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Coming to the Oberoi mansion
(tia stood in shock in the hall, where om, Ishana, Shivika, dadi, rumya were present)
Tia: (with anger) Shivaay baby, why are you holding Annika’s hands.
Ishana: you just saw him holding the hands
Om: you need to know one more thing also
Tia: what should I see still and what should I know. I know that you would accept my condition. So did you start the wedding preparations
Rudra: lady baba, I think you didn’t do a reiki for the success of your marriage
Sowmya: shut up Rudra, now just think about her reaction
(Annika moves her front hair and suddenly tia sees the sindhoor on the head , she gets shocked)
Tia: Annika you got married but to whom(she gets confused seeing Shivaay holding her hands)
Shivaay: oh my god, you still didn’t understand tia, I married Annika and she is my wife now (tightening his grip on Annika’s hands)
Tia: what, did you marry her. So you ignored my condition. Never thought like that Shivaay
(she goes near to Annika, seeing that Annika, for a surprise to Shivaay, tightens her grip on shivaay’s hands. Shivaay looks at her.)
Tia: Annika, you are so shameless to marry him. If you have atleast 1 percent of self-respect, you would have not done this shameless act. How can you marry your boss, you are his work, your job is to do work for him, not to marry him. You are so cheap, low class girl with no surname. You guys will do anything to earn money. You will go to such an extent that you even manipulate other’s boyfriend
(Annika looks at Shivaay and Shivaay fumes with anger looking at tia)

Shivaay: just shut up, just shut your mouth. Don’t you dare speak about my wife like that. I will kill you. And the truth is I married her on my wish and she didn’t force me. She infact respected Oberoi traditions by not leaving me and my family. You don’t have any right to shout at her.
Dadi: puttar, you said that she doesn’t possess self- respect na, infact if she really doesn’t have so, she would have gone out of the house. She would have rejected her husband( looking at Annika). But no, she didn’t do so, she loves us all and respects us and our culture
Rudra: ha lady baba, she didn’t leave for us, especially for me.(he smiles and everyone except tia smile)
Om: they got united by destiny tia, they both are made for each other.
(Shivaay and Annika look at each other)
Tia: so, you are going to cancel the deal, how do you think bade papa will react
(then suddenly all hear a voice)

Tej: so, tia, Mrs Kapoor went to such an extent of blackmailing an Oberoi(tejanvi,Shakti, pinky come to the hall)
Tia: no uncle, not at all. Anyways marriage is going to happen, we just wanted it to happen early. But see what your son has done
Ishana: bade papa, bhayya didn’t do any wrong, please don’t say anything now which will hurt their relation
Tej: Ishana, you know me, I will always take the right decision. And my decision is…………(everybody stare at him)
I want to cancel the deal. No matter how the deal goes, we can earn that money in a short span of time. But we cant spoil a relation by thinking to earn money. And the most important, nobody can blackmail an Oberoi and an Oberoi will never put his head down in front of anyone
Tia: (crying) ok then I will cancel the deal and (looking at Shivaay and Annika) wishing you a very sad unhappy married life.
Ishana: tia, can I show you the way to the exit door or you will go by yourself
(tia feels insulted and goes out of the Oberoi mansion)
Dadi: today, you proved that you are my son. I am very happy for you
Tej: am I not your son? And I can do anything for the happiness of my family
(everybody smile)
(tej turns towards Annika and goes to her, Shivaay is still holding her hands)
Tej: (to Shivaay) if you can leave her hands , I want to talk to her
(Shivika realize that they are still holding each other’s hands and leave each other)
Tej: I know Shivaay has done the mistake, but we are punishing you.
Annika: no, uncle, I am not facing any punishment (looking at Shivaay)
Shivaay: bade papa……………
Tej: Shivaay, let me speak to her. I know she is your wife, but she is our family too. I have every right to speak to her(looking at Annika). Annika, I know you are feeling uncomfortable as you are newly married and in a very different way(looking at Shivaay). We will take time to accept. Don’t feel like you are a stranger. A new member in the house and all makes me nervous as I don’t know how to adjust with relations. If you ask me to crack a deal it will be easy for me but adjusting with the relation, it takes time. So, beta please don’t hurt yourself by thinking you are a stranger in this house. Wait for some more time
(everyone smile as they are surprised to see tej speaking openly)
(Annika gets teary eyed)

