ishqbaaz ff by shama (episode 13)


Hi guys ?? thanks for all ur support . now let’s focus on ff in the previous episode I ended with a precap on rumya planned something for reuniting ishkara n anshi they were sad… Rumya looked at each other n smiled that r u ready for the bang n he gets up n goes to his brother’s room in the midway somya stops him that u duffer oberio what was that action ??
She says this is not the correct timing … Rudra asks her that when??
Somya says first we have to inform dadi our plan so that she can support us bymistaken if our plan back fires so dadi will protect us from shivaay n Om bhiayya
He says let’s not wait time n go to dadi’s room …
@dadi room
Dadi says what happen to ur faces I am already tensed for shivaay n Omkara I don’t know what is happening in their life’s
Somya says dadi we can help u she signs to rudra to explain everything n how to solve their problem
Rumya explains everything to dadi n dadi says today I am proud of u guys I will support u carry on they r happy???
And they turn back to go in their rooms n they saw janvi standing over there ..
They get tensed … Janvi enters in n smile that can I join ur team n everyone one starts the discussion .. And the discussion ends on a note that rumya has to fight with each other like shivika does n make them realize their mistake they all keep hand on hands n says we will kill the floor
Rudra says that u c my acting tomorrow I will make any mistake then he does a mistake by saying wrong dialogue
Dadi n janvi says we can’t take a chance we all have to go rehearsal of our part… They rehearse for 2 hours n then they all go to take rest…
@omkara’s room
He is thinking about today’s meeting n gets sad that how can I make u understand my Darling my POV… He was looking down he saw ishana’s locket struck in his shirt n remembers the moment when her Darling was in his arms …
@ishana’s house
Ishana is in her room n was searching her locket n she remembers the moment with Omkara n how she reacts with him she says I am sorry omi for hurting u again n again but u can’t understand my situation dear u r a married person n now u have no right to touch me after a pause she cries n says I have ruined me life n now riddhima has all rights on u n I am no one for u anymore u have to forget pur past for ur wife for that u have to hate me again dear she ???
And the scene shifts to Omkara for a while he says this locket ….. I gifted her on my printing seal he remembers in flashback……
Omkara had done a very big deal in art gallery he was very happy so he brought 3 gifts 2 for his dear brothers n one for his Darling…. The next day he calls ishana in art gallery she comes in a very beautiful Indian attire becoz Omkara loves to c her in an Indian attire…. Omkara was awestruck but her beauty n just looks at her with love
Ishana can sense his love in his thoughts they were connected by souls so she can easily listen what he was thinking in his mind …..he was thinking about her beauty n says that I wish could portray her in my printing but I can’t becoz this is difficult for me I will lose my emotions like I am losing now I wish we could get some privacy…
Ishana raises her eyebrows that why Om wants privacy ????
He continues to think I wish I could ??? kiss her….
She stops Omkara to think more n she blushes
Omkara sayssays ohh ur reading my thoughts now but how come u get to about what am I thinking
Ishana says that ur near to my heart I can always read u easily becoz I ….she stops herself becoz she was about to say I love u
Omkara think y she stopped in between I want to listen that 3 magical words but oh shit …..
He says come with me she thinks for while that what his about to n this time Omkara reads her n says u don’t trust me
She says no Omkara it not like that I trust u fully
So y r u scared I will not ask ur more time from u
She says my whole life is ur udon’t need to ask anything
He takes her in a place where they was privacy for them he says close ur eyes dear I have a gift for u
She closes her eyes n Omkara brings her hair in front n make her wear that heart sized locket when Omkara touches her she holds her breath n touches the locket n Omkara comes in the front n holds her tightly in his arms n says this is my heart n on this there is my n ur name written on it she blushes n says omi I promise that I will keep it with me till my last breathe….
He is touched by her words n kisses her forehead n say I will come close to u when u allow me so don’t worry n he says I have to go home but I don’t want to leave u
She says u r always with me omi n touches the locket n makes him leave
He comes out of the flashback and checks whether it is the same n his sees his name on that locket n cries n says thanks isha for keeping ur promise that means that she still loves me but why she she behaving so rudely with me oh now I get it she thinks that I am married person n she don’t want to spoil my n riddhima’s life again….
But dear I will not lose my hope I will again enter in ur heart soon n tell u that after u went I broke my relationship with riddhima too because it was bothering me… N she when back…….
Scene again comes to ishana
Ishana says oh shit that locket us with omi now he will get to know that I still have some feelings for him n worries n goes to anika to share
Anika comes to know about ishana’s situation n she warns her not to go close to Omkara u remember naa what happened in the past n thinks
She took her to the hospital where she came her senses n said thanks di
Anika says its OK dear now I have to pay the bills OK I will come back soon she goes n ishana thinks that how can I stay alive I have ditched my love she goes in the balcony n sjumps from the third floor
Anika reaches there n is shocked to c ishana trying to commit suicide but till she stops her she jumped n anika screamed ishana noo she runs with he whole staff she was bleeding anika kept her head in her lap and say what u have done my dear… The hospital admitted her in the ICU n she was stable but gods graces…
Anika slapped her tightly for committing suicide… Ishana says I am sorry but I can’t c my love Omkara in pain I am the reason behind his pain n cries … Anika consoles her n take a promise from her that she will never repeat this….
She comes out of her flashback and ishana says don’t worry ani di I remember my promise anika nods and kisses her forehead..
@shivaay room
Shivaay says to himself that how anika closed the case so easily I can’t understand he gets irritated n says what the wack I am again clueless do I know everything about my sweet heart he continues to think n the scene shifts to anika n ishana
Ishana says can I ask a question??? Anika says yaa plz
Ishana says do shivaay knows about ur full name that u r the daughter of harshwardhan singhania the famous businessman who is always in news for his noble deeds nowadays
She says no shivaay don’t know anything about me except me half name anika that’s it but after that car accident he must b searching me as I closed all the cases on u … He must b thinking that who the hell I am???
But he can’t search me easily without knowing my full name but I have to take extra precautions because u r with me.. She calls some one n says r u free can we talk
The voice says yaa tell me dear what happened u r sounding tensed
She explains everything to that person n says I can’t take a chance shivaay should not get any clue about my identity otherwise I am finished…
The voice says calm down dear shivaay will never reach to u .. Just sleep now its late I will handle everything n he disconnected the line …..
And anika n ishana sleeps….

Precap in the morning everyone was having their breakfast when rumya comes starts to fight shivaay n Omkara is shocked to hear their fight janvi n dadi looks at each other n smiles n signed rumya as thumbs up well done rumya gets happy that our first step got a tremendous success becoz shivaay n Omkara realized their mistake n they both start thinking about how to fix their relationship n rumya’s too becoz they thought that they had a serious fight n rumya gets happy n hugs each other n congratulated each other

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  1. Priya15

    It’s amazing di.. Ishkara scenes was heart touching as always. Lovely epi.. Ishkara is adorable..Ur so nyc.. I love u.. Hope CVS give some scenes like this….. Om is so naughty ha??

  2. Wow. What a superb ff, I really love it especially ishkara’s flashback scene it was just amazing

  3. What does CVS means dear Oriya can u tell me??
    N yaa those who are silent they r naughty some times n I guess the actual upcoming episode of ishqbaaz will be interesting becoz shivaay asks a kiss from anika n she is shocked n angry

    1. Priya15

      CVS means the production house di.. I mean the writers of ishqbaaz… We used to say as CVS..

  4. Sorry its priya

  5. you just nailed it shama

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