ishqbaaz ff by shama (episode 26)


Hi n hello ishqbaazians, I hope that u have no doubts regarding the ff track so plz hit ur comment below n I will try to clear it ASAP as I told u guys I will now resume one relationship which is #ishkara soon but with a twist n that twist is vivaan Vikram Rana. Let’s see when vivaan enters in ishkara’s relationship what will happen n how can we forget #shivika n Siddhartha twist.
Let’s begin with our precap in detail:-
Harshwardhan Singhania gets a call from a person who he has planted in oberio mansion as a servant he tells him about tej’s secretary Svetlana has take some signatures on some important documents I checked all the documents as per ur orders but I have not checked one document becoz Svetlana had it very personally ,n she took it some where but to office.

Harsh thinks that what is so special in that document n why she didn’t take it to office.
He orders his man that search where did Svetlana took that document he says I followed her she gone to an advocate her name was Mona Patel
He says OK thank u n smiles that in the whole Mumbai u got Mona as ur lawyer Svetlana superb now my plan will be done with out any difficulty first I thought to bribe that lawyer n take all information regarding document but now my work will be done by just a call
He calls Mona and explains every thing to her n she opened the document n tells that Svetlana has took all the property of oberios on her name but has done a mistake she took signatures on tej without his permission which is fully in legal we can file a case on her.
Mr singhania tells Mona to inform the same thing to ishana
N she calls ishana n she was shocked to know this . she was also idea ki factory like her dad so she told that Mona I will clear this mess now only… She disconnected the call n goes to her dad n says I am sorry for disturbing u late night but u only told me to help omkara now he needs my support plz hell me I got an idea which will backfire Svetlana plan fully she explains every thing to her dad n he agrees she goes to her room n sleep
N harshwardhan was thinking that I only thought to punish Svetlana which will leave a good impact on omkara n he will come closer to ishana but my daughter is far better than me she ha my jeans in her she also an idea factory like me I just thought to set a step forward for the destruction of oberios but she has made my work easy by this idea …..

@oberio mansion – omkara room
Omkara got up from his bed n thought of today drama when her mom enter in with dinner she makes him feed n cries n says y maa today I drank again I am sorry for that I was in a depression
She says it OK dear n makes him sleep
N he thinks that when will Svetlana’s problem will end I am fed up of her now
Scene changes ishana says omi I know u must be tensed but I will end the chapter of Svetlana tomorrow that wait n watch….
@ oberio mansion
Everyone was chatting with each other when Svetlana came n announced herself owner n shows everyone that papers which leaves every body in shock everyone blamed tej for this omkara was shocked but silent n the twist arrived oberio mansion and the twist was none other than our hawa Hawaii Ishana Harshwardhan Singhania. She entered the house with a bang means police n told every body that tej Singh oberio has not done anything n shows a CCTV footage which she got from her informer who was planted by her father so it was a easy deal that footage clearly showed that Svetlana took his sign without his knowledge n the police immediately arrested her for cheating oberios she remembered the situation when she was going to jail n police filed many cases on her becoz she had done many things in oberio family n business ishana made sure that she should get the similar punishment she got earlier n says take her away from my site..she turned n told ishana that she has to pay for this I will be back soon …she says I don’t care n yaa I will make sure that u won’t come back again..

In this way Svetlana’s chapter ends in my ff
And ishana goes to omkara n says don’t worry everything will be fine n gives him the legal papers n says I am not a con anymore I respect u n ur family like I used to do but we have a problem.. Omkara asks what ??
She says Svetlana is gone now n after that ur family name n prestige is on the gun point becoz media will not leave any chance to spoil ur family name n they will come to know about the inner secret of ur business n looks at tej n shakti n they understand that she is warning us about that video.
Shivaay gets tensed that how to clean this mess now ishana is right that our family reputation is on gun point what to do..?
A voice gives reply that I can help I know ur badly addicted to ur surname Mr shivaay Singh oberio that voice was none other than our jhansi ki rani anika
Shivaay was shocked to c her she came in n told oberio brothers don’t misunderstand us we r Singhania sisters n we can forget what u both (omkara n shivaay) did yesterday they said sorry n Singhania sisters gave their sorry return n said we just came here to help u.. U need help right so we Singhania will clear ur name this r some papers I mean a proposal of business merger but for only some time this matter will clear by our name plz go though it n call me if ur interested in this deal…actually we Singhania wanted to merge with Rana but due to some legal issues we can’t do so… N dadi thank anika For this help n promise her that billu will sign these papers n shivaay thinks that this deal will bring me n anika closer like be4 n we will become shivika again
Omkara thinks the same that maybe ishana has moved on with some one stupid who is he yaa vivaan Rana if this deal cracks we will again become #ishkara
N without wasting a second both signed the papers on merge.
And in this way Mr singhania succeeded in his first battle of revenge
His daughter’s entered in oberio mansion n oberios life too

#profession meet of #shivika n #ishkara
After the merge
Anika entered shivaay office as a business partner her style was totally different from what she used wear at home she was in a black chop top with white jeans n shivaay saw her n the moment freezes when shivaay saw anika in a Western look he was mesmerized by her beauty o jaana played
#ishkara professional meet
Omkara went to ishmo import n export company because their were some defects in printing n idols
So he met ishana there she was handling everything so professional she took him to her gallery where they used to keep idols n printings omkara loved that place n they both arranged every thing according to them they shifted the things here n there . and they were exhausted by the work so they prepared Maggie for themselves
# back to shivika
Anika has started going changes in oberio company n shivaay was impressed by anika’s working style
@ oberio mansion
Dadi,rumya, janvi was happy that again anika n ishana has helped them she liked ishana from the beginning becoz when she came in this house she changed everyone life’s as well.
@rumya room
They were celebrating becoz their plan worked n now the patch up plan begin they go on air on FM at that time both couples were free n keeping break so they switched off their radios n rumya played a very nice track sasoon ko from zid the both couples connected to the song n shared an eyelock
N they were dreaming
Ishkara remembered their sweet moment n started dancing on the track n shivika did the same thing they were remembering all the moment n they came out of their sweet moment becoz it was raining heavily
And suddenly the electricity went in oberio office n anika got scared n started breathing fast n told shivaay that shivaay I am scared of darkness n hugs shivaay

# ishkara
Ishana gets up from the place n it thundered loudly she gets scared n she hugged omi n omi did the same.
Omkara n shivaay wanted to stop the moment but vivaan n Siddhartha arrived the places at the same time n anika n ishana came back to their senses n breaks the hug..
This episode is Short I am sorry but I am hurry… Definitely the next episode will b nice
N lengthy
Stay happy ishqbaazians

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