ishqbaaz ff by shama (episode 14)


First of all I am really sorry guys for keeping u waiting for the suspence which anika n rumya has created in the previous episode now its the time to reveal the curtains behind this which suspence is hidden.. N a special sorry to anshi fans in today’s episode there will be scenes of all the tremendous couples n I will write in detail today n I will disclose other secrets behind the broke up n how will rumya rock the floor with their tremendous plan let’s begin
In the previous episode I gave a precap in which Omkara n shivaay has realized their mistake n rumya hugged each other n they were ready for the second step.
Scene 1 – @ oberio mansion
It was morning when everyone was having their breakfast n rumya arrived there according to their plan they had to fight like that broke up fight last year between #ishkara n #anshi
They came n sat on their seats with angry faces Omkara n shivaay sensed that and asked rumya that y r they angry with each other…
In return they got no response ….???
They started eating with angry face n when Omkara n shivaay asked the same question again rudra replied that no need to ask the same question again n again I will tell u bhai he to shivaay that u were so right bhai this girls are all the same this girls always fight unnecessary …..
Somya looks up with an angry look n leaves her breakfast in half n says unnecessary what that this means…. U have insulted me in front everyone I have the right to b angry n u don’t have
Shivaay remembers his break up fight with anika she used the same words which somya is using now
Rumya sees the impact of their fight n continues to do so becoz it was breaking the ice on his brother’s relationship
Rudra continues with his dialogue which shivaay used earlier for anika he said I just told the truth to the college nothing else but in return u gave me so rude reply…..
They continued to fight n shivaay tried to stop them but rudra told him that with out knowing the whole matter u can’t keep ur judgement n this sentence hitted shivaay mind like a hammer he thinks that rudra is saying correct its my habit to judge people without knowing their part I think I have done a blunder mistake by throwing anika from my life
Omkara tries to handle the situation but somya asks his that her kisi se koi na koi galti hoti hai life me but Iss ka ye matlab nahi hota ki woh shaks aapko samjhta nahi usse bhi toh mistake ho shakti hai Omkara thinks about ishana that it is possible that ishana was about to reveal her secret to me becoz she trusted me…..
They both started thinking when dadi gave signal to end this fight with a bang…
Rumya ended their fight with a bang they said to each other that if we r not happy with our friendship relationship because in any relationship trust is the most important thing the unbreakable trust if anyone comes n says anything to u . u will agree n punish me without knowing or asking my explanation
Omkara n shivaay realized their mistake of not asking a explanation from their sweet hearts…..
Rudra gets a hint to shivaay that how to find anika
He said a dialogue that life is full of accidents if we have done any mistake we cant rectify it because life is not like camera that we can pause or rewind it.. After the horrible fight rumya comes to dadi room where janvi n dadi congratulated them for the first successful step she an Billy or Om dono ko samjh aaya hogs ki ek coin ke two sides note hai . they have only saw their part but not the girls part ..
Janvi says aap bill kul sahi keh rahi hai n yaa u killed the floor rumya
Somya n rudra reacted immediately what rumya janvi says its a combination of ur name guys they loved their name rumya n smiled n said sorry to each other for reacting so harshly outside …
They all celebrated their success n were ready for the second hammer attack
Somya goes to Omkara’s room to thank him for being such a nice friend n brother n said that I am leaving this place becoz rudra thinks that I have spoiled his love story with romi
Omkara gets a shock n tries hard to stop somya but somya didn’t turn up she started packing her luggage n Omkara said that ur relationship can’t break u have a cute relationship u should stay here with otherwise how come that duffer oberio will understand his mistake by hurting u
She says bade Baal wale bhaiyya every relationship has a end n this is it….
If a person says that he didn’t need u anymore in his life so its better to leave him…. Omkara thinks that ishana did the same with me
She continues with another hammer attack n if now or afterwards rudra understands his mistake then also I am having no right to come in his life Omkara understands the depth of that sentence and comes to a conclusion that how ishana can come back in my life becoz she still thinks that I am married…. N she had thought the same way somya is thinking now
Apart from this rudra also injected the same in shivaay’s mind that if I will apology n want her back in my life she would not come back in my life becoz she has no right on me…..
Rumya hugged each other that we have done it…..
Shivaay remembers rudra’s words n thinks about a idea he remembers his accident his family told him that anika saved his life in time
He gets into his car and rushes towards hospital
Scene 2
He comes to know about he was brought here by anika’s car his mind strikes he asks the security to show him the CCTV footage the staff shows him the footage in which anika bought him hecsays stop the footage on the entrance n zoom it …
They do the same
And shivaay clicks a pic of anika’s car number plate n goes from there and calls his detective friend that I have found a idea which will help u to search my sweet heart
He says that I have sent a pic on your mobile its anika car number call the rto n ask about her….
Detective – what a brilliant idea I will get u no about it soon… I will call u after getting the details..
Shivaay says I caught u sweet heart now we will meet each other soon dear….
Omkara gets a call from the NGO by Anita the owner
She said that u told me omkara that whenever ishana comes here call me she says ishana is here plz come soon
Omkara drives off to meet ishana in NGO
Scene changes too anika’s residence
She was busy with some work n she gets a call n said what??? Shivaay got a clue how come papa??

