrets n was about to sleep then he gets up n calls a lady ….

Convo between Mr.Singhania and that unknown lady..
Unknown lady picks the call when she sees Mr singhania calling n gets a smile on her faceπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ƒ
And Mr singhania informs her about the oberois
N suddenly her smile disappears n she says that how can I help u in this plz tell me..
Mr.singhania says I have found my daughter’s again but they are in love with shivaay and omkara.
The lady says Shivaay Singh Oberoi means Shakti’s son and Omkara Singh Oberoi means Tej son … Am I right..
He says yes and tomorrow u have to meet them n give them an invite to shimla..
He tell him what to do when u meet them..
The unknown lady says it will be done..

@Oberoi mansion
Shivaay was thinking about the sweet convo between anika n me then suddenly his mood changes between he thinking about Siddhartha n anika convo n that he will pick her up instead of me he gets angry that why he likes to snatch my love always .😑😠😬
I should go n check that kya khichadi pak rahi hai un dono me beach me.. So I will reach there be4 Siddhartha n check …. Omru enters in shivaay’s room n sits near him and he starts says that om rudra mujhe Siddhartha she koi pharak nahi padta…
He says this in many ways like anika kissi she bhi baat kare or kitni hi der Kate mujhe farak nahi padta… Like this …
Omru keeps their hand on their forehead n says that we know that shivaay tujhe farak nahi padta.. And shivaay says why u guys r irritated..
Rudra says bhaiyya agar aap ek hi baat ko tape recorder ki tarah play rewind karte raho ge toh yahi hoga aapko pata hair pichale 1hour me aapne 90 times same cheese kahi… Shivaay asked what n they together says mujhe farak nahi padta…
N now it was the turn of omkara he starts that main iss ladki ko kabhi nahi samjh sakta she is so complicated .,….. Shivaay n rudra looks at each other n hold their forehead n says ishana .,…… Right n smiles
Omkara continued to talk about her that some time I feel like she still feel for me n sometimes I guess she avoids me what is this I can’t understand… And one more hour passed …
Apart from this shakti got an intuition that something bad will happen soon so he went to his brother tej n shared every thing tej told him not to think much nothing will happen …

Scene changed that unknown lady arrived on Mumbai airport n was in a cab…she told the driver that I want to see some thing n stops the cab in front of Oberoi industries office where anika n shivaay used to work together nowadays..
She gets down from the cab a sees the huge board Oberoi industry n smiles 😊
N then when she turns back to sit in the cab she sees Singhania’s symbol board n says wow …I should appreciate Mr singhania for fighting along but now he has a very strong team to destroy Oberois n looks back at Oberoi symbol n says I am back with a bang n this time I won’t fail in my duty….
She sits in the cab n says show me artgellery of ishmo ….the driver looks at her n she says I will go to hotel but first this thing is more important n she takes out a thousand rupee note n gives him …he smiles n drops her there …she had done a proper planning that how to enter n how to exit.. N check pics of the places like road, last gate window n etc n sends it to Rana’s n Mr singhania with a caption that countdown begins ….
N harsh n vikram sees the pic n says welcome back n sleeps

Next day morning anika was feeling better she got up n to get ready …. She came back with wet hair n in a western look n the window was open n some one was looking at her from the road itself it was none other than our SSO in my ff now it means soft sweet Oberoi but only for anika other than that he is stone Singh Oberoi only
He was enjoying …. To see anika getting ready n smiled that she looks ravishing all the time…
And suddenly he hears a sound of horn anika ran towards the sound he looks and sees Mr kabab me haddi means Siddhartha Vikram Rana over there n tried to control his anger n he almost win on his anger when anika came out n hugged him n said sorry for last night…..
Shivaay turns red in anger 😈😬n hits the starring wheel n says panika… Aaj take mujhe kabhi ye we sorry kyun nahi kaha…
N Siddhartha makes her sit in the car n drops her in the office ….shivaay was following them n saw them at the workplace hugging again to say bye bye…
O god stop it other wise I will kill him..
She goes in n shivaay enters in too
Scene changed…
Omkara was late today…he arrived the art gallery n saw ishana instructing her personnel n she turned n saw omkara there n goes to him n says ….RU OK ???
He asked why??
Because ur late today that’s why…
You seem to be restless what happen ??
He told nothing much they sit …. N works after sometime

