Ishqbaaz ff by Sat episode 8

Hello guys, this is sat again, I am very very sorry for the late update and also a short one. Please bear as I am having school. I tried to do my best in this ff to satisfy you guys. Please understand me, and don’t get disappointed

Note: please read and comment. Please when you read , make sure that you comment this time. I have tried my best to put in this ff. just a small comment is enough and big comments are most invited. I know most of you guys are very busy so you may not have time to comment, but atleast some words which make me happy and satisfied. And the ones who really like my ff and finds it really interesting, please tell your views like how you felt while reading, which is your favorite part and where did you laugh or smile. That gives a big curve on my mouth. And that is the truth guys.

Ok ok I know, I spoke so much, and you guys are really waiting for my ff, once again sorry for the late update. Now lets move on,

(we have seen that roop is talking to goons)
Roop: what happened to you, who beat you like this
Goon1:mam, Shivaay Singh Oberoi is married
Roop: how can Shivaay marry tia, the news didn’t come out till now
Goon2: no mam, she is not tia, someone else, I forgot her name ah,…………….
Goon3: I got it ,annika
Roop: who is Annika?
Gayatri: she is Shivaay’s wedding planner. (gayatri asks the goons to leave and they leave from there)
Gayatri: I know her, as once he told to all of us that she is his family, after that with your help I somehow managed to get out of the jail
Roop: so, our next target will be that innocent girl
Gayatri: our target areoberois, why are you involving her
Roop: now, she is an Oberoi too, haahaaa(she laughs loudly) I know what to do
(she tell her plan to gayatri for which gayatri gives a wicked smile)
Gayatri: we have to make it done by tomorrow
Roop: yes, now the oberois are done hahahaha(she laughs like a monster along with gaytri)

