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Hello guys first of all thanks for motivating me all the time even in my boring episodes now I will try to make the track interesting but thanks for support n I got to know the that how much time it takes to publish an article it takes eight to nine hours so if it gets late to publish don’t worry that means it will publish at early morning or night..

You all are exciting for the suspense track it will take few more episode but it this episode I will disclose a small hint of that secret n they I will test u guys that if u can guess the whole suspense track after some episodes now let’s begin with the last ending-:
As I told u guys in the last episode that oberio mansion is safe by Svetlana just becoz of singhania sisters (anika,ishana), Svetlana goes to jail for cheating on oberios personally n professional after that shivaay opened all the old records of his company and he comes to know about Svetlana has leaked many of our company secrets to others n from several years she helped in all the attacks some how but after knowing all this it was too late n media people started to spread this news that Svetlana has leaked many secrets of oberios our reputation was on gun point everyone was tensed by this news n ishana thought to help oberios in some way because she was a good heated person for everyone so she managed to agree her di anika to use our family name to clear oberios name .

Singhania family on phone convo discussing over oberios :-
Ishana = di ,papa I know u both will feel awkward if I say I want to help oberios in this hard time.
Anika = RU mad choti,I know they r in problem but how can we help them without any relation plz understand dear shivaay will again start his blame game with us.
Mr.Singhania = yes beta, she is right n how can u both forget n forgive them for their deeds. Did u forget ur past dear.
Ishana = no dad its that , n yaa its true that I want to help them with no relation but u told me ani di that the biggest relationship between humans r humanity our mom told u right.. She taught u that never loss hope n courage n if anyone needs help n if u have the courage to help u should not take ur steps backward n help them …am I right di…
Anika = remembers her mother words n smile n says accha baba main unki help karugi OK happy
Ishana = very happy di ..muaah ?? love u
N thanks for agreeing…

Mr Singhania= I am proud of u both nandhini has given u the same values which she got…u have proved that u r nandhini’s blood becoz she had this courage to help others she was good hearted person n u both resemble her qualities n looks at her wife’s pic n says thanks for for giving me so nice daughter’s dear..
Anika n ishana smiled n missed their mother n tear rolled down to their cheek they disconnected the line n anika started working on this due to negative publicity oberios shares rapidly gone down n they were in a big problem n that time oberios stand again in market becoz of Singhania
Becoz Singhania purchased all the shares n now they were in news that why Singhania helped oberios ….this type of questions started arising… So Singhania’s(anika,ishana)
n oberios

( which means shivaay n omkara)arranged a press conference in which Singhania announced that they r always there for oberios help they were all handling every thing very professional

@Singhania mansion
Mr. Singhania was watching the conference n said to himself that I told u oberios that u have to take my support for standing again n c that’s happening this is my first victory on oberios he thought that abhi toh ye shurawat hak oberios abhi toh tumhe bahut kuch jhelna hai …one day oberios will not have any goodwill or reputation n that day will come soon oberios I have not forgive or forget how u people used ur family name n spoiled my daughter’s life’s now u have to feel the same pain which they have gone through get ready for ur destruction because if u signed this papers of merge n ur bad time has started….

He was listening the press conference where oberios n Singhania merged their business with each other he goes near a photo his wife nandini photo actually n says I am sorry dear, I have to use my daughter’s for destroying oberios I know that when they will come to know the hidden secret behind the show off curtains of oberios they will breakdown but it is necessary to make they realize that they have chose wrong life partners for them ..I will make them realize this fact soon ..I will create such circumstances in which shivaay n omkara has only two options to choose true means take our side n ruin oberios but I know when oberio brothers will come to know the hidden secret behind the darkness they will definitely help their family n not their love….
But I promise u nandhini that ur daughter’s will become like u n I promise that I will search nice partners for them….? we all miss u nandhini..
The papers where signed n the conference was finished

…..ishana n anika came out n found that their car was punched…
Ishana = now how we will reach home di???
Anika= wait I will call another car for us OK..
Ishana = no di u can’t u forget that all the drivers has taken leave n our cars r in servicing ….
Anika= oh shit raita phal gaya!! I really forgot this due to this conference now what to do let’s auto …
They were searching for auto when a car made lot of noise they turned n saw bhagad billa n zulfi Singh oberio there ..they asked can we drop u beautiful ladies some where … They gave reply in no thanks we can manage n they started walking
When bhagad billa said agar Iss time Mumbai ke heavy traffic me tum dono ko koi auto mila jo ki impossible hak becoz aaj auto strike par hai….

