ishqbaaz ff by shama (episode 28)


Hello guys I am back with a new episode hopefully u will love that too like others thanks for ur support let’s begin with the previous precap

Shivika at oberoi office
Shivaay was happy to see anika but didn’t show this to anyone because of his nature but anika understood this n she straightly went to shivaay n greeted him good morning with a smile on face in return shivaay also did the same n anika turned towards her cabin to go when shivaay said
“How are you anika? What’s going on nowadays …. Anika turns n was shocked that zalim Singh oberoi has changed now.. Chalo ek saal me kuch toh aacha hua.. She replied with a smile that I am fine thanks n yaa everyone else in my family is also fine now shall we proceed towards our today’s work ..when all the staff gone at their respective work shivaay complimented anika that today ur looking stunning so anika asked him that aap thik hai naa kahi aapne zaada medicines toh nahi khali naa he asked why? She said I guess aapke dimag me phirse koi problem aa gayi because aap aaj mujhe compliment de rahe hak I guess tia she shaadi 2tane ka sadma means trauma laga hai right.. Mujhe laga ki mere jaane ke baad aap me many changes aaye hai …..he says in mind that u can notice everything like my behavior towards u ,I am not a zalim Singh oberoi anymore but u cannot see my love for u y ….I know that I have betrayed u but how can apology for it u r not accepting my apology also n moreover u don’t want to discuss our past…. So in this way u gonna punish me right… Anika looked at him n said don’t take so much stress for those closed chapters in our life …it will give only pain n nothing else so better we focus on how to flourish both businesses as soon as possible because this merge of business is temporary n not permanent we will help u oberois till u need n when u will be stabilize again we will take our hands back…shivaay shocked to hear this n upset to but for sometime than he thought that if will take time to set again but till that ur my business partner n I can c u daily my panika…
They together handled all the pending work n it was lunch time now but today our cafeteria was closed so I asked anika whether we can have lunch together she nods in no that aaj bahut kaam hai I have to finish it ASAP…
Shivaay said that some body used to say that my speed of working is like a turtle… N now see who is working like a turtle.. Anika looked at him n got up from her seat to scold him but suddenly she faint n was about to fall when shivaay immediately holded her n made her sit he sprinkled water on her face n called from wireless to reception n said cancel all my meetings I have to rush hospital ….he got scared because he cares for anika he picked her up in his arms n went to hospital…
She was responding.. So he took her hospital
Doctor examined anika n told that this is due to mental stress I can see that she didn’t sleep or eat properly she is empty stomach now make her eat some thing she is weak she is not taking care of herself properly…… He prescribed some medicines which will work like energy booster…
Anika woke up n she was like very weak ….
She holded her hand in pain shivaay was tensed to c her he took his zalim Singh avatar n started scolding anika…
Anika was like main aapka kya karu..Maine soocha ki aap sudhar gaye hoge… Phirse zalim Singh oberoi ban ne ji koi zarurat nahi hai main thik hu…n she tries to get up but she falls again in shivaay arms… Shivaay makes her sit

