ishqbaaz ff by shama (episode 21)


?welcome back guys to my ff .I am glad that ur loving my track keep commenting n supporting me guys n hit ur valuable suggestion below if I will like ur suggestion then I will try to fix it in my ff so that it becomes awsum.. N yaa guys for no comedy factor in my ff actually I am very bad at it so I need ur help in the comedy section ;-(
Let’s begin with with the ff new characters which I have introduced recently which goes like this:-
Vivaan Vikram Rana – Siddhartha’s younger bro n ishana’s best friend at present who is similar to omkara in nature just like omkara he also loves to do shayari but one thing is not similar to him that is his very happy person from inside n he wants to c everyone happy around him .

Rana Family n oberio family has a similarity
They r in the same business field but rivals
Like oberios Rana family also has 3 sons who can die for each other
First son – Siddhartha Vikram Rana
A rude arrogant businessman , how cares a lot for his family we loves to flourish his family business , we loves to snatch things or deals from oberio family , he hates competition thats the reason he hates shivaay from the core
Relationship status for Siddhartha goes like this = previously he was with malika
( shivaay’s first gf) but she was married to some businessman named kabir .she liked the way Siddhartha uses his power n many more reasons for she got attracted by him n she ditched shivaay . then shivaay met tia n she also did the same in between he met anika n really loved her the way she was . And he wanted to loss her so he controlled her strictly n not sweetly so one day she also went . unknowingly she chose the same person for support which shivaay hated.. Shivaay hates Siddhartha to the core for many reasons n this was the first one .
Anika harshwardhan singhania- present gf of Siddhartha n maybe his future wife becoz this time Siddhartha was serious about this relationship n don’t want to lose anika. He likes her n wants to express his feelings to anika but she doesn’t allow him to do so by changing the relationship topic each time.
Vivaan Rana – similar to omkara by nature by stays happy all the time this is the difference between both but both have many similarities he knows ishana as singhania younger daughter , he is joyful n loves to speak lies sometimes like ishana
He like ishana from the 1st day he met her but he doesn’t know this that he has fall in love with ishana he will come to know it after some episodes n its will be interesting to increase the level of ishqbaazi hopefully u will love it . It will be interesting to c silent omkara becoming violent omkara becoz both will love ishana from the core . but omkara will win her definely
Surely would be Mrs. Ishana omkara oberio soon but after some episodes.
Thanks to priya for this suggestion.

Aryan Vikram Rana – the youngest son of Rana family , he is like rudra he likes body building that is the only similarity between them . he is study holic that means he loves to study he is a business student n wants to handle the business like his family he is a foodie means he loves to eat different variety of food similar to somya
( I will introduce him in the upcoming episodes not now he will be the parallel lead for somya n maybe somya’s future husband too . just wait for it when rudra faces the same problem will his brothers r facing now.

Inspector madhuri – a loyal inspector from nature n a future problem for oberios destruction

This was a Short intro for u guys to understand my ff properly. I hope u will love the upcoming track too n keep me supporting n let me know that when I am going off track from the ff its a humble request to u all ???.
Let’s begin with our precap details-
#anshi moment

