ishqbaaz ff by shama (episode 29)


Hi n hello guys I am back with a new episode hopefully u will love that too.and thanks for all ur support plz keep commenting all negative or positive comments are welcomed plz forgive me guys because nowadays my ff is boring if u r not happy with the track plz hit ur comments n suggestions so that I can spice it up now let’s not waste time n begin with our ff precap in detail
Scene 1
Shivaay was in the car with anika he was concerned for anika because she fainted in office he was dropping her home safely when anika got a call she picked it ,it was none other then Siddhartha Vikram Rana she picked the call n told yaa did tell me what happen??
(Anika was searching something so she kept phone on loud speaking n shivaay was listening their convo silently n burning from inside)??
Siddhartha = Where r u dear ??? I am worried for you ??
Anika= I am arriving home sid n don’t worry I am safe actually due to weakness I was faint in office so..
Siddhartha = what y didn’t u inform me dear ?? I am coming at home now I want to meet u now
Anika = No need I am OK now I am going home n I promise that I will take rest no need to spoil ur schedule I know u have many important works tomorrow so u need to sleep now so that u can get up early plz try and understand sid !!!
Siddhartha = Anika ur the most important nothing else no further argument on this note I am gonna meet u today n now. I know u r not keeping well nowadays so its my turn to return favour this time I will not leave u alone…
Anika= which favour are u talking about please tell me??
Siddhartha = offo u forgot that one day I was terribly sick n u took care of me whole day n night you made delicious items for me n feed me.
Shivaay looked at anika in anger??? n anika saw his anger n got scared that if I tell Siddhartha about shivaay he will feel bad that one he took my care n I didn’t even inform him n if I tell shivaay that after our broke up Siddhartha took care of me than he will kill me . she does a drama that my head is paining .. I need rest
Shivaay can’t handle this anymore intentionally he hurted himself n shivaay said aaaa… n anika told tensed n said in a tensed tone shivaay …n disconnected the call.
And Siddhartha was shocked to hear shivaay’s name n got angry that for the first time anika tried to avoid me due to shivaay ,he thought that in one year she didn’t realize that she is the most important person in my life I had several affairs but this relationship is special for me ,anika is the person who changed my life n me.. I can’t lose her at any cost I have to call harsh uncle now n inform him about anika and shivaay relationship is blooming again .
He called harsh n said everything about today’s incident .. Harsh told that I can understand your position now because I know that u r having a soft corner for anika but u can’t force her to be yours I promise you that after knowing the whole truth she will definely come to you and reject shivaay .
Siddhartha told uncle I can understand ur POV but I can’t let her go close to shivaay I can’t take a chance.. I want to propose anika and I want her to be only mine
Harsh says I am happy to know that you want anika as your wife but this is not the correct propose her…plz understand you know anika’s past let shivaay try his luck but I will not allow him to go close to my Darling daughter trust me I will guide you and anika will be yours.. You listen to me carefully that be with anika always n go not let shivaay come close OK..
Anika and Shivaay reached Singhania Mansion harsh saw them though his bedroom window n said Siddhartha that they have reached I will talk to later on this OK good night .. Siddhartha said OK uncle good night from tomorrow onwards I will be like a shadow to anika n I promise that I will never force her for being with me .
Shivaay and Anika came inside and harsh rushed to his daughter and gave her support ..she hates her papa for some reason but sometimes she loved his caring nature n support sometimes he took her to her bedroom n shivaay looked at her n she smiled back n he left the place n afterwards anika texted him that take care and drive and don’t work till late shivaay saw the message n smiled n replied OK but pehle tum thik ho jaao and tomorrow I will come to pick you up for office ….she smiled n her expressions changed suddenly because she saw a message from Siddhartha that tomorrow I am going to pick you up dear for ur workplace n she said shivaay in message that Siddhartha is gonna pick me up so plz…
Shivaay face was turning red in anger and he thought that I will also see that how will he drop you … N went in his car in anger

Harsh was tensed for his daughter’s because they have to daily face their past he saw ishana that she is also tensed…
So he called his best friend Vikram Rana and said every thing n he told don’t u worry my sons means Siddhartha n vivaan will take care of them they will not be able to hurt your daughters anymore but I think that u should now reveal a hint about that secret so that your daughters starts to investigate ….harsh told its the correct time to blast my first bomb on oberois because now they are not stable physically or mentally so it will be easy to shake them
Vikram says my sons will be always their for your daughters so don’t worry n blast bomb no.1
He says OK I will …and disconnected the line
@next day morning
Shivaay was waiting outside n he saw Siddhartha going in he picked up anika n dropped her at office …shivaay was terribly angry
@ishmo company
Ishana n omkara reached on same time they greeted each other n started their work then vivaan entered and gave a surprise to ishana .ishana happy to c him she introduced him to omkara n omkara remembered the mela incident that this is the same guy whom ishana hugged that day

Precap – a woman comes in ishmo company in hood n orders diamond studded statue for pooja ishana n omkara felt some thing weird about that lady the woman leaved a function pass over there on top it was written for omkara n ishana
Then opened it its was an exhibition pass for them which was conducted in shimla..
They thought of attending it.. N the same women went to oberoi office and leaved an envelope there it was an invite to shimla business conference shivika thought of going n attending it
The women smiled n called some one and said that ur work is done…

Cu ishqbaazians with a new episode

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  1. Really ur an awesome writer …can’t wait for the nxt episode …pls don’t separate shivika and ishkara and let the plan backfire ..I hope so ..really exited plus tended to know what is the secret ?

  2. Really good. Can’t wait now for the secret anymore. Plz update the next episode asap.

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    Amazing di

  4. nice ff

  5. Ishan

    Awesome please post next update asap

  6. sarita chauhan

    epi was small???
    bt acha tha???
    hope nxt epi will be more intrsting????

  7. Amazing episode…very interesting

  8. Next one is big

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