ishqbaaz ff by shama (episode 20)


Hi guys this is shama here ??
Sorry dear readers for confusing u all I will try to clear all u doubts ASAP n yaa guys sorry for no #shivika or #ishkara scenes in last two episodes .
Let’s begin with precap in details

In the previous part I told u all that omkara has gained consciousness n he asked about ishana to the doctors they told Om that ishana is fine now but weak for saving ur life she made many efforts n she inhaled more gas then u we saved her some how n when she gained consciousness she asked about u omkara I must say u both care for each other a lot .
Omkara asked where is she now I want to meet her ??
Doctor said that omkara she is going to discharge anytime. Her family is taking her back from here .. Doc thank u
He was thinking about ishana when he saw her sweet heart with anika he thought of going but till he could get up n go to meet her sweet heart but she was gone. He wanted to talk to her regarding suicide action she told me… he was feeling guilty that I because of me she survived a lot I should apology to her again n make a fresh start with her but whether she will agree
When I will be discharged I will go to her house to meet her n ask her whether we can start again n this time I will make her remember our sweet past n not the bitter this time I got an awsum idea to woo ishana that she will agree to restart
Whole family comes in to meet omkara in his room.
Shivaay n rudra hugged omkara – “o bro moment”
Everyone made omkara eat one by one his meals n for the first time when rudra asked amrishpuri to feed omkara n he avoided this question n was leaving the room when omkara stopped him by saying papa I am hungry ????
He made him eat the meal – father son moment.
@ singhania mansion – ishana’s room
She reached home n everybody welcomed her n helped her to go in her room she was taking rest when anika told that give me just 10 mins the food is ready I will just serve it for u dear ,n she left the room n Mr singhania came inside n sat near her n made her wear a religious moli dhaga which was very beautiful n it had gugru on it ishana loved it
Harsh was explaining the importance of it when he saw that ishana was behaving like a child when she saw that moli she was shaking her hand to listen the gugru sound which came from it he remembered his past with his wife she also loved this type of jewelleries n when she saw this kind of jewellery she will also become a child like this. He was remembering when ishana waved her hand in front of his face n asked aap kaha kho gaye …. He said I am thinking about nandini
Ishana said in excitement nandini anika’s mom plz tell me some thing about her she was having an innocent nature like anika di has he smiled n answered yaa ye Sadat toh usse hi mili hai par ye job 150 ton ka gussa uske naak ki shobha badata hai?woh mujhse mila hai gift me she laughs?
Anika came n said that tumhe mumma ke baare me jaana hai toh mujhe pocho main baatao GI naa she sets a mini dinner table for her on the bed n she says wow so cute
Table di plz plz feed me naa. They make her feed n after finishing the meal she showed the beautiful dhaga to anika n said that uncle gave me this..
Mona tells her every thing that she is the daughter of harshwardhan singhania n not Mr Patel n she is shaken from inside to know her real identity n she takes mental stress which straightly affected her health n she faints n the doctors took care of her .
She goes into depression .
Apart from this in the hospital room rudra tells the same thing n omkara is shocked to know ishana’s real identity n thinks about ishana’s stage when she will come to know about this she will try to kill herself again shivaay enters in and asked that what u said now say again who committed suicide
Omkara explains every thing to shivaay n rudra n they cupped their mouth ??????after knowing this that ishana tried to commit suicide after broke up shivaay understand y anika is so angry with him he tells omkara to meet n I will meet anika singhania n ask every thing.

Its morning
doctors approved the discharge n omkara was discharged he came to the reception n asked that where is ishana singhania home from the reception he gets the address then he sat in the car with shivaay n they go towards singhania mansion they were on road both were discussing that what to say n what to not in front of their sweet hearts….
They reached singhania mansion n got down from their car n shivaay cupped his mouths ??????????
Then shivaay says what a mansion???
Shivaay goes inside when omkara stops him saying that u r going wrong we have to go this side shivaay sees omkara with a weird look n how do u know that where to go ????
????omkara says I said like that a guess. He sees him again n he says the truth this time that he had came here earlier to meet ishana ?but she was not at home he told lie to shivaay for the first time n changed the topic immediately so he can’t ask anything else
He said some body used to say anika that she has no family surname n no status she is a middle class manipulative girl n many more things..
Shivaay said OK stop it let’s go inside
They went inside n shivaay asked omkara that where to go now he said
Stop it shivaay I only know ishana’s room u search ur sweet heart room n he goes to meet ishana…
Shivaay says Om toh badal gaya ishqbaaz kya bana yeh toh dagaabaaz bhi ho gaya aapni wali ka room maalum hai meri wali ka pata nahi lava sakta tha kya pichali bar jab yaha aaya tha … Now where should I go to search.. ???
He was thinking that kaha she start karu ye ghar hai yaa puzzle but I have to find anika when he heard some body coming towards him ???
Ab kya karu he hides himself behind the pillar n saw Mr. Singhania coming , he saying to his servant that badi madam anika ke liye breakfast ready kiya woh aapne room me hai n he signed towards her room because the servant was appointed 3days back so he didn’t know shivaay saw that her father was pointing the 2nd room on the first floor so when her father went he climbed the stairs n run towards anika room n closed it slowly .
He came there to confront anika about her life ,status, family name etc…….
# anshi scene
He was angry with her because she talked
Very rudely with him last night but he was awestruck seeing anika sleeping n he thought that how beautiful she looks when she is sleeping n he forgot every thing that he came here to confront her ..he saw that her sleep is getting disturbed by the sunlight?? n went to close the curtains so that her sweetie don’t wake up n said to himself that u should not wake up because she looks beautiful while she sleeps at least she didn’t fight he sees that some of the hair came on her face so he goes near her n plays with her hair n she smiles in sleep she loved the way shivaay touched her . and shivaay gets scared n he goes back some steps backward when he hits something he turns back n sees
?????? the new chameli he says sorry to chameli n then he says wow anika got new heeled chemali wow… Then he thinks why am I talking like anika have I gone mad ??? He makes weird faces n says iske saath rahate rahate pagal ho chuka hoon … What the wuck men .. I am apologizes to chameli o shit I mean a sandal…
And hides the new chameli so that anika can’t insult me again…
Anika has wake up now she opened her eyes n got up from the bed she said I have sensed some one here then she thinks maybe papa came here to check me.. Whether I have wake up or not n she checked for her chameli but she didn’t found it she sits down n searches for it she cupped her mouth???? n said o chameli got kidnapped..
Shivaay was behind the curtains n hits his head hard….
Anika says who kidnapped my poor chameli..
Shivaay sees chameli n said mind bechari no this can’t happen anika n her things r not bechari but dangerous for me…
Anika searched her sandals every where n she goes near the curtains n opens the curtains n she is shocked to c SSO there he leaved chameli on the floor because she was about to scream when shivaay cupped her mouth with his hands n by mistaken he keeps his leg on chameli n falls on anika on her bed…. Oh jaana played when she holded shivaay … N they shared an eyelock

