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Well now let’s go with the summary

My ff started when Tia comes to shivaay and blackmails shivaay to marry within a day or else she would cancel the deal. This was the time when tej and Shakti were in jail due to fake suicide case. Then shivaay puts sindhoor on annika’s forehead without her permission. She gets shattered by his act. Pinky doesn’t accept her at first. Omru were happy with his decision also the rest members present there except pinky. It becomes difficult for annika to accept shivaay but shivaay is happy with his decision. Later janvi makes pinky understand the situation and pinky understands her mistake and accepts annika. Shivaay brings Sahil along with annika to oberoi mansion.

They do small preparations for annika and later discuss about the CD case. And just then ishana comes with tej and Shakti who were bailed by her. In my ff, ishana is a businessman and a medical professional, she is not a con girl and that she is Svetlana’s adopted daughter. Om and janvi hate her at first. Tej and Shakti first doesn’t accept the marriage later but Dadi convinces them and they agree to accept annika as their daughter in law. And ishana and shivaay share a bro sis bond. And she came from paris after 2 years.

Tia comes and gets shocked that shivaay married annika. She confronts her but shivaay supports her and she gets out and Tia decides to take revenge. Tej decides to cancel the deal. The oberoi juniors plan to solve the case. And shivaay romances with his wife to make her accept him. And Om understands ishana better. Svetlana comes to oberoi mansion to take ishana away but tej sends her to abroad regarding some deal and requests her to make ishana stay in the Om. Tej shares a father daughter bond with ishana.

They all start working on the case. (Annika, shivaay) and (ishana, omkara) and (rudra, sowmya and prinku) become teams and prinku doesn’t involve much as she wasn’t well. Shivika get to know that she is a serial actress through a search during a night while then he gets to know that annika is scared of darkness. And rumya find out that she is a serial actress through pinky serial CDs. And ishkara guess that Roop and Gayatri are working together. Shivika goes to the director and annika falls in trouble with some goons who tried to harass her. They were about to molest her but shivaay saves her in the nick of time. Ishana dresses her wounds. And annika becomes emotionally weak and shivaay comfort her.

Ishkara finds out that Roop and Gayatri are working together but due to some fault, they have to escape as there are many goons and to hide they have a liplock. Shivaay tries to cheer annika’s mood by dancing and he buys a necklace for her but she also gets a bomb in the shoebox. She finds it out and shivishkara clear it out. Rumya catch Gayatri but Roop escapes from police.The family was really happy. Om gets to know that ishana doesn’t eat tomato unaware of the fact that she is allergic. He makes all tomato dishes and makes her eat. Then ishana’s health goes bad and shivaay worried confronts janvi and janvi gets to know ishana’s past and she behaves good to her. Om feels guilty and takes care of her

Finally they solve the CD case like in the serial. But another trouble comes to shivaay as Roop calls himself and threats to harm annika, sowmya and ishana. Shivomru try to tackle the situation and tej gets to know about it and makes the security tight. Sowmya gets into trouble and gets drugged and rudra saves her. And ishana’s brakes fail and omkara saves her. Ishana realises her love for Om and Om develops feelings for ishana. And lastly annika gets shot and shivaay gets her to hospital. It will be seen that Tia and Roop are working together.Ishana operates her and it is successful. Shivaay starts taking care of annika more lovingly. Their romance becomes intense.

Meanwhile ishana gets to know about riddhima’s plans to trap Om for fame and money and she exposes her and omkara becomes thankful to her. Shivaay gets to know that ishana loves Om and asked her to confess. She gets a call from Maya her PA and gets to know Svetlana is spying her and is a danger to the ones she love so she decides to not confess her feelings to him. Shivaay tell to janvi that ishana loves Om and janvi is happy.

There were karvachaut celebrations and annika thought not totally recovered does the fast and faints and shivaay scolds her and breaks her fast and rudra breaks sowmya’s fast and Om breaks ishana’s. Rudra and sowmya become close. Since the problems are over the family decides to do shivika marriage but annika is not yet ready. Annika wants shivaay to express. Dadi explains annika’s problem to shivaay. And dadi also gives the deadline on diwali day to annika to decide her marriage date.

On the diwali day, annika goes to Temple and shivaay proposes annika and annika tells that she needs time as she wants to surprise him with her way of accepting the proposal. Angry, shivaay drives his car rashly and hits to ta tree but doesn’t get much hurt except for the head. The family rushes to the hospital along with the sobbing annika. Shivaay was well and annika confesses her love and omru disturb their romance. Annika decides the marriage date after one and a half month.

The oberoi family reveals who is Sara to the girls and they mourn for her on her obituary ritual. Sara is the eldest daughter of dadi.But ishana finds Sara alive and takes her to the mansion. Everyone were happy to see her alive and the family introduces the girls. And annika and ishana feels some strange connection with her. Sara shows much care to ishana and annika.

Shivaay romances with annika. And one day he intimates her and when he was about to consummate it, he gets to know that annika is uncomfortable and not yet ready with all that. So he decides to give her space. Meanwhile ishkara go for a walk and Om for fun pushes ishana and a truck hits her and Om realises his love when she was in critical condition

Omkara proposes her and she accepts as Maya told her to not be scared of Svetlana. And Sara reveals the truth and the her black Secret to dadi and shivaay and they console her. They get to know that annika and ishana are Sara’s daughters and overwhelmed with joy. Then dadi and sara gets to know that om loves ishana.

Svetlana gets to know that ishkara are in love. When they go for a date, she calls her and blackmails her to marry the one whom she has arranged or else she would kill Om. Ishana out of helplessness cries and thinks what to decide, and submits herself to Svetlana.

Till now the story went like this, with ur support it can move more good.
Please comment and write down your views for me to continue
Love u guys
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From ur sat aka sathvika
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