A lady came in n said that I want to order a special statue of maa durga..for a very occasion the staff says OK mam what kind of statue u want she argues with staff that ur not understands omkara n ishana heard some one arguing so they came out n saw a lady arguing for a special order ishana signed her staff that u go we will handle this client..
The unknown lady turns n sees ishkara and said that I need a very special statue of maa dugra but in diamonds it is our family traditional way to do so…
Ishana n omkara said OK we will personally take care of ur order n smiles
N that lady gives them a cheque in advance n omkara stops her that we can’t take it right now …
She says don’t worry our all accounts will be updated now n gives it says we will surely meet again… N gives them an address of where they will get diamonds for the statue n while leaving she intensionally leaves an invite for them n goes
Ishkara said together strange lady ….wait she has left an invite for us to diamond exhibition….. And they was like excited to attend this exhibition…

Now she went to Oberoi industry n saw shivika working together …she creates a big issue for some thing n leaves an invite for business seminar at shimla.. Shivika to thinks to attend the conference n get excited…
The unknown lady makes a call to Mr singhania that I am done now its ur turn
Harsh smiles n thanks…
N he books all the tickets for shimla flight bus etc so that tej can’t track his sons n directly reach to shimla
Shivika n ishkara tries to book tickets for a flight which goes to shimla directly but both failed n anika n ishana were like what’s happened to the flights suddenly aasaman kha gaya ticket ko ya zamin….
And finally they got a ticket but not directly.. N they all called and home and informed their parents about the trip n said we have to travel a lot because we are not getting direct tickets to that place
Thank god ….janvi and pinky took the call of shivaay and omkara..
Anika n ishana informed their dad about the trip …n he smiled n thought that my plan is on track n says don’t worry beta ur luggage will be packed… N ishana kept the phone

@ art gallery ishmo
Vivaan reached n holded ishana from her back n said bhooo….n ishana got scared she turned back n saw vivaan n hugged him
N bet him for this action..
That time omkara reached to see ishana n he was shocked to c ishana hugged some one so closely..
He was puzzled that who is he??πŸ˜•πŸ˜ πŸ˜‘

When ishana broke the hug he got another shock because it was none other than that guy who was with ishana in the mela… N whom she hugged that time too in front of me when I was drank..
Ishana saw omkara n introduced vivaan to him …
Vivaan was like OK so his Mr omkara Singh Oberoi due to him ishana can’t accept me in her life

Omkara was like OK so he is the guy who took my place in ishana’s life.
And they both hugged each other in an uncomfortable manner…
N it was lunch time .
Ishvi was sitting together very closely n omkara was sitting far away
He saw ishvi chatting laughing teasing each other for no reason n he felt bad that how can ishana forget me… Mujhe farak nahi padta but usse unki closeness we farak padra tha…
Then vivaan called omkara that sit with us..
He came n sat ishana became uncomfortable n vivaan sensed that so he started his shayari
N omkara was like OK he does shayari too like me.
Omkara said a shayari
Zindagi Dene wala Marta chod gaye
Apnapan jatane wale tanha chod gaye
Jab padi zarurat Hume apne humsafar ki
WO Jo saath chalne wale apna
Rasta mod gaye…

Vivaan was like now I got it why ishana is connected to him they both are connected by pain OK sach or jhot ki jodi nice…

Vivaan shayari
Love knows no lie
Love knows no reason
Love defines all reasons
Love has no eyes but
Love is not blind it sees every thing
But doesn’t mind…

Omkara n shivaay packed their bags n both were thinking of Rana’s….
Both shivika n ishkara took janvi n pinky n harshwardhan blessings at different place n leaves for the trip
Shivika don’t know about ishkara that they are also reaching the same place…
By mistaken they took the same flight for their destination
They were in the flight but didn’t see other
Shivika was sitting in the front
N ishkara was at the dead end…
Harsh was very happy…
And tej n shakti are unaware that their sons are reaching shimla
Apart from this they all some how reached shimla n took cab ..but they are unaware of the fact that ishkara n shivika was at same place….

