ishqbaaz ff by shama (episode 23)


Bonjour ,hello guys I hope that u r enjoying my ff n ur happy with the track but in case ur happy plz letme know by comments so plz comment more this is a special request to the silent readers than I will surely spice up my ff .thanks for ur support .
Now let’s begin with the precap in detail in the previous episode I gave a precap in which rumya tried to solve anshi n ishkara’s relationship by their convo.. Let’s begin with the convo which Left an impact on both the ends equally.
In this rumya r RJ n they solved everybody’s problem by their philosophy of love,life, sacrifice, misunderstanding which occur amid the couple n they indirectly solved anshi n ishkara’s problem too n yaa I will tell u how rudra came to know that the love Angel he used to talk n take suggestions is none other than somya.
@ duffer Singh oberios room
Somya n rudra were enjoying their philosophy of love n they asked each ishqbaaz who has a problem in his love life to call n share with everyone.
First call came rudra said hello ishqbaaz ,
He said he is sunil n not ishqbaaz then somya said that everyone who is in love is an ishqbaaz n yaa plz don’t disclose ur name otherwise ur partner will feel that in ur relationship she can’t give her 100% n she will be sad
Rudra takes over n says its a humble request to u all guys OK so tell me what happened in ur life??
@dadis room = was not feeling sleepy so she goes n listens the radio .

(Dadi,rumya, ishkara, anshi online listening every thing by different places by they all agreed with a fact that ishqbaazi is not a easy thing).
The person says to love angel that he is not happy in this relationship becoz his partner not understands my POV in this relationship we always fight hell n I am fed up from this n at the end we told each other that we can’t run this relationship more to the level of marriage n I need a remedy to get rid of her
Rumya expressions on this was???
They said together r u a fool I am sorry to say this but u r getting a reasons of conflicts amid u rudra says.
Somya says that u will agree with a fact that every body has different mindset ,opinions, feeling u can’t judge ur partner like this everyone has some plus n minus in their relationship .
Rudra takes over n says in a mature manner that doesn’t mean u will ruin ur relationship instead of applying this idea take our one .. He looks at somya n somya says it necessary to know both the ends then only u come to the conclusion of whether to end this or not.
Different reactions of this suggestion goes like this
Dadi= ye log bilkul sahi hai her relationship ko ek chance toh milna hi chahiye, rishte bhale hi bhagwan banta hai per uske samhana ya bigaadna humare haath me hota hai joh us toote rishte ko jodne ki koshish kare waahi sacha ishqbaaz hai….

Shivaay= woh bechara karre bhi toh kya ??????
Anika ( at singhania mansion) = offo ye bhi na per karre bhi toh kya ?? Ye bhechara hai ishq ka maara per agar iska pyaar sacha ho toh woh zarur samjhe ki!!
Omkara = rishta ek asi door hai José dono ko sambhalna hai or her mushkil ka saamna ek hokar karna hota hai….
Ishana (at singhania mansion)= or is rishte ko sambhalne ke liye rishte me ek equal understanding honi chahiye jo aaj kal bahut kam rishto me dekhne ko mili hai.
@ rumya room again
They get the second caller they together say hello ishqbaaz
He says my girlfriend says that I don’t spend time with her at all n I also argue with her on several times on silly things
Rumya says first of all if she wants to understand ur position she will try her Best not to argue with u so that no conflicts arise amid u
Shivaay thinks in flashback mode that anika stopped fighting with me n she tried the same but I didn’t allow her n spoiled her plan they afterwards I was missing our sweet n sour silly fights becoz I scolded her very harshly he remembered that moment ..
Flashback mode-:

