ishqbaaz ff by shama (episode 16)


Hi guys over there who was eagerly waiting for my next ff so it here it arrived like I also say thank u for ur support let’s begin with the ff.

Note – thanks for the information just u guys r having some doubts on ishkara track let me clear that first in my ff ishana is changed due to circumstances now she wants Omkara to feel the same pain if she felt when her ?? so she has to comeback to Omkara’s life again so that she can she can take a kind of revenge not from Omkara but from oberio family becoz they used their surname power to destroy my life n my family too due to that broke up fight she knows a big secret of senior oberios tej n shakti by be4 she could reveal the secret she was behind the bars not becoz of ishkara broke up but becoz of that secret she was tortured badly… Tej n shakti doesn’t want ishana as her daughter in law of oberios so they called riddhima that day n filled poison in her mind so that she wins Omkara’s heart n fits there as Queen she did the same what was instructed to her by tej n she defeated me n won Omkara from me…

Actually ishana knows the actual reason behind the attacks which r done by their enemies n tej is scared on ishana that she will reveal my biggest secret that what happened 15 years back and if the secret is revealed in front of oberio brother’s or family they will not forgive tej n shakti n oberios reputation will be destroyed in media our all businesses will shut down n we will be behind the bars n they doesn’t want this to happen so they used Omkara as shield to save them from their past if ishana came to know accidentally one day…

Tej n shakti arrived to the jail secretly without any ones knowledge they came to me n warned me not to reveal their secret n for asking where is the proof
( the videotape in which we as accepted our sins) but I didn’t utter a word .so they proceeded towards out side to talk tej ordered the police force that u have to torture her till she opens her mouth n utter some thing about that video n police helped him to hide their sins behind their fake concern for Omkara . n they tortured me a lot but I didn’t utter a word n when I was to die after that torturing session anika saved me by them n closed all the case’s on me. And I got the clear chit from the superior authorities that now was a free bird .anika used her surname power n fired everyone who tortured me but she is also unaware of this Truth.
Ishana comes back to reality n says I have only one motto now to reveal that secret in front of everyone so that oberio family punishes their family in the same way they punished me .so for that I have to reenter in omkara’s life so that I can do justice with me n the rest….
Then when she was thinking about this an invitation arrived by oberios to her that was for a grand party for ishmo company n Omkara for their success .
Ishana was Happy to c that invite she took it in her hands to said thanks for organizing this party its a golden chance for me to try

Scene changes
@oberio mansion
Rumya took ishana’s personal number by net and called her to invite personally rumya was happy that the call connected..
Scene shifted to ishana her phone was ringing?? she received it.
And said hello rumya was on the other end they felt happy becoz after a long while they heard ishana’s voice they said hello we r rumya means dumbbell oberio n moti
Ishana was Happy to hear dumbbell oberio after a long pause she said dumbbell oberio I got ur invite don’t ado ( worry) I will come there

( she thinks in her mind I will surely come becoz I want to see tej n shakti reaction)
Rumya said thanks n disconnected the call. They got excited n said to each other that this party will bang …

N they suddenly stopped talking because they saw Omkara n shivaay coming in with???? angry faces n remained silent .

Omkara n shivaay straightly went their rooms in anger they were thinking about their Darlings …
Mobile Singh oberio was jealous Singh oberio now.
And Omkara also turned into angry young man avatar becoz of ishana’s behavior…..
They both where thinking about the call timing they were about to express their emotions n just then that stupid call came n they were thinking about the caller that I wish I could kill him… Ishana n anika ignored us at different times becoz of that call they were scolding the caller…
(Anika’s father harshwardhan singhania)

@ singhania mansion
The girls arrived singhania mansion n saw uncle harsh squeezing he told them definely oberios r scolding me indirectly becoz of u both they would be planning that how to kill me ( unknowingly) scene changed for a while which showed Omkara n shivaay angry???

@singhania mansion everybody started laughing on harsh condition???
They can’t control their laughter for more
Ishana told about the party invite to everyone..
Everyone celebrated with a dance on the famous track badtameez dil where Mr.singhania played saxophone .. Everyone danced a lot that the time arrived to reenter in oberio mansion with a bang
Harshwardhan singhania warned anika n ishana to continue their drama to avoid oberios…. Harsh called his designer n told about the party that he has to design for her daughter’s
Anika got angry that what is the need for show off .ishana made anika calm n plz understand that this is needed for our plan

Harshwardhan told anika that don’t act like ur mom ur her carbon copy she was so innocent by heart n by soul she also didn’t like show off n she warned me that afterwards of our separation or be4 that she will never use my surname..
Ur r like ur mother beta …. I am proud of u that u took ur mother values n ur like her when u arrived my life I thought that she came back in u..
( anika’s mother – nandini harshwardhan singhania is no more)
Anika saw her bracelet n missing her mumma..
Ishana can’t c anika sad that y she cheered her with her dance n pakao shayaris
They all laughed n then anika sensed that still ishana misses Omkara some where in her ? but nowadays she doesn’t show this