Yes she called and explained her father harshwardhan singhania yesterday night that I don’t want shivaay to come here
Her father that its all ur mistake u saved shivaay by ur personal car now he will reach u with rto information just leave the house with ishana n Mona
Anika hits her forehead by her hands n says what I should do now
Harsh said come to me now otherwise u three r finished…. I am sending my car
Shivaay got anika’s address n he rushes towards her home when shivaay enters anika gets into the car n goes to her dad
He comes n she goes….
Then shivaay reacts immediately that I guess I saw anika he turns his car n follows her car but he misses her car for a while n then he caught her in full speed he overtakes anika’s car ……
Anika comes out n shivaay comes out
Anika goes near shivaay n scolds shivaay that what r u about to do while scolding she falls on him n o jaana plays …
She tries to getup but shivaay don’t allow her ….
N she gets up n goes.. n shivaay goes and holds her hand from back n hugs her tightly the moment freezes there.
Scene 3
Omkara reaches there he saw ishana there playing with children she was blind folded her eyes was closed she came to Om n holds him n says I caught u I was trying so hard to catch u but u didn’t turn back
Omkara replied I am sorry
She opened her blind fold n scene freezes
Omkara made her wear the locket n he whispered in her ears I am sorry dear n I am not married she is shocked
She turns n looks at him with a serious look
He gives him a note n waits for her in the car she reads the note
I am waiting for u outside if u can forget our bitter past and come we will sort out our differences amid us. She comes out n sits in Omkara’s car …..
She last on the back seat n not the front seat Omkara gives her a angry look that sit with me at the front otherwise this car will not start.. She get down n sits in the front
They looks each other n share a eye lock
@oberio mansion
Rumya discuss about the second step n their doubts in that plan they discuss it with janvi n dadi they got excited after they heard the plan janvi says the plan is on I will do all the arrangements..
Rumya comes out of of dadi’s room n bangs each other they also share an eye lock
What is the next step of rumya????
Y janvi n dadi is so excited???
Bye guys stay happy???

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  1. Jara

    Superb Epi dear loved it…

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    Shama you have nailed it . I love your ffs . Please update ASAP and a bit lengthier and more of shivika scenes

  3. Priya15

    Omg di… Ishkara ka patch up hogaya??? Amazing.. Whenever I read ur ff especially ishkara scenes.. It makes me smile… And today toh kuch zyada hi …. Loved it..

  4. OK guys I will try my best to make it lengthier n yes in the 15th episode I will focus on shivika too
    Thank u for commenting

  5. thanks for ishkara

  6. RANdomfANCreationz

    Loved the epsiode ishkara scenes just amazing πŸ™‚



    1. Goms

      I too have the same doubt…
      but am loving shivika scenes very much..

  9. Its not that she has a reason behind it

  10. First of all, I’m really very sorry that I couldn’t comment on ur last 2 episodes!!!!!!! I didn’t get time!!!!!!!

    Coming to this episode, its just superbbbb!!!!!!!!!!! U r amazing Shama!!!!!!!!! U can have a very bright future in story writing!!!!!!!! U r mind blowing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love SHIVIKA scenes and whole episode!!!!!!!! But again in suspense!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please post the next part asap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. geethika vikram

    really amazing ff enjoyed a lot
    please update soon

  12. will you post another ff today.pls post it.

  13. nice one.. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    plz continue

  14. Wow superb episode.thank u for updates shama

  15. Superb episode rumya acting rocks

  16. Guys I have now finished writing the next one it is in the process to publish n thank u for such comments

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