ishqbaaz ff by shama (episode 18)


Hi n hello guys , I am really sorry for keeping u waiting actually I finished this article yesterday night itself but somehow when I was about to post or submit it got erasered itself so this is the second time I am writing sorry for inconvenience.
I know u readers were waiting eagerly for this episode so here it comes with precap details;-
Guys in the previous part I spilted shivika because of some reasons which I will reveal in today’s episode that y I made switched couple’s.
The game was going nice all the ishqbaaz couples were selected n they were waiting for their turn .
Apart from shivaay was on the boundary to blast??
He can’t see anika with anybody else more that him he thought that I have only the right to give her order and this Siddhartha is giving her order so sweetly to sit n I am getting diabetes by seeing so sweet n cute bond.
He was constantly watching them with anger? n then some thing happened strange .,……. Anika was carrying Siddhartha’s mobile with her n she received all the call personally as if she is his PA or wife.. She came behind shivaay unknowingly n a call came anika picked the call n said yes papa u will to him..
Shivaay was shocked to hear that anika use to call vikram Rana dad…..
She goes to Siddhartha n tries to inform him that his father is on the call n wants to talk but she can’t go in between n disturb him because he was talking to his clients who were enjoying the party so she called Siddhartha by a pet name which was none other than shonaa. N this made shivaay cross his temper n he said that I thought that this girl used to keep only my names but she had crossed the limit now this means they r bf n gf….
Shivaay said stop it anika nahi toh usse pehle tumhe punish karu gaa. I mean she can only keep my pet names not Siddhartha’s
He said in his mind that ab panika ko hojh me Lana hoga Mann toh karte raha hak ki jiss paani se woh mujhe punish karti thi ussi paani me Siddhartha or isse dubha du
Till he could do so rumyas dance was finished n it was the turn of shivaay n tia ,Tia came n dragged shivaay to play he was on the stage… N TV gave them comment to sing…
Anika turned n was laughing in her mind that asur besura hai…
But….scene changed n it was showing a hood woman who was trying to go inside to spoil their fun but she failed each time because this time the security was in janvi’s hand n not Svetlana .Svetlana use to leave loop holes in the security so that the rivals can attack safely n exit safely ..
But this time janvi was extra alert she was enjoying the party with ten but in every 10 mins she used to check through her device is every think safe.. Tej observed this n complimented janvi for so high class security n said from now onwards u will handle the security in home too she agreed n thanked tej for this but she saw a hood woman coming inside so she ran with the security n came to know that somebody came n spoiled the air conditons with poisioness gas … n pressed the security alarm that we r not safe here anymore …. Janvi informed everyone that some body has spoiled our ac n now it will release poison anytime plz save everyone life.
Every one was shocked to hear the alarm.. N they cancelled the game n ran towards the exit n in no time the poisoned gas started to spread all over janvi ordered to close all the window as well as doors so that poisioness gas can’t come out
Security closed every thing according to janvi’s instruction.
And everyone thanked janvi for saving their life’s. Janvi apologized to everybody that its my mistake that I didn’t focus on air ventilation tej stopped her by saying that how could u know that from where problem will arrive n u saved all of us in time so thanks
Oberio family was tensed … That another threat happened .. Janvi ordered the security that close the main line of ventilation..
Rumya n anika asked where is omkara n ishana..?? R they inside .
Shivaay n anika tried to call them they got tensed n tried to enter inside but every body stopped them to do so.. They asked y r they together
Flash back
Ishana was talking to harshwardhan n a waiter spoiled her dress by juice so went to restroom to clean it so she is inside
Shivaay told that omkara is inside because he wanted to bring his important file..

Scene changed
Ishana n omkara were inside .. They didn’t heard the security alarm..
They both were stuck now with each other
Inside art gallery n were thinking where have everybody went ..
Scene again shifted to outside the gallery shivaay n anika were trying to go inside n help them but failed to do so

