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??hi n hello to all like I always say thanks for ur such warm comments its an energy booster drink for me. So let’s not chat more n write more .
First of all let me clear one doubt of ur yes I told u guys in the previous episode that #shivika n #iskara will separate but not forever . u no love area is a dangerous disease n it caught oberio brother’s they will win their lady love by hook or by crook
But one is sure this I will try my best to scope up the track n keep u entertaining but I am only here on the ff for 2 months afterwards its impossible to write guys so I will write in now onwards so that at least I can complete the milestone of #100 episodes then I also don’t know whether I will post again so in advance sorry to all n thanks for ur love n support ur giving me
Let’s begin with the precap in detail

@singhania mansion
Shivaay n omkara were leaving the place when their future sasuji saw anyone going outside so stopped them .they were scared that what to do now n anika n ishana were coming out of their rooms they saw all this n ran towards their dad to save their love from his anger , so they stopped their dad to confront the visitors means shivaay n omkara. They both called at the same time papa stop we want to have a talk regarding our shares n losses occurred their dad turned towards them n said what r u both saying?? Anika was talking to him when ishana messaged omkara to go n call when he is at home n when Mr.singhania remembered that he saw anyone going out so he told this to his daughter’s n asked them whether anybody came to meet u both they starting thinking in flash back
Anika thinks her bed fall with shivaay n ishana thinks about omkara’s wounded hand n then they come out of their memories n says no dad no body came to meet us just then shivaay sits in the car with omkara both r thinking about their awkward meet with their Darlings .
Omkara starts the convo that meri zindagi khushiyo we zaada ghum deti hai aaj mujhe paata chala ki zindagi me kisi ke liye bhi aage badna (move on ) karna kitna easy hota hai shivaay. Shivaay agreed with him fully both were thinking about their Darling
When they saw a stall which was selling bhutta n pain puri n they both remembered their love moments with their Darlings n gone in the flashback

#ishkara flash back
One day like other days ishkara met on the road they walking n chatting with each other n they saw the beautiful sunset together n they said wow such a beauty…
N ishana said OK bye omi its getting late for u I guess ur family must be waiting for u he replied in no.. Isha I won’t do home today she asked why u don’t want to go home omi ?? He said because of sweet heart n smiled n said zindagi ka precious time uske saath bitana chaheye jo USSR sumbhake ke aapne pass rakhe !! Ishana said I understood that ur having some problem in ur life that y u don’t want to go so it alright I will bore u from my talks so much that u will ran one day from me she smiled?? he told I will be never bore from u dear n pulled her cheek lightly with love , n said no ur r like happiness oxygen for me I won’t leave u otherwise I will die n ishana cupped his mouth with her hand n said never say that again plz n they shared an eyelock n then omkara hugged her tightly n said I am sorry I will keep ur order in mind for always OK n rainfall started…then they broke their hug n where searching for a shelter to hide themselves n they saw a stall n they ran towards the stall but when ishana was running she slipped in the water n fall down omkara turned n saw her in terrible pain he made her stood up n make her walk towards the stall but due to pain she can’t walk so omkara picked her up in his arms n said its OK sweet heart n made her sit in the stall n omkara strictly ordered ishana not to move from here I will come back one second n went to the stall person n borrowed oil from him n came back ishana said what is this omi why oil ?? He ordered again to ishana that b quite for a while dear n he started applying oil on her n she was thinking that zulfi Singh oberio loves me n she was thinking that if he can care for me n make me feel so special so I can also n says that u came in my life as a healer n he looks at her n get up n plays with her hair n says same way u came in my life dear n smiled n she thinks that I should do some thing for my prannath like he did so she says I am feeling much better now n says I have to go to the washroom n she says I will be back don’t move.. He nods his head in yaa. And instead of doing to the washroom she slowly went inside the kitchen n learned how to roast bhutta n she roasted one for omi n went to him n he was looking at her n thought n said u were in … Ishana interpts her n makes him eat bhutta from her hands n after taking the first bit he said wow so yummy bhutta thanks for this .n says bhutta n barsaat n u r with me right now nice combo I am loving it. … N he started having the bhutta alone n ishana was like angry on him n thought that prannath didn’t share the bhutta with me n she makes weird face n omkara saw that n smiled naughtily n said that have a bit n she smiles… N when she was about to have eat bhutta omkara also took a bit n their cheeks hitted each other n then ishana thought that omkara is in a romantic mood now its better to leave otherwise..
He says yaa I am n yaa u can’t leave me alone she was like stop ishana omkara is reading my thought don’t think about him otherwise he will come to no my feelings
He again says .. I don’t need to read ur mind for that I can see that feelings in your eyes for me

And she was blushing??? plz stop it omi .. N she comes n sits beside him n it was the turn of Om to make ishana eat bhutta n when she was enjoying the bhutta omkara made her blush… Becoz when she was having bhutta omkara was constantly looking at her n can’t control himself n?? kisses her on her cheek n she coughs… N looks at omkara that what was this Mr.romantic ishqbaaz oberio

