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So, guys I know you all are waiting for this episode eagerly. I am really sorry as I couldn’t post it yesterday as I have my exam today. I am really very sorry guys. And a BIG Thanks for your comments. They are really energizing me every time. This episode is a dhamaka one. Please, all of you drop your comments. Both negative and positive comments are accepted .silent readers, it is a great request to you guys, please please, drop your comments guys. I?shkara fans ar you read

Coming on to the episode

(all the family members were shocked as they see ishana at the entrance)
Tej: see, my daughter released me from that acp
( Shivaay goes to ishana and hugs her tightly,)
Shivaay: you left me for two years. I am angry on you, I wont talk to you
(Annika and Soumya were hell shocked and looked at each other with a question mark on their faces. Meanwhile, om fumes with anger)
(ishana pecks on Shivaay’s cheek which makes Annika fume with anger and she leaves from there . dadi sees this)
Ishana: bhayya , why will I go leaving you, actually I went only for a span of three months, circumstances made me stay there and recently because of those terrorist attacks, our company got so much affected and I have to stay there in order to protect my company. You know that it is my dream project na,… sorry sorrysorrysorrysorrysorrysorrysorrysorrysorrysorrysorry.
Shivaay: ok baba, I forgive you. But how did you bring out bade papa and papa out from the jail
Ishana: ishanaka magic, I didn’t get them out of the case, but I bailed them as acprathore is my childhood friend. That’s why…………….
Shivaay: you are sooooooo……………….. cute my sweety,(holds her cheeks)
(then he searches for Annika, he doesn’t find her, he asks dadi and dadi tells him that she would bring her and goes from there. Shivaay wonders why she wasn’t there all of a sudden.)
Pinky: ( toishana) you came na beta, everything will be fine, I am sure
Ishana: pinky aunty, I really missed you, your cute lovely words. I missed you a lot. (she gives a hug)
Pinky: next time if you call me aunty ,I will beat you. I told you to call me ma
Shakti: ha, beta you are like our beta prinku and you have to call us ma and papa, alright
Tej: then me, you have to call me bade papa
Ishana: oooo, so sweet, love you aunty, I mean ma (and she smiles), so, where is my rudy
Rudra: ishana didi, (he gives her a hug) I really missed you a lot. You know what my number of followers increased from 20 lac to 25 lac. But you have nearly 3 crorefollowers , how?

Ishana:(laughs) actually, I did a rally against terrorism. This boosted up my number very recently
Rudra: oh…………..(grabs Soumya with his hand and introduces her to ishana and introduces her)
Ishana(to Soumya): nice to meet you Soumya (Soumya and ishana shake their hands)
(Ishana goes to Jhanvi andishana almost gets teary eyed but controls her)
Ishana: Jhanvi aunty, how are you? I really missed you. (she holds her hands)
(but Jhanvi leaves the hands and goes beside tej, tej and shivaay signal ishana not to worry)
(thenishana goes towards om)
Ishana: how are you gusse wala Oberoi?
Om: I am very much fine without you ishana. I would be still more fine if you don’t enter this mansion again
(Shivaay gives a deadly glare at om)
Ishana: I don’t bother about someone’s well being especially you, when it comes to meet my family
(Shivaay thinks where has this Annika gone. Why didn’t dadi bring her yet)
Dadi goes to annika’s room where Annika feels sad
Dadi: puttar, in my shivaay’slife, you are not the person without a surname, a blood lineage who was liked by him first.

It is ishana.
Annika: is ishana billuji’s girlfriend
Dadi: oh that is your problem, you are feeling jealous of her.
Annika: no dadi, not at all, why will I feel jealous of her
Dadi: you will feel because you are my billu’s wife and you have to feel. But there is no need as ishana is not billu’s girlfriend. She is his sister
Annika: (with an exclamation) sister!
Dadi: she met Shivaay as business partner, later Shivaay came to know her past and struggle and narrates everything to Annika about ishana. Om and jahnvi hate her as she is Svetlana’s daughter. But the truth is that she doesn’t even possess a percent of svetlana’ mindset. They don’t even know her past. Now will you accept that poor little child
Annika: of couse dadi, she almost faced the same situations which I faced.i will treat her like my own sister
Dadi: come let’s go, we have to inform Shakti and tej about your wedding
Annika: dadi, I am scared .we will tell it later
(dadi refuses and drags Annika with her. Shivaay who is eagerly waiting for her finally finds her and smile with a great satisfaction. This made ishana shocked)
Ishana: bhayya, did you smile
Shivaay: cant I smile.
Ishana: nothing like that
(Shivaay goes closer to Annika and holds her hand brings her infront of Shakti and tej and ishana. For a sec, the trio doesn’t know what is happening. )
Shivaay: (looking at Annika): she is Annika
Tej and Shakti together: we know that