Annika: uncle, I will wait for how much time you want, no problem.
Tej; call me bade papa
Annika: ha, bade papa
Shakti: and me papa, all the mistake is done by Shivaay , not by you(looking at Shivaay)
Shivaay: now all the blame on me right!
Dadi: tej, Shakti, I am really glad that you have accepted Annika as our bahu. I really appreciate you two.(saying this dadi hugs tej and Shakti)
(pinky and Jhanvi tell annika to call them ma and badi ma. Annika is very happy hearing this. And they three have a hug)
(Shivaay and rudra,om are very happy and they have a group hug, and Rudra asks sowmya and Ishana to join)
All of them have an Oberoi family moment in which Rudra and Ishana click selfies for the family
(all leave to their respective rooms)
(Shivaay goes to annika’s room where he sees Annika smiling)
Shivaay: after a long time
Annika; what?
Shivaay: after a long time that you have smiled
Annika: oh
(he goes nearer to Annika stands near the window which is beside the bed and that makes Annika nervous)
Annika: what are you going to do now…………………….(she mumbles)
(Shivaay goes closer to her and and she tries to back but she cant, he moves closer and closer and then finally he reaches her and he is very close. She couldn’t speak anymore. He holds her by her waist and pulls closer and Annika takes support of him by holding his shoulder. They could feel each other’s breaths. Silence filled the whole room)
Rudra’s room
(sowmya comes to take her notes)
Rudra: ha sowmya , I don’t know how to do this sum
Sowmya: duffer Oberoi, this is the first sum of the first page, I gave you the book two days back?
Rudra: what to do sumo. I don’t understand anything. If I see the sum from upside down, or normally also, it is very difficult for me.
Sowmya: oh my god! An LKG student can teach you ,come I will teach you
(sowmya teaches everything patiently, but Rudra doesn’t even understand one sum, finally he ends up copying all the sums from sowmya’s books)
Sowmya: you are the biggest dumb I have ever seen
Rudra: you are the biggest sumo I have ever seen
(they have their cute nok jhok and end up with big fighting)
(and as rudra’s room is clumsy, Rudra accidentally hits his leg to one dumbbell and trips over sowmya. And they fall on each other. For a moment, they both are lost in their eyes. They have good eyelock,finally sowmya breaks the eyelock and they both feel awkward sowmya takes her books and goes out of his room. After sometime, Rudra will think about his moment with sowmya and he smiles saying that)
Rudra: sumo is not as bad as what I thought

(Shivika’s room)
(silence in the room is broken by shivaay)
Shivaay: I hope you are very happy today(still holding her waist)
Annika: Shivaay Singh Oberoi, please leave me
Shivaay: you are not relating to what I am speaking and I have told you I have a name of my own, and you know that it is Shivaay, you can call me with that name
Annika; billuji, please leave me
Shivaay: hey! Hey! Don’t call me that
Annika(smiles): billuji, billuji, billuji ,billuji, billuji, billuji
(hearing this Shivaay cups her mouth and Annika trips and they both fall on the bed(oh jaana) plays. Shivaay falls over Annika and they both are lost in their eyes, thoughts are connecting them. They are two bodies with one soul. Annika finally comes out of they eyelock and gets up from the obstructing Shivaay. She is about to leave and Shivaay holds her hand .)
Annika: please Shivaay Singh Oberoi. Leave me, I want to go
Shivaay: mrs. Shivaay Singh Oberoi, please listen to your husband
Annika: I told you that I wont accept you as my husband already and I wont listen to you. Now leave me.
Shivaay; did you forgot about the challenge? And how many days will you fight like this. Someday you have to accept me . and I will never lose any challenges. In any means , I will make you accept me
Annika: let’s see
(Shivaay gives her a platinum chain with locket of their photos)
Shivaay: when you accept me , wear this locket(saying this he goes)
(Annika smiles seeing the locket and keeps it safe in the cupboard)

