ishqbaaz ff by shama (episode 11)


Hi guys thanks for all ur support sorry guys for not talking more because I have a lot to write today as promised to all I will make this ff lengthier but only today becoz it is demanded but now after I will write as much I can in one becoz u all can understand that I can’t open the whole suspence in one episode itself because if I write more some of readers have less time to read n they can’t the whole ff becoz of time shortage n yes as promised to my readers that in this episode I will fix both the couples scenes as much as I can at present I hope u all can understand what I am trying to say so let’s not waste more time n start ….. I will start with the previous episode precap in detail now

Scene 1
@oberio mansion – shivaay’s room
Shivaay was taking rest as he was badly injured by the car accident n he closed his eyes so that he can sleep….but failed to sleep becoz anika was troubling him even in his dreams she was not allowing shivaay to take rest when ever he tried he saw her sweet heart in his dream he gets up from his bed n sits n thinks only about panika….
He remembered he first meeting with her when she showed the same attitude to shivaay he also remembered he each n every fight with her n laughs on his own n says she finally taught me ??? how to smile he smiling becoz he was thinking about his nice names kept by her n thinks I am the most idiot person to leave such a nice hearted girl ? he was angry with himself that how I do this with her n I am dumb to realize my feelings for her so late…

He thinks that u made me a person panika who can now understand what is smile n happiness n what is love my dear when u were there with I thought that ur worthless n I can’t smile becoz I am heartless according to her…. But when u leaved me n my life I came to know that u n ur silly activities were the reason behind my smile he gets sad ?? n when she was there in my life the was a thrill becoz I have to face her silly activities daily when she was there in my life there was no problem of water because she was a flood itself ???n now I am feeling like I am a desert with out her when she asked me to marry her a year back I denied because she was not having a family name but I think I am incomplete now without her when she was with me in my arms I wish I could stop that moment there itself n hugged her tightly without uttering a word but now its too late becoz I have broken her ego n her heart too I wish I could apology for that day… but I can’t because I know that she will never ever forget that broke up fight after Omkara n ishana …. I can’t explain how much I loved u n still do its one year now if u can forget n forgive my blunder mistakes I would be the luckiest person to have u in my life dear .. I can’t forget that broke up fight n what I did with ishana but plz understand I had do that becoz that was right that time I hurt u n ishana becoz I was under pressure …….

Scene shifts to Omkara-
Scene 2 – @omkara’s room
Omkara had that note in his hand which ishana wrote for him he tries to throw it away but he can’t he gets angry he breaks the vase kept in his room n cries that why u did this with me ishana y me I loved u from not my heart but my soul I thought that u r my soulmate I trusted u blindly n what did u done with me u broken my heart n my trust on u like this vase if we will try to fix the vase n assume that u fixed it but will contains cracks on it n we can’t replace that in a same way I can’t foget that ditched me for money if u would have told me ur truth earlier I would not have broke my relationship with u my dear I would have forget that u ditched n I will fall for u because u told me the truth with pure heart n emotions but u have not dear n today I am regretting on the fact that u were trying hard to explain me about y u cheated me..n I didn’t allow u to explain but now the no why u did this becoz when u were taken to jail I went to home where I saw some goons talking about ur financial condition that u have to return their loans which was taken from ur alcoholic father if u would have told me this earlier so I would surely give u a financial stability but when came to know the reason behind ur silence …. I thought that I have cheated on u because said that I love u n didn’t trust u …

I was feeling guilty for hurting u n in front of u I did engagement with riddhima but was I did with u was totally wrong I should have given a chance to explain ur innocence but I didn’t… Then when I came to know that u were forced to do this becoz ur financial conditions was not nice
I went to the police station to meet u n I came to know that u have been released by the jail .. I was totally out of my senses I asked him that it was a unbailable case so how come this can happen ????
The cop said that some lawyer came n submitted her bail papers because some powerful person made her free..
He said whom r u talking about????

The cop said I don’t know that person
(he said this according to anika’s order) he said that only a lawyer came n took her back from here…..
Where Omkara asked???
Cop – I don’t know where the person behind this girl is more powerful that u oberios becoz that powerful person cleared all the cases which was filed in different police stations by returning the whole amount back to the peoples who were ditched by her n this is ur one ur money which she took from u
Omkara thinks when bela means ishana took money from me…
Police returned his 50 lacks back which was taken by her
He comes to know that that borkhe wali was none other then his sweet heart ishana
He opened the briefcase n it was having a note inside it
Omkara I am really sorry for cheating u
Omkara felt that he has done the biggest mistake in his life..
He tries hard to search her but till that time she was gone …… I have lot my love I should have trust her instead of that punished her but doing the same with her I have broken her innocent heart but accepting the relationship between riddhima n me ….. What have I done….
He cries a lot for this he slept missing her….
He was dreaming about Ishana .