Ishkara at ishmo gallery 2nd meet
They were ready to paint they disturbed all the walls equally so that they can paint properly she painted a beautiful peacock who is dancing in rain… Omkara saw her painting n remembered something
Flashback mode
Omkara was sitting in his art gallery he was working on a statue ….ishana arrived art gallery with a surprise for him she gone slowly behind omkara n closed his eyes from back he heard gugru sound n he smelled her perfume which was like a beautiful garden he kept his brushes aside n touched her hands n said ishana… Plz let me see u she was shocked that how come he came to know that I am here …
Omkara turns n sees ishana in a very beautiful attire n compliments her that u r looking ravishing… Mind blowing she said thanks…
Omkara goes to bring tea for her …ishana was sitting on omkara seat n by mistaken she breaks the statue n got hurt …ishana screams n omkara runs towards her n they both fall down on floor…. She was crying n saying sorry that I broke ur statue …she holds her ears…omkara says its OK I will make again but RU OK she says I am OK
Ishana says again sorry becoz he has to spend extra time on repairing it he says its OK baba..
He makes her sit beside him n she also tried to help him out so she also started to giving it a shape but they lost their concentration because their hands touched each other n they shared an eyelock n they some how finished the statue…. Becoz their concentration was spoiling again n again…
Now omkara promised her one day that I will teach u wall painting n she was excited she started n loved it when omkara was standing aside n felt that painting is nice but u have to work of finishing so he tried many times to guide her but she was making mistakes n omkara came behind her n holded the brush n taught her how to draw n this time she was serious but omkara lost his concentration because of her presence she was so close to him n moreover her perfume was attracting him he left the brush n he was only looking at her n unknowingly he kept his hand on her stomach from back she sensed it but didn’t react..then he kept his chin on her shoulder n slowly started breathing she felt his breathe ..actually he was not in mood to paint anymore..he kissed on neck n said I can work with u all the time she turned n said that y can’t u control … N gets sad that I know ur family will never accept me.. N never understand my situation she made a sad face n omkara can’t see her sad because he was in love with her he said a shayari for her
Zindagi ke liye jaan zaruri hai
Jeene ke liye armaan zaruri hai
Humare pass chahe ho kitna
Bhi gham tere chehre per muskan zaruri hai

And ishana was smiling now she hugged him for such a caring nature n said a shayari in return for making him better she said I am sorry omi I stopped u plz forgive me u have right on me.. N said

Kisi ko dil she chahna bura to nahi
Kisi ko dil me basana bura to nahi
Gunah hoga zamane ji nazar me
Toh kya hua zamane wale bhi
Insaan hai khuda toh nahi

Omkara loved her shayari n said nowadays u r getting romantic has. N smiled n kissed her on forehead n said thanks for trusting me …
He comes out of his memories n sees that ishana has completed her beautiful printing n now she was scolding to her staff that if u want to romance here get out
Omkara thinks that ek time tha jab in madam ke nakhare in maamlo me khatam nahi note the or jab bhi ye mere saath hoti thi ye kudh mujhe kaam nahi karne deti thi or ab agar yahi cheese koi or kar raha hai toh cham cham gusse we chanak rahi hai
He goes there n supports the employees that u can take leave n when ishana was about to say some thing omkara used her shayari on her itself n she was shocked that omkara remembers all those days till now …n the employees means love birds go on leave for humming…
Ishana looked at omkara n he straightly went to his work….
Ishana was thinking that he still remembers all my shayaris why he used to hate me in one year or miss me…

@hospital shivika
Shivaay made her eat her meals n the meals were finished
Anika said I am fine now can we go office again he says ziddi billi panika I n doc told u take rest for sometime so y RU auguring with me
Anika said in anger bhagad billu kabhi nahi sujhar sakta …in return shivaay said ziddi billi same to u n no returns..
Anika smiled n he helped her to get up n walk but due to her weakness she was disbalancing again n again n she used to take support from shivaay again n again
Shivaay took worried for her
She said I am sorry for this in convince u will disbalance too plz let me go on my own..
He said no I am shivaay the great wall nobody can shake me don’t worry n walk
She smiled n said tadibaaz he said thanks..
At least u remember those days…
He made her sit in car n drive off from hospital..
In the midway Siddhartha called anika she told him every thing but not that I am with shivaay now he will feel bad
But shivaay wanted him to know that I am with her they were talking
He switch on the FM it was playing the same song which played on that day
Bhige… Anika saw shivaay in anger n discomfort n Siddhartha asked her where is she now n with whom…
She told lie to him but shivaay wanted to show him that I can take care of my Sweetheart n he intentionally hitted himself
N anika told shivaay n disconnected the call..
Siddhartha was like very angry because for the time in one year she avoided Siddhartha
N Siddhartha broke every thing around him because he thought that he is only having the right on anika n not shivaay n he decided that shivaay can’t snatch my love from me
And shivaay thought maza aaya Siddhartha
U can’t snatch my sweet heart from me.. Anymore ..
N Siddhartha decided to propose anika officially that everyone should know that anika will become Mrs Rana for sure
Sorry guys I am in a hurry
Bye cu next time

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