ishqbaaz ff by shama (episode 19)


Hi n hello to all of u thanks for commenting keep commenting n thanks for all the love which I am getting from u all since 18 episodes plz inform me whether I am going off track OK
So let’s begin with the last precap in details
Omkara was saved because of ishana n she was trying hard to bring omkara out but she faint n that time shivika came inside n rushed towards the hospital in ambulance
Both were serious .. Everyone followed them in their cars but suddenly due to heavy traffic jam the ambulance stopped shivaay called n informed the situation he used his power n call the force to clear the road n rumya used FM n media to request the public to make a short cut for them so that they can easily reach the hospital
In the ambulance
Shivaay was trying hard to wake omkara but he didn’t respond n anika tried the same for ishana n started crying n said to ishana that u can’t leave me alone n go like this shivaay thought that why is anika crying so much for an outsider then a call came to anika it was her dad online
He said that don’t worry dear every thing will be fine our ishana is very strong like u because she is ur sister dear she will be fine soon OK now listen to me carefully dear I have informed the hospital about the situation n they r ready with their team their have specialized in such cases .
They arrived the hospital n in no time ishkara was admitted n their condition was serious everyone reached there n prayed for ishkara
Doctors were in action because they knew that ishana is the younger daughter of singhania’s
Shivika was consoling each other n every body that every thing will be fine.
Everyone was shocked to see doctors were so active (this was singhania power)
N in no time nurses asked oberio family to sign the papers n give it back in that papers it was written that if anything happens to the patients during the procedure we r not responsible for it..
Tej signed the papers n gave it back n then the nurses went to anika n said plz sign here
Shivaay n all others were stunned they asked ishana’s father is here why r u asking anika to sign ???
The doctors told them we r asking her to sign becoz she is the sister of the patient
Mona asked her father about this n he told that ishana is not my real daughter I adopted her from an orphanage she is the real sister of anika .
Everyone was shocked to hear this….
Anika signed the papers n looked at shivaay ..
Shivaay understood everything that why anika used to defend ishana always…
And then another shock for shivaay …
Siddhartha came there with a cup of coffee n sat near anika n said plz have it anika otherwise ur sugar level will come down n then when ur little one will wake up than she scold me that u didn’t take care of my sister u allowed her to cry???
He wiped the tears n said I know u both sisters are very strong u can face any difficulty like a concrete now plz have some thing otherwise she will kill me..
He makes weird faces n she smiles n took the coffee n finished it.
He informed every one that not to worry they both will be fine because if any mistakes take place then the singhania ‘s will shut the hospital itself after all their daughter is inside
Another shock for everyone ???????????. that anika’s full name was anika singhania
The most richest n powerful lady even then oberios
Shivaay used to ask her her family name but she never told everyone that she is a singhania
Now shivaay was irked by Siddhartha n thought he knows every thing about anika too.
Siddhartha apologized to shivaay because he again snatched his lady love from him first gf of shivaay was none other than malika chodhaya n now anika singhania
Doctors came and announced that both r safe but weak
Shivika asked together to the doctor that can we meet them
Doctor said that now they r unconscious so u can’t meet
Siddhartha asked that when can we take ishana home he said after some hours because I know Mr. Singhania must be waiting eagerly for his daughter n he called me that at home I have arranged every thing here plz discharge her. So in few hours she will be at home with u anika
Anika was happy so she gave a tight hug to Siddhartha that my dear sis is OK n I will take care of her nicely at home
Siddhartha said I know dear u will.
Anika goes to drink water when shivaay throws water on her n says ab hojh me as jao dear bahut ho gaya enough is enough
Anika scolded shivaay that y r y showing me ur angry side like ur my husband n I have to answer u . u r nothing to me shivaay Singh oberio
N she goes from there n turned in the midway that I day told u to forgive my lil sister but u used ur powers to destroy her n c now my lil sister has saved omkara
N now I will sure that ishana stays far away from omkara n I should stay away from u shivaay
Siddhartha comes there n tease shivaay that u have a habit to ask surname now anika told u her surname which is singhania n now I will tell u her future surname which would be
Anika Siddhartha Rana n shivaay pulled him n catches his collar n said don’t u dare to do so because she is only mine I will clear a doubt of urs she will become anika shivaay Singh oberio n not Rana
Siddhartha told shivaay that this time I am serious about anika I will not let this happen shivaay says we will c that anika chooses me or u as husband
Omkara regains consciousness when he got up he saw anika taking ishana home

Sorry guys I posted late but what I can do I wrote this article 2times n it got deleted
N this is the 3 attempt
Sorry for no scenes on ishkara n shivika

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