(in the hall)
(Ishana is busy reading the newspapers and magazines,and then Sahil comes)
Sahil: Ishana didi, I am sahil, Annika didi’s cutest brother
Ishana(smiles looking at him): you are so cute…………………….(holds his cheeks)
(she feels pity for him as he is one leg paralysed)
Sahil: Ishana didi, Rudra bhayya is writing his notes, sowmya is studying, Shivaay jiju and Annika didi are spending time together and om bhayya is busy making some statue
Ishana: ohhhhhhhhhhh so you are bored, right
Sahil: ha didi, I am so much bored. Come let’s play
Ishana: what shall we play?
Sahil: hide and seek, this big house is the best place for playing hide and seek
Ishana: (thinking) ok, come let’s play. I will count 20 numbers you hide
Sahil: ok didi
(he runs and hides in om’s room as Ishana starts counting and Ishana completes the count and starts searching the mansionand starts with rudra’s and sowmya’s room, they reply in negative, then she goes to annika’s room, she too replies in negative and scold sahil for playing stupid games.)
Ishana: finally, only gusse wale oberoi’s room is left
(she goes to om’s room and fins sahil’s hands behind the door)
Om: what are you doing in my room
(she want to catch sahil first and and then tell him. Without responding she moves towards the door and while walking she trips on a paint bottle and she was about to fall and omkara holds her. He holds her hand and pulls her close to make her properly stand. They both have a pleasant eyelock. They were not in their senses for sometime. They could look deep into each other’s eyes. When sahil comes out, they come out of the eyelock and feel awkward.)
Om: first of all what are you doing in my room
Sahil: we are playing hide and seek
Om: hide and seek, in the mansion(looking at Ishana), he is a small boy, he doesn’t understand, but what about you, don’t you have minimum common sense that you should not play hide and seek in the house. You just become doctors and entrepreneurs with no real sense
Ishana; look here omkara, the boy requested me, so I did it. And the minimum common sense is that to give happiness to the people whose abilities are taken away by the god(looking at sahil). And I am a doctor, entrepreneur and a scientist by my real hardwork, not through senseless recommendations
(omkara was shocked by the answer and felt pity for sahil. But still angry at Ishana. Sahil was enjoying their nok jhok)
Ishana: come sahil, we will play another game
(she goes walking and was about to land on another paint bottle)
Om: careful, those paints are very costly and I am in very much need of them. And I cant save you everytime
Ishana: you need not save me everytime and I can save myself. Even if I get hurt. You don’t care.
(Ishana goes to another side ignoring him and goes out of the room)
Om: they just don’t care!(huh)
IN THE EVENING.(about 7;00)
(Now, Ishkara, Rumya, Shivika and Prinku are in one room discussing about the cd)
Shivaay: now our main work is to interrogate bade papa and papa
Om: what!, interrogate mr Oberoi and choti papa. Are you going mad, we can never get the proof against the cd. We have to start from the girl
Ishana: actually, bhayya, to start anything , we have to not go to its core but think to its core. And now we have to start from the surface clues we have
Om: I mean the same
Rudra: finally both at least agreed to one point
(everybody smile)
Ishana: I just told the fact Rudra , what is there to agree in it
(om nods in yes)
Annika: whatever it is, you both agreed with the fact, that we all don’t know or didn’t realize till now. So it is something common with you both, solving the problem by using real senses and looking into it
Shivaay: Annika said it right! But ok, if I still continue, you both will start a world war, let’s start working on it. As Ishana said (om looks angrily at him), I mean as Ishana and om said, we will start researching about the girl. That’s all for today, everybody on your works.
Sowmya : sure bhayya, but if everybody work separately, there will be confusion and also misunderstandings, and one may interrupt the other’s plans
Prinku: why not making teams bhayya
Om: ha, that is a good point , why not make teams.
Rudra: that would be so great,………. I will have somebody with me, otherwise if I get missed or trapped , nobody will know about it…
Sowmya: cry baby Oberoi”””””””””””””
Rudra: hey, don’t call me that sumo, ..
Sowmya: you don’t call me that
Shivaay; ok guys,,, now stop fighting. Now I will select the teams,. Myself …………….
Om and Ishana(together): obviously you will be alone and you like to be…………….
(they both will be surprised as they give out the answer at the same time. Shivaay will feel that Ishana has some connection with om)
Shivaay: wait, Rudra you be with sowmya and prinku
Rudra: what sumo, if you want I will be with prinku
Shivaay: you both are cry babies and get scared of everythinig. Atleast prinku has some brain. Your brain is like a peanut. So do with sowmya, she is an intelligent and brave girl
Rudra: I hate peanuts
Sowmya: duffer oberoi , you are really dumb, ok bhayya , I am ok with the team
Prinku: me too
Rudra: what should I do, it is bhayya’s order. But I will do it for my family
Om: good boy, Rudra
Shivaay: now, om it’s your turn
(Shivaay and Rudra giggle)
Ishana: Why are you guys giggling?
Shivaay: so, om you have to be with Ishana
(they both were shocked and replied a big no to the decision)
Ishana: how can I be with this electric heater and if I do anything good, he will make it a bad outcome
Om: just shut up, don’t speak about me like that ok.
Shivaay: hey guys, don’t fight. I made you both as a team because you have many things in common. And if you both cooperate, you guys will bring out the best result
Annika: atleast do this for our family, please……………….
(they both say yes and together say “only for our family”, and everybody smile )
Shivaay: and myself with mrs Shivaay Singh Oberoi.
(everybody were shocked)
Om: Shivaay, you never let your credit share with others, but now you are teaming up with Annika
Rudra: wow, bhayya what a change
Shivaay: wo wo, I mean, I share my credit with my family and now she is my family right.(Annika looks at him). And she is alone
Ishana; she can be with us no problem
Om: ha, Shivaay, rudra’ team consists of three people, why not ours
Shivaay: wo wo…..(giving a deadly glare at Ishana and om) I mean you guys cant bear that typical lady. She just speaks so much. Whatever you plan, it will fail because of her influence. But her words will not affect Shivaay Singh Oberoi
(everybody say ohhhhh. And look at Annika)
Annika: ( to Shivaay) whatever I speak, I speak truth and what is good for the situation. And you know, my ideas will always work out. And you are saying I talk too much, in fact you do so much. You married me just like that and finally say I talk too much and spoil other’s plans . you know how much it hurts……… ( saying this, she leaves from there)
(Shivaay gives a pale look and was hurt by her words. He goes back of her)
Rudra: somebody said that they wont get affected by her words
Ishana: ha Rudra
(they give a hifi to each other)
(they all say good night to each other and leave to their respective rooms)
Annika’s room
(Shivaay sees Annika weeping)
(Annika packs sahil’s bag and makes everything ready, she could feel shivaay’s presence but she doesn’t react.)
Shivaay: let this academic year complete, I will make sahil join in a new big school with more facilities
( Annika hears but doesn’t respond to him. This makes Shivaay angry)
Shivaay: I know…
Annika: you know everything, you know how to make a relation and how to break a relaton. You will analyse everything and assume everything and always feel whatever you do is correct
Shivaay: ok let me speak ok, I want you in my team, but if I say so om, Rudra and that Ishana will taunt me like anything.
(Annika gives a surprising look)
Shivaay: that’s why, I spoke like that. And this is what I want to say and now bye
(they sleep in different rooms as dadi told them to do so as their real marriage is yet to happen)
Annika: this Shivaay is haunting me.