In his dream
Omkara proposed ishana n she agreed Omkara was so happy he hugged her n made her wear a beautiful diamond ring he celebrated ??? n picked her up in him arms he said thanks for forgiving me I will always give a chance to explain I will never hurt u my dear she said the same to Omkara it started raining ishana was so happy that she went outside n started to dance on her favorite track cham cham
I also joined her the music track change to battein ye kabhi na tum …. We enjoyed each n every moment of that day…
Then its started to ⚡⚡⚡⚡
N we came inside we were fully drenched by rain he was shivering n that time it thundered strongly so she was scared she hugged me tightly n I loved that moment I wish that I could stop that moment….

@ shivaay room
Shivaay called a person n said that I want my sweet heart anika back in my life whatever u want I will give but u have to search her for me I am sending u a photo of her ….. I want to c the results soon
The person said that OK sir ur work will be done ……
I will search her for n give u details about her..
He received anika’s photo n shivaay disconnected the call

He said I will win u back sweet heart by hook or crook u r only mine n u will soon meet me again anika today went from hospital but the next time I will not let u go anywhere u will surely become Mrs shivaay Singh oberio my dear I will fulfill all ur wishes because after knowing that u r in Mumbai u can’t avoid me for more time now I want to marry u….. N it will happen soon … He sleeps

@patel house
Ishana is thinking about yesterday’s meet with his zulfi Singh oberio… She remember each n every moment with him in her past…and smiles n blushes ??
And think our life was so perfect with each other Om…
But a storm came in our life n ruined our happiness Om…. She goes into the flashback
And says I was coming to u dear for telling u my Truth but till that u got to know every thing about me by riddhima in a wrong manner she only showed u the one side of the story n the other on was hidden behind the darkness which I am carrying on my shoulders from the starting itself she continues to think

I was a young but intelligent girl I was a bright student I young but responsible I use to take care of my little sister Mona my mother committed suicide becoz of poverty and my father was a alcoholic he didn’t realize that family is the most precious gift to us we should prevent them from every danger when I was 13 my father started to teach us wrong things n we learned it we thought that parents always guide us to the right path but I was so wrong if parents r commits sins should how can we learn good deeds she looks back Mona was sleeping n says that I have promised my sister that I will protect her from every danger ….,…..
Anika comes there at nite and sees ishana tensed n in deep thinking she goes near her gently keep hand on her head ishana comes back to the reality n turns
She asks anika that ani di u came here ….at this time she looks at the clock it was
11:30 pm
Anika said I was not feeling sleepy n I thought that u r tensed so I came u no naa its just 10 minutes way to ur home?

Ishana thank her for showing her the right path n she hugs anika ????
And anika make ishana sleep ….

On that time ishana’s father comes out of his room n sees anika there on this time n says I know u have saved us by oberios but it doesn’t means that u will teach my daughters which path is right for them …. I only have the right to teach them….
Anika gets angry n scolds Patel uncle n says some secret to him n he is shocked to know that anika knows every thing about his life and she starts to go in ishana’s room to sleep….
N she turns in the midway n says that its a tradition or rule that parents teach their children but in my case …..
She smiles???? n tells that I hate my father becoz chose the wrong path instead of the right……
I am anika harshwardhan singhania I love to break all the rules becoz in my family we r the rule setter n we r the one who break it

She goes in room n closes the door and says I hate shivaay u made me like u nowadays I am also attitude to people by my surname now I am a tadibaaz n not a ishqbaaz……..
Scene changes #rumya together at oberio mansion at the pool side …..
Rudra is sad n tells somya that my dear brothers are missing their sweet hearts I am simply watching them in pain I am feeling so helpless I want to fill colours in my brothers life again I want to bring anika di n ishana di in their life’s back but how I will clear their pahad (mountain) sized differences amid them u kept a nice name for me if is perfectly suitable for
Cry????????baby oberio

Somya says I was wrong u can do any thing when it comes to ur brothers
He looks at somya n says that u think that I am strong…..
She nods n motivates him n they do friend ship but only for this mission they plan something if will resume their sweet n sour relationship again

Stay happy n healthy guys I think this much lengthier is enough for today because I can’t fix more scenes of ishkara n shivika in one episode I will slowly n steadily increase the scenes but u have to understand that in every episode I can’t focus on ishkara n shivika both sometimes they would be less scenes of ur favorite couple but in the next one i will surely add sum scenes of them till that bye guys

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