In the previous part I wrote a precap in which shivaay is very very jealous to c anika with Siddhartha n he was in anika’ s bathroom in singhania mansion when he saw sid trying to go close to anika n thought to ?? kiss her in his mind n went close to anika with this intension he got up from bed n holded her tightly in his arms n anika was thinking that kaha phas gayi in dono ke bicha me I don’t understand that what is he up to she was thinking when
Shivaay bomb blasted like a volcano???in the bathroom itself n said ab bus bhi kar n Siddhartha n anika was shocked to hear this n Siddhartha started going towards the bathroom
In the bathroom shivaay said to himself stupid c what did u done n said raita phal gaya. Ab kya karu.. N said to himself y am I scared from him I am shivaay Singh oberio or hum oberios kisi we nahi darthe n goes to open the door of the bathroom Siddhartha was about to open the door !!!!
N anika was biting her nails that what will happen now ye dono agar saamne aaye toh merit uper ki ticket paki tu toh gayi anika….
When a servant comes n stops Siddhartha by saying that bade saheb aapko yaad kar rahe hai he wants to meet u when Siddhartha turns to go ….. Shivaay opens the door n was like in feeling to kill him becoz he tried to kiss anika.
And anika was like ??????? o shit n she signed shivaay to close the door otherwise my chameli?? won’t leave u catching chameli in her hand n shivaay closed the door.. N after that Siddhartha again turned n said to anika that I sensed some body .she said I am only the person behind ur successful nature or life she intensionally said that .
Siddhartha pulled her cheek n said ur r so innocent dear n yaa u said right OK now I will take a leave from u dear I am sorry she said OK no problem n he went
N she took a breathe of sigh ?????
Haash Bach gayi n sits on the bed
Shivaay comes out in anger n asks what was this anika ????
Anika stood up n said abhi abhi bachi noon heart fail hone she n u plz go from here now I will come n meet u OK I will make u understand every thing n she pulled him out of her room n said go from this route u will safely reach to the parking n plz ghar me kisi or ko heart attack mat dena plz billu he gets more irritated n he was about to say some thing but anika stopped him by saying I am sorry I meant shivaay now plz go . n she closes the door on his face
And he was like ??? whom should I kill first ??? What the wack men..
Scene changed……

#ishkara moment in detail
They both have committed mistakes in their relationship but why ishana is not forgiving omkara becoz she knows that omkara hate lies n lies r in my blood veins because they help me to forget the pain which I have survived earlier n there r many more reasons which ishana doesn’t know now but when she will come to know about it she will learn how to control n use her emotions on the appropriate time . let me tell u guys #ishkara relationship will be the most complicated one in my ff so slowly slowly I will reveal all the secrets in their but till that happens u all will be confused with ishana’s character but I will try to clear ur doubts ASAP in the upcoming track till that u will be confused so let me give u a hint

Ishana loves to lie its her nature n she can’t help it she came in omkara’s life to ditch him by money but she fall for him n thought that I can’t cheat him anymore so she goes oberio mansion to accept the truth but till she can tell omkara anything ,he came to know every thing by tej,shakti and riddhima of course
Riddhima hated bela means ishana from the core so she helped tej n shakti to take her out of omkara’s life
What is the role of tej n shakti here???
They also hated ishana from the core because she knows a secret of their family but unfortunately (half) nobody knows this fact nor ishana or oberios.
But one person knows each n every secret of their family doesn’t matter how small or big he is trying to do justice with him n his family but he didn’t created treats on their family he don’t want to kill them his not a culprit
The treats happening over there is because of Svetlana, gayatri, roop
( daughter of oberios) n her husband who is in jail now due to oberios n his sins.
The person who knows all the secrets of oberios is none other than Harshwardhan singhania he will use his daughter’s anika singhania n ishana singhania for destroying their life’s but he will not hurt anyone of his daughters he will make sure that his daughters r with correct partners n not with oberios he knows that his daughter’s love oberio brother but he don’t want them as his son in laws.
(Secret behind this will come soon but let me tell u it will destroy everything oberios n their relationship with his daughter’s for sure )
Judaai for sure of #anshi n #ishkara but only for sometime guys becoz after this judaai their will be love among the couples there will be a rapid increase in their love

I hope that I have cleared all ur doubts in advance let me know what u feel about the upcoming track for now I can help u guys only this much.
Let now focus on ff
Ishana gets a call from her friend vivaan n she gets an idea to end her relationship with omkara .. She thinks in her mind that omkara or meri jodi kabhi nahi baan sakti becoz truth n lie came stay with each other under one roof .. So she thinks that vivaan can be my fake boyfriend for ending this matter in once..
And she says to omkara that plz stop apologizing no need of it anymore
Omkara was confused….
Then she told zindagi me her dhor same nahi rehta zindagi me time ke saath changes aate hai
He said what sorry???
She said previously u selected riddhima over me n now I selected him over u dear
Omkara asked him means whom??? Tum kiski baat kar rahi ho
She said my present bf
N he is shocked ???? but he smiled n went away from her room. And after coming out he ???? but said I am happy for her.
She did the same thing which I done earlier with her but he feels broken from inside n he says why am I crying like crybaby oberio (rudra) why I can’t smile after knowing that ishana has moved on in her life.
He wipes his tears becoz he saw shivaay coming towards him in anger.
He thinks that anika se meeting ho gayi that y he is angry he asked shivaay that
Anika ne phir se ???? chameli se swagat kiya kya??
Shivaay says shut up lets go home they was going from the main entrance n somebody saw them they got scared ????