Annika’s room
(Annika is still thinking about the incident and she fears and shivers. She starts crying.)
Annika: ( in her mind) how helpless I am yesterday without billuji, another second, my life would have spoiled. What if billuji doesn’t come, what if anything happens to billuji, it would be all because of me
(then Shivaay comes to see her, he sees her depressed and Annika feels her presence)
Annika: why am I always thinking that billuji is back of me (she says it aloud)
Shivaay: because I am here
(Annika gets surprised)
Shivaay: do you everytime get to know when I would come?
Annika: no no, I mean…………………., just wait how are you?, how about your hand, are you fine?, isn’t it paining?
Shivaay: oh my god, Annika, these many questions, first you take care of yourself ha
Annika(crying ): don’t know what would would happen to me if you are not there billuji, if it would have been a minute late, I would have been……………………
(before she could complete her sentence, he cups her mouth with his hand)
Shivaay: enough Annika, it is over, and don’t cry,I hate that ok, and you girls really have very less mental strength , scared of darkness, and remembering the same bad incident
Annika: just shut up ok, we are no less to you. When you face my situation you will understand(she cries more)
Shivaay: hey hey Annika, don’t cry I will get irritation
Annika: I amnot crying for you to get irritated ok, you will never understand
(Shivaay feel that she is still sad and was depressed by his words)
Shivaay: ok for now come, lets have breakfast, everybody are waiting for us
Annika: yesterday I ate dinner because you lifted me again and stuffed food inside my mouth without my permission, but not today, I am in no mood of eating
Shivaay: oh my god, I have never seen such typical girl. She gets into my veins sometimes. Annika, why are you angry on my food, you have to be angry on me or the goons, but what did the food do
Food refreshes your mind, gives you a taste , a space in our busy life, it is such a haste if you don’t taste.
Annika: when did you start poetry, especially on food,ha
Shivaay: (I slipped my tongue) wo w o, oh come on Annika, don’t behave like a little girl, do you want a chopper, a dress, some jewelry , ask something I can give you
Annika; I want happiness, I want fun to get rid of this depression, I want some sweet words, can you give me all these Shivaay Singh Oberoi .no, you cant. I never and will never ask you for money, chopper or all the materialistic wishes
(saying this she leaves from the room. Shivaay was speechless, saying that I cant buy all those. I have to do something she is typical than lady baba, but still it is fun)
( he tells the problem to ishana and om,rumya, )
Ishana: bhayya, you will never change, again about money
Om: yes Shivaay, happiness is all that she wants
Rudra: lets give her then
Sowmya: it is not that much easy duffer,(she hits on his head)
Ishana: I have an idea
Sowmya: what didi?
Rudra: let us contact love angel
(sowmya smiles and says to herself that now she wouldn’t have any solution)
Sowmya: love angel doesn’t come at this time
Om: you shut up duffer(hitting Rudra on his shoulder)Let us listen to ishana
(everybody were shocked and surprised as om agreed to listen to ishana. Om understands that)
Om: I I …. I mean to say that girl’s happiness will be known only to girls right
Shivaay: ha om
Ishana: ok guys, on the music player and keep one nice dinchak song
(Shivaay reminisces his moment with Annika when he danced with her on khaikepaanbenaras wala)
(Rudra switches on the player and starts playing chamcham, meanwhile ishana brings annika there)
(she starts dancing on it and om was awestruck)
Om(in his mind): oh my god, she is dancing soooo good. I never thought so that businessmen enjoy their life. I don’t know when she gets tome to do so,,,just wait om, why are you thinking about her, what is the need for you to think about her…..arrh
(ishana drags Annika on to the dance floor and makes her dance and finally Annika smiles which makes Shivaay totally satisfied. Annika dances awesome and Rudra pulls sowmya and om on to the dance floor. Om dances)
(Rudra dancing dancing slips and falls on sowmya and sowmya was about to fall Rudra pulls her by holding her round the waist and they have a pleasant eyelock and they were lost in that moment. Thank god nobody notices it except ishana. Ishana strongly feels sowmya and rudy are made for each other.rumya finally breaks the eyelock and they feel awkward)
Rudra: sumo, what do you eat, you are soo heavy, my arms I think I have to go to a doctor
Sowmya: who told you to catch me then, I am like this and I will be like this
Rudra: what if anything happens to you sumo, what will happen to me?
Sowmya: what ?
Rudra: (realizes what he has said): I mean all will blame as I dragged you to the dance floor
Sowmya: oh
(they continue dancing, meanwhile ishana drags Shivaay on to the dance floor. Shivaay refuses but ishana asks him to do for Annika. He starts dancing and everybody gets shocked especially Annika and finally smiles. They stop dancing and continue with their work)
Annika(to Shivaay): ok, I agree that I got happiness, sooo………….
Shivaay: so………………
Annika: thank you, thanks a lot for saving me and for making me smile
Shivaay: you can your make your thank you more valuable by having your breakfast.
(Annika smiles and had her breakfast and then Shivaay leaves to office saying that, there is just a small meeting and even ishana has to attend that, so we will leave and come back soon. We have to continue our investigation. Ishana hugs Annika ,rudy and sowmya, bids bye and goes along with Shivaay)
Om( in his mind): this girl is really very jovial and she mingles with everybody very fast. What is her magic? I don’t understand. What are all these thoughts om, she is a bad girl who is shameless to stay in Oberoi mansion even though she knows what her mother did with mr.oberoi