Annika’s room
Sahil: Annika, I know didi, that you didn’t eat anything yesterday in depression
Annika: no sahil, I ate
Sahil; you cant lie to your brother
Annika: ok I didn’t eat. But don’t tell to anybody
Sahil; at least eat now
Annika: ok I will eat later. You are late to school now. I have to take you fast. I kept you water bottle, lunch box and snacks box. I packed all your books. Now come I will take
Shivaay: sahil ,I will drop you, you are already late now
Sahil: ha jiju.
(before Annika would utter a word , they both leave. Then dadi comes)
Dadi: Annika beta, did you eat your breakfast, I want you to do one work
Annika: dadi, I will eat later , first I will do the work
Dadi: first eat this breakfast and go to the famous temple of ganesh where you first met Shivaay( Annika reminisces that moment) and give this kundli to panditji and give this money. And remember, after your breakfast, ok
(she gives the kundli and some money)
Annika: ha dadi, (dadi goes). I am not hungry and I am not in a mood to eat . first I will do the work
(she goes by walk, goes to the temple and gives the kundli and money to the panditji and panditji blesses her. She prays for the family and also asks god to solve the problem of the cd. Then she starts her journey back to home, then she finds someone, someone who is familiar to her , she is shocked, she remembers, suddenly that someone disappears. She searches but all in vain. She goes fast to Oberoi mansion)
(Sahil has a good talk with shivaay in the car and sahil tells that annika hasn’t eaten anything since yesterday. Shivaay drops sahil to his school , bids bye to him and in anger with Annika as she didn’t have her food, he goes back to Oberoi mansion)
In the Oberoi mansion
(Shivaay waits for Annika)
(there Annika comes running, she is fast breathing , very fast, Shivaay could judge some fear in her eyes and then everybody (junior citizens of Oberoi family) assemble there)
Shivaay: (he holds her on her shoulders) what happened Annika, speak something, why are you so scared. Calm down, don’t breathe heavily
(Ishana and om look at each other)
(Annika still silent)
Shivaay: don’t be silent, I hate silence. Please calm down, don’t breathe heavily, it will affect your health. Please speak something( he shakes her)
Ishana: please speak something Annika bhabi
Om: don’t be quiet Annika
Rudra: ha bhabi, please speak
Annika: billuji, I need to say you something important
Shivaay: tell it Annika
Annika: actually………………………………..

Precap: Annika will tell something which makes everyone shocked………………………………… Svetlana comes to Oberoi mansion ,………………….ishana gets scared…………………….tej gives good news……………………………, Ishkara to start implementing their plan………………………………, they share good time,……………………………, Shivika go out on a research, …………………., Rumya got stuck in a room…………………………………….

Hey guys, really sorry for the late update as I am suffering from severe ear ache
And always ear ache and head ache irritate me and I am a frequent patient of them
And guys please tell me if it is boring.
And I want more comments please, this is the longest update I have ever written.
And silent readers please drop your views.
Ishkara fans you need patience , their track is slow. Please wait, their real track starts when ishana’s actual past is revealed to the oberois.
And all those who have a doubt that as Ishana is shivaay’s sister, she should be om’s sister. But she shares a sister-brother bond with Shivaay, they are not real sisters and brothers. If she falls in love with om, then Shivaay becomes her jiju, in india most of the girls call their jiju as bhayya. So, no worries
If you have any doubt, please tell me.
Share your views, your favourite part in the comments,
Ok, bye for now.

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