Ishqbaaz ff by Sat episode 6

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Now, enough of all my bakbaks, lets move on to the story

(we saw Annika was about to say something)
Annika: actually………………billuji
Shivaay: (still holding her shoulders) tell it Annika
Annika: billuji
Shivaay:(makes her sit and holds her hands) just calm down and take a deep breath,and then tell
Annika: (takes a long deep breath) billuji, that girl, that girl……………………
Om: which girl Annika.
Sowmya: tell it clearly Annika didi
Annika( looking at Shivaay): that girl in the cd, I have seen her
Rudra: what, you saw that girl in the cd, but where?
Ishana: but she is dead right, according to our sources
Om: it can be either way, Ishana. Maybe, she is not
Sowmya: but how. Didi, are you sure
Shivaay: you guys , don’t trouble her with many questions. (looking at Annika) just tell what actually happened
(omru, Ishana and sowmya were all happy seeing shivaay’s behavior towards Annika. And they taunt him through their expressions)

Shivaay: just stop it guys. Now tell me Annika (still holding her hands)
Annika: (tightens her grip over shivaay’s hands) billuji, when I was coming home from the ganesh temple, I saw that girl on the road, walking away, in fact, it wasn’t like walking, it was like running or hiding away from someone. Then suddenly , she disappeared all of a sudden. I searched for her everywhere, I ran for her, finally I couldn’t find her. That’s why I came running to the house

Shivaay: oh my god, this is a serious problem. And the solution for it is very tough
Sowmya: ha bhayya, the girl is shown committing suicide before 5 years, but she is alive now
Om: something is very fishy Shivaay. Thank god Annika, you have seen that girl
Ishana: Annika didi, I mean bhabi, what can I call, I am comfortable with didi, so I will call you didi, coming to the point Annika didi, I feel that girl is somewhat familiar to many of us. Because pinky ma told me that she saw her somewhere. And a person can remember another person so accurately, only if he/she is somewhat known or familiar to us
Om: I agree, you just saw her once that too in the video player which was played just once. and remembering her perfectly is quite impossible if you are not familiar with her. Annika are you sure
Annika: I am sure that girl is the same girl in the cd. I think I saw her somewhere
Sowmya: are you really sure didi,?
Shivaay: ok guys , how many times will you ask that question. You are making her more uncomfortable
(everybody give a question mark expression to him)
Ok now, Rudra and sowmya, I want you to find out about the girl, use the cctv footages and see the girl if you want once again.( both Rudra and sowmya nod in yes and go from there)
And you both(pointing at Ishana) , investigate about gayatri and find out what and how she is doing?
(they both nod in yes)
Ishana: what will you do bhayya?
Shivaay: first I have to make breakfast for Annika, then feed her, scold her for not eating, thank her for telling us about the girl, make sure she get rest and then I will do……..
(Ishana and om were hell shocked. Annika was just staring at him. Shivaay realizes that he had slipped his tongue and tries to cover up)
Shivaay; wo..wo…, actually, we will go and search for that girl in that place, or if needed, whole Mumbai
Om: we can understand Shivaay.
(Ishkara smile and leave from the room)
Shivaay; sahil told me that you didn’t eat anything at all yesterday
Shivaay: you are not a small kid Annika. See yourself, you are grown up. You have to have your own food . no one will be back of you. And today, see how you are exhausted, you don’t have any energy In you . in an other second, you can faint. Just look at you, how pale you are.
Annika: billuji,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I mean ……………..
Shivaay: come , I will make breakfast for you . just come
Annika: I have already mentioned, I need not listen to you. I am not in a mood to eat. There is so much to discuss,,,,,,,,,,,,………………… I mean actually that girl………………….
(she is speaking, then Shivaay lifted her in his arms and started walking towards kitchen)

Annika: Shivaay Singh Oberoi, what are you doing? Just leave me, if anybody sees, it wont be nice
Shivaay: just shut up now, just be calm
( he brings her to the dining table and makes her sit there)
Shivaay: oh my god, you are really heavy
Annika: did I ask you to lift me. You did as you wish
Shivaay: okay now (he goes to the kitchen and starts preparing something and then he completes it)
Shivaay: now, we are having hot sweet corn soup with some fresh crispy potato slices, as well as Mexican grilled cheese sandwich, all for you
Annika; I don’t want to eat, I told you……………..
(she was speaking and then he stuffs the spoon into her mouth)
Shivaay: no non-sense now, I am not in a mood to listen. (he tries to keep another spoon in her mouth but she refuses, he forcefully her eat the whole breakfast)
Annika: did you eat anything billuji,
Shivaay: yeah, I had salad with aborigine sauce
Annika: I don’t get all those names
(Shivaay smiles )
Shivaay: Annika, now we have to be serious, we will go to our room and discuss
(annika nods in yes and they both go to shivaay’s room)