Security gaurds: (seeing some jewelry and shoe boxes) what areall these
Some goon: actually, somebody ordered these and we have to deliver them
Security gaurds: we will check them
(the goon makes two layers the second layer was a shoe box which is very thin, and the gaurds don’t check the second layer as it is covered by cloth and they thought it as a base)
(they deliver to Annika and Annika likes the jewelry and thinks that Shivaay has sent them and sees the shoe box , she keeps it under the bed and leaves the room)
(the team assembled in the hall)
Ishana: bhayya roop and gayatri are working together, I know they are planning big
Om: bua is so evil that she can even kill us
Annika: so we have to be very careful
Sowmya: I am feeling something bad
Rudra; you shut up sumo, nothing bad is going to happen, don’t worry
Annika: you know what billuji, I really loved the jewelry
Shivaay: actually, they were ishana’sidea and selection
Annika; thanks ishana and you also sent me some slippers
Ishana: slippers?
Shivaay: what sort of slippers?
Annika: they were covered in a shoe box, so I thought to open afterwards. Wait I will get it
(she goes to her room and opens the box, she finds a aaa TIME BOMB for another 10 mins. She shouts “billuji”)
(everyone including Jhanvi, pinky, dadi , prinku come there and were shocked to see the bomb. Shivaay drags Annika from the bomb. And ask everybody to go outside and he and om will stay here, ishana refuses but Shivaay worried about her pushes her outside and ask dadi to catch her. Om and Shivaay were studying the bomb but no use, calling police or the bomb removers is also a waste as they have just 5 mins. Dadi, pinky and prinku hold ishana tightly as she was trying to go to om and Shivaay. Finally ishana with great force gets rid of their clutches and moves inside the mansion. Dadi tries to go inside, but Jhanvi and pinky stop her. They all cry and pray that nothing should happen. 3 mins left)
Shivaay: om we will cut some wire first
Om: but we don’t know which one , we have red and green
Shivaay: we have to cut something that is the only option left
(Shivaay was about to cut green wire and a noise comes from behind. 1 min)
Ishana: don’t do like that
Shivaay: what the hell are you doing here. You are not safe , just go outside
Ishana: dont waste time, first cut the red wire(30 sec)
(Shivaay with shivering hands cuts the red wire and nothing happens , they take a deep breath of great relief)
Ishana: now, cut the green wire, just cut it I say
(Shivaay was shivering)
(10, 9, 8 7 6 5 4 3 )
(ishana takes the pliers from shivaay’s hands and cuts the wire immediately)
(with a great sigh all were safe. The news reach the whole family and all were happy. Annika runs and hugs Shivaay tightly and Rudra hugs sumo with great fear and happiness. And for om, the best part he can do is thank Ishana. Words are not coming for him, finally he gives her a shake hand and she strikes it back with a smile. Everybody thank ishana)
Om: how do you know all this
Ishana: I learnt it when I am doing research on nuclear bombs, I got to know about all weapons and bombs
Shivaay: thank god, we all are safe, I will make tomato soup as snack for you all
Ishana: pardon me, me sso
Shivaay: oh I forgot that you hate tomato, ok then I will make corn soup
(om gets an idea in his mind, he says to himself, ishana you have to face all the problems, I am grateful to you as you have saved me but you cant escape all the troubles, you have to get habituated to Oberoi culture)
(that day they share a family moment and say good night to each other and sleep)
(gayatri and roop comes to know that their plan failed and start another plan(no other work for them))

Precap: om and Jhanvi cook something special,………………………………….. doctors in Oberoi mansion,……………………………, Shivaay confronts Jhanvi,…………………………………… Ishkara start as friends,………………………., Shivika to find that girl,……………………………………,rumya to make roop’s and gayatri’s arrest,…………………………………………….

Actually I thought to post it yesterday itself but I went to doctor for treatment of my ear ache and it is an infection .and very much paining when he was doing that
And , today I had a quiz conducted by isro. Very disappointed that I got 3rd position.
That’s all for today
I told I will write a short one but I lost my control
And so, I want my comments
Eagerly waiting for them
Soooooooooooo hungry
Don’t disappoint me………………………
Please silent readers drop your views , I need to know that your reading my ff
Please pleaseplease
Ok, so bye guys


  1. Cuteprincess

    |Registered Member

    my god..your hunger is eating my brain now…don’t know what to comment..coz my brain is freezed with happiness …let it melt …
    are you having some magic…some spell cast on me …really , I enjoy the time I wait for your ff…
    now coming to your episode , it was fabulous , fantastic, incredible……

  2. Naimee

    yea..I love this part…keep entertaining us by ur awesome writing… and congratulations for the’s actually very difficult.. I used to take part in it even 3rd position is Worth appreciating…that too when ur I’ll..Get well soon dear

  3. Bshama1239

    |Registered Member

    Sorry dear for not reading it whole as battery is about to dead by before that I bookmarked it and read after changing and you will surely get my messages tomorrow now bye dear sorry again… Oh no only 9 % battery

  4. Jannat

    fab….. all time i hv biggggggggg curve…..thaxxx alot…. todays epi n ff both r awesome n both on 10pm…. do double happy. even in break i hv ff to read …

    keep it up

  5. Shaza

    |Registered Member

    It was a rocking ep 🎉♥️♥️♥️

    And about smile …when I see the title “ishqbaaz ff by sat ” my smile won’t stop …

    And th best scene , actually the whole ep is best , but the scenes I like the most were :-

    Whn Anika felt like shivaye and and said aloud that , y do I always feel like shivaye is standing in back of me ..and then shivika’s whole convo was awesome 😄

