ishqbaaz ff by shama (episode 15)

?hi n hello to my dear readers I am glad to know that ur loving my track thanks for motivating me by ur superb comments on a special demand I will make this ff lengthier but becoz I have received many demands for making my ff lengthier I am happy with the response which I am getting for my first ff really it means a lot to me…
Note- my dear readers I have to clear ur doubts regarding this ff one of my readers asked me a question that how can the main female leads ishana n anika forgot everything when they see their loved ones…

In everybody’s life a phase comes when they are broken n they need someone’s support. They got each other as BFF .
But it’s not that they have forgotten everything in their part its a suspence that y the females leads r allowing shivaay n Omkara to re-enter in their life’s they have a reason behind this which I will disclose later in my upcoming episodes let’s begin with the precap in detail …
I ended the previous episode on a note in which all the leads were with their lady love
Shivaay hugged anika tightly n she was shocked with this action done by shivaay .

Outside the NGO n in the car ishkara shared an eyelock n at oberio mansion rumya dashed each other n they too shared an eyelock let’s resume with this precap.
Relationship status for #anshi
At present anika is terribly angry on shivaay becoz of her past her POV is first shivaay told me that I have developed interest for u I am falling for u n that time I was feeling the same for so we thought of our future relationship . how this happened vivi see in flashback mode
The flashback for anshi

Focusing on the actual current track Tia called of the marriage becoz she sensed that I and Billu have a unique sweet n sour bond and she was irked of me .she told shivaay that =
Shivaay baby what u were asking from her u wanted a kiss from her y I want to know
Shivaay ignored her n started fighting with me again
Anika – I was shocked to hear what he demanded now n I got angry on him n said him that previous I was thinking about our patchup becoz I thought that u have a heart which cares for ur family but not me billu ji
Shivaay said that don’t call me by that name
Anika says how can u ask anything from me I am not cheap re
Shivaay says cut ur stuff I don’t want to talk on this matter

Anika says I thought that ur a high class person with hifi thoughts but I was so wrong
He gets angry on her n pulled her n hold her tightly n said I was kidding nothing else don’t take it so seriously I have no interest in just girls like u
Anika says what do u mean by that u think I will obey all ur silly orders so I am sorry if ur not satisfied with me or my work n u can’t tolerate me anymore I am ready to resign.
He says u r always ready to resign right
She says no u give me reasons to do so..
And anika’s goes from there n Tia thinks what is happening

She calls off her marriage with shivaay n goes in anger n pinky scolds shivaay for this. The marriage was broken so I had no work there so I leaved the job but shivaay didn’t allow me to leave his life he used to call me for silly reasons n slowly we were attracted to each other we were bff now
Daily he used to call me n give daily updates of happened today n I used to tease him by singing my favorite song billu shaadi hogi…. He stops me all the time . one day my champa stopped in the midway at night n that time shivaay called me bymistaken I told shivaay that I am stuck in the midway he came there in just 10 mins
He told me that he can drop me home and I agreed becoz the weather was getting bad I was about to sit when it started raining n I was drenched by water….
We was on the way when I saw a person targeted shivaay I immediately reacted n pulled the starring wheel towards me n the car turned immediately and he shot missed a hit the back bumper shivaay was shocked n drive in full speed we saved our life’s but that person tried again n he missed again we took other way if was far away from oberio mansion I suggested shivaay that we can’t go now oberio mansion becoz their life’s will be at risk he agreed with me n we drove far away from oberio mansion n in the midway the car stopped due to empty tank I told billu that ur car is dabba waste now saved our life from that person but now we r stuck here its looks like a forest now him yaaha kya kare anika

She says angar sher hoge unke saath dinner karte hai he says can u plz shut up we were fighting again when we heard some body coming so we were hiding behind the bushes….
Behind the bushes shivaay got hurt suddenly n he didn’t express his pain but I sensed it so I holding his tightly n I saw a home over there n went there with shivaay he was feeling drowsy so I made him lie down on the bed n forcefully took the small mirror which hutted him badly he has lost blood due to this..
I stopped him n I helped him n for a sudden he pulled me towards him I guess due to pain.. I was in his arms n he was not allowing me to get up n he told me that I love u I was stunned…… N from that day our relationship changed …
I was not expecting this turn in my life .
He stood up some how n he falls on me I holder him I gave him my support n he kissed my forehead for a sudden I forgot to how to react I was in a shock that what is shivaay up to I made him sleep n I was about to leave room when he holded my hand n slept I tried hard but billu is so stubborn n she comes out of her flashback
She thinks that shivaay is trying to recreate our flashback but I denied to do so .. N he was angry he showed me his anger he twisted my hand n pulled me in his arms I said him to leave me otherwise…
He said that otherwise was ???