Inside the art gallery
Omkara wanted to sort the matter with ishana n ishana wanted to focus on her motto
Omkara started the convo … When ishana was going he said that
Ishana I again apology for what happened with u in the jail , really sorry dear
I was unaware of it that u were tortured so badly when u told me I came to know about it
Ishana turned n said its OK omkara don’t apology again n again becoz one day u only told me that we can’t fix anybody’s emotions which were hurt just by an explanation or sorry .. She continues
She said that the same thing is applied on me too. I have broken ur heart by cheating on u but when I tried to explain u said the same thing like I can’t heal ur wounds which I have given u in gift u can’t heal heal my wounds which ur family gave me in return
He said that humara rishta bahut unique hai because we r bounded with pain n we can understand each other emotions becoz we thought that we were connected with pain n our souls . he said that humesha jab ek rishta tooth ta hai dono ka dil bhi tooth hai or agar ko ek us rishte ko bachane ke liye jhokta hai toh nothing is wrong in it isha..
Ishana told that don’t call me isha..
Becoz now to don’t have any relationship with me similarly I can’t call u omi..
Omkara thought that what happened to her???
She is telling that I have to right on her he was angry so he came closer to ishana in anger
Ishana sensed that he is hurt by my word n now he is angry he will kill me when omkara came a step forward she took a step backwards because she has faced his anger earlier on that broke up so she was scared n warned omi not to come close..
Omkara holded her very tightly in anger?
And said tumhe samjhana kitna mushkil hai ur so complicated … Pehle tumne galti ki or maine tumhe maaf nahi kiya or ab tum same cheese fir se repeat kar rahi ho .. Its ok becoz we both were hurt but u have no right on my feelings its my problem if i still feel for u so u have right to stop me ..
U can hide ur feelings behind ur anger like I did one year back but trust me dear I can’t forget u n u can’t forget me so easily..
She said leave me omkara it hurting me
He replied u hurted me by ur words now so..
She pulled him back n said u don’t even know what happened with me when u rejected me for riddhima
?????? she said that I was hurt by ur engagement n then physically I was broken I didn’t want to breathe anymore so I committed suicide
Omkara was shocked to hear this ???? n said what ?????
U committed suicide because of me??
She said yes n I was successful I jumped from the 3rd floor of the hospital but I was saved in time
??? omkara expression guys he started scolded ishana for doing such silly thing
Scene changed the security told everyone that we checked he CCTV camera video .
N we found that there is some gas remained in art gallery after switching off the ventilation system
Shivaay said what?????????
Anika was crying for ishana n omkara ???
She said do some thing shivaay otherwise
Shivaay said don’t cry dear nothing will happen to them we will save them together OK we will do some thing….
She agreed ….
Scene changed omkara scolded ishana n by mistaken he inhaled poisoned gas n he started to loss his control on his body the poison was working….
N ishana started coughing because she also inhaled gas..
N omkara faints n ishana holded him in her arms she got scared …
N started to cry ???
That what happened to u omi plz get up becoz I have to tell u a secret n u have to punish the calprits.. Plz get up I can’t see u like this in pain n she slowly slowly started dragging omkara but failed because she was also feeling weak but she continued with her efforts ..
Out side anika informed her dad every thing n he got tensed… But encouraged anika that our ishana is very strong she will b OK
For safety reasons ambulance arrived on the stop ..with a team of nurses n doctors
It was 1hour now they were inside….

Anika got an idea of save them which she shared with shivaay n shivaay agreed n arranged every thing which was needed to execute this idea
Till that ishana was came to the halfway n left omkara for some time there n went n took a sculpture n broke the glass of the door she broke it in half..
The voice reached outside n everyone saw ishana trying hard to break the doors but till that happened the gas started to come out side n shivika was ready with masks they distributed all the masks to everyone…
And then shivaay ordered to break the door to the security
Till that ishana broked the glass n went to omkara n said that now every thing will be fine u will get up soon n she bought omkara but she inhaled all the gas n fainted
Shivika broke the door n was inside now both were tensed for ishana n omkara they bought them out and immediately rushed to the hospital in ambulance …..
And oberio family was following the ambulance n apart from this harshwardhan used his power to clear the route the media was covering the situation n they requested too
N rumya went to FM station n announced the present situation n requested the public to make a safe short cut for the ambulance
N finally everyone efforts worked they got the shortcut
Anika was losing her senses n shivaay continued to console her
Ishkara was in danger their heartbeats were slow.. N shivika got tensed n scared
N they reached the hospital n ishkara was very serious
Everyone reached there n everyone was praying for their life’s
The doctors were trying hard to save them
Shivika n rumya continued to console each other

Bye guys c u

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