    Roudra saying ..if something would hpnd to you , what would hv hpnd to me 😁😜👌🏻

    Om saying lets listen to Ishana 👌🏻😁

    And Om again and again thinking about Ishana 😍😍😍.buyt trying to divert his mind

    And when shivaye danced for Anika’s happiness 😱😁👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    Last but not the least …when shivika mad roumya hugged was awesome ♥️♥️♥️”

    actually many more scenes are there but I’m feeling lazy to write them all 😜

    And quiz …Congo 🎊🎉😄’s ok atleast 3rd price na …try better next time …and 3rd is not so good but not so bad also ..So Congo , dont get disappoint di , better luck next time 😄👍🏻😘

    And the Precap – ishkara start as freinds , can’t wait for it 😍😍😍.and hope that roop and Gayitri gets arrested soon

    Ur ff is awesome, I actually had never commented this big comment on any other ff …but yours had forced me to do so 😄😄😄

    Keep rocking di ….waiting for the next ep eagerly…post it ASAP 😄😄🎊🎉

    • Sat


      Shaza, your words really energized me a lot. Really loved your comment. That made me happy. So I read it twice. And thank you😃😃😃😃

  6. Ritham

    Hey i am a silent reader but i would really like to say that its out of the world and the best part was the rumya and shivika scene also ishkara too .i luv it but pls make it more romantic by adding more shivika rumya and ishkara scenes otherwise ur ff is the best .

    • Sat


      Ritham thanks for commenting and coming to romance, they are all in the starting stage of love. They need more time. But of course you will see more romance in the upcoming episodes and keep commenting😃

  7. Zuha Fatima

    |Registered Member

    Wow Sat. So damn amzing. Well I still remember that Pan Banaras Wala and it always make me burst into laughter😂😂 Nice effort!

    Keep smiling 🙂

    • Sat


      Yeah, even I laugh like mad remembering khaike paan Banaras Wala song. And thanks for the compliment😀😃

  8. Bshama1239

    |Registered Member

    Now I fixed it to charger and I can comment so thanks for entertaining me and dropping your views on my posts … Thanks….
    Every Scene was out of the universe oh I am sounding like tia EU… OK now track change the epi was full on khidki tootdh types … Loved every scene and especially after bomb defuse ishkara handshake … Rumya hug and SHIVIKA wow… What a description renima di has kept correct name for you dear… Eagerly always waiting for ur loads and you know whenever I see new load by u … I will be like ab kya dhamaka hoga inside the ff 😍😘👍💓💖😀😊
    Hope you get good platform to showcase your talent and my wish is one day u make a movie which will collect 300 or 400 crs

    • Sat


      Ha Didi, eagerly waiting for your comment you know . If I become the director of a movie, surely I would take your help and make you my partner. And thanks for mentioning your fav scenes. And thanks for the lovely comment.😘😘😍😘😍😍

  9. Tiara

    Awesome episode 👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻👍🏻✍🏻️✍🏻️ Post the next episode ASAP waiting eagerly 😄

  10. Sanchi

    |Registered Member

    I am totally fed up with Roop, Svetlana n Gayatri. Kill them or send them to some alien planet.
    I am just saying.
    This update was cute, pls post asap..

  11. Sanjukta

    Just loved ishkara part…..wish she comes back in the show( pls Gul khan) ….. Loving or ishana 🙂

  12. Niharika

    Fabulousss…!!!! I have become jabra fan of ur ff and seriously i wait like anything just to read ur ff yarr.. u r outstanding….!!!! Pls post the next one soon…pls….

  13. Rufina fan of ishveer

    Sat ur ff is mind blowing. ..i think I have to learn new words in English to appreciate u n ur writing..oh my mata..i just imagined everything n if this happens in the serial I would be super duper happy..better u become a director..It would be great..n u r too studying 10th standard. .soo same age group. .soo no friends???..n congratulations..u got third prize..It’s not that bad. .
    N my favourite scene was shivika n roumya hugging n ishkara handshake..
    n i hope ishaana n anika will be great jeethani jigs. .

    • Sat


      For sure, original . Of course you are my friend already. Thanks for the congratulations as well as for the compliment. And we will see will they become jethani jis or something else😎😎😎

  14. Priya15

    |Registered Member

    Y om is sooo confused???? Dusra sso bangaya hai..

    Har bar ishu ishu..yeh ishu kya nahi janti hai..har prb ka soln hai uske paas…

    Y ishu should get habituated to oberoi culture??? (Om thought na)

    How is ur ear dear???hope u r fyn..