Now shivika were best friends n they used to talk a lot when they were free n enjoy a lot with each other one such day , anika called shivaay to ask him whether he will have a dinner with her n he was busy but he got few second time to pick her call he picked n be4 anika could say something he told I am busy anika why u can’t understand n now don’t talk anything rubbish like the other days I don’t have time now
She said that listen to me once shivaay n he disconnected the call n anika was sad n she also kept her mobile on table n went outside to the market to purchase something when she met a hit to some body n she fall down on the road the person said I am sorry ..n turns n anika was shocked to c her school friend akshat there n he helped her to getup n he asked how do u no my name miss ??
Akshat u fool pagal mujhe bhol gaya kya budhu I am anika n his eyebrows raised anika lady don ho nahi Santa isni beautiful
N she hits his hands gently n they started to walk towards her home they were chatting like crazy n walking laughing .shivaay was going home by that road n he sees anika with some body n turns the car n goes behind them n he sees anika with a guys he thinks who is he to her?? N gets a bit jealous becoz he started developing feelings for her n thinks maybe a friend n was about a go when he saw anika teasing him like she used to tease shivaay .he stopped there where anika n akshat were sitting with each other when suddenly akshat disbalanced n anika holded him tightly n shivaay was like ? who is him ?

After that meeting she talked about akshat all the time even when she was with shivaay he got angry n stopped talking to her but she didn’t care about that n she started calling akshat all the time n shivaay was like what happened to her all of a sudden she is ignoring me n spending time with that idiot what she saw in him he doesn’t have style, he doesn’t know what n when to talk he is a complete fool how can anyone spend time with him he says to himself that what’s happening to me y I am bothered about him n anika n one day anika brings him oberio house n shivaay was hell shocked to c him at his place n said what the wack??y is he here it is a family celebration n I only called anika here not him he fumes in anger?? n insults him in front of everyone n he gets hurt by his harsh behavior towards him n family got shocked to c billu ji in angry avatar
Akshat got hurt while leaving ….
Anika scolded shivaay that what was the need to insult him n she goes n hugs akshat n says sorry on behalf of billu n this makes shivaay more angry n he goes to anika holds her hand tightly n dragged her towards his room n she was like what??

In shivaay room he pulled anika n she takes support of wall n she was very angry n scared by him shivaay comes close to her n says u care for everyone its nice but I have only the right on ur fights ur care ur anger ur everything
She silently listening him n understood that shivaay is terribly jealous by akshat .
Shivaay said that I no ur good hearted person but it doesn’t mean that u can hurt me n hits a vase n the vase breaks
N she was terribly scared by shivaay so she tried to go but shivaay holded her from the back n twisted her hand badly n she was in pain she turned n requested shivaay to leave her but he didn’t.
Anika apologized to him n said I am sorry shivaay I will never ever ignore u pinky promise I swear .. Plz leave n she cries n shivaay was normal now he brought first aid box n applied ointment on her hand she was crying in pain he said sorry dear I was jealous n I doubted u that u also leave me
Anika replies that billu I can forget everything even myself but not u becoz bhagwan ji ne tumhe meri kismat me likha hai
N he looks at her n smiled n when she was leaving the place by mistaken her blouse unhooked in front of shivaay ? n she turned to hide that but it was late shivaay came to her n saw her blouse unhooked in the mirror n keeps his hands on her shoulders n hooked it back anika closed her eyes n was ? blushing n shivaay saw that expression on her face n whispered some thing in her ear n was blushing like red like tomato . shivaay said mujhe gussa toh aana hi tha agar itni beautiful or caring intelligent gf ho toh kyon insecure nahi hoga anika. He said tumhari her cheese par mera hak hai don’t u dare to give it to some body else .
Their fight finished n shivaay was not in a mood to leave anika he used to love playing with her hair n started to do so n anika pulled him on bed n said I am in a hurry I have to go home n runs . shivaay was like what men… He came out of his pastn anika was also remembering this when shivaay was first jealous n they both smiled at a same time.
And rumya attended several love area patients till now n gave them nice suggestion when ishana calls love angel n says hello !!
Omkara N rumya gets shocked to hear ishana’s voice on radio n they replied hello what’s ur problem??
Ishana says I am disturbed from one year
Actually I will explain u everything n begins with – I was a con I used to play with other emotions but becoz of my personal problems I was forced to do so but during my plan a person came in my life like an angel with a sensitive heart n humble soul

