ishqbaaz ff by shama (episode 17)


Hi n hello to all my dear readers I am glad that u all the liking my track n thanks a lot for commenting guys in my previous episode I tried to clear all ur doubts regarding ishana’s character n now I am introduce new characters which will bring a solid twist in my ff
* harshwardhan singhania – the famous business man from profession n a reputated member of various noble organizations such as NGOs, he is listed in top 10 people who r very rich. Father of anika. And a guardian of ishana’s family.
Anika harshwardhan singhania- The girl with a soft n sensitive heart innocent by nature but it comes to family she is the most dangerous lady who cares for her family.
Nandini harshwardhan singhania – anika’s mother I who is no more.
The track changer roles:

Vikram Rana – the business rivals of oberios. N the family friend of singhania’s from childhood.
Anita – she handles a NGO n knows everything about oberios
( the hidden secrets of oberio family)
Siddhartha vikram Rana –
( karanvir singh bohra )the heir of Rana empire n now the most close person to anika.
So let’s begin with the precap in the previous episode.
Guys I hope that u will love this becoz its game changer or track changer episode.


If u guys remember one day Omkara asked anika in the NGO that where she was for 1year.she didn’t reply his question today u all will get to know about what happened after anika Left oberios n went out of Mumbai with ishana n her family she called her father for the first time n explained him everything her dad told her not to take much stress n come back home.
(Some where in Delhi) she said no need I will manage on my own n disconnected the line his dad said I know u very well dear ur like ur Mom she made has identity on her own n u also have her Jeans in u I am always proud of u. But he was tensed for her so his called his childhood friend vikram Rana n explained everything to him
Vikram Rana said don’t worry harsh I will take care of ur daughter anika.
So the next day he offered anika to work with Rana’s n she agreed with him n joined the job and met Siddhartha Rana for the first time he was arrogant business man like SSO she said to herself that
Bhagwan ji aapne meri hi kundli me saari problems likh di kya ?? ???mujhe saare bhagad bille kyun milte hai . On the first meeting itself anika scolded Siddhartha Rana for wasting money n the impact was good on him . gradually anika started changing Siddhartha Rana as well as the atmosphere on that house every body was loving her work n thought of keeping her forever vikram Rana liked harshwardhan’s daughter n he wants to make anika his daughter in law he discussed it with Rana family n they were very happy with this everyone accepted anika as her future daughter in law in their hearts. Siddhartha Rana was changing becoz of anika he loved her company n forgets his gf Malika whenever he is with anika
He was having an affair with a married lady malika kabeer chudhory (surbhi jyoti) n left her becoz of having interest in anika
But not yet discussed or finalized any relationship between anika n Siddhartha vikram Rana. So she was with Rana’s for 1year n now back to Mumbai with ishana n her family becoz destiny called them back..

Coming back to the ff -:
Janvi has arranged a mind blowing party @ the art gallery
Tej appreciatef her for such an unexpected party the party was a theme party all the gorgeous ladies in red n all the dashing men in black. Rumya setted this theme it was evening time when the guests started coming n the oberio brothers reached with a bang there was all the media n security arrangements for danger situation
When the oberio brothers arrived the venue the bgm played most wanted munda…
Tejanvi was the host for tonight many guests complimented them that they look beautiful together. They smiled n welcomed everyone… Tej complimented janvi that ur looking ravishing today she smiled n complimented him too.Svetlana was jealous seeing their bond n pinky added fuel to this …
Everyone congratulated Omkara for merging his profession with ishmo
Every one was enjoying the party when the female leads ishana n anika came there in red dresses n when they entered media amid them n security has to come in between n the bgm on their entry played fashion ka jalwa… Everybody was stunned to see anika n ishana becoz they became center of attraction both were complementing each other n tej n shakti was shocked to know that ishana is the director of ishmo who has merged with Omkara ..
Shivaay n Omkara was only looking at their sweet hearts they were awestruck by their beauty for the first time shivaay had no words to express that how gorgeous anika was looking he forgot everything when he saw her.. As if the moment is stopped for him o jaana played…
He was about to compliment anika when he saw ????Siddhartha vikram Rana with her n stopped in the midway .he holded anika from his hand which made shivaay Singh oberio?????terribly jealous…
He said to himself oh now I got it to whom she was talking yesterday she had no other option in her life that she chose Siddhartha vikram Rana over me he was feeling like I wish I had a gun with me omru understands what was feeling so they asked shivaay what happened??

He answered that I want to murder some one now with a gun he was blasting like a??? when he saw Siddhartha Rana touching her lady love like setting her hair on the other side holding hand in hand laughing with each other cracking jokes made shivaay like a human bomb he thought that first I kill Siddhartha Rana , and shivaay felt more jealous when anika avoided him n calls Siddhartha Rana by different names like kaju , shonaa Mr.handsome etc… He thought that now stop it anika otherwise I will throw full tanker of water of u ???? so that u stop calling him with different pet names
Ishana sensed that shivaay is terribly angry n jealous so she messaged anika that stop it di otherwise ur died today don’t c Mr sso i guess he will explode anytime she got scared n started to keep distance from him too. The situation was very dangerous rumya sensed that n made a plan that now they all will play an interesting game named the most romantic ishqbaaz of this party..
Rules of this game rumya told everyone that u can see the lcd TV over there n near that a buzzer our dear dadi is the judge
We will press this buzzer n it will select a men from my team n a girl from somya’s team n after selection the TV itself will give u a command that what u have to perform doesn’t matter singing, dancing, shayari competition, or compatibility test that how much a couple knows each other..
Everyone asked who will take this compatibility test rumya reliped our TV…
Everyone is shocked …
In this game everything will be gone by this TV..
So first let’s begin with an ishqbaaz jodi selection.
Om n shivaay asked rudra how this TV will select a couple rudra says easy bhaiyya u were tensed about the security so mom feeded a list of all the guest present here from that it will select an ishqbaaz jodi n yes u have to spend ur whole time with ur game partner till this party ends they all agreed n the selection started
The first ishqbaaz couple is none other then real life partners tej n janvi they were selected first everyone clapped n encouraged them. Then the software which sometimes uploaded starts speaking the TV gave the task to tej n janvi to dance on the floor as a couple but on a paper n whenever the music stopped the paper will fold n u have to resume dancing till u fail n step out of the paper….
Tejanvi comes on the stage a start to dance n the song was played by the TV itself janam janam played but at one moment tej was about to step out or disbalanced when janvi holded him tightly n this made Svetlana angry n she left the party pinky gets happy n congratulated rumya for such an awsum victory…
Tejanvi got clean chit from the game then they pressed the buzzer again n this time it

Was rumya they had to dance on a party song they rocked on the floor with the music suraj dobha hai yaaro…
Ishqbaaz couples for this game goes like this
Shakti+ pinky
Stay happy n wait for the next one
Shivaay was already jealous now he will definely blast

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