ishqbaaz ff by shama (episode 25)


Ola hello guys I hope u all r enjoying my ff fully in case ur not happy with any sequence sp plz let me know by ur comments n will try my best to entertain u guys .

Let’s begin with the spicy precap details
Shivaay holded anika n stopped her by saying I am sorry …. But she was not in a mood to forgive shivaay but still she turned n said I am sorry I thought that now u changed u r good hearted person who cares for everyone but not me…I was so wrong to assume that u change Mr bhagad billa oberio in one year but u have changed more than my expectations now u r cheap..
She opened the door her car n sat in it n went ….and shivaay was just standing there n said to himself that u anika has kept an appropriate name for me that is SSO means stupid Singh oberio.. He think that I am a stupid really y I doubted my anika again I was misbehaving with her I am fool to do so ..but she doesn’t understand my POV that I don’t like anyone closer to her other than me n he also drives off from that place… But shivika was not alone there there was some one who was listening their chat.. When they both went he called someone n said sir ur work is done they both have gone in anger n anika was telling that she has done a mistake by choosing shivaay ..
The person on the phone line says good work u will be paid for this n disconnects the line n turns …n says my dear daughter anika I am sorry for hurting u dear but what I can do …I don’t want Shivaay Singh oberio as my elder son-in-law it was Mr singhania .
He was talking to a picture of his daughter’s ishana n anika that I know u both have fall in love with oberio brother but trust me they r not nice I no u both can forgive n forget everything because this habit is a gift from ur mother to u but I will not let happen this again I can’t destroy my daughter’s life’s by selecting oberios for them I will never ever let the past repeat again ….be4 that happens oberios will be finished n u both u finish them when u both will come to know that why oberios have many enemies when u both will come to know about ur past u will breakdown that we chose wrong people to fall in love…

Still suspense guys that y Mr singhania said that he will not let the past repeat again.. Let it be suspense for some more time..
Apart from this in mela
#ishkara meeting
Omkara was highly depressed by the news of his parents divorce… He switched off his mobile so that no one could disturb him becoz he wanted to be alone for some time he was sitting n crying he kept his hands of his face n started remembering his bitter past he was thinking about his parents complicated relationship… When ishana arrived the Mela for checking that everything is OK because this mela was organized by ishmo for publicity ..she checked all the stalls n was going to other stall when she came omkara there n thought that what is he doing here?? N y is he looking upset n she was about to go n console him but stopped that su kare che ishana ..tamaar koi rishta na thi rewaade…
But she can’t c omkara crying after all love is love she went to omkara with two cups of tea.. N she kept the cups on the table n kept one hand on omkara’s shoulder n omkara looked up and he saw his ishana there he stood up n hugged her tightly n she understood that there is some serious problem she broke the hug n made omkara sit n was going to sit on the next seat to him but he holded her hand from back n made her sit behind him he was crying n ishana could not control himself n wiped his tears n they had an uncomfortable but sweet #eyelock … For breaking the silence she gave tea to omkara n asked u still used to drink tea with 2tsp sugar right n he looked up n nods yes ..u still remember my habit to drink tea whenever I think or take tension… She says yaa mujhe yaad hai .. Omkara says in a low tone that kabhi kabhi zindagi ke itne saal ek saath duzarne ke bad bhi him aapno ki aadato ko nahi samjh paate or kabhi kabhi kuch pal me hi samjh jate hai how complicated…
Ishana understands that he is talking about his parents she tries her best to console him but failed.. He says I have finished my tea now I should leave.. Cham cham o sorry ishana.. Ishana gets up n get tensed to c omkara in depression she remembers the moment when she was in a depression n omkara came to console her n he was all the time with her…she comes out of memories n follows omkara car…omkara stopped the car in front of a pub (disco) he got down from his car n goes inside the pub.. Ishana was puzzled that y omkara stopped his car here n remembered some thing…
@flashback – oberio mansion in hall one year back
That time every thing was normal everyone came to know about anika n shivaay relationship n me n omkara too so dadi was happy so she arranged a small dinner party for ishkara n shivika ..she was very happy that her wish going to come true so will get daughter in law who will do takar wala pyaar with each other n be4 anika n me were bff that day dadi called me n anika in her room

@Dadi room
We both reached n she told us the habits of everyone so that after marriage we will not face any problem she told anika that puttar Teri kismat me bhagad billa hi hai n she smiled she told me omkara past that he was sent to rehab becoz he was a drug addicted n alcoholic too n were shocked to hear this… She told me that never allow omkara n look at his past promise me I promise dadi…
She comes out of her past n rushes towards pub to check omkara but she could stop him consuming all this.. He did it n she was stunned to c omkara drinking alcohol becoz of his depression she gone n holded the wine bottle n broke it in pieces n she scolded omkara for this but it was late omkara holded his head it was paining due to alcohol .. She was confused what to do now. N she turned her head here n there n she was shocked to c media there she called her guards n told them to stop media they should not follow us but omkara was 2na he was about to go n meet media n do some drama but ishana stopped him to do so he was about to fall when ishana holded him tightly n she told him omi lets go from here its not a safe place dear…omkara told no i will not cham cham she kept her hand on her forehead n thought of a plan she told omi I have a surprise for u sweetheart which will surely make u smile n omkara said ur jhuti..i will not believe u n she told that I have a surprise for u really baba n this time her trick got successful n she took him to the car where omkara started to drama that he wants to drive n ishana was shocked to c omkara behaving like a child he was fully 2na he was running here n there keeping his hand straight like his driving the car n ishana was running behind him to catch him but failed n she was tensed that if media capture this incident then what she stops omkara finally n she holds his hand tightly n omkara looks down that ishana has holded him n smiles that my cham caught me n he asked innocently like a child to ishana that u will never my hand naa..n ishana gets a bit serious look on her face n says yaa omi I will never ..he gets happy n hugs her n says let’s go ..
She asks where to go omi?? And he hits ishana’s forehead playfully n says budhu cham cham mera surprise..
And she remembers that they have to leave.. N she says let’s go.. N make omkara sit in the front seat n was about to go when omkara holded her hand n told in playful manner that obey traffic rules otherwise ….
Ishana understands that he is telling about seat belt she makes him wear seat back n rushed towards driving seat n in no time they were out of that hell.. Ishana driving fast but safely n omkara was immigrating her n she was looking at him that n she told tensed so she rushed towards mela road n called there n told that I am not feeling well open my room where I used to stay at nights sometimes for work ..
N they reached mela..