Rumya’s room
Rudra: I know this prinku will always be ill, she is suffering from fever now, what to do? Now I have to work with you
Sowmya: Rudra, we don’t have time to joke and laugh. We have to get Shakti uncle and tej uncle out of this case as fast as we can
Rudra: yes sumo, concentrate
Sowmya: why should I only concentrate, you too try
Rudra: I tried , how about calling that girl for a dinner date
Sowmya: duffer Oberoi , I will kill you now.
Rudra: oh , I am sorry. Ok lets check some cds which choti ma has
Sowmya: but what will be the result duffer
rudra: choti ma sees serials a lot and she bunches all the episodes in different cds, mostly her favourite, I think there are just 15 or 20 cds
sowmya: how can you conclude that she is an actress, that too in small screen
Rudra: choti ma never goes out of the house , so the only form of entertainment is serials for her. If she says that she could remember her, surely she should be an actress
Sowmya: wow duffer Oberoi has this much brain. I never thought so, I think you are freshly using it for the first time
Rudra: shut up sumo, we will go to her room and bring all her serial cds without her knowledge
Sowmya: ok rudra
(they leave from the room)

Ishkara are in hall
(then suddenly svetlana comes, om fumes with anger, Ishana shivers with fear. Om is surprised to see ishana’s behavior)
(Shivika comes there in right time and rumya also comes. Shivaay sees Ishana shivering with fear and tries to hold her hands but she backs off and signals him not to touch as her mom is here)
Svetlana: you came directly here from paris, without telling me and stayed here for a day. Wow
Ishana; mom, actually, bade papa and papa……………, I mean tej uncle and Shakti uncle are in trouble. I just thought to help them
Svetlana; so you wont even ask your mom
Ishana: no mom , nothing like that…..
Om: (interrupts) what the hell work you have here
(tejanvi, pinky,Shakti and dadi come)
Tej: I called her
Om: do you have shame
Tej: just wait omkara, I called her as there is an important work
Jhanvi: what work tej?
Tej: actually, I need to attend an important meeting in London where I have to stay for 3 months. But because of this case, I cant go out of india. I want Jhanvi to be beside me in this stage, so I couldn’t send her and Svetlana knows everything about the meeting. Only for this reason, not anything me
Jhanvi: I trust you tej and I will always be with you in every situation
(Svetlana gets jealous)
Svetlana: ok tej, I am leaving now, I have my luggage in the car and the flight is in an hour. And (seeing Ishana) Ishana, I have arranged the car for you. You can go home now, as you have bailed them out of the case
Ishana: but mom,………………….
Svetlana: enough, just leave now.
(Ishana becomes teary-eyed and looks at Shivaay and was about to leave, then tej holds her hand)

Tej: Svetlana, you will be ther in London for 3 months, why are you leaving her alone in the house. It is a risk, and also you wont be with her. Why not leaving her here , we will treat her like a family.
Svetlana; (thinks for a while about security): ok tej , I will leave her here
(Ishana smiles and wants to do dance but controls herself)
(Svetlana goes near to Ishana)
Svetlana: if any non-sense happens, don’t know what I will do, so be careful
(saying this she hugs her and goes out of the mansion)
(everybody is happy except om and Jhanvi( a little bit) )
(Ishana goes and hugs tej and thanks him and she also hugs Shivaay)
Shivaay: you are still scared of her. I told you to gain courage and confidence infront of her
Ishana: I cant bhayya, ok leave about it now
Om(in his mind): what the wuck, she is scared of her mom, I cant understand what is happening.
(now everyone go their work)

Ishkara’s room
Ishana: suppose, if that girl is familiar to Annika, and pinky, as rudy told me, she might be a small screen actress
Om: yeah, Rudra is somewhat right.
Ishana: anyways , they are doing research about it.
Om: Ishana, I think gayatri hired that actress to do that work.
Ishana: yes truly, I mean to say the same
Om: but gayatri is not that much rich
Ishana: yes she is not soooo rich, someone is back of her, helping her in all the means and that someone must know about all the members of the family and their characters
Om: exactly! Gayatri can not alone do this risky work , there must be someone back of her
( they bothare thinking “ someone who has money, knows about our family, who, who”, then a thought came in their minds)