He were not alone by mistaken I touched my recent call tab which called my father he was listening our convo..
And he got angry n disconnected the call n immediately called ishana she was with Omkara in the car n she was about to ask Omkara some thing when she saw anika’s dad calling when she saw him calling n her eyebrows raised she got out of the car n she said what n rushes to save anika from shivaay Omkara thought that in fraction of seconds she rushed who called her that she left me alone he thinks that maybe she has moved on?? She messaged Omkara that she writes a shayari again for this situation it goes like this
Omkara zingadi jab maa u sa
Hoti hai jab hi mahsoos hoti hai
Sad to hear about ur break up but I promise u I will search a girl for u better than her after all I am ur friend I should help u in ur hard time n after messaging she gets sad n goes to anika …..

Scene changed shivaay was scolding anika that jab meri galti nahi hoti jab sunati ho or jab hoti hai tab jhod jaa to ho I mean this is not the way… She breaks the hug n turns back towards her car when she again gets a call from her dad …
She stops n picks the call she replied I am fine don’t worry I am reaching home
Shivaay looks at her??? who is on the line
She intentionally said in front of shivaay that I know u care for n I too .but take care of urself becoz ur the most precious gift for me u took nice care of my in this one year
Her dad understands what is she doing so he also join the drama but saying that I am now disconnecting the line u continue ur drama pretend like some other guy has took shivaay’s place in ur life she says hmmm….. OK
Baba I am sorry n yaa I love u my shonaa ur my whole life ……
She continues to pretend n avoid SSO
She sits in her car n drives off

Shivaay was giving angry young man look???? he was feeling jealous … So he hitted his car hard that who was on line n how dare she avoid me for that stranger..
She didn’t replied my single question n she was talking soon sweetly with whom
I was feeling like I would got diabetes by their so sweet convo…
He was burning in anger ??????
That who the hell she was talking so sweetly n she obeyed all the orders given by him but for me she just don’t turn up she didn’t obey my orders.. He continued to burn in anger n said I wish that she was not not talking to any guy or her bf otherwise I will kill him….. She can’t move on n reject me I am shivaay Singh oberio…..
He was driving ….
Scene changed anika called ishana Mona n her dad at the same time in conference n told them about bhagad billa oberio n they all started laughing….

Omkara was driving n was angry with ishana that how can she think about my marriage with some one else main pagal dikhata hu kya Jo main usko aakar ye baat batao ga ki riddhima or mera break up ho gaya tha bahut pahale it was a straight hint for her that I apology for all my mistakes I want u back in my life but yeah ladki bhi naa itni di baat iske samjh me nahi aai or an she wants that I should marry other girl she will help me kitna badal dil hai uska mere liye hi marriage bi u to kholna tha I mean isse jealous naam ki koi cheese nahi hoti I mean what the wack men
When I red that message I thought to kill her I mean how can she think about it
Main yaaha aaya tha aapna or uska match banane but issne toh match making karni suru kar di arrey she can’t understand that I was single becoz of her ?????

Ishana informs anika about today’s meeting with Omkara n I used the trick which u told me earlier……
They laugh on the situation of bhagad billa oberio n zulfi Singh oberio….
Apart from this rumya was ready with their second plan
Janvi dadi n rumya arranged a surprise party for Omkara becoz he started working on his own with ishmo company they were arranging everything because tomorrow they had to execute their 2nd plan
For inviting every special guest somya announced it on radio that tomorrow is a huge party on oberio mansion I guess the biggest party of the year but no media allowed no photos allowed this is purely close get together party where some close relations can only come…..
In whole night this news was spreaded like fire n rumya get happy
They sent special invites to ishana’s residence becoz she was the owner of ishmo company

Somya sent an invite to NGO which directly reached to anika’s residence
Will they come in the party ???
Will the female leads make the oberios more jealous????
Will anika n ishana come alone in the party
N how will shivaay n Omkara react after they get toto know about the party ???
Will this party bring all the couples closer ???
Sorry guys for short but interesting update
But I can’t disclose this now
Stay blessed n happy
Gud night

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    I am a silent reader. But i have to say your ff is amazing. I really enjoy reading your ff. Keep it up and all the best?

  7. Naaginfanforever

    I am a silent reader. But i have to say your ff is amazing. I really enjoy reading your ff. Please continue

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