Rumya low downs their voice n said omkara
He changed me n my life I thought it will be very easy to fool him but I didn’t know that I will fall in love with him
Omkara looks up n says u still dear…. That’s the reason behind this call
N she continued to speak – I hurted him but when I realized that I am in love n I can’t cheat him anymore I decided that I will talk every thing to him n when he came to no he punished me by selecting some one who deserved to b his
Omkara keeps his hands on his forehead n says no in a low depressed voice
Ishana – n I went from his life n now once again I accidentally met him n thought that he is married now n I hurted him again
Rumya said what!???
But y did u hurt him what was his mistake rudra asked to ishana
N she said that he hates lie n I started my relationship on the base on lie so how it will grow we both done mistakes from our side n now he wants to restart from the beginning but I can’t forget n forgive him and I guess he feels the same
Somya stopped her n said nobody is perfect no relationship is prefect but he tried his best to reunite his relationship with u
If he can forget n begin so y can’t u do so rudra asks.
She says my situation is different from him
But still I can think becoz now also I can’t c him in pain
He smiles n looks at his wound n remembers that how ishana was worried for him n scolded him for being careless .
N thinks that she still care for me n ??
Sad he says to himself that I will not loss hope she has to comeback…

Discussion finished n rumya feels relieved
That they helped many ishqbaaz n laughs at the various questions people kept in front of them n rudra observed somya is hungry so he says I will comeback
Somya asked where r u going Rudy??
He came back with food he made somya sit n he started serving her favorite dishes
N she was wooo loving rudra’s caring nature n asked him y this all
He says I don’t know how to thank becoz u handled everything so easily like ur family member of this family
U injected shivaay bhaiyya to apology n try to restart n u done the same with o
Now they must be thinking that how to solve this mess
Somya smiles n says it OK crybaby oberio
N they remembered their past that how rudra came to no about somya is love angel
One day he was at college in the canteen chatting with friends when he somya going in an auto but he didn’t care for it n resumed….
After few hours his friend calls him n tells about love angel has met an accident ..
Rudra says wait a sec.. U no who is love angel his friend tells him that I saw her from her back in the FM station I went there for some urgent work
But I didn’t saw her face but I followed her so that once I can c her but she met an accident on……he gives address of the hospital where love angel means somya was admitted n he rushed towards the hospital n what he c somya over there
N he comes to know about love angel secret
N from that day they no each other but never went to her or his place that was the first paanibaaz meeting at somya’s place

Apart from this @rana house
Siddhartha informed everyone in his family that he loved anika’s company n wants her to marry n everyone was happy with his decision
Vikram called harsh n told that finally mere bete ne anika ke liye aapni feelings accept karli
N harshwardhan was shocked n happy to hear this the both families meet at Rana house n discuss about we should throw a party for this…
Arvi means Aryan n vivaan arranged every thing for the party but harsh said I have to finish one more thing n he calls a reporter n orders to play a news on every channel that is anything between Siddhartha Vikram Rana n anika harshwardhan singhania
So the reporter does the same he plays a news .
Tej calls everyone down to show them the news it was playing some pics on the channel in which anika was too close to him like dancing hugging each other n many more n the title was
Is Rana n singhania will merge their business becoz we think Siddhartha n anika r having a serious affair from a year.
And shivaay was fuming in anger that now I understood that how he is linked with u anika. N comes back to his room n hits the TV hard with a vase becoz he was remembering that pics n felt hurt ….

Precap he calls anika at an isolated place like ghandar n she arrived there n from the back shivaay holded her tightly n pulled her towards him n said how dare u hide ur relationship from me ??
And anika had no clue what is he talking about ???. And asked her keeping his hands on her cheeks that whether he has done some thing serious with u anika pulls him back n says r u talking about Siddhartha ??
N understands the question n says shivaay how can u think about that I am fool that I came here I am leaving now but shivaay was not in his senses after that news n pulled her n she hits a wall he started asking question about my relationship with him like his my husband…

Bye guys I feel today’s episode is a full bore but I promise that next episode will a dhasu awsum one
Take care ishqbaazians

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