Omkara was like wow this is my surprise cham cham I want to have a ride in that now she was angry n looked at omi in anger n omi understood that he should be quite like a achha bacha n he keep his finger on his mouth n ishana looks at him again n she stop it omi everyone will think here that I am punishing u .. She takes omkara to a room n makes him lie down n she was about to go but her hand was below omkara’s head n he was looking at her they shared an eyelock n she broke the eyelock n said plz let me take my hand back he lifted his head n she took her hand back he made her sit in front of him n shared his tension with his sweet heart n she was shocked to know all this n consoled omkara that everything will be fine just give them some time n omkara asked about the gift… N ishana was puzzled what to say n omkara told that don’t worry dear I will take it on my own.
N she was confused n she turned to go when omkara pushed her back n they fall on the bed.
#ishkara # bed fall n then he was remembering his late night dream n he was about to kiss when ishana understood that what is he up to n she got up n by mistaken omkara kisses the pillow n he was like what??
Ishana was going towards the door n omkara saw that n he used automatic remote to close it.. N gets up n pushed her towards the door n he was too close to her he said that today I will not allow u to go anywhere n he turns ishana towards him n tries to cross his limits but ishana didn’t allow him n he said in Anger that kam se jam ab toh aye saa maat karu main toh aapna gift le kar hi cha ogaa… I want u ..
N she was shocked n said what??
He said again I want u baba as Mrs omkara Singh oberio .
I am sorry plz forgive my mistakes. N he was trying to get close to her but… Failed becoz a voice came from outside n ishana opened the door with room n ran towards the voice ..
Its was none other than vivaan Rana she was crying n hugged him tightly.. N vivaan was puzzled that what happened to her all of a sudden .. Omkara saw their hug n went from there by calling rudra….there
N they drove back to home
In between rudra asked many times that y he consumed alcohol but got no response in return..
@oberio mansion entrance everyone is shocked to c omkara drank shivaay goes n ask him y he broke his promise
So omkara shivaay here in oberio mansion no promises r kept everyone can break promise or some body’s heart indicated to tej that he broke his mother heart n anyone can do anything he wants with out any pressure
Pinky o my maata bechara Om phir se aapne past me jaa raha hai
Shivaay says no mom I will not let this happen
Dadi says puttar main jaanti hu ki tum ne ayesa aapne maa baap ki karan kiya ..
Omkara claps n says naa OK but baap no it not happen n gets up n says he is not my father agar inhone us Svetlana se shaadi ke bare me soocha bhi toh … He takes a long pause n says I will punish him hard main naa….. He stops in between n this scares everyone that what will he do.. N every one asks him but he didn’t utter a word n faint
Everyone calls doc… Doc comes n examines omkara n came to a conclusion that he is in any trauma (mental shock) n injected injection n he sleeps
Every body is tensed to c old omkara coming back…

@singhania mansion
Anika was sitting on the sofa when ishana came with a crying face n hugged her n she was shocked to c her sis crying so badly
Actually when omkara touched ishana she remembers their past moment n can’t take it
Anika asked ishana what happened ?? No reply
So she asked vivaan what happened ??
He said I don’t know di y is she crying but don’t worry I will make her fine soon.
Ishana goes to her dad room means harshwardhan room n tell him everything that what happened with omkara
He gives a shocking look on his face but from inside he was happy to know that my first plan got succeeded..
I wanted shivika separate n that happened becoz of shivaay ‘s anger
I wanted u to go there to omkara n console him n he took ur support now he has to keep ur support always ishana I will ruin oberios in such a way that they can’t stand again
Ishana asked papa what r u thinking???
Harsh says beta..I am thinking about Om
Poor Om look if u want a suggestion I will give u .
I know that oberios had gave u bitter memories but u should try to take out of this situation dear
Ishana says how can I help him..I am no one to him anymore
He says no my baacha its not that … Omkara shared his emotions with u that means he wants ur support to come out of this mess he some how agrees ishana to go back in his life ….
N ishana agrees to do so n goes in her room
@oberio mansion
Svetlana reaches with some important documents to be signed by tej , tej reads all the documents n signs but at the last document he signed in a hurry…
N goes from there n Svetlana smiles becoz he didn’t c the last document n signed it was property pages … That this house is of Svetlana now….
@singhania mansion
Harsh comes to know about the papers by a servant he planted in oberio mansion actually he was singhania detective he says what this can’t happen that devil minded lady will spoil my plan I have do some thing immediately for saving oberio mansion.. He cuts the call n thinks

Will Svetlana enter the house as an owner or harshwardhan Singhania will plan something for her ???
Will shivika n ishkara love story will resume??
On this note bye guys
Cu soon with my next episode

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