Ishqbaaz ff by Sat episode 7

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Oh my god, I spoke sooomuchhhh, no nono I wrote sooooomuchhhhh
Enough of my bakbaks,lets go into my ff,
Shivika in the car
Shivaay: Annika, why are you so tensed
Annika: it is our family problem, so I am scared (doesn’t want to reveal that she is afraid of darkness)

(in her mind) that locality will be very dark in night without street lights . how can I be there and this billuji will taunt me again that “girls have less mental strength “ if I say that I am scared of darkness
(Shivaay feels that she is scared of something )
(they reach the destination and they get out of the car. It is very dark, Shivaay could sense some fear in Annika. Annika stays near the car to get headlights light. Shivaay drags her from there. She shivers with fear. She suddenly stops and breathes heavily. Shivaay comes to her and caresses her face.)

Shivaay: what is the problem Annika? Why are you like this? See how you are breathing?
Annika: how can I see how I am breathing?
Shivaay: ok whatever it is ? I mean just feel ok
(Annika could feel the warmth in his touch as he caresses her face. She holds him tightly, one hand around his shoulder, and other on his shoulder. Shivaay in return hold her tightly)
Annika: billuji, I III am am mm

Shivaay: you are….
Annika: I am scared of darkness.(holding him tightly)
Shivaay: oh my god, for such a silly reason
Annika: I know you would say like that (she leaves him )
Shivaay: Annika, ok, I have done mistake.iam………….
Annika: you will never say sorry
Shivaay: it is tough. Ok enough, how much will you argue with me. This is the solution for your problem ( he switches on the torch in his mobile)

Annika: ok, that’s good, it is better, now let’s move on
Shivaay: ha , you are not ready first and now you are saying me to move on
Annika: are you mad, I said let’s move on, I didn’t ask only you to move on. You are turning too dumb these days billuji
Shivaay: hey, hey, don’t call me that. Ok LET US MOVE ON
(they both start walking)
(they see panditji still In the temple and show the photo of hers,( a screenshot from the cctv footages). The panditji reply in no and they go on asking people in that locality.)

Shivaay: do you know this girl(showing the photo)
Man: just wait, I think I saw her somewhere
Annika: please try to remember
Man: ha, I know remember, she plays a role in a serial which my wife watches regularly
Annika : what Rudra said is right

Man: (telling to Shivaay) these wives have no other work except watching those serials, I know your wife may want to know about the serial, that’s why she is making you search for that girl
(Shivaay smiles while Annika fumes in anger. Shivaay notices this and stops smiling)
Shivaay: ha ok thank you a lot.(he goes) ( he asks another lady and she replies that she has seen that girl in a serial)
( afterwards Shivaay sees Annika)
Annika: just don’t speak anything (she goes towards the car)
Shivaay: oh my god, these wives are really typical, especially mine
(Shivika in the car)
Shivaay: Annika, he just said for fun, don’t take it serious
Annika: he insulted your wife , isn’t it serious
Shivaay: Annika, he just assumed, may be his wife is so typical like…………….( he then realizes that she said that she is his wife and Annika even realizes seeing his expressions) Annika, you said you are my wife, that means you accepted me as your husband
Annika: wo..w o…. actually, nothing of that sort, I mean I slipped my tongue……………..(Shivaay smiles)

(theyreach the mansion and they both go to their respective rooms. Annika sees the pendant and smiles. And Shivaay in his room smiles thinking of his moments with Annika .and finally they sleep)
(Pinky and Jhanvi go to pinky’s room and and sees the cd playing and sees that girl and shouts oh my mata and everyone except Shivika as they were in deep sleep as they are totally tired assemble there and rumya wakes up shocked by her shouting. They feel awkward for a moment)
Jhanvi: pinky, what happened?
Dadi: ha tell us beta?