They both together say roop .
Om: were you thinking the same what I am thinking
Ishana: you were thinking same like me
Om: it’s alright, it is evening already, we will trace bua and go back of her to find the truth
Ishana( yawns): ha, it’s too late, I need to have my dinner and sleep. I will make everything ready for tomorrow…………… and………………………. (after a long thought) good night om
Om: good night Ishana
Om(in his mind): wow, she called me om for the first time, I cant believe, but it is nice. She has some magic in her words , that’s why Shivaay really started loving her. Ok now, what are all these thoughts. Omg. I will have my dinner and go to sleep
(ishakara have their dinner and go to sleep vey early(at 7pm) as they worked hard today)
Rudra and sowmya in pinky’s room
(they were searching and suddenly pinky comes, they both hide behind the door)
Pinky: (to herself) Shakti ji and jet ji wont come as they went to Yatra. I will sleep in jethani ji’s room
(saying this , she closes the door without seeing rumya)
Sowmya: ok, now great opportunity, let’s start checking the room
Rudra: I know wher she will keep

(he goes to the drawer and takes out a cd holder and finds some 18 cds in it)

Sowmya: wow, Rudra, today your brain is working quite good. You are remembering everything
Rudra: actually, once I thought they were movie cds and took them and started seeing, they started with a good concept, and finally ended after many days. And you know sumo, a boy wants to propose a girl and he took nearly 2 months to tell it out and when he is marrying her, it was nearly 14 days just the marriage. From then, I suffered from brain fever seeing the saas bahu one, I almost fell like dying. Finally, I put them safely in this drawer and pinky aunty increases 1 cd per year
Sowmya: oh my god, Rudra you have this much story behind. I never thought so, ok now don’t feel sad and let’s go now
Rudra: ha, let’s go
( they both go to the door and try to open it but couldn’t, they were dying to open. )
Sowmya: pinky aunty locked the door from outside. What to do now?
Rudra: ok don’t worry, you have your phone na, call Shivaay bhayya or om
Sowmya: why cant you do that duffer
Rudra: ahhhh, my phone’s battery dead
Sowmya: I left my phone in my room
Rudra: now what can we do, we will see those cds here itself
(Sowmya agrees and they see some 5 cds through fast forward and sleeping keeping on the 6th cd. They sleep (in sitting posture) keeping their head on each other’s shoulder. They have a pleasant sleep)

Shivika in one room
Shivaay: what rudy said is right, do you see any serials
Annika: don’t I have any other work, I might have seen her in some ads or posters, just don’t know
Shivaay: oh, and what Ishana and om came out, it was really good
Annika: yeah, thank god, Ishana stayed here, her help is very much needed here
Shivaay: you are right. But for now( he goes and sits beside Annika on bed)
Annika: what for now(she shivers)
Shivaay: don’t shiver, I wont bite you
Annika; then at, just control yourself, I am not at all used to all those. I need time
Shivaay: what are all those, and what for you need time. I am telling you that we can go to that place where you saw her and ask the people over there if they knew her
Annika: wo…., wo……. I mean(Shivaay smirks)
Shivaay: take your own time, but now we will leave to that place
Annika: but it is night
Shivaay: it is the best time to research, all will think that we went on for dinner and they wont get a doubt on us that we all are researching very intensely on that cd
Annika: what if they knew
Shivaay: if they know that we are working intensely, they will also interfere and if at time in trouble, I cant risk them
Annika: then what about us. What if we all are in trouble
Shivaay: if we all are in trouble, Ishana is there for om and om for Ishana , and Rudra and sowmya are together. And if we are in trouble( he holds her hand) I am always there for you and you are always there for me
Annika: ok now lets go(smiling)
Shivaay: let’s have dinner and go, otherwise you wont eat at all without me
Annika: I can eat without you
(they both have some food and leave the place)
(dadi seeing the couples together was happy)
Dadi: I don’t know what is happening in this how, I know they are working hard to prove shakti’s and tej’s innocence. My job is to not interfere and support them to go on their ways. But I want them to realize their ishqbaazi(thinking about om and Rudra)…………………………………………..

Precap: Shivika find out about the girl…………………………., pinky and Jhanvi were shocked seeing the cd playing in pinky’s room……………………………………, Ishkara on a mission and they have a lip lock……………………………………….., Annika gets trapped………………………………., Shivaay worried…………………………………………

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