An ishqbaaz ff by shaista (Episode 2)

Hey guys I’m back with episode 2 and thank you all so so much for all the lovely comments. I really hope you enjoy it?


“Shivay, do you enjoy fighting with her?
“Bhaiya, I was joking when I compared you to SRK in Darr par but now you actually are starting too act like him !”
“Will you two stop it!” 
Om had returned from his drive, disturbed by thoughts of an scared and silent Anika and had tried to find out what had happened between the two. He did not know the exact details but he could easily say that Shivay had said things hurtful enough to disturb Anika. Shivay had clammed up and refused to talk about it but if his two brothers had one thing in common it was their perseverance. 
“She was crying, Shivay! What is wrong with you?!”
“Anika di was so happy today . Her brother was selected to represent his school in some National Mathematics Quiz and for that she was going to go Bangalore….and in happiness chaats were being given out .”

Shivay didn’t know how to explain to these two that something about that girl unsettled him. However much he tried to think of her as just another employee, she seemed much more. And this got him more tensed . He simply couldn’t bring himself around to trusting her. And the fact that she had already made quite an good impression on the rest of his family made him suspect her even more.
Especially, his two brothers who seemed to be spending more and more time around that woman. Rudra was already peppering his speech with those uncountable phrases of hers. However the far greater threat was this silent admiration that Om seemed to be developing for her. He could not let this grow into anything more. His brother had gone through enough already.
He looked up to see Om pick up one of those beads. He should have had the room swept.
‘What’s this Shivay?’

Shivay turned to Om and smiled faintly. 
“Now, what kind of a game is this, Om? You expect me to know what every speck of rubbish lying around my room is?”
Om sighed and shook his head in exasperation. 
Rudra was going through his instagram page but evidently had his ears tuned to the conversation. He straightened up on hearing Shivay and said, “But Bhaiya, only the other day I heard you tell Anikadi that there was nothing in this house that was unknown to you. Tari maar rahe they?”
“Language!” Shivay muttered to himself. 
“Aur yeh beads toh saara ghar mein pheyla hua hai!” Om spoke almost to himself. 
Rudra looked at Shivay oddly and said, “Bhaiya, is this from your clothes by any chan…”

“Are you mad?!” Shivay cut in. 
“Those are from Anika’s bag.” Shivay said, desperate for this conversation to stop. 
“Anika’s bag?” Om looked shocked .
“You know how Anika is, right? She calls her bag by name and apparently has some kind of friendship tie with it. So, accidentally her bag strap tore and she left in tears. Trust me, it was really weird seeing a grown woman cry over a bag.”
Om looked at him closely, trying to figure out if Shivay was lying. But Shivay had years of practice at this game and wasn’t about to fall short at it now. 
“So that’s what she was crying about,” Om said slowly turning the bead around in his palm. 
“What else? You know how silly she can be

Hope you enjoyed

X shaista

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  1. Nansshivika

    Same episode again still its awesome again I think its problem created by tu post episode 2 again

    1. Shaista

      I just realised ? So sorry will post correct one soon

  2. I too want to write a ff can anyone tell me procedure how to post it here

  3. put it soon.pls

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      I have admitted it it’s just out for moderation in the tu departments

  4. Nice

  5. Sat

    It s simply superb shaista, the scene is too funny
    When omru try to find out what happened between shivika, shivaay trying to cover up is awesome
    The epi is fantastic and magnificent
    Please update the next epi ASAP???

  6. Cuteprincess

    nice…hmm omru is really cute in your ff..

  7. Priyanka_22

    superb shaista 🙂
    update soon

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