She has to forget Omkara harsh thinks….
In flashback that bought her home and she told me about the oberios secret she showed me that video not to anika ..
But poor ishana don’t know that I was searching a proof which would destroy oberios n she gave me that n that video clip is in my custody now I will take revenge from tej Singh oberio he thinks says that I will never ever allow oberio brother’s to come near my Darling anika n ishana…
I will destroy them so badly that they can’t getup from this shock so easily n my Darling daughter’s will help me unknowingly n indirectly becoz they don’t know what oberios can do … Ishana was like a daughter to harshwardhan singhania
Everyone went to their rooms n slept but harsh was sitting n talking with a huge portrait in his room

( whom portrait was it ? It is a secret which will be disclosed afterwards)
He said to the photo that the time has come dear ….now I will ruin the oberios badly dear they were like a storm in life …
Now I will enter in their life’s as a destructive storm n in no time they will be failed dear…
N u know what my sweet hearts will break their hearts indirectly when they will come to know the hidden truth behind the lights I am sad that my sweetie will hate themselves for loving oberios n after knowing the truth they will kill oberios with their own hands …
N then they will throw oberios out of their memories too. I am eagerly waiting for that day to come .. OK good night dear tomorrow is very special day becoz anika n ishana r going to that party n then oberios destruction will start from tomorrow I was waiting for this to happen..

@oberio mansion on dinning table
Rumya informed about the party Omkara n shivaay was shocked becoz they was not in a mood to party or celebrate but they had a mood to murder that stupid person who called their darlings on wrong time..

Shivaay n Omkara said that what’s the need y celebrate we both have urgent work..
Rumya said that tomorrow evening is the party so u finish ur work ASAP otherwise forget about work for tomorrow rumya signals dadi to say some thing
Dadi said that Om billu plz agree rumya is requesting so sweetly n they r right that what ever work u have finish it n come you people know that janvi has organized this party for especially shivaay n omru.

Shivaay n Omkara says wow really then they said with a weird face ?????
That we will come ….
But tell me one thing who r the guests coming in the party give me a proper list so that I can take care of security personally…
Rumya looks at each other with weird expressions on their faces that what to do now but janvi says to shivaay that I am taking care of this personally I will not let u down beta …
Omru n shivaay says no need to explain maa if u took the charge then we r tension free…. Nothing will go wrong
Janvi says thanks for trusting me I will make sure that everything goes perfectly
Rumya takes a breathe of sigh
Svetlana comes there to give tej some important documents and hears everything n becoz angry with tej that he is going out of my control nowadays …

Pinky sees half jethani irked so she makes her more by adding fuel to the fire…
She says waah jethani ji bhale hi der se par aapne aapni cheesezo par hak jamaana c khaliya or mujhe pata hai ki aapko Jo responsible milti hai aap usko 200% carefully nibhate ho kyu ki aap apno ki kadar karte ho bahar wali ki tarah nahi it was a signal for Svetlana to get lost….
She goes without uttering a word n janvi asks in a signal that what was this???
Pinky told her???? best of luck n dadi did the same she smiles n everyone goes to sleep ..
Rudra messaged somya best of luck for tomorrow moti sorry dear
She replies same to u protein shake oberio I mean Rudy…. By nice name
They both delete SMS n smiles … N they sleep
Its early morning when janvi have organized everything like music DJ ,catering, dance floor decoration etc…

Everyone got up n was stunned to c everything ready…
Mr.amrishpuri thinks about janvi that she is so responsible n caring tej gets a call from Svetlana he gets a weird expression on his face he was speaking to her when he saw her wife in a beautiful saree n stopped …
Pinky says to shakti that old love is blossoming around …. She shows tej’s expression for his wife they smile???? that love is in the air….

Then tej saw the breakfast plate closed n he disconnected the call n scolded her dear janvi with love that y didn’t u have ur breakfast ??? U no naa that ur health ??
Omru n shivaay sees his concerned about janvi n smiles..
Tej opens the breakfast n make janvi sit in front of him n eat breakfast janvi smiles
And haves her breakfast n she was eating when she started coughing tej got tensed he goes n makes her drink the water

Everyone is shocked to c tej n janvi love side n everyone thinks in mind that they should also try to resume their beautiful relationship with a fresh beginning….

Precap its evening when the guests started coming the security was awsum n high class when tejanvi means tej n janvi was welcomed everyone like a couple …
And Svetlana was standing aside n burning in anger when rumya started dancing on suraj dobha hai yaro… With a bang
And the light went for a while n its came back with the leads anika n ishana on the entrance tej is shocked to c ishana…

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  1. your ff is treat for me too interesting.waiting for next

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  4. Thanks for motivating me n I have submitted the next one it is in process

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    Omg amazing Shama u r too good

  6. I just read all parts and it’s superb dear but one thing is if om and shivaay aren’t married u should let anika and ishana know that they both are still single. And dear I agree u are doing it like this because om and shivaay did wrong but ishana and om are also hurting shivaay and anika indirectly by making them jealous. And they shouldn’t do that at least. Pretend they have moved on. Sorry if I hurt u dear but I thought it was wrong sorry dear

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