Precap first shivika reached singhania resort n when their cab went ishkara entered n were at reception asking for room when ishana dashed shivaay by mistake n they saw each other n confronted each other for not informing..
Siddhartha n vivaan also reached at the same place …..


  1. Shaza

    Nice..but don’t stretch it so much ya…don’t give so much importance to Sid and Vivan pls..I hope you understand

  2. Pragya

    Hi …..its superb…. Sso…..stone\sweet Singh oberoi……he he……shivay desperate for Anika…….cute romantic…….

  3. Twinkle

    Wow….. I must say today’s episode was superb.waiting for the dark secret of oberois!!! post next part asap.

  4. Bshama1239


    Guys I am confused I want help voting poll
    1. Should Shivaay be jealous by sid n anika bond = yes or no
    2. Should I focus on ishvi because he will make omkara jealous n realize his feelings. -yes or no
    3. Should I separate them for less time
    4. Should omkara be angry young man for ishana because she will give importance to vivaan- yes or no
    5 should vivaan be negative or positive character – yes or no
    6. On which couple I should concentrate more shivika or ishkara in my ff or rumya

  5. Priya15

    |Registered Member

    Amazing di…

    3.its ur choice di.. I just want an emotional reunion for ishkara…
    5.ur choice


  6. Ridhima

    I need more ishkara …because everyone is writing and liking shivaaye and anika ..I too like them but I like ishkara more ..and I need more ishkara ….

  7. Twinkle

    My vote is as below:
    2.yes you wish di…
    5.i prefer vivaan to be positive
    6.both shivika and ishkara
    Please post next episode ASAP….

  8. sarita chauhan

    n dont took there parents conversation so longπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
    the show is abt ishqbaaz so less parebts talk
    leaving all this u loving ur ff n spirit😘😘😘
    n upload nxt epi ASAP

  9. Bshama1239


    I think guys I should wait more for votes n when I am sure then I will post the next epi so till plz keep voting n who have gave vote that’s a lot for it n suggestion n one thing for some time I have to focus of parents becoz then only the track will be clear to all my dear readers just bear it till the secret reveals then I will cut short it n focus on couple I hope u all can understand

  10. HarSHaN

    |Registered Member

    “Knows no lie..It sees everything..” Epi is nyc..Waiting g to see the nxt ..Shama..Write soon n share tat Soon.. plzz

  11. HarSHaN

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    waitingg for Ishkara(little more) with Shivika..Epis..n I try my best in my 2nd one..”Om’s Jingle bells”..Bt our frndzz seems angry bcoz of 1st story..I hope our frndzz n U ‘ll not angry like (like in 1st story) while reading that.story…Kindly review that..Shama..

  12. Jazz

    It’s really amazing. Plzzzzzz update the next episode asap.
    Can’t wait till I get to know the secret.
    Your secret always made me think of real secret in real show.
    Keep going.

  13. Sat

    |Registered Member

    1 no, more of shivika should make Sid jealous
    2 yes, if Vivian is positive
    3yes, separate them for less time, as they will have more time to face many difficulties
    4yes, we could see a new face of omkara
    5 positive, vivaan should understand ishana
    6 shivika, plz their storyline is really going awesome

  14. Sat

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    Shama ur epi is awesome, please update soon. Can’t wait. Love with ur for. Where is it next epi . Eagerly waiting

  15. Bshama1239


    Guys I have tried several times to post the next but it is showing sever error n not accepting it so it got deleted automatically I have to write again that much long I think it will post tomorrow morning or afternoon

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