N she finished her bhutta n omkara got a call from janvi asking where r u Om he says what need to come home all the time u both used to fight n I will not come today n cuts the call n turns back he saw ishana going home silently without informing he goes in anger n holds her from hand n says u can’t leave.. She turns n says plz omi I have to go dear plz understand n this time omkara was not in a mood to understand n he left her on the road n started walking towards the opposite direction n ishana follows him n says I am sorry omi plz don’t anger plz plz?? OK baba I am not leaving I sorry but he was angry n he says that I thought that tum mere tanhai mitao GI par I was wrong he starts his drama he was acting like ishana n ishana felt bad for hurting him so she came on her knees n said sorry .n omkara was aw so sweet my sweet heart cares for me I was wrong but I will punish nicely so that she never ever over cross my rules n he goes n pick her up n says u r again acting I don’t believe u n she was like omi I am not acting plz.. N says what I should do now how can I fix it n cries omkara wipes her tears n says no need to cry dear its OK tumse gussa hone ke chakar me him itni door as gaye n she says yaa… He asks ishana that u really want to fix ur mistake she nods her head in yes omkara comes closer to her n it was still raining heavily for the first time ishana was nervous so she takes few steps back n omkara holded her n she holded her breathe n said that zindagi woh safar hai jo geharao me naapa jata hai….both of them can feel their breathe that much close ?? n omkara started playing with her wet hair n she was breathing fast he came close to her n whispered in her ears not to take deep breathe n then u can all understand what happened afterwards n u can also understand what was omkara’s demand to fix that problem scene freezes n o saathiya plays…
Omkara came out of his memories n shivaay started to remember ..his part

#anshi moment guys in flashback mode
Shivaay n anika was in car he was dropping her home when she started her drama in the midway that she is hungry from the morning I want to have some thing to eat now otherwise n she saw a stall of pain puri n she got out of the car n ordered spicy pani puri n shivaay also came out n said to anika that it is not healthy n hygienic anika took a pani puri n filled his mouth n said how is it ..did u like it n he was like I need water she was having bottle he tried to grab that but suddenly he started coughing n anika got scared she made him drink water .. N holded him her one hand was on his shoulder she said I am sorry shivaay I was joking..
He said u r mad anika.. She again said sorry she said several times n this time shivaay noted date n time anika asked him.. What r u going billu I mean shivaay he said I am noting the date n time u no y I will cut cake on this day every year n she raised her eyebrows that what bhagad billa said???
N she goes in the car with shivaay she was feeling cold she was shivering shivaay saw that n switched on the hot ac n anika looked at him
N said thanks but still she was shivering so shivaay hugged her tightly.. N she was shocked
N said shivaay kabhi toh gussa chod kar dekho tumhe zindagi me khushi zaru milegi tumhe paata hai kabhi kabhi hum puri zindagi pyaar ki talash me guzaar dente hai or kabhi kabhi ek pal me hi her khushi pyaar palete hai ye choti choti khushiyaan sable naseeb me nahi hoti u should be glad that u can live ur life to fullest with out worrying. O jaana played n they shared an eyelock but in between anika gets a call she picks it n says I am sorry dear plz Sahil don’t be angry I love u aloof shivaay looked at her in anger n thought that who is Sahil he didn’t know that he is her brother n thought that his her bf n he gets angry that how can say I love u in front of me.. N he started scolding her n driving fast n he stopped suddenly n anika?? kissed him by mistakenly.. He came out of his past n they were at oberio mansion n it was still raining…. They were at home entrance n were thinking about that why we can’t rewind our lives and again start it with some one with can’t live without indicated in mind ishana n anika n were sad that both of them have moved on ???? they straightly went to their rooms n rumya understood their situation so they f planned again some thing will will not backfire but straightly hits ishkara’s n anshi’s heart .
This plan will never fail somya said to rudra n rudra said fingers crossed I hope for the best becoz I can’t c my brothers in this situation anymore I am hurt by their pain maybe this is brother hood let’s rapidly start our work somya
On our massion Reunion of ishkara n anshi

Scene changed ……
@singhania mansion both sisters were in their rooms n remembered the same past which is mentioned above n they stopped themselves that u can’t feel for them anymore now its high time we should get out of our past..
N they came in the hall on switched on the radio becoz it was the time for love ???
Scene focused on rumya
Rumya came in their room n sat with the lappy n somya said hello guys I am at the top of my happiness becoz I have to introduce some body to u not by face but by voice, mind n soul.
Shivaay n omkara also were on radio
This 3 things mind body n soul complete a human life somya RJ said then rudra sounded mature now he said the definition for this 3 things which goes like this
Mind is a thing which complicates every situation n it defeats our heart order like ur heart says ur in love but mind doubts it n thinks that maybe or may not. Anshi n ishkara agrees
Somya takes over n says
Love is in all shapes n sizes we can’t judge love in such a way that she is not the one who can compete with me rudra takes over n says we always think about our life our status our pain our struggle .
Somya RJ takes over n says that due to this body or family sized ego we lost our loved once n lose hopes on them
And at last but not the least they said together soul which gives us inner peace but some people think that they have got everything in their life but they r stressed n depressed souls gives inner peace when u understand with whom u got the inner peace we all can guess soulmate .
A soulmate is one whom which we can share every thing
Rudra takes over our anger shivaay n anika remembers their fight n apart from this rumya also felt the same ..
Our sorrow
Ishkara remembered their part that how they used to support each other in difficult times
Rumya also remembered all the moment n rudra thanked somya for being all the time with him . she smiles
In short our whole life is surrounded with happiness but we have closed all the doors to reach there
Life with breathe is impossible similarly ishqbaazi bhi zaruri hai guys
Their plan works … Ishkara n anshi is thinking about their complicated relationship ….

Bye guys on this note I will take ur leave now
C u later ishqbaazians till that
Go some ishqbaazi n enjoy with
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