Anika n ishana hits their forehead by hand n goes n opens the door of backseat n was about to seat when zulfi Singh oberio told them petrol khatam ho gaya hai n ishana looked at omkara actually it was a clear hint for the ladies that anika has to sit beside shivaay n we have to sit on the backseat…
Everyone took their places ishkara was at the back n shivika was in the front omkara was only looking at her sweet heart n ishana looked at him he complimented her by saying u r looking ravishing…
She said thanks omi ..she corrected omkara n he felt bad that why my cham cham can’t call me omi.. He turned his face to other side ..when bhagad billa oberio tried to give a compliment to anika but instead of giving compliment he said now we r partners naa….anika looked at him ? n corrected him that business partners right.. He made a weird face n nods his head in yes…n starts to look at the other side like omkara

Their mansion was far n the time was not passing so ishkara suggested to switch on the radio we will listen music..
Shivika remembered the pant incident n the music incident n they both told at the same time no…. N ishkara was shocked that why they reacted so long???
Ishana says to omkara in a low voice …that maybe there is some memories behind this reaction omkara nods in yes n smiles …

Shivaay was driving nice u guys know naa that Mumbai ka traffic is very famous…
Some one came in the center of the road n for saving their life shivaay turned the car in speed but the result of this was due to sudden increase in speed anika went in shivaay’s arms n ishana holded omkara hand tightly…. When they came back to their senses they all felt that their positions where a bit awkward so they came back to normal..

They reached almost to singhania mansion when omkara asked ishana that we r going to meet tomorrow naa in ur office she said yaa omkara we have to because there are some defects in my idols or statues u have to check n yaa when we r business partners now I need ur suggestions for my gallery but plz u n shivaay has to promise us one thing that from tomorrow onwards we r only professionally joined n nothing else anika also shivaay to agree this condition..
They said OK … N ishana n anika finally reached home they got down from car n called omkara n shivaay to meet their dad becoz now we r business partners n have dinner with us.. But not like that day when shivaay n omkara came home like chor n gone like chor with our help ..them remembered the whole incident n were laughing

When Mr Singhania saw them from his bedroom window n immediately closed the curtains n ordered to his servants that guests have arrived ..arrange the dinner table soon..
First shivika entered the house together then ishkara entered together…all were smiling..
When Mr Singhania arrived he was looking terribly Scarry… Shivaay n omkara thought that he r meeting another amrishpuri like tej
They were scared …Mr.Singhania came down by stairs n welcomed them with a warm hug that now oberois n Singhania’s r business partners his victory smile reflected his emotions n his daughter’s asked him they is some other reason too na dad…. He smiled n said u both can read my thoughts very well he says my dear daughter’s there is a surprise for u … They said together surprise !!!what??
He laughed at such a loud reaction n said that today u were missing ur mom naa so here is she!!!
They were puzzled!!
He showed everyone a big portrait of nadini wi
th her daughter’s when anika was eight years old n ishana was five…
Anika n ishana saw their photo with their mom in hug position n they got a huge smile on their faces?… N they got emotional too??
So their dad hugged them tightly n this was Singhania family moment
Omkara n shivaay smiled too n shivaay thought that panika was so adorable when she was young??? n omkara thought that his cham cham used to love cham cham means anklets that time too like her Mom.

