ishqbaaz ff by shama (episode 12)


????hi guys I hope that u will support me like now u r in the upcoming episodes I will slowly disclose other hints with my precap-
Plz keep me supporting like this I need ur support in the previous episode I shown that # rumya Has planned something for ishkara n anshi let it be a suspence for some more time…..

@ oberio mansion everyone is on dinning table
Shivaay was eagerly waiting for the details about her lady love both shivaay n Omkara was restless even though they slept properly becoz they were physical present at oberio mansion but mentally absent shivaay told that person to search anika soon ….. He had less tension then Omkara
Omkara was clueless what to do n how to search her lady love then his mind strikes that yesterday I met ishana in that NGO I should go there n search I will definely get any hint for there so he finishes his breakfast soon n rushes to NGO with a hope in his heartheart that plz god give me any hint about her plz this time u have to listen my request …apart from this shivaay gets a call from that person he says I have got some detail about anika plz come to the police station ASAP
he goes outside n says why police station ????
He person says plz do as I say he requests
Shivaay says OK n disconnects the line he sits n drives off for police station….

Scene 2
@ NGO – Omkara’s reaches there
Omkara gets out of his car n goes inside ..n sees children dancing on her sweet hearts favorite track cham cham he remembers ishana dancing on this track n just mesmerizes his beauty n smiles? in his thoughts when a lady comes n ask if he would do charity.. He comes out of his imagination n agrees he goes inside to do charity he sits in the office and he asks that lady her good name she says I am Anita n I am the owner of this NGO
Omkara says I am pleased to meet u Anita ji I want to donate 1crore for this good cause
Anita gets surprised and says plz mention the figure again
He says 1 crore but only at one condition.
Anita says condition ????
Omkara says that no one should no me n I had done a charity
Anita brings the register in which each donations where mentioned properly she was flipping the pages when Omkara saw ishana’s name in yesterday’s page he takes the register in his hands to glanced it he was searching n he got the 10th entry was mentioned by ishana Patel he asks Anita about ishana n she tells him that ishana does charity n helps children to get a good atmosphere she also submits her cheque in the first week of the month but this time she submitted the cheque late she came here yesterday n submitted the cheque n personally apologized that for the first time I am submitting the cash so late….
Omkara gets?? n says that means ur having a proper details about her he explains everything to Anita n gives her a cheque….. And mentions his name below ishana’s name ???? pure innocent love.
Anita gives ishana’s residences address n he said thanks for this u have done a great help he thanks god to for being so kind this time he drives off to ishana’s home

Scene 3 – shivaay reaches the police station
He is on the entrance when everyone gets up n greets him he goes inside the ccomissioner cabin.. Where the man was waiting for him to show him some thing..
Shivaay looks out and he is shocked to see anika’s name in the register so anika saved ishana but how come she close a high profile case in 2 days he is stunned and asks this to comissioner he says he has no idea about it n the dcp who closed this case has left the job after this.
The person says to shivaay that u told me that she is a middle girl without any powers so how can she do this he takes her photo in his hands n glance it n says to shivaay do u know everything about her
Shivaay replies no I only no her name anika n her bus n brother more then that I am clueless that’s y I called u my friend to help me out …
Detective- shivaay I know my my friend u r tensed?? But this case was closed by her that clears that she is not a middle class girl … I need more time to research that who is she??
Shivaay goes near his car n opens the door and sits in the car he drives off n while driving he constantly thinks about anika n his friend word

Scene 4
@ oberio mansion – rudra’s room
Rumya was ready with their plan but they were confused where to execute it rudra gives her a idea that we should execute our plan at om ‘s art gallery …
Somya says what a gr8 idea dumbbell oberio
Scene changes Omkara reaches ishana’s home
Ishana was alone at home Om was on the entrance when he saw someone comes towards the door he hides in a room n shuts the door without noise n thinks
Main chor ki tarah ghar me aaya hu feeling awkward…
He was hiding behind the curtains when ishana came out from bathroom in a beautiful dress
Omkara thinks o shit I am in my Darling room n he glaces ishana in wet opened hair n that dress he was admired her beauty with a shayari n but by mistaken he breaks a beautiful vase
If u guys can guess it is the same sequence when ishana entered his house for meeting Omkara n by mistaken she also broke a vase n Omkara saw her similar ishana turns n she is shocked to c Omkara in her bed room
Ishana what r u doing here n how u got my address just go away from here I don’t want to c ur face he holds her tightly n she falls in his arms n they both fall on ishana’s bed they share an eyelock n o saathiya plays …
Ishana breaks the hug n tries to go but her locket gets stuck in Omkara’s shirt n she again falls back on him he sensed that ishana is not comfort so he broke hug she turns her face n says why u came here ?? If ur thinking about our relationship then I should clear ur doubt that from now onwards we r only professionally connected….
Plz listen to me only I have to explain its my mistake I agree plz let me
She says that u allowed me to explain u didn’t even understand how I felt when they bet me….
Omkara is shocked he asked who bet u dear he keeps his hand on her cheeks n asked…
Ishana says just stop it u no everything n ur pretending to b innocent
He can’t understand that what was she talking about he was confused????
I know Omkara that I have done a blunder mistake by cheating u but in return ur family gave me only tears n pain she cries that believe me I can’t forget that horrible night when they tortured me badly
He sits down on his knees n consoles her that plz stop crying dear I understood that police tortured u because of my father’s status I can surely that this is becoz papa
Ishana says I would have die if there if I was not immediately taken to the hospital
She cries n says that I still get horrible nightmares due to that
Omkara can feel her pain he hugged her tightly n said I am really sorry she breaks the lovely hug n says u must leave now ur wife riddhima must b waiting for u… Go get her she has the right to love u n not me Omkara plz keep this in mind otherwise ur married life will be ruined because of me
He tries to tell ishana that he is still single but she sends him back by closing the door on his face he gets hurt n goes with tears in his life
And ishana cries becoz she can’t forget he touch n him
Omkara n shivaay reached home at same time with sad faces??
Every body can sense this rumya thinks just bear this pain for because tomorrow we r keeping our first step to reunite u guys

Bye guys stay happy???

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  1. oh sama u left it in suspense … I’m very eager to know what happens next…. 🙂 🙂
    plz update it asap…..

  2. Thank u Shana for updates.nice episode.eager to know what times r going to plan.bye guys

  3. Thank u Shama for updates.nice episode.eager to know what times r going to plan.bye guys

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    Too gd ff… cont soon

  5. Nice..and no words yaar.u r gud writer.

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    Omg di…. Ishkara scene is so emotional… It’s always make tears come out of my eyes…. U nailed it.. Aakhir rumya karne kya vaale hai??? Suspense.. U r so nyc di.. Tq for emotional ishkara scenes.. Ur ff made my mood amazing as there was no ishkara scenes in two episodes of serial… U made my day.. Love u..

  7. mimd blowing write ff so was a fantastic ff.pls continue.

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    Very nice loved it please update soon

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    Hey Shama update soon

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    Hey where is your next episode

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