ishqbaaz ff by shama (episode 24)


Hi guys I am back with a new episode hope u all like it as others n plz comment below for suggestions,complaints n other thoughts feel free n share ur feelings with me I think its high time now ,so be ready its time for the patchup of #ishkara in the upcoming episodes u will c ishkara n in this way Mr.Harshwardhan Singhania will start his journey of revenge he will allow ishana to enter in Omkara’s life .
Let’s begin with the previous spiced precap in detail :-
Mr singhania called the reporter for some urgent work n he intensionally leaked the information that Siddhartha Vikram Rana has an affair with someone which will take a beautiful turn into marriage I guess. And keeps the phone n smiles ? .
Reporter thinks that Mr singhania has given me some important lead unknowingly I should follow this n he sits n does a research on it
Vikram Rana comes there n says harsh tum bhi naa….

Harsh says what ab kya kiya Maine ???
Vikram says bichara reporter he thought that he got a super hit news par bichara bhool gaya ki woh kisse baat kar raga hai Jo idea ki factory hai they ? n then harsh said oberios ka destruction plan toh kab ka ban chuka hai par ab meri betiyaan usse implement karte GI … He shares the whole secret plan with Rana’s so that they can also support us they agree n Mr.singhania said that Mr.tej Singh oberio get ready the comedown begins for ur destruction… N smiles .
The reporter finds out that Mr.singhania was right Siddhartha Vikram Rana has an affair with some one he can’t even imagine his own daughter Anika Harshwardhan Singhania its an interesting story let’s broadcast it in morning slot. The reporter managed to arrange some pics on Anika n Siddhartha like their personal pics which I will disclose down .

@Oberio mansion

Everyone had their dinner happily, shivaay n omkara were thinking of their patch up with anika n ishana n rumya saw this happy expression on their faces n ?winked each other n smiled naughtily that what will happen tomorrow full on ishqbaazi …
And they all go to sleep in their rooms but rudra called somya outside on terrace she comes slowly like chor steps so bhade bhaiyya or bade bal wale bhaiyya jaag na jaaye ..rudra says OK I am sorry to disturb u late night.. Somya says are stop it mujhe heart attack aajaye ga duffer Singh oberio aaj tum bahut sweetly baat kar raheho or mujhe sumo nahi bolarahe.
He says I am super excited for tomorrow’s ishqbaazi our plan worked …. N he hugs somya tightly in excitement n somya says protein shake oberio ur very strong main pichk jaaogi n they laugh in mute mode ..
N went to sleep..

@omkara’s room
Omkara was thinking about ishana n her words he felt pain in those words n understands that ishana has fooled him again by saying I have moved on if she would have done it so what was the need to call love angel n share her past with this if she had some one in her life she won’t even remember me but I felt in her words that she still miss our moments he finalizes that he will go n meet her n confront her in such a way she has to agree the truth n he lies down on his bed holding a earring in his hand he was playing with it n imagines ishana sitting in front of him he rubs his eyes to check whether I am dreaming he goes near to ishana n she sits in front of him n says
Kya hua ?? Why RU looking at me like this I am ur ishana omi
He says impossible how can u enter in my house moreover my bedroom I am definitely dreaming…..
Ishana says kya karu tumhe vishwaas dilane ke liye n thinks … She smiles naughtily n tries to go but omkara holded her n said main confused hu agar ye khwaab bhi hai jab bhi main tumhe apne aap she door nahi hone doga … He says a shayari which goes like this
Daali se phool alag nahi ho sakte
Phoolo se khushbhu nahi usi
Hum pani zindagi se judaa hu sakte hai
Par aapse nahi …
Sorry guys I guess I have murdered omkara’s character with this bakwaas shayari omi can deliver much better then this .
Ishana turns n while turning she hits the center small lounge bed n falls on omkara
#bedfall #ishkara # eyelock

Omkara holds her tightly n looked at her n he found that she had wear only one earrings so he gets up n gives her the second pair n she takes n was about to wear n she saw omkara with a sad expression?? n understands his in tensions n does a drama .she tried hard but can’t wear the earring omkara saw this n said give me I will make u wear he goes near n ishana took one step backward n thinks in her mind that Mr.zulfi Singh oberio ka koi bharosa nahi kab senti mood se romantic mood me aate hai samjh nahi paata..omkara again reads her mind but didn’t disclose it n again goes near n this time be4 ishana could take a step backward again he holds her by her hand…
N she was like ?? blushing he kept his hand on her cheeks first n then he used his finger to set her back n he took earring n made it wear but slowly n she closed her eyes n felt omkara so near that she was again breathing fast.. N went back few step becoz omkara was troubling her in this way
She said plz omi tum humesha aasa kyun Kate hu… U know naa that I am not comfort with it then why !??
He says her kyun why ka zawaab nahi milta