# ishkara moment
@ishana room
Omkara reaches her door it was locked from inside n he heard ishana crying ??????
He tried to open the door but he failed so he took window route he opened the window n when he was coming inside the room he got hurt his hand was bleeding he said aaaa.
Ishana turned n saw omkara inside her room she asked omkara that how did he enter inside he was in pain he signed though window… She saw omkara in pain so she asked omi r u OK he was hiding his hand n ishana saw that ishana felt his pain she requested Om show me ur hand
Omkara said nothing happened to my hand ishana
She said then show me n she was shocked to c his hand was bleeding she told come sit here ….. She opened the drawer n took out first aid box she sat beside Om n started scolding him with love that u can’t take care of ueself you got hurt so badly show me…
He was constantly looking at her n said chot sabko dekhati hai par dard kisi ko nahi dekhata. She looked at him n remembered their meeting she started applying ointment on his wound after cleaning it. N said in reply that her chit aapna nishan nahi chudti or time ke saath bhar jaati hai or chot naasur bankar humesha tak lifa dena hai j we mera diya how a dhu ke job mene tum jese Apache insaan ko diya or dekho bhagwan ne mujhse merit identity hi jhil li yahi toh ek cheese bachi thi mere pass mere past baad. Lo ho gaya…
Omkara was in tears he said we all r not perfect dear everyone has some problem in his life in everyone’s a phase comes when they feel like they r broken n that time they need a support from their loved ones
He hugged her n said every thing will be fine don’t worry then he kissed ishana’s forehead . for some time ishana forgot every thing becoz omkara showed his pure n innocent love on her then she regained her senses n got up from bed…. N said plz leave me alone n go from here I understood that u came here for patch up but it is impossible to infinity…. Becoz we can’t forgive or forget our mistake we have done in the past so plz quit trying … We have only one relationship which is business relationship.. Oh plz mujhe paata hai ye baat par Maine soocha ki him phir se nayi shuruwat karte sakte hai par…
Ishana was not in a mood to forget her past…she got a call from vivaan
New character- Vivaan Vikram Rana
( younger bro of Siddhartha Vikram Rana)

???? thank u priya15 for the suggestion
Coming back to the ff omkara was going outside n he saw ishana’s phone ringing ???
He saw vivaah calling bymistake n goes back to her n gives her the mobile she takes it n gets an idea to stop omkara coming here again n again n thinks that it is very difficult for me to forget him n forgive his family so let’s end it in once…..

Scene changed n came to #anshi
They broke the eyelock n hug they get up n anika asked him that aap kaha se prakat ho gaye mujhe ye toh paata tha ke aapke ghar me aapke per o( legs)ko break fail
Ho jaate hai par aaj aapki gaadi mere ghar mere bedroom tak ke she pohach gayi…
When shivaay was about to give reply for her question the door knocked …….
They were shocked anika said shivaay hide in the bathroom he goes..
She opened the door it was none other than Siddhartha …
He said good morning dear …….
Shivaay ‘s face ???????
What the wack what he is doing here at this time he can’t leave anika alone forever
He was peeking through the bathroom door
When Siddhartha hugged her tightly
Anika stopped him she said him a kele nahi hai kamre me???? shivaay hitted himself hard…
Siddhartha asked what did u say dear…
She coved her mistake by saying that Iss ghar me him a kela nahi hai or bhi log yaaha rehte hai agar tumhe nahi paata hai…
He smiled n sat
Scene changed n came back #ishkara
Ishana told that I have moved on n u should too omkara

Precap omkara is shocked to hear this by her sweet heart n apart from this shivaay is irritated by Siddhartha becoz he was very close to her sweet heart n when he tried to come close to anika n thought to ? her n shivaay said ab bus bhi kar…

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