    • Sat


      Ha Om is always confused about ishana. He likes her character but not her. His problem, no one can understand him. Zulfi Singh oberoi.
      And thanks for the compliment.

  15. Mukta

    Awesome episode……. u rocked it as usual…… great job dear!!!!!!! But u know what I was thinking that Annika will diffuse the bomb (as usually happens in the show). I think it’ll be more interesting!!!!!!! I think in ur ff Annika is mentally a lil weak!!!!!!! I mean that yesterday part when she got scared of goons, I know there is the reason, but phir bhi…. and in today’s episode also, she shouts n didn’t do anything!!!!!!!! Please don’t take it negatively, I was just giving my opinion!!!!!!!! Anyways the best part was when Annika speaks loudly that she feels Billuji n Shivaay heard that. And also when Annika hugged Shivaay!!!!!!!! Precap is interesting!!!!!!!!! Waiting for the next part…….

    • Sat


      Thanks mukta di, annika is mentally strong, but to make shivika’s romance more intense, I have to make the scenes like that. Anyways thanks for mentioning your favorite scenes. 😀😀😃😃😃😃

  16. Ketaki19

    |Registered Member

    nice one… chalo anikake sar se musibat tali uff… ab ye ruga pata nahi aur kya kya plan karenge… liked shivika hug scene… n shivaay manaying anika n anika sensed shivaay woww lovely parts

  17. Disha

    |Registered Member

    awesome episode Best part of episode when om said We have listen ishana he is melting and shivaye’s care for anika its so amazing so much care he dancing for anika Ishana defuce bomb its so unique specialy shivaye’a poetry on food this part give smile

  18. Dheemahee

    |Registered Member

    it was awesome fantastic and speechless I loved your ff a lot thanks for such a good ff and sorry for not commenting on your phela vala episode but I have read all of them and all were good ……….

  19. Tulasi

    Hii sat…congo for gettng 3rd position…its really a gd job….n take care..its an infection so bee carefull…..n cumng to dis episode it was sooooo gd….i luvd shivika cute talk..n a tight hug…..n ishanas charac…d way she tackles all d probs..n om fallng for her…waitng for d next asap

    • Sat


      Thanks for those congratulations and comment. And I posted the next epi. Let us see how much time tu will take😃😃😃

  20. Raksha.manan

    |Registered Member

    I just love the song cham cham I just pluck and listen the song first then I read it……interesting….. Sat plz dear don’t miss ur classes ok…..I like the ishkara hand shaking moment

  21. Priyanka_22

    Hey sat track is really nice
    But as a die hard shivika fan I want some cozy moments between them :p
    Plz try to add if you can 🙂
    And yo ff is too good bro
    Keep it up 🙂

    • Tanya

      this is Tanya new to this page yeah but i wnted to reply to ur comment becoz we have something in common we both r shivika fans…lyk die heart fans …so thought of sharing this with u……

    • Sat


      Ya sure, but let annika accept shivaay. We will see she will accept him or not. And shivika scenes need time and consideration. So please wait for some more time😃😃😃

  22. Abiha

    Heyy….congratxxx yr for 3rd prize …..its nice ….don’t be disapointed dear….how is ur ear now ..?
    Coming to episode first of all a biggggg sorry bcz i think i didn’t commented on ur privious episode….
    I was having 6 page of ff which r pending n i have to read themmm…n m lil depress that how i will read them but when i saw ur 7 episode i just read it first ……
    N now almost all r done but i have to appologise to every writer for not commenting….
    Now its 8th waiting for the next…

    Best part is when om said listen to ishana ….shivaye ‘s dancs for anika……anika saying why i always feel his presence…rumya n shivika hug….ishkara handshake……OMG …..almost whole episode was my fvrt…if u see my comment then reply me dear….if not able than atleast at next episode …in start mention that u read my comment …i’ll b relaxed…

    • Sat


      No need of sorry Abiha di . Coz you read my ff. And I am sorry for the late reply. Thanks for the compliment as well as for the congratulations😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

  23. Tanya

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    • Sat


      Yeah, you have every right to express your demands and feelings. And I will try my best to fulfill your demands.and thanks for the compliment😃😃😃😃😃

  24. shahabana

    Sat really very nc episode dr i just loved shivika part a lotz and u gave a good face for iahanas charecter thats too good

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