Precap ishana n anika comes n saves their dear ones from Mr singhania becoz he saw some one going outside ……..

It will be interesting to c what singhania sisters do for saving oberio brothers from Mr stubborn singhania.

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  1. RANdomfANCreationz

    hey nice shama and can u teach me romance i suck at it 😛

  2. Sat

    Very nice shama. A suggestion to you. Introduce a new character shvetlanas adopted daughter and who is very close to shivaay and she is very independent, has her own company, did doctorate as well as engineering in short span of time. She is like a sister to shivaay. Eve tej likes her and treats her like a daughter. And her entry makes omkara very much angry and create conflicts between the brothers. And she becomes om’s life partner losing hopes on ishana and ishana gets depressed and dies in an accident. And om for the first time confronts a girl without knowing her emotions and always humiliates her by giving her identity as shvetlanas daughter. Slowly he understands her after an accident to her caused om. He starts developing feelings for her and loves her but she doesn’t accept as she knew that her mother would kill him. And her mother treats her very badly. That is what shivaay is always close to her. Finally, the truth is revealed to her that she is sara oberoi singh daughter who is dadis elder daughter and the owner of the oberoi property. And this is the secret which tej and shakti are hiding and they don’t know that shvetlanas adopted daughter is their sister’s daughter. Finally when the truth is out , she accepts om and everybody is happy about it and shivaay helps her always in integrating the family and always takes care of her. Hote that she is more affectionate to shivaay than om. She usually stays in shivaays house if her mom is out of station. This always angers om and he loses his senses and always insults her. But shivaay and tej always defend her. This adds fuel to the fire in their relationship.
    Shama this is just a suggestion. If it doesn’t go according to your track don’t include it. I have a whole lot of story but couldn’t write it is so coz I am preparing for exam

  3. Mind blowing Shama!!!!!!!!!! I’m super excited for the upcoming track but sad that SHIVIKA and ISHKARA will get separated!!!!!!! I request u to not separate them for long time, at least not Shivika!!!!!!!!!!!! But it’s ur wish!!!!!!!!! Keep Entertaining us!!!!!!!!! U r a brilliant writer!!!!!!!!! Hope you’ll have good future in this field!!!!!!!!! And ya u know what even my nickname Mukta is a combination of my parents name!!!!!!!!! Love uhh………

  4. Thanks guys for from valuable suggestion, comments or motivation .
    N yaa fatarajo I will definitely teach u will u would like plz tell me would could I share my thoughts with u
    Thanks mukta ….

  5. Yaashi Adiyiwaith

    Nice going Shama…. Your ff is grt… ??

  6. Priya15

    Diiiiiiii…. How can u write like this di??? I mean seriously each and every scene u r just making me to feel awww…. That’s so cool… Love it.. Pls don’t say tqs to me di… Bcoz that idea was urs.. Hard work is urs I just said I want to see omi as a jealous person but the idea is urs di.. So pls don’t thank me…. That’s ur effort so the tqs and credits goes to u only… Luv u…

  7. sarita chauhan

    i lovd it what u write!!!!! ❤❤❤
    n eagerly waiting for nxt epii??? ???
    port it sooonn plzzx???

  8. I just wish that this would have happened in the real life Ishqbaaz. The twist of Anika being a rich girl, and etc. I would have really loved that. So, Shama hats off to you. Your story gets better in each episode. It is just mind blowing. Eagerly waiting for the truth that would be revealed.

  9. I have submitted the next just now 11:07 pm on 28 .8.16 I writing this becoz I want to know how much time it take to moderate

  10. sarita chauhan

    episode 22 is not posted till now??? where is it??? ???
    i jst cant wait yr???
    plzzz fast???

  11. Okay the storyline is good but like I don’t like how u keep showing heroes for the three lead girls and the guys have to fight for their love I mean it’s not fair. If u could intro someone for the three brothers the it’ll be more fun because right now it’s like the girls are making their loves stay away from them and making them jealous but what about the heroes. They even deserve to have a girl for themselves.

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