I don’t know when I am with u I loss my control on me n start doing such things but I swear only with u can cross my limits n if that happens I have no problem with it n smiles naughtily???
Ishana says omi what r u saying ?????
U mean to say that u ..,….. N he completes n says….. Yaa cham cham I can cross my limits anytime n u can’t stop me..
She gets scared …. N says u can’t think like that omi plz I am nothing for u we r not married yet so how can u???
Omkara says what u mean by nothing ur my everything OK n yaa by the way I am ready to marry but u r showing nakhare n not me. Go I will not talk to u I thought that we will spend some time with each other I mean quality time but ur drama is endless he turns in anger to the other side ..n this time he was in full mood to do drama..
He sat on bed n said its OK go I was wrong??? he makes weird faces n
Ishana says I am sorry omi I didn’t want to hurt u but plz once understand my situation dear its not that I don’t love u I really she was about to complete her sentence but omkara said with a crying face that its OK don’t explain if u can’t fulfill my demands so its alright.. Ishana feels bad n says OK omi tell me what I can do for u I will without a complaint do it whatever u say!!! She kept her finger on her mouth omkara looked at her n he got up from bed n opened his wardrobe in the middle shelf there was a red bag it contained a gift for his sweet heart cham cham
He turned n gave that to ishana n said it contains a very decent attire in it if u wish to wear it u can but if not keep it back…
Poor ishana got trapped into omkara’s emotional blackmail trick….
She takes the gift n says I will be back in a sec. N she gone in changing room
Omkara smiled naughtily ??n said aapke saath aapni sawbat me rehne se drama karna as gaya.
Ishana came back in a beautiful wedding attire n omkara looks at her wow…

Scene freezes o saathiya played .. N when he what about to cross his limits he fall down from his bed n he comes to know that I was dreaming he gets up n said what dream may it come true…soon n he sleep again.
Apart from this shivaay in his room was dreaming the same sequence but with some changes what was it .
No earring like omkara but anika’s moon bracelet .
No love talks like ishkara but shivika styled love fights I mean purely panibaazi in his dream too anika thrown water on him.
N their stubborn fights
I hope u loved the dream sequence of both the couples actually I can’t think beyond this becoz their chemistry is awestruck..
@singhania mansion

Harshwardhan Singhania gets a call from somebody who says u work is done sir the news bulletin will show the both news on same time .
He smiles n disconnected the line n said looking at a photo that from tomorrow the bad time starts for oberios dear..double trouble for oberios n sleeps ..
Note = harshwardhan singhania is not a negative character but he hates oberios I will disclose the secret behind this afterwards..
@ next morning @oberio house
Everyone was in the hall chatting with each other when omkara got a call from a friend to watch the news now he said what happened ur sounding tensed his friend says c on ur own..
He switched on the TV the news bulletin was playing a news that Tej Singh oberio has signed the divorce papers n Janvi oberio has too signed all were shocked
This was planted by Mr singhania first attack on straightly omkara Singh oberio
N he asked his parents about it they told that we both have not signed any papers
On the time Svetlana used her devil mind n she gone home in her home she saw divorce papers which was signed earlier by tej but its was containing only tej sign n not janvi she called person n said copy janvi oberios sign on this he does the same
N Svetlana reaches oberio mansion with that papers in her hands its her touch to harshwardhan plan
Everyone is hell shocked to c the papers???
N the shocking news was Anika Harshwardhan Singhania N Siddhartha Vikram Rana Affair with some pics like Dancing together very closely
Holding each other in hug position
Bed fall n many more which made shivaay Singh oberio turns Mr volcano Singh oberio
Both brothers goes outside to meet
Shivaay went to anika for confronting her,he called her n told that he want to meet her n calls her at an isolated place she reached….
Shivika meet

Shivaay showed her that pics n she was hell shocked
She tried to explain but shivaay started to misbehave with her he asked her cheap questions like whether u r in a serious relationship n when he crossed his limit anika gave him a wake up dose by slapping him tightly??
Becoz he asked her very personal question that whether she slept with him or not?????
She was hell angry on shivaay n scolded him nicely that I can’t do such a thing because she was about to explain him
Wait y the hell I am explaining u u don’t trust me y I should do so…
She gave a nice lecture to shivaay n went in anger but shivaay holded her from back n said I am sorry…..
#ishkara moment
Omkara went to the mela n switched off his phone so that nobody can disturb he was very upset n ishana was there going some work there n saw omkara sitting in very bad mood he came to her with a cup tea…
Omkara looked up n saw ishana there omkara didn’t utter a word n just hugged her tightly n started crying she consoled omkara n made drink the tea. They finished their tea n omkara was very sad ishana was in pain to c omkara in pain afterall love is love .

Ishana took omkara to a room becoz he was not fine his head was paining like hell ishana turns to go but omkara gets up n makes her sit near him n he shares him feelings with her

Bye guys cu…
Take care ishqbaazians

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