Shivaay: and now, she is my wife
(tej, Shakti and ishana were god damn shocked)
(then dadi narrates the marriage incident to them and Soumya tells ishana who is Annika )
Tej:how can you marry without us Shivaay
Shakti: how can you take such a big step without informing us
Shivaay: it just happened within seconds, even myself, don’t know what I did, but afterwards I realized it. But please accept her. She shouldn’t suffer because of me(still holding annika’s hands). Please
(tej and Shakti together angrily say we will talk to you later regarding this issue, we need time, they go to their rooms along with their wives. Annika burst out of tears)
Shivaay: Annika, please don’t cry, (he tries to wipe her tears)
Annika: don’t touch me Shivaay Singh Oberoi,it all happened because of you, just because of you ( saying this she leaves from there)
Shivaay feels sad
( om and ishana together console him, they both were together surprised at each other’s change in their behavior)
Shivaay: are you not angry on me?
Ishana: what for?
Shivaay: my sudden marriage with Annika
Ishana: bhayya , I am angry on you for not informing me. But I feel what you did is right. I know whatever decision you take , you see it very careful, especially people like us who handle various sorts of business and large companies
(om surprised by the answer and smiled, ishana saw him smiling and was surprised)
(Shivaay gives a group hug to om, ishana, later ,Rudra and Soumya join them)
Shivaay(with a sigh): now I have to console your typical bhabi
(everyone laugh and Shivaay leaves from there)

He goes to annika’s room and stands at the door step, Annika feels his presence (oh jaana plays)
Elders all in one room,(dadi, Shakti, pinky, tej, Jhanvi)
Dadi: why didn’t you accept that poor child
Tej: I never expected Shivaay to marry a low class girl, who worked in our house. He has gone mad. He rejectedtia, from whom we can get a lot of deals
Jhanvi: happiness cant be valued tej, it is beyond money, deals and everything, I know my sons wont do any mistakes regarding their life. Shivaay who till now doesn’t believe love married a girl without surname on his own choice . that means he is in love and I am sure he wont have any trouble in his relation
Tej: then what about Annika? She should have thought atleast once to tell everybody
Pinky: jet ji ,no body knows nothing until unless Shivaay put sindhoor on her head. Even I blamed Annika at first, but jethaniji explained me. That girl, she doesn’t even know how to manage now. And you know Shivaay, he is very weak in expressing, he just did marriage infront of us without asking us and Annika
Shakti: pinky, are you sure Shivaay took this decision on his own
Dadi: ha beta, he told that. Actually it is all because of tia(she tells tia blackmailing incident)
Tej: what? How can she blackmail Shivaay, infact an Oberoi. She doesn’t even understand our situation
Jhanvi: that’s what I mean to say. They don’t have a better understanding, she just want to settle with us, get the power of an Oberoi, not the love
Shakti: you are right bhabi, the one to be blamed is Shivaay finally, not Annika. Now I really accept her. She is so brave and she respected our house traditions not leaving our Shivaay
(everyone look at tej )
Tej: now what? Ok, I know she didn’t do any mistake. But…..
Dadi: what tej?
Tej: I need time. I will try to accept her. But I really need time and she saved us many times. I need to think about it. But when I completely accept her, I will treat her like prinku and ishana
(everyone smile)

Tej: (looks at Shakti): we need to clear out the case
(Shakti nods in yes and they go out of the room)
Dadi: tej is really turning out to be very good these days especially in relations
Jhanvi: ha mummy ji
(they too leave the room)

Annika’s room:
Annika ( in her mind) : how can I feel billuji’s presence. No Annika no, he is not here, you justcant assume like that.
(Shivaay comes close to her and Annika turns to check if someone was there. She collides with Shivaay and was about to fall, Shivaay holds her hand and they have a pleasant eyelock)
(coming out of the eyelock)
Annika: billuji..aap, I mean Shivaay Singh Oberoi aap, what are you doing here?
Shivaay: you can call me Shivaay, I have my name
Annika: I don’t bother about it now. Please leave from my room.
(Shivaay hold her palm and interlocks his fingers with hers and Annika gives a surprising look)
Shivaay: don’t run away now. Just look into my eyes
Annika: why should I look into your khanjieyes. I hate them , they always show hatred and deals and status
Shivaay: you don’t have any other work other than blaming me. You cant stop a minute scolding me.
Annika: you started .you told me to look into your eyes and I just told what I always see
Shivaay: so you used to always see what is there in my eyes
Annika: no…… not at all…… I mean( Shivaay smiles)

In the hall,
Ishana sees tia coming
Tia: so, there is a new character in this house again, hi Ishana
Ishana: hi tia, I need to mention that I am not new, I am there in this family from many years and will also be for many years.
Tia: lets see,( she signals Ishana to see om) everybody are not in favour to you Ishana. You still lag two votes
Ishana: I need to show you something important( she goes from there)
In annika’s room
Annika: vo, vo……… I mean to say
(Shivaay cups her mouth and was about to say something, just then Ishana comes, he removes his hand on her face)
Ishana: sorry bhayya. I am really sorry to disturb. But is important , the lady baba came
(Shivaay smirks and he holds Annika and takes her with him, and this time Annika knows what he is upto, Ishana also leaves from there)
Ishana: here is the pleasant surprise
(tia was shocked)

Precap: tia learns about the marriage,…………………….tej’s decision about the deal,…………………, ishkara,………..rumya,………………….. Shivika………………… eyelock…………..

Sorry guys for rumya fans, I will surely include their cute romance in the next epi, pinky promise.
Ishkara fans you need patience, when the story gains momentum, their romance becomes intense. The comments are going less. I am hungry for you admiring comments. So, please share your views.
And if it is boring , please say me,
Silent readers, please drop your views.
Love you guys , bye for now.

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    2. Sat

      You will get it cleared when I Reveal ishana’s past. And in India, most of the girls treat their jijiu as bhaiya

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