On the dinner table

Everyone were having dinner when dadi called shivaay… His mobile rings n anika thinks that mobile Singh oberoi ka mobile aaj bhi utna hi baj ta hai par unse zaada nahi she looked at the screen n said shivaay that dadi is calling…
Shivaay picks the call n dadi asked billu kya ho tum dono ghar kyun nahi aaye ab tak
Dadi vo… Shivaay says hum dono anika ke ghar per hai dinner kar rahe hai…
Dadi says accha anika puttar ko phone de..
He gives ..anika on call
Anika says ji dadi ….
Dadi thanks anika n ishana for helping them in hard situation..
Anika says ye kya kaha rahi dadi …aapne bhi toh mujhe kafhi baar billu ji….I mean shivaay she bachaya hai…
Shivaay looks at anika… N anika gets scared n says dadi we will talk later n slow downs her voice n says nahi toh dinner ji jagha aapke billu mujhe naa kha jaye bye…
Shivaay asks some thing to Mr.Singhania that aapki beti anika ki habit thi kya logo per pani phekna pehale bhi….
Anika looks at shivaay with an angry wala look on her face..
Harsh looks at anika n said yes she has got all the weird habits like throwing water, keeping petnames for her belongings etc… From her mom…
Shivaay asks harsh woh..nandhini aunty ne kabhi aap per pani pheka hai kya….?
He said with a smile on his face n said many times ..anika was eating n she coughs after listening this n says impossible meri mom bahut aachi thi woh aasa nahi karte sakti…
Harsh says she was very soft for others but not for me I guess she loved to throw water on me whenever I use to tease her for something..
Shivaay n omkara thinks together ji humari sweet hearts ko ye aadat unki maa she mili hai ….bechare Singhania uncle I think there is some tradition to throw water on others which they r continuing after their mom

Dinner finished n they were about to leave the place n they thanked Mr.Singhania for such a nice dinner..
Shivaay goes to anika n says bye panika c u tomorrow at office….
Omkara goes to ishana n says bye cham cham cu tomorrow at gallery
N be4 leaving they gave a compliment to them that ur mom was very beautiful n so u.. They all smiled..

Oberio brothers were in the car n remembering the instance when their sweet hearts were so close to them one in arms n other holded hand tightly
They both wished that panika should be in my arms always n I promise I won’t hurt her feelings again.. Omkara wished that may ishana hold my hand forever like a heart n heartbeat or like her eyes n my vision ,n I promise u god that I will never ever hurt her again… But it was late too wish becoz suddenly they became sad shivaay remembered Siddhartha hugging anika n omkara remembered that when he was drank ishana hugged some one very tightly maybe bf…
N they reached home rumya was waiting for them to ask what happened at anika’s place…
When they was about to introgression about what happened any ishqbaazi scene..
Kabab me haadi came means Mr Tej
N he asked was every thing fine actually he was tensed because ishana n omkara were business partners now anytime she can release that video n omkara will hate me..
They told everything was fine..

N everyone gone to sleep …
Ishkara n shivika both were thinking that they will meet tomorrow as business partners n not some thing else….
@next morning
Both brothers got up early becoz they have to work or spend some time with their lady loves.. Both were looking awestruck awsum like most wanted munda look ..
Shivaay came from his room n omkara too
Their mother’s complimented them by say oh my maata !!!aaj jo bhi ladki in he dekh legi woh toh inke pyaar me pagal ho jaaye GI… Janvi said aaj tum dono bahut handsome lag rage ho…. Naa ,badi, dadi stop it…
Dadi smiled at them and thought that they r looking handsome for anika n ishana…
Apart from this humari ladkiya.. Kam hai kya they were looking like angels…
Anika was in a western dress black designed crop top with white jeans with a golden chain belt … Tight ponny fully professional look
Ishana in Indian attire ….violet embroidery suit in which all over gugrus were there open hair ..
Anika enters the office n everyone gets up especially males personnel ..when anika going in her cabin all the male personnel started to compliment anika that our new boss anika is so ravishing.. Shivaay was going some way from his cabin and hears the convo n get an angry wala look to all??? . and he straightly goes to meet anika
He enters her cabin n he was awestruck by her new look he was again falling for her?????
They started working n shivaay was like super impressed by anika n her different working style in the first day itself she finished many pending files n changed many rules…. Shivaay was stunned to c his sweet heart dedication towards her work …

@art gallery of ishmo company

Omkara was awestruck by his sweet heart beauty they started working.. The gallery was to dirty so they cleaned it personally n they distributed their work ..they thought while cleaning the gallery that we r support modi swachta abhiyaan… They cleared whole gallery there were many imported statutes n printing so they decided to shift them some where else so our hawa Hawaii picked a painting n kept it safely some where she had much work to do so she was running here n there n in hurry there was water on the floor she ran towards that unknowingly omkara saw that …n she slipped n he holded her in him arms ishkara eyelock ..this time samandar played ..
They came back to their senses… N broke..
The gallery was clean now … Now it was the time to create magic.. Painting time they started fighting for selecting colours..
I hope u will like it… It was 26n27 in detail
Cu ishqbaazians

Till that stay happy n watch

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