Om: (finds rumya slept together) Rudra, what is happening
(everyone realize that)
ishana: ha Rudra, what are you doing with sowmya, ?
Rudra: Ishana didi,we were seeing these cds for that girl
Pinky: ha (looking at the screen) this girl, this girl jethaniji, this girl is the one I am saying about. I saw her in this serial .it was released one year ago, my very recent one.
Dadi: then the job is very easy
Sowmya: we will tell it to Shivaay bhayya and Annika didi
Dadi; but where are they?
Ishana: ha dadi, I didn’t find them since morning
Om: me too
(Shivika yawning come out of their room and assemble there)
Shivaay: good morning to all
Om: Shivaay were you busy whole night(looking at Annika)
Shivaay: yeah myself and Annika were busy whole night
(all were shocked by his answer)
Ishana: bhayya, yourself
Rudra: and Annika bhabi
Sowmya: were busy…..

Om: whole nighttttttttttt
Shivika: ha, myself and Annika got information about that girl at night
Annika: and she is a serial actress.
(all were relieved by their answer and said together that they already knew)
Om: Shivaay we went in different paths but our destiny is the same
Shivaay: ha om and rudra, great work
Rudra: ha bhayya, we are all for one and one for all
(the trio hug each other and say “DIL BOLE OBEROI” . later Shivaay asks Annika, sowmya and Ishana to join the hug)
(everybody freshen themselves , have the breakfast, Shivaay makes sure that Annika eats breakfast. And go their rooms to execute their plans)
Ishkara in one room
Ishana: I told rajveer to find gayatri’s residence evasively and luckily he got it with great effort
Om: oh really, that’s great, but I know people would do great effort to do such great things, you need not tell me
Ishana: hello, I just told, why are you getting heated like a microwave oven . I just praised him and don’t worry, I gave him a good gift for doing that work
Om: I know it would be money. You businessmen always do that.
Ishana: just shut up ok, I gave him some dresses for him and his family. Doing work with is like kissing an electric heater
Om: what the wuck, it is enough ok, just give me the address, I will go there
Ishana: hello mr, I executed the plan and we are a team by haste, so I told you and you are saying that you will go alone, huh
Om: ok ok, come with me

Ishana: you come with me
Om: omg, ok, let” us” go
Ishana: fine
(they leave in a car and Ishana turns the radio for old songs. He thinks to himself that she is just like Shivaay, even he listens to old remedies. That’s fine)
They reach the destination
Om: let’s go inside
Ishana: are you mad, what if they find us
Om: they wont , come silently, and if they really find us, outside it is park, we will go there and mingle
Ishana: she knows that we wont come to the park
Om: omg, these many questions, how can they run in your mind. Ok leave it, we will do something
Ishana: (in her mind) what if there is nothing to do something, what are you going to do zulfi Singh Oberoi
(they both tiptoe and go inside the house)
(they find roop and gayatri together)
Ishana: what we guessed is right they were together
Om: oh my god, this is going to get us a disaster
(suddenly Ishana trips over steel mug and that makes sound)
Roop: who is there? just tell me
Gayatri: come let’s check out

(they start seeing with the goons)
(meanwhile in no time om drags Ishana with his hands and starts running very fast to the park)
(roop and gayatri enter the park and search along with the goons)
Om: it’s all because of your fault
Ishana: do you know how to fight
Om: yeah
Ishana: then come on, even I learnt karate, let’s fight
Om; are you mad, we are two, they are 40.
Ishana: ha, that’s true
Om: come with me( he drags her to the bench)

Ishana: what the hell are you doing?
Om(in his mind): don’t know what she will think, but that is the only option left to save ourselves
Ishana: now, what are you thinking
(roop and gayatri are coming closer)
Om:Ishana, just just
Ishana: just what
Om: just kiss me
Ishana: what, oh my god,yuck I cant kiss you my lips will get burnt
Om: what burnt, what the hell are you speaking, do you understand
Ishana: you are an electric heater and if I kiss you, wont my beautiful lips get burnt
Om: just shut up now, you created the problem, even I hate doing that with you, but I dont have any other option left

Ishana: how can I kiss you, especially you, rather than kissing you I can be caught…..(om saw roop and gayatri coming closer and before Ishana could complete her sentences, he kisses her holding her face and he removes the clip from her hair so that her hair can fall hiding their faces. Roop and gayatri see them and say ”lovebirds” and go from there after a minute. In that minute, om could feel her lipstick, her breath and they both were lost in that moment. That moment, they forgot all of their fights, it was like to wings connected to one bird, it was like sun and moon together, like fire and water together)
(afterroop and gayatri had left, they come out of the liplock and feel very much awkward and decide not to tell anyone)
(they both reach the Oberoi mansion and tell the team that roop and gayatri are working together)

Shivaay: that’s how she came to know the password of that locker, now I completely understand
Annika: great job Ishkara
Om and Ishana (together) : Ishkara
Rudra: arrey ,Ishana+omkara= Ishkara

Om: don’t attach our names ok
Ishana: that would never be nice
Sowmya: but the name is really good didi.
Shivaay: Annika, we will go to that director where she worked and get some info
Annika: ha billuji
Rudra: we will take care about security
Ishana: we will investigate on roop and gayatri’s next plan
(everybody go their respective rooms and Shivika go outside)
(they come to know that she is in the studio and go there. they stop at the entrance as they have to walk from there)
Shivaay: I will park the car, you just wait here
(Shivaay takes so much time for parking as there are many vehicles)
(meanwhile , at annika’s place)

(some goons were drunk and come there and see Annika and scan her from top to down)
(Annika wants to take out her chameli and hit them but them but she thinks that she is an oberoi now, if she do such acts, then oberoi’s respect would be down. So she was quite)
Goon1: hey babe, you are looking soooo hot yar
Goon2: how much do you cost? Just tell us no problem. But be little reasonable,ha
Goon3: just tell us, you look so s*xy yar, (Annika tries to go from there, but a goon holds her hand)

(Annika was about to slap him, another goon holds her from back and pulls her. She screams “leave me………….” But the goons put chloroform on her nose and she faints. They carry her and say to each other that we can enjoy her today)
(shivaay comes and searches for Annika. And shouts for her, but all in vain)
( a small boy comes near him)
Boy: bhayya, can you please do me one help
Shivaay: (helpless) what?
Boy: bhayya, I saw some 3 goons carrying away one didi forcefully, that didi is in pain. She was helpless. I cant alone save her. Please will you help me. I will you to the place where they have took her
Shivaay: I know and I am sure she is my panika, I need to save her .please take me to that place.
Boy; It is already late , we cant reach there fast by running or walking
Shivaay: I will take you by car.
(they reach the place)

Oberoi mansion
Dadi: why didn’t Annika and Shivaay didn’t come to the house till now
Ishana: dadi, I am feeling something is going bad
Rudra: arrey, Ishana didi, bhayya and bhabi are spending some time together. Leave them
Om: no Rudra, they went out for some work, and I know they both are very serious at work
Sowmya; don’t worry bhayya, they will be fine.
Ishana: hope so. Rudra call bhayya
Om: I tried but he didn’t lift the phone and the same with Annika
Rudra: he is not lifting phone neither bhabi, I tried a lot
Ishana: we will wait for them for some more time
Dadi: ha puttar , I will pray that nothing will happen to them
Ishana(in her mind) : why am I thinking that something bad is going to happen to bhayya and didi. What is wrong with me ?are they fine. Please god, nothing should happen to them
Om(in his mind): is Shivaay and Annika in danger or what , why am I getting thoughts like that, nothing will happen to them. I believe in you god
Ishkara look at each other worried , both of them thinking the same
Shivaay reached the place

(in the bungalow)
(the goons splash water on Annika who’s hands and legs are tied )
Annika: just leave me, who are you,
Goon1: you have done a big mistake by rejecting us
Goon2: you could have accepted us politely, we would have not taken you by force
Annika; I will never do such a cheap thing
Goon 3(holding her hair): ( Annika screams in pain, which Shivaay could hear and he was seen running ) so bear from us, today you are ours
( annika was seen helpless)
Annika: I will never attempt to such shameless thing and will never summon to you, blo*dy idiots

Goon1: how dare you call us that( he slaps Annika, for which Annika gets hurt near her mouth and blood starts coming ) so you take it from me (he was about to slap once again but a hand obstructed him, his blood boiling, face filled with anger and veins with vengeance, that was none other than our hero shivaay)
(Shivaay lifts Annika and gives her to the boy to take her outside to the car)
Annika: I wont go, how can I leave you here and go. These goons will kill you
Shivaay: I know how to handle them now go(Annika refuses), (he shouts) I said just go now, immediately
(Annika goes with that boy)
( Shivaay hits them black and blue and all of them have to be admitted in the hospital for atleast 3 months for recovery, they couldn’t at all move, finally he says)
Shivaay: don’t you dare touch my wife, she is mine and just mine. If anybody try to do anything to her, their condition will become worst
(Shivaay goes to the car., where Annika hugs him tightly, he reciprocates the hug)
Annika: billuji, why did you leave me? Did anything happen to you? Are you fine
( he wipes the blood from her mouth and caresses her face)
Shivaay: why didn’t you fight? You are so brave right…………………..
Annika: I thought you would lose respect, that’s why
Shivaay: you are my greatest respect, losing you is worser than ever, I don’t care whatever happens to my materialistic respect ok

(he hugs her again and they hug tightly)
( they thank the boy and drops him to their house. They find out that he is poor and he couldn’t study. Shivaay tells to his family that he would bear all his education and food costs as he helped him to save his dearest. Annika was happy with his decision, also the boy and his family.)
(they leave to the Oberoi mansion)
(they were coming from the door and everybody were hell shocked seeing Annika’s state, Shivaay is supporting her. Everybody run to them, ishana takes Annika with her and makes her sit on the sofa and sowmya brings the first aid box and ishana, our doctor does the first aid and sees fingerprints on her face as if somebody had slapped her)
Ishana: bhayya, just tell us what had happened clearly right now. What are all these marks on Annika didi. They were like as if somebody had bet her badly and her hand as if tied by rope tightly
Om: shivaay, did someone kidnap Annika

Dadi; tell it out billu, what happened to Annika
Rudra( sees blood on shivaay’s hand): bhayya what had happened to your hand
(ishana rushes to him and does first aid)
Sowmya: please tell us what happened bade bhayya. Please
Jhanvi: what happened shivaay. Just open your damn mouth

Pinky: tell it billu, (she goes to Annika and caresses her face and Annika rests on pinky’s shoulder and she starts crying) don’t cry beta, just tell me what happened
Shivaay: ok I will tell you all, don’t trouble her. (he looks at Annika (oh jaana plays))
(shivaay narrates each and every part of the incident from how she got trapped till how he had saved her)
(everybody were shocked and everybody wants to console Annika, but Ishana interrupts)
Ishana: why are you troubling her by making her remember the same incident.(she turns to Annika) Annika didi, why didn’t you use your cheppal (Annika gives a surprising look) ha Annika didi, when you don’t have any weapon with you, use you cheppal, it wouldn’t decrease our respect, ok. Next time if this situation arises , give a punch on their faces and knock them with your knees
(Rudra shows how to do)
(everyone smile)
Om: (in his mind): this ishana acts sensible sometimes, I feel. She is not that much senseless.

(shivaay makes Annika eat her dineer, Annika asks shivaay to feed and he feeds her. They share good time. Annika thanks shivaay, they say good night and sleep.)
( Ishkara think about their liplock and couldn’t sleep wondering why that incident is affecting them a lot)
(Rumya were thinking how the slept on each others’ shoulder and smile and go to sleep)
Gayatri’s residence
(The goons tell something to roop and gayatri which makes them shocked. They start executing their plan)

Precap: roop and gayatri execute their plan,……………………………. Annika depressed,……………………………………, Rudra , ishana, shivaay, om dance,…………………………………………………., bomb in Oberoi mansion,……………………, shivaay and omru struck in dismantling the bomb,…………………………………. Oberoi family worried,……………………,

Hey guys sorry